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PMG Chapter 379: The Ability?

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The purple snakes rose into the air, the myriad of purple tentacles then wrapped around Du Yan’s gigantic body. A sharp light flashed in his eyes, he quickly used his full power to block the majority of the tentacles and move backwards. Using the tentacles still on Du Yan’s body, Lin Feng catapulted himself towards Du Yan’s body like an arrow released from a bow.

“Sword!” Shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. He quickly condensed a sword of pure Qi into his hands which thrust towards Du Yan at full speed like a needle.

“RAAAAAH!” Du Yan unleashed a furious roar, he put all of his strength into his hand and destroyed the purple tentacles which were around his hand. After his gigantic hand continued its momentum towards Lin Feng’s sword

“Pshhh …Crr…. The pure Qi sword slightly pierced into the gigantic hand but then abruptly stopped and could no longer move. Du Yan’s hand started to transform, it became extremely dark and thick.

“RAAAAH!” Roared Du Yan furiously with his huge mouth wide open. His face had become absolutely hideous, just like that of a beast.

At the same time, behind Du Yan appeared a ferocious wild beast illusion. It was a huge black beast, a one-eyed rhinoceros ferocious beast.

Du Yan’s name even corresponded to the spirit he was born with.

“Roaaaarrr……” At the moment when the spirit appeared, Du Yan roared loudly and it seemed like his body was growing larger, his body was now the size of a mountain.

His two hooves stomped onto the ground and the ground started to crack as eight very deep crevices appeared. It was an incredible power, besides, his extremely loud roar was so powerful that it sent Lin Feng flying backwards.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!……” The ground was trembling as Du Yan was walking forwards, each of his steps made the ground shake. Besides, with each step he crossed a distance of ten meters, he looked like he was moving slowly but in fact he was moving with incredible speed, it almost seemed unreal.

“Die!” Du Yan was not far from Lin Feng when he started to punch through the atmosphere with his gigantic hand. The Qi from his hand created the illusion of a black hand that was half the size of Lin Feng’s entire body. If this struck Lin Feng, if he didn’t die, he would be severely injured.

The sound of flowing water spread through the atmosphere, the purple snakes turned into a purple lake which flooded straight towards the gigantic Du Yan. Lin Feng used the counterforce from his attack to move back at full speed.

Lin Feng was swiftly forced down to the ground by the attack and quickly jumped through the air, he raised his head and gazed at the sun on the horizon, on his body, pure sun Qi started to grow stronger and the flames grew more intense.

“What a monstrous pure Qi, if he was on the same level as Du Yan, then Du Yan wouldn’t even be his match.” Thought the crowd when they sensed how scorching flames from Lin Feng’s pure sun Qi. Unfortunately, Lin Feng’s opponent was the terrifying Du Yan.

“Boom!” Du Yan slammed his foot onto the ground and charged towards Lin Feng, he was becoming faster and faster.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked towards the sun. He started to focus on his Cosmos Burning Sun skill, the sun started shining it sunlight down onto Lin Feng, ray after ray of sunlight started to warm Lin Feng’s heart and on Lin Feng’s body, a dazzling sun pattern started to illuminate the atmosphere.

“What kind of skill is that?” Many people in the crowd were gasping in amazement. He could attract sunlight onto his body, that skill was awesome!

Yue Qing Shan and a few other extremely strong cultivators were astonished as well, the skill that Lin Feng had learnt was probably an extremely powerful lower sun skill, attracting sunlight could only be done using sun skills, this type of skill was extremely rare yet Lin Feng had managed to learn it.

The sword made from pure Qi was broken a few times, but this time when it condensed, it was more dazzling than ever.

“Scorching Sword, Die!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously, his pure Qi sword and his sun Qi combined into a scorching hot sword. His sword then started to descend from the sky, flames were pouring from the edge of his sword leaving a trail of fire as it moved.

“RAAAAAH…RAAAAH…” Du Yan opened his gigantic mouth and started to roar furiously. His beast spirit also opened its gigantic mouth, it looked hideous as it then roared violently. Suddenly, multiple one-eyed rhinoceros illusions were pouring from the spirits mouth and they formed a stampede towards Lin Feng.

The dazzling scorching sword fell onto the stampede, endless roars of agony filled the air.

The roars of agony were continuously sounding when Du Yan and his rhinoceros spirit both opened their mouths again and more rhinoceros illusions poured out from the spirit’s mouth. The people in the crowd all started to cover their ears, the sounds of their roars were horrible.

“Boom!” The ground started to crack, that dazzling sword was still descending, but at some point its radiance started fading and eventually the radiance could no longer be seen. The rhinoceros illusions were still rushing towards Lin Feng from every direction which made some people start to worry about Lin Feng.

They also didn’t know what kind of trick Du Yan was using but it seemed like he could create an army of spirits to attack for him.

Du Yan finally closed his mouth but the roars were still resonating through the atmosphere. When he saw that the great dazzling sword had lost its radiance, he smiled coldly.

However, when the scorching sword lost its radiance, the sensation of a sunset could be felt.

Lin Feng looked calm and serene, he then said in a low voice: “Sword of the Setting Sun.”

His sword started to pierce through the atmosphere. It didn’t look as dazzling as the scorching sword but it contained the power of the setting sun, which also gave his sword a unique beauty.

The sun was could be dazzling but at some point it had to lose its brightness, the scorching sword was incomparably dazzling but after, the sun needed to set, a uniquely beautiful sword descended from the sky and the rhinoceros illusions started to disappear one after the other as if they were disappearing with the light of the sun. Lin Feng’s sword pierced through everything in its path and immediately arrived before Du Yan.

The crowd was astonished. That dazzling sword had lost its brightness but this was still part of Lin Feng’s sword attack, it was unlike anything they had seen before.

That sword resembled the setting sun.

Du Yan was stupefied as well, he was preparing to kill Lin Feng when he saw the light from the sword fading, he hadn’t thought that the sword would still have the power to attack him. Normally, the more powerful the sword, the more dazzling the sword became.

“RAAAAHHH!” Du Yan raised his gigantic hand which caused the air to tremble. When the sword and the hand collided, cracking sounds filled the air and a thread of blood appeared, Du Yan’s hand had been injured.

“Die!” When Du Yan sensed that he had been injured, he burst into rage and threw himself at Lin Feng.

“Pierce!” Lin Feng put his entire strength into his sword and attacked the gigantic hand which was heading towards him, at the same time, Lin Feng started to condense the flames that were burning around his body. Black flames suddenly burst out from the pure Qi sword which collided with the gigantic hand.

Du Yan pulled a long face, he was unwilling to give up but at that moment, black flames burst out from the sword which pierced further into his wounded hand, at that moment, an incredible pain surged through his body and his entire body was twitching in pain.

It was painful, it was incredibly painful. Flames were burning on the palm of his hand, his entire body, was covered with cold sweat, the pain was unbearable.

“Crrrrr….. Crrrrr……”

The wound was emitting some subtle crackling sounds, Du Yan could see that his hand was being burnt black and he could feel his hand burning.

“RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH…” roared Du Yan extremely loudly, in the end, he refused to surrender. He used his other hand to bombard the atmosphere towards Lin Feng.

However, Lin Feng’s pure Qi sword was continued to pierce deeper into the wound on his other hand and burning his flesh. He only retreated at the last minute and propelled himself backwards.

Du Yan had landed onto the ground, he was covering his wound with his other hand, his facial expression was absolutely hideous.

Lin Feng was still standing in the air looking down at Du Yan in an ice-cold way.

“Kill me? Do you have the ability?” Joked Lin Feng which astonished the entire crowd. Lin Feng was making fun of Du Yan.

Du Yan had an absolute advantage when it came to his cultivation level but in the end, he was defeated and was injured by Lin Feng.

Lin Feng knew that it was because he had voluntarily come to fight in front of such a large crowd that Du Yan hadn’t taken it seriously and held himself back, he didn’t use his full strength from the start and instead used flashy moves, in order to look even more outstanding to the crowd.

The members of the Wan Shou Sect all had hideous expressions on their faces. He had lost. Du Yan couldn’t kill Lin Feng and was even been injured by Lin Feng, and on top of that, he even had to release his spirit.

Du Yan had lost but… How was it possible? That was a guaranteed victory, otherwise, the Wan Shou Sect would be humiliated.

Next to Teng Wu Yao, Teng Wu Shan was staring at Lin Feng, his facial expression drastically changed. Back when the Yun Hai Sect was being annihilated, he had personally seen Lin Feng, but at that time, he had only broken through to the Ling Qi layer, he was just a tiny little insect. However, at that moment, Lin Feng could already look down on the majority of the most outstanding disciples from the Wan Shou Sect, he was really extremely gifted, he was a true genius, if they didn’t kill Lin Feng, there would be no end to the trouble in the future.

Yue Qing Shan’s facial expression was unfathomable, once in awhile, he heaved a sigh.

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