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PMG Chapter 380: Beast Metamorphosis

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Between a cultivator of the first Xuan Qi layer and the third Xuan Qi layer, there was a difference of two layers, the difference between the amount of pure Qi they could use was colossal. Normally, a higher levelled cultivator could kill the lower layer in the blink of an eye.

But Lin Feng could rely on his strength of the first Xuan Qi layer to hurt Du Yan who had broken trough to the third Xuan Qi layer. Lin Feng’s sword attacks were already so incredible that Du Yan didn’t have the required understanding to fight against them. Even if Lin Feng used all his strength, when facing an opponent who is two layers higher, even the difference in skills would not be enough. If Lin Feng was able to achieve such things, it was because he had penetrated into a special cultivation dimension such as the sword fusion dimension, it was the only plausible explanation that anyone could think of for his incredible battle power.

Lin Feng was only eighteen years old and already understood the sword fusion dimension. In the history of Xue Yue, even Wu Qing, when he was eighteen, could only carry out energy attacks, he hadn’t understood sword fusion until he was twenty-one years old.

Lin Feng was an incredible genius when it came to swords, he had already surpassed the Wu Qing of the past, the Emotionless Sword, if he was born in the same period, he could have called himself his father.

Of course, only Yue Qing Shan and a few others could see just how incredible Lin Feng’s skills really were, the others only knew that Lin Feng was a genius who could defeat a cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer.

Du Yan looked at the wound on the palm of his hand, he then raised his head, his eyes were filled with killing intent when he looked at Lin Feng.

“RAAAHHH……” Du Yan was roaring while looking towards the sky. His spirit was growing larger and larger, it was gradually enveloping his entire body, his entire body was also becoming larger, four meters… Five meters…. His eyes were closed but between his eyes opened they were the eyes of a beast.

Very quickly after, Du Yan and his rhinoceros spirit seemed to have merged into a single entity. Du Yan had transformed into a very strange beast.

What astonished people the most was that Du Yan’s arms and legs had entirely transformed. He really looked like a black demonic beast, a moment before, it was just an illusion from using his spirit, but at that moment his body had actually transformed.

“Beast Metamorphosis!” The crowd could not believe their eyes. There were rumors that said the Wan Shou Sect had a unique skill which allowed those who had a beast spirit to merge with it. It seemed like this rumour was true, at that moment, Du Yan had transformed into an evil one-eyed rhinoceros.

Lin Feng was also fixedly staring at Du Yan. He only saw his opponent walking on all fours across on the ground with his head raised, looking directly at him. His head looked half-human and half-beast, it was disgusting, it looked like he wanted to tear Lin Feng into pieces.

“Beast metamorphosis?” Lin Feng whispered. He shook a little bit, in a flash, his purple spirit started to roar, just like an enraged ocean of purple blood. In front of Lin Feng, an incredible quantity of purple light was condensing and forming a shape.

“Roaaaaarrrrr……” The sound of that roar was echoing through the atmosphere, it was incredible. The crowd could see the purple lights were transforming into a ferocious beast, a gigantic purple dragon, which seemed to be alive.

“Could I be wrong? Is that a beast spirit?” Yue Qing Shan was frowning. That purple energy was strange, it seemed to be taking the shape of a beast and becoming real.

“If that really is a beast spirit, it would mean that he might have inherited the Celestial Fangs Spirit of the Yue Clan.” Thought Yue Qing Shan whose thoughts were circulating at full speed but the probability was extremely low. If Lin Feng had inherited the Celestial Fangs Spirit, why would he care about being surrounded by members of the Wan Shou Sect? The Celestial Fangs Spirit could put the entire Wan Shou Sect in a very critical situation which was one of the reasons why they feared the Yue Clan so much.

Of course, there was another possibility, maybe Lin Feng didn’t know how to use his Celestial Fangs Spirit.

Du Yan, who had the gigantic form of a evil one-eyed rhinoceros, and the gigantic purple dragon looked at each other with very different looks. Du Yan’s eye was blood shot and he was releasing a brutal killing intent, however, the dragon looked down at the evil one-eyed rhinoceros with its eyes filled with disdain and arrogance.

The purple dragon spirit may have seemed to be weaker than the rhinoceros spirit at that moment but there was one significant detail, the purple dragon spirit was the blood that Lin Feng had absorbed from a Zun level dragon. A Zun level ferocious beast, how majestic!

“Die.” Shouted Du Yan and immediately after, his feet slammed into the ground creating a horrifying explosion in the earth under his feet. The ground caved in and a crater was created beneath him. At that moment, the rhinoceros was flying through the air and was releasing a colossal amount of beast like Qi.

“Rrrrooaaaaarrrr……” The purple dragon roared furiously, its gigantic body hovered in the air and it started to breathe out monstrous quantities of purple energy from its mouth.

The ground started to shake as the purple dragon and the rhinoceros collided, it seemed like time had stopped all that remained was the tremors in the atmosphere.

“The purple spirit is extremely powerful!” Thought the crowd. Du Yan’s beast metamorphosis was amazing, it was very powerful but that attack, which was supposed to defeat the purple dragon, failed to disperse the purple dragon spirit. The two ferocious beasts refused to back down from one another.

The rhinoceros roared furiously as it landed on the ground then immediately shot back into the sky towards the dragon.


The ground and the atmosphere shook again, the purple dragon continued to sway through the air, however, Lin Feng was starting to look pale.

“If you want to suffer before you die, I can arrange that.” Said Lin Feng in an ice-cold tone. Pure sun Qi to burn around his body and flames burst out from the air around Lin Feng’s body, it was incredibly beautiful.

The rhinoceros jumped towards the dragon again and at that moment Lin Feng shouted: “Disperse!”

Immediately after, the purple dragon immediately transformed into an endless lake, but the rushing water sounds of the purple lake only lasted for a second before it completely submerged the body of the rhinoceros.


The crowd was stupefied, what was Lin Feng doing? Did he think that a lake could stop a rhinoceros?

But they only saw Lin Feng rush forwards surrounded by scorching pure sun Qi as he immediately jumped into the purple lake. He then disappeared from their field of vision.

The Qi had disappeared, that purple lake was huge enough to cover everything that was happening inside, the crowd had no idea of what was happening inside as they couldn’t sense any energy.

The area was filled with a deathly silence. Suddenly, something broke the silence, there was a small wave on the surface of the purple lake… Lin Feng dived into the purple lake but could a lake fight against the rhinoceros?

“Haha, Die!” Said Teng Wu Yao while smiling coldly. Lin Feng had surprisingly said that he would kill the rhinoceros but with the current strength of the rhinoceros, Lin Feng wouldn’t stand a chance, besides, he had dived into the purple lake, he can only blame his death on his own foolishness.

All the members of the Wan Shou Sect were relaxed and confident. They were all smiling coldly as if they Lin Feng’s fate was already sealed.

“Reeeeeehhh…..” A beast roar could be heard. Many waves started rolling across the purple lake, the roar was a roar of pain.

“Huh?” The people of the Wan Shou Sect no longer looked confident when they heard that roar.

An enormous deadly Qi burst out from the purple lake, that deadly Qi was scorching-hot and demoniac which intrigued the crowd, they were wondering what could release such a devastating energy.

“Reeeeeeehhh… REEEEEEEHHH!!!” The beast roars could be heard again, it sounded like it was terrified and in agony.

“What’s going on?” The members of the Wan Shou Sect were shaking. At that moment, their confidence was completely shattered, they were all looking anxious.

The beast gradually stopped crying out, that endless lake of purple gradually became extremely calm again, it was silent and motionless. The crowd were all staring at the lake, it was abnormally peaceful.

What had happened inside the lake?

Finally, the purple lake started dispersing and then completely disappeared.

The crowd was staring at it as the purple lake was slowly fading, very quickly, the crowd saw a silhouette appear, a handsome young man, it was Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was calmly standing in the air looking cold and indifferent. The purple lake continued to be absorbed back into his body until it completely vanished.

The crowd was astonished when they saw Lin Feng, they were all fixedly staring at him.

What about the evil one-eyed rhinoceros?

It had disappeared, that gigantic rhinoceros was gone.

What was going on? What happened?

Everybody was fixedly staring at Lin Feng, they were astonished. He had died, Du Yan had died. Incredibly, he was mercilessly slaughtered, to the extent that not even a trace of his body was left to bury.

“How terrifying!” Many people looked at handsome young man with an incredible respect in their eyes. Lin Feng had destroyed such an incredibly large beast without leaving a trace.

At that moment, the members of the Wan Shou Sect couldn’t believe their eyes.

What was going on?

But that was the harsh reality, while Lin Feng and Du Yan were inside the lake, Lin Feng had mercilessly butchered Du Yan. Lin Feng had already said it, he was going to make Du Yan suffer before he killed him, he would pay for his actions with his life.

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