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PMG Chapter 376: Everybody Arrived!

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At that moment, Lin Feng was busy fighting against two ferocious beasts and two cultivators, he had no time to notice the crowd in the sky.

The power of the flames was growing more insane as the fire dragons moved straight towards Ji Feng and Leopard. When Lin Feng saw that the ferocious beasts were carrying out a surprise attack, Lin Feng released a cold energy.

“Break!” Said Lin Feng sounding ice-cold. Immediately, one of the weakest fire dragons dispersed and turned into small flames which started to attack the two ferocious beasts.

“Roaaaaarrrr….” The two ferocious beasts roared out in agony and their bloodthirsty eyes were staring at Lin Feng.

“Burn!” Said Lin Feng. Suddenly a powerful fire ignited on the bodies of the two ferocious beasts, the flames started to rampage across their bodies, in a very short time, the two beasts were surrounded by flames and were being burnt alive.

“Roaaar…. Roaaaarrr….” The two ferocious beasts were going insane as if they were enraged, they couldn’t stop the flames from spreading and burning them.

Ji Feng and Leopard’s facial expressions drastically changed, they moved towards their respective beasts, some pure Qi was condensed into water Qi.

However, at the same time, Lin Feng released an incredible purple lake which immediately submerged the two beasts, by the time Ji Feng and Leopard arrived, the purple lake had disappeared along with all traces of their beasts.

Ji Feng and Leopard were evilly staring at Lin Feng, their faces were filled with killing intent. Lin Feng had just killed their ferocious beasts. Domesticating a Xuan level ferocious beast required lots of personal investment and also required a great deal of luck.

The white haired old man and the others were calmly watching the battle, they saw that two beasts had just been set on fire which intrigued the old man. Her son was about eighteen years old at the moment and surprisingly, he already had such astonishing battle power, he was able to fight against two ferocious beasts and two prodigious disciples, it seemed like he had inherited the talent from his parents.

When the old man thought about that, he looked at the young man half a step behind him, that young man’s eyebrows were as sharp as swords.

Yue Tian Ming was the best disciple of the Yue Clan, he was a dazzling genius.

Unfortunately, what happened in the past couldn’t be changed, otherwise, Yue Tian Ming and Lin Feng could have trained together within the clan, they would have become like Duan Wu Dao and Duan Wu Ya, they would both become the pride of the clan.

At that moment, Yu Tian Ming was also observing Lin Feng. For his age, Lin Feng had a terrifying strength, he was much stronger than most eighteen year old cultivators.

“You will definitely die!” Said Ji Feng with a glum expression in his eyes while looking at Lin Feng, he looked like a venomous insect.

“The members of the Wan Shou Sect are becoming more and more useless each day.” Said a faintly discernible voice which stupefied Ji Feng, he then raised his head and saw the crowd in the sky which made him frown.

The Yue Clan was based in the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain and they had arrived, besides, the head of the clan had personally come.

When Ji Feng heard them humiliate the Wan Shou Sect, his mouth twitched, he didn’t dare to contradict him, the head of the Yue Clan was respected even by the patriarch of the Wan Shou Sect.

Lin Feng also raised his head and frowned. When he saw these people, a familiar impression invaded his heart, it was very intriguing and besides, he also noticed that many of them were also staring at him.

“Senior, this vein of the earth, we are the ones who discovered it, it belongs to the Wan Shou Sect, I hope that you will not intervene.” Said Ji Feng. When he saw the people of the Yue Clan, the first thing he thought about was that they wanted to steal the vein of the earth from them.

“If I am not mistaken, you definitely aren’t the ones who discovered it.” Said the old man. He had seen the battle between Lin Feng and the others, he perfectly understood the subtleties of the story, Lin Feng and the others had discovered the vein of the earth and the Wan Shou Sect had come to steal it, which was precisely why they were fighting at this very moment.

“Senior, how could they even compete with the Wan Shou Sect? This vein of the earth, they can’t protect it and they don’t even have the strength to seize it.” Said Ji Feng, his words were like poison.

“Because they can’t, you think you can steal it? They discovered the vein of the earth in the first place, then you wanted to use your power and influence to suppress them, use force to steal from the weak, in other words, the strongest are the ones who own this vein of the earth, since it’s that way, everything is very easy.” Said the old man sounding calm, without looking affected at all. He then shouted: “Tian Ming!”

When Yu Tian Ming heard the old man, he took a step forwards, looking majestic and detached at the same time, as if he was the only hero left in the world.

“Tian Ming, Yue Tian Ming.” Ji Feng frowned. He was the most prodigious disciple of the Yue Clan and was the second ranked high-official, he was ranked second after Duan Wu Dao. It was said that he had only become famous when he was sixteen and left Xue Yue after than and trained elsewhere, very few people had ever met him. However, nobody dared look down upon him just like nobody dared look down on the Yue Clan.

“Wan Shou Sect, if one of you can take one of my attacks without dying, the vein of the earth will be yours.” Said Yue Tian Ming while looking at Ji Feng which made the crowd frown.

If they could survive one of Yue Tian Ming’s attacks, the Yue Clan would renounce their claim to the vein of the earth and give it to the Wan Shou Sect?

Ji Feng and the others were dumbstruck, who would even dare to try?

He was ranked second within the eight high-officials, apart from Duan Wu Dao, who could withstand a single of Yue Tian Ming’s attacks without dying?

Nobody dared gamble with their lives. Even if they didn’t die, they would be returning to the sect with their cultivation crippled, the vein of the earth would just be for the Wan Shou Sect and they wouldn’t have any more uses for it.

And if they couldn’t resist the attack, they would die.

Who would dare take such a huge risk? Death or be crippled.

Lin Feng was also looking at Yue Tian Ming, he looked outstanding. He didn’t look arrogant and conceited like Yue Tian Chen. Yue Tian Ming was a really amazing and prodigious young cultivator, he had nothing to do with people like Yue Tian Chen who only abused their status, there was nothing comparable between them.

“Since you don’t dare, don’t even try to claim that the well of pure Qi is yours.” Said the old man when he saw that Ji Feng and the others remained silent, the old man sounded indifferent. Ji Feng and the others’ mouths were twitching, but words weren’t coming out.

“Senior, Head of the Yue Clan, don’t you think the way you are treating the Wan Shou Sect’s juniors is a bit exaggerated?”

At that moment, a voice resonated from far away in the atmosphere. The crowd turned around and saw that nobody was there, that made people shiver, it meant that that person was still extremely far from them and could not yet be seen.

Finally, a hurricane emerged from the atmosphere, the ground and the sky were transformed, it became extremely stormy and in the distance, something appeared in the sky.

In the sky, the first thing people saw was a terrifying ferocious beast, it looked extraordinarily ferocious and sanguinary. It also had a pair of gigantic wings flapping through the air and creating gale force winds below.

On the back of that ferocious beast, there were two silhouettes, the first was a middle aged man who looked majestic.

By his side, there was another person who looked cold and detached.

When Lin Feng saw the second person, he frowned, he had already this person when the Yun Hai Sect had been annihilated, it was the vice patriarch of the Wan Shou Sect, Teng Wu Shan.

Lin Feng remembered Wen Ren Yan’s teacher, the old woman, who had sacrificed her life to kill the ferocious beast, a flying python, which he was riding, that had allowed Protector Bei to successfully secure Lin Feng escape.

Surprisingly, it was the vice patriarch of the Wan Shou Sect, there was no doubt about it, the middle aged man on that beast must be the patriarch.

The nine sword mountains had collapsed, the evil sword had disappeared, and now the members of the Yue Clan and the members of the Wan Shou Sect were gathered there.

“If I wanted to bully your juniors, would they still be alive?” Asked the old white haired man without sparing a glance at the approaching figure. He had already guessed that these people would arrive sooner or later, so what if they came?

For many people, a vein of the earth was a fantastic and priceless treasure, but in his eyes, it wasn’t invaluable at all, in comparison with the evil sword, that was insignificant, what the old man really wanted to know was… who had the evil sword merged with?

Nobody contradicted the old man, if the head of the Yue Clan wanted to kill a few juniors, it was very easy, he just despised them and didn’t feel like wasting the effort.

“Hmph, Wu Qing, why not try against Yue Tian Ming, he is the second strongest high-official, let’s see if his name matches his reputation.” Said the patriarch of the Wan Shou Sect indifferently. Wu Qing was ranked third amongst the high-officials, he was just above Duan Wu Ya.

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