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PMG Chapter 375: His Grandson

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The battle abruptly stopped, the people of the Wan Shou Sect were all moving back in panic, Viper and Shui Xi were been killed by Lin Feng, their ferocious beasts had become uncontrollable and were running away.

At that moment, on the side of the Wan Shou Sect, there were only four cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer left with their beasts. In the blink of an eye, their power had significantly decreased.

The four cultivators were staring at Lin Feng, Lin Feng was way too dangerous, in an instant, he killed two cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer, he was terrifying.

Those who were accompanying Lin Feng were also surprised. At that moment, they were just starting to understand what Lin Feng meant before, he wanted them to delay the enemies and then he would come and kill them.

“Thank you.” Said the cultivator who had almost been killed by Shui Xi a moment before. Lin Feng had arrived at the perfect moment to save his life.

“We are in this together, it’s normal.” Said Lin Feng. That person heavily nodded. They were fighting together and needed to support each other.

“Leopard and I will fight against him. Kuang Shi, Tian Qing, you fight against those four.” Said one of the Wan Shou Sect’s members riding a ferocious beast while pointing at Lin Feng. Leopard and he were the strongest of them all, they had both broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer. They wanted to kill Lin Feng first while Kuang Shi and Tian Qing delayed Lin Feng’s partners. For Kuang Shi and Tian Qing, delaying four cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer who weren’t very strong wouldn’t be a problem.


“Indeed, let’s do it that way. Ji Feng and Leopard, kill him, then we will kill the other four together.” Said the third one of the Wan Shou Sect while nodding. Lin Feng was too dangerous, they had to kill him first, there was no other choice. Two cultivators of the second Xuan Qi layer and two Xuan level ferocious beasts should be enough to kill him.

When Lin Feng and the others heard them, they narrowed their eyes, the four with Lin Feng looked particularly worried as well. The opponents, even though they had lost two of their fellow disciples to Lin Feng’s sword, they were still standing tall and were convinced that their strength was still superior. They had many solutions to deal with Lin Feng and the others, they were using two cultivators of the second Xuan Qi layer and two Xuan level beasts to fight Lin Feng, they were making sure that Lin Feng had no escape.

“You four, be careful.” Said Lin Feng to the other four which stupefied them. Lin Feng wasn’t worried about himself, instead he was worried about them.

It seemed like Lin Feng hadn’t used his entire strength yet and still had hidden cards in his sleeves.

“You be careful too.” Said the four to Lin Feng.

The four of them were only fighting against two cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer and two ferocious beasts, Lin Feng wasn’t too worried, the opponents were extremely strong but killing those four in such a short time would be impossible, as long as Lin Feng was alive, there would be no problem.

Their hope and their lives in general were in Lin Feng’s hands, if Lin Feng died, they would be defeated and death was all that awaited them.

Lin Feng nodded and jumped into the air. Flames started to burn around his body giving off a dazzling light. It looked magnificent and dazzlingly to the eyes. Lin Feng looked like a fire god.

“Let’s fight!”

The sun was shining onto Lin Feng’s body which made the flames around him grow even more dazzling.

Ji Feng and Leopard surrounded Lin Feng with their beasts, they were not giving him any chance of escape.

Ji Feng was on his vulture and Leopard was on a beast that resembled a leopard’s back, but that beast had large white wings.

“There are two core disciples and two ferocious beasts this time, let’s see what you can do now.” Said Ji Feng while glaring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had killed their fellow disciples in front of them, if others members of the sect learnt about that, they would lose face, even though they had more numbers than the opponents, they still lost two of their fellow disciples.

“Is having more people useful?” Smiled Lin Feng. His flames were becoming more and more agitated, he slightly closed his eyes and released an energy which came from his soul as he used his surplus souls technique.

A thousand surplus souls broke free from his soul and fused with his pure sun Qi.

“Huh?” Ji Feng and Leopard frowned, soul energy, they could sense that Lin Feng’s soul energy was extremely strong but what did he want to do with it?

“Ji Feng, let’s kill him together.” Suddenly said Ji Feng, Leopard nodded, his vulture started rushing through the air towards Lin Feng  and at the same time a hurricane was rushing towards Lin Feng.

“Die!” Ji Feng was moving at incredible speed to attack, he was going to kill Lin Feng!

Two people and two ferocious beasts were attacking Lin Feng in perfect synchronisation.

“Now!” Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes and it seemed like an immense fire was burning in his eyes.

At the same time, the flames around Lin Feng’s body disappeared. However, a thousand flames suddenly burst out from his body, they were all so bright and resplendent that it looked magnificent.

“Burn!” Lin Feng shouted one word, immediately after, the flames condensed into four huge fire dragons, at the same time, they threw themselves in four directions, the atmosphere suddenly became unbearably hot as if everything was going to burst into flames.

That move made Ji Feng look ahead dumbstruck, he then raised his hand and unleashed a hurricane towards the fire dragon, the fire dragon just opened it’s cruel mouth to swallow the attack.

“Animal! Screw off!” Shouted Ji Feng, behind him suddenly a pair of black wings emerged.

The two wings flickered and another hurricane emerged which moved towards the fire dragons in all four directions, in a flash, the fire dragons dispersed which made Ji Feng smile, only for a second though, as immediately after, the dispersed fire of the fire dragons reformed and in a flash condensed back into the four dragons, and they were moving to attack again, these fire dragon’s couldn’t be killed.

Leopard and the two ferocious beasts were suffering from Lin Feng’s attack and were unable to move in for the kill.

“Retreat!” Said Ji Feng and immediately started moving back. He moved back and the two ferocious beasts moved back encircling Lin Feng once again.

But Lin Feng didn’t even looked at them, his eyes were closed, the four fire dragons were revolving, burning around Lin Feng, their brightness was dazzling.

Lin Feng remained motionless, he was controlling these four fire dragons and using them to fight against his four opponents.

His soul power and his senses were extremely developed, Lin Feng could create a thousand surplus souls and make them merge with the pure sun Qi, then he could control the flames and form them into whatever he wished..

Lin Feng just had to use his mind to control them.

“Leopard, continue, I will kill him.” Said Ji Feng while staring at Lin Feng. At that moment, he started running towards Lin Feng with unmatched power and speed.

At that moment, Ji Feng  had spread his large wings which started hovering in the air creating whirlwinds and pure Qi started to gather around his body.

“Die!” Shouted Ji Feng who suddenly looked like a sharp shadow moving straight towards Lin Feng.

A fire dragon roared and threw itself at Ji Feng but Ji Feng ignored it, he just continued moving forwards, a monstrous pure Qi tornado collided with the fire dragon. Ji Feng was in the middle of the pure Qi tornado which was moving step by step closer to Lin Feng.

Leopard was also furious, just like Ji Feng, he was also attacking Lin Feng at the same time, four cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer surprisingly couldn’t kill Lin Feng, that was the worst humiliation they had ever suffered.

Lin Feng was determined, the fire dragon’s continued to bombard the atmosphere towards Ji Feng and Leopard at full speed, each flame contained only one fourth of his pure sun Qi, even though his surplus souls increased his strength, it was still difficult for him to defeat two cultivators of the second Xuan Qi layer.

Ji Feng and Leopard were getting closer and closer to Lin Feng, besides, Lin Feng was also unceasingly increasing the power of his sun Qi and his surplus souls.

The two ferocious beasts were also unwilling to be outshone and quickly broke through while Lin Feng was in a difficult position, they both rushed towards Lin Feng to kill him.

The battle wasn’t only happened there, the other six people and two ferocious beasts were also locked in battle, it was so tense that nobody had noticed that some people were coming from the distance.

In the air, there was a vast group of people walking through the clouds and moving towards them. The one leading the group was an old white haired man, his facial expression looked profound and solemn and was filled with grievance.

“The evil sword has disappeared.” Said the old white haired man in a low voice. Where was the evil sword? They didn’t know but all they could see was that a well of pure Qi had replaced it.

“Father, look over there.” Said a middle aged man next to the old man while pointing at Lin Feng and the others.

The old man turned his head and noticed Lin Feng, dazzling lights started to glow in his eyes.

It’s him, her son!

It was his grandson!

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