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PMG Chapter 377: Kill Lin Feng!

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Two of the eight high-officials, the second ranked Yue Tian Ming, and the third ranked Wu Qing, had appeared in the same place at the same time, that was extremely rare.

Many people were looking at them with impatience in their eyes. All the eight high-officials were extraordinary geniuses, and at that moment, two of the high-officials were in front of them.

Wu Qing was wearing a black cloak. He was extremely ugly, he had a mouth that stuck out and a chin like an ape, he looked particularly bestial, especially when he was staring at Yue Tian Ming.

Yue Tian Ming looked calm and serene, he wasn’t like Wu Qing who looked like an animal. Wu Qing almost seemed like he wanted to tear Yue Tian Ming apart.

“What is the cultivation level of the second and third best high-officials?” Thought Lin Feng. Duan Wu Ya was the fourth ranked official, but was already monstrously strong. These two people had to be even stronger than Duan Wu Ya. Besides, according to the rumors, the mysterious crown prince Duan Wu Dao was unbelievably strong.

“Since you want to see if Yue Tian Ming’s reputation matches the reality, how could a single attack be enough? Let’s make it a battle to the death, when one of the fighters die, the battle is over, if Yue Tian Ming is the loser, I will not intervene, if Wu Qing is the loser, you, members of the Wan Shou Sect, cannot intervene either.” Said the white haired old man looking completely expressionless and sounding indifferent, which astonished everybody.

He wanted Yue Tian Ming and Wu Qing to fight to death?

How confident! The white haired old man had absolute faith, he was convinced that Yue Tian Ming could easily kill Wu Qing without any risk.

Would the members of the Wan Shou Sect dare or not?

Everybody looked at the patriarch of the Wan Shou Sect, his mouth was twitching. How cruel, surprisingly asking for a battle to death…

Even though he admired Wu Qing’s strength, he thought that Wu Qing’s talent was much more incredible than his own and wanted to make him the future patriarch of the Wan Shou Sect, Wu Qing was indeed really an incredible and prodigious beast cultivator, he didn’t know precisely how strong Yue Tian Ming was, he only knew that that he hadn’t been in Xue Yue, nobody knew what cultivation level he had after returning, nobody dared gamble.

“Teng Wu Yao, will you dare or not?” Said the white haired old man while looking at the patriarch of the Wan Shou Sect for the first time, Teng Wu Yao, with his white hair fluttering in the wind.

“Teng Wu Yao, will you dare or not?”

“Teng Wu Yao, will you dare or not?”

The sentence was resonating through the atmosphere, it was incredible.

Teng Wu Yao looked glum, he really didn’t dare. He had been bringing Wu Qing to the beast forests since his childhood to help him gain experience, he had become almost like a son to him, he had raised him since he was young, he couldn’t put Wu Qing’s life at stake and let him battle to the death against Yue Tian Ming.

“The situation in Xue Yue is constantly changing, the eight high-official’s rankings will change as well, what is the point in trying to know who is stronger between Wu Qing and Yue Tian Ming? Why would I gamble with you?” Said Teng Wu Yao slowly which made people suddenly look disappointed. It seemed like Yue Tian Ming and Wu Qing’s battle wouldn’t happen.

The old man turned his head and stopped looking at Teng Wu Yao. He then said indifferently: “That vein of the earth is near my clan, the Yue Clan, I want it.” When he finished talking,  the members of the Yue Clan gradually started moving and stood at every corner of the vein of the earth as if it already belonged to the Yue Clan, nobody else could have it.

He was calm, domineering and introverted but his voice was filled with sharpness, that was the head of the Yue Clan. The Yue Clan was mysterious, they rarely revealed themselves to the outside and rarely fought against other people, but the fact that they didn’t fight didn’t mean that they couldn’t fight, when they fought, they didn’t retreat from anyone, including the patriarch of the Wan Shou Sect. Even if the Wan Shou Sect had discovered the vein of the earth before the Yue Clan, what could they do? The Yue Clan didn’t care about their opinion.

Lin Feng looked at the old man’s white hair fluttering in the wind and sighed.

That was strength, if Lin Feng had been stronger than the Yue Clan and discovered the vein of the earth, who would have dared to say the vein wasn’t his? As the discoverer of the vein, who would have dared to attempt to steal it?

Because he was weak, everybody that discovered the Qi well after him tried to steal it from him, on top of that the members of the Wan Shou Sect even tried to make him hand over his ring along with all his items and told him to get lost, otherwise they would kill him, that was the only choice they were giving him, a ridiculous choice.

All that mattered was strength.

Each and every single member of the Wan Shou Sect looked furious. How detestable, the members of the Yue Clan were really abominable. They had completely ignored the Wan Shou Sect.

“Yue Qing Shan.” Said Teng Wu Yao while staring at the old man with the white hair. People who knew the old man’s name were rare.

“I already said it, that vein of the earth is near my clan, it is thus ours, do you need me to repeat it over and over again?” Said Yue Qing Shan who didn’t care about Wu Teng Ya’s feelings, he rolled up his sleeves and, even though he was usually calm, released a powerful energy.

The atmosphere became deathly silent. Nobody spoke and the silence was oppressive.

Lin Feng smiled, the members of the Wan Shou Sect had thought that they would be able to steal the vein of the earth but the Yue Clan was stealing it from them, that was definitely due to their bad karma.

“Qing Shan, brother, what a temper!” At that moment, a voice spread through the air, it came from far in the distance. Immediately after, another group of people walked through the sky. They were all walking on condensed pure Qi, they all had the strength of the Xuan Qi layer and were moving in perfect formation.

The Yu Clan had arrived, it was suddenly becoming bustling and lively. Three powers of influence had arrived, they constituted some of the most influential groups in the Imperial City, they could turn the Imperial City upside down.

Very quickly, the Yu Clan arrived in the air above the well of pure Qi. When Lin Feng saw these people, coldness invaded his eyes. The Yu Clan and Lin Feng had a deep hatred.

He had killed Yu Tian Xing, and the third elder of the Yu Clan had died because of him. Those days, the Yu Clan really wanted to kill Lin Feng. This time, the people of the Yu Clan who had come were all extremely high-ranked members, their leader was a middle aged man, he looked majestic, he was the head of the clan: Yu Liu Shui.

Back in the past, when people talked about Yu Liu Shui and Yue Qing Shan, they used to call them Qing Shan and Liu Shui but those days, they rarely came out so people who addressed them that way were extremely rare.

Lin Feng sensed that Yu Liu Shui accidentally glanced at him and revealed his killing intent.

But in the end, Yu Liu Shui smiled indifferently.

“Teng Wu Yao, brother, you’re wrong, the Yue Clan lives near this vein of the earth, they found it before you, since it’s that way, it belongs to the Yue Clan in its entirety.” Said Yu Liu Shui while smiling which stupefied everyone.

Yu Liu Shui was making Teng Wu Yao even more furious, the Wan Shou Sect had discovered that place before the Yue Clan.

“My Sect, the Wan Shou Sect found it in the first place.” Said Teng Wu Yao in an ice-cold way, he looked furious.

“Huh….” Yu Liu Shui looked extremely surprised, then, with a shaking smile added: “I made improper remarks.”

Yue Qing Shan smiled coldly, glanced at Yu Liu Shui and Teng Wu Yao, and then said: “I will repeat it once more, for the last time, from now on, the vein of the earth belongs to the Yue Clan.”

Yu Liu Shui then carelessly said: “We arrived too late, we cannot steal the vein of the earth, Qing Shan, brother, don’t worry about that, but there is someone I want to kill here.”

Yu Liu Shui looked glum, he had arrived too late and couldn’t steal the vein of the earth, but he was indirectly suggesting that if Teng Wu Yao had the opportunity to do so, he should.

“Whom do you want to kill?” Asked Yue Qing Shan.

“Him.” Said Yu Liu Shui while pointing at Lin Feng with killing intent in his eyes.

“That person killed my fifth son and my third brother, I have to kill him.” Said Yu Liu Shui while looking at Yue Qing Shan.

Yue Qing Shan frowned, it seemed like Yu Liu Shui had a few idea about Lin Feng’s identity, but with the power and influence of the Yu clan, finding the clues wasn’t too difficult.

“He’s Lin Feng?” When Teng Wu Yao heard Yu Liu Shui, he was astonished. Those days, in the Imperial City, many people were talking about Lin Feng.

“Indeed.” Said Yu Liu Shui while slightly nodding which made a cold expression appear on Teng Wu Yao’s face.

“What a coincidence, he also killed some of my member, I want him dead too.”

Two old monsters wanted to kill Lin Feng.

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