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PMG Chapter 382: Beast Control

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“Obviously you don’t fear death either.” Replied Lin Feng which astonished Wu Zhen. The bestial look in his eyes suddenly reappeared.

Lin Feng’s eyes  also changed, two expressionless pitch black eyes appeared. Lin Feng hadn’t used his Celestial Spirit for a long time and thus had not viewed the world in darkness for a long time.

Lin Feng could clearly perceive everything that was happening around him. The earth fusion and the world of darkness were similar yet they caused Lin Feng to experience completely different sensations. At that moment, he was no longer in the same world. All his eyes could see was a world of darkness, a dark world that belonged to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was fixedly staring at Wu Zhen with his pitch black eyes, this time, he wasn’t trying to escape. At that moment, his brain could perceive everything clearly, it felt like nothing could influence him whatsoever.

Wu Zhen noticed Lin Feng’s eyes were completely black, it made him shiver. Lin Feng’s eyes seemed even more monstrous than his eyes.

Some bestial lights emerged from Wu Zhen’s eyes and rushed towards Lin Feng. However, these two black eyes looked emotionless. They didn’t even flicker, they were just filled with the sensation of endless darkness as they stared at Wu Zhen emotionlessly, which made him frown.

Surprisingly, his eyes had become useless and were unable to influence Lin Feng.

“Not bad, but… So what?” Said Wu Zhen in a cold tone. He took a step forwards and abruptly disappeared. In a flash, he had arrived in front of Lin Feng, a dark and cold wind was blowing as a monstrous ice Qi rose and rushed towards Lin Feng, it was a surprise attack. Lin Feng sensed the ice Qi and calmly moved back. Lin Feng was wondering what skill Wu Zhen was learning to produce such a cold Qi.

“Retreating?” Said Wu Zhen with a cold smile on his mouth. His silhouette flickered again, he was closely chasing Lin Feng. Everywhere where the cold wind passed, a layer of ice would form on the trees, as the wind blew back and forth, the trees were quickly covered in multiple layers of ice which slowly began to kill all vegetation in the area.

“How quick!”

Wu Zhen was so moving quickly that Lin Feng was feeling the pressure, that cold wind was extremely dangerous and moved at incredible speed.

Lin Feng condensed a pure Qi sword and flames burst out from around his body, but at that moment, the pure sun Qi wasn’t as dazzling as when he was fighting against Du Yan.

“When you killed Du Yan, you must have used a great deal of your pure Qi already.” Said Wu Zhen while smiling when he noticed that Lin Feng’s pure Qi had lost some of its power.

“You don’t need to try and hide it, I practice a lower moon skill, I perfectly understand your sun skill, you cannot fool me.” Continued Wu Zhen answering himself. Wu Zhen then suddenly attacked again and punched through the atmosphere creating a hurricane which blasted towards Lin Feng, when it collided with Lin Feng, his pure sun Qi and his sword instantly dispersed.

“Lower moon skill… No wonder…” Lin Feng seemed like he suddenly understood. Meng Qing practiced a lower moon skill, the moon and sun skills were able to nullify each other, besides, Meng Qing had also told him that his Cosmos Burning Sun skill currently only had the power of a lower sun skill.

Wu Zhen was practicing the a lower moon skill, but his cultivation level was higher, so his attacks were stronger, but that was to be expected.

Another ice-cold wind started to blow and another hurricane crashed onto Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng felt like he was going to be frozen alive, how cold!

Lin Feng tried to move back but it didn’t seem like Wu Zhen was willing to give him any chances. He had been closely following him the whole time, using the cold wind to increase his speed. Even though Lin Feng’s perceptions were extremely acute when using his world of darkness and even though he could perceive every movements of Wu Zhen, he still was unable to escape from the large area the cold wind was affecting, Lin Feng couldn’t even dodge the wind, therefore, even if he could see the opponent’s moves, it was still useless.

“Meng Qing’s lower moon skill also created ice Qi, besides, Wu Zhen’s lower moon skill was weaker but more viscous, the coldness contained within his attacks was no comparison with Meng Qing’s, but it was extremely difficult to dodge.”

Lin Feng’s eyes were pitch black as before and his thoughts were extremely clear. Wu Zhen’s attacks were all aiming at his head, Lin Feng feared that sooner or later, he would be struck by the fist as well as the hurricane it created.

“It seems that if I don’t use my full power, I will not be able to escape today.” Thought Lin Feng. Wu Zhen was extremely strong. Also, Lin Feng had consumed too much pure Qi when he fought against Du Yan. Inside his purple lake, he had used his black lotus to kill Du Yan… He had burnt him alive until there was nothing left but ashes. However, the problem was that he was now fighting against someone much stronger than Du Yan.

Another dazzling sword appeared, Lin Feng then abruptly turned to escape. If he had to kill Wu Zhen, it would be better to do it as far from the Wan Shou Sect as possible so he would have a head start when they started to chase.

If Lin Feng managed to go far enough and kill Wu Zhen, he would then have enough time to safely escape.

Wu Zhen’s fist created another hurricane and rushed towards Lin Feng’s sword. Wu Zhen still had a mocking smile on his face. Lin Feng wanted to escape? Lin Feng still thought that he could escape from here?

They could continue their battle through depths of the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain and Wu Zhen would use the chase to see if he could find any appropriate ferocious beasts to tame. He could kill two birds with one stone and find a beast which suited him.

Wu Zhen was neither quick nor too slow, he was just closely following Lin Feng. He had the feeling of complete control. To him this was a joke, Lin Feng was already dead, he was a dead man walking, there was no need for Wu Zhen to rush.

Lin Feng could guess what Wu Zhen was thinking. In his world of darkness, he smiled coldly, he also stopped moving at full speed. Lin Feng started running on the tips of the trees, so he could continue to move at high speed but without using pure Qi, he was able to recover his pure Qi while doing this.

Wu Zhen was acting cocky and over-confident.

“Aren’t you sick of running farther and farther away? You can’t escape me.”

The two people were above a dense forest, Wu Zhen said these words in a cold mocking tone. Lin Feng was still running swiftly through the trees and started to slow down until he finally stopped.

He turned around, his eyes were black and emotionless.

“Indeed, you’re right, this should be far enough.” Said Lin Feng indifferently before adding: “But I’m not trying to escape from you.”

“You’re not escaping from me?” Wu Zhen glanced around and saw a few wild beasts on the ground which were moving towards them. It seemed like they had noticed that two people had approached their domain. These beasts’ eyes looked ice-cold.

“Before you die, I will show you the power of the Shaman Spirit.” Said Wu Zhen in a cold and detached way. Immediately after, his spirit appeared in the air. His spirit looked like an evil spirit, it was floating majestically in the air. It didn’t look like anything living but with the extremely cold Qi which it was releasing from its eyes, it looked bestial and evil.

“A ghost!” That was the first word which came to Lin Feng’s mind. That shaman spirit looked like a ghost, it looked weak as if a strong gust of wind could blow it away. However, its ice-cold eyes looked monstrous and terrifying.

“Look at it clearly, now that you have seen the power of the Shaman Spirit, you can die happy.” Said Wu Zhen in an evil tone. Immediately after, his mouth shook and he said while sounding cold and detached: “I introduced you to my Shaman Spirit, now it’s time to die.”

When Wu Zhen finished talking, his spirit rose into the air, then strange and evil threads of Qi started to emerge from the spirit which stupefied Lin Feng. That shaman spirit seemed like it had its own life. Glancing at it gave Lin Feng the feeling that his soul would weaken until it was sucked away.

But the shaman spirit only glanced at Lin Feng for a second, immediately after, it swooped down towards a ferocious beast. Just like a ghost, it descended from the sky with an evil white light which enveloped the ferocious beast. The ferocious beast’s vision blurred and then its eyes slowly became relaxed, it had quickly submitted.

“What an incredible spirit, it’s quite scary.” Thought Lin Feng stupefied. That shaman spirit was terrifying, it could easily control ferocious beasts.

“Roaaarrr…..” The surrounding ferocious beasts started to run away, that shaman spirit was terrifying to them.

Ling level ferocious beasts were extremely smart, Xuan level beasts even more so, how could they not have noticed how terrifying that shaman spirit was?

“Wuuu… Wuuuu….” A few howls which felt like they had emerged from the depths of hell filled the atmosphere. The shaman’s silhouette flickered and it landed on a Xuan level ferocious beast which was trying to escape but was too slow. That ferocious beast immediately stared at the shaman, and in a flash, that Xuan level beast became obedient. Very quickly, its eyes became like those of the first ferocious beast, it had been possessed as well.

In the blink of an eye, two Xuan level ferocious beasts had ended up under the shaman’s control.

“The shaman spirit comes from an ancient lineage, it is an honour for you to witness its abilities, you can die happy.” Said Wu Zhen. Lin Feng was watching him and shaking his head.

“The problem is that your spirit can only control beast souls and just like an enticement technique, your spirit is useless against people with a strong soul.” Said Lin Feng after thinking for a few seconds and then said while smiling: “I think now should be perfect, I will show you my spirit too.”

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