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PMG Chapter 385: The Dragon’s Heads

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At Mount Sword, The Wan Shou Sect was still silently waiting for Wu Zhen to return.

The Yue Clan had seized the vein of the earth, the Wan Shou Sect and the Yu Clan were not attempting to fight over it. Even if they fought, they probably wouldn’t be able to get it, nobody dared to gamble when it came to the strength of the Yue Clan.

At that moment, the crowd was gazing into the distance with impatience in their eyes, especially the members of the Wan Shou Sect, they all looked terribly impatient. Hidden in their impatient facial expressions was a ruthless coldness.

However, after a long time passed, a few members of the Wan Shou Sect started frowning, how come Wu Zhen hadn’t returned?

These core disciples knew how strong Wu Zhen was. Killing Lin Feng wouldn’t be a problem for him. However, did killing Lin Feng require so much time? Wu Zhen had been gone for a long time already.

“Maybe Wu Zhen killed Lin Feng and is now trying to tame some ferocious beasts which he come across.” Thought Teng Wu Yao. He also had a strange feeling, why hadn’t Wu Zhen returned after so long? However, because he had absolute faith in Wu Zhen, he didn’t think too much about it.

Besides, the others were also impatient to see Wu Zhen come back with Lin Feng’s head as a trophy.

Time passed slowly and the members of the Wan Shou Sect grew more and more impatient, they couldn’t bear it anymore, Wu Zhen and Lin Feng had disappeared from sight, they couldn’t remain calm as they all wanted to know the result.

“I should go and see.” Whispered Teng Wu Shan in Teng Wu Yao’s ears. Teng Wu Yao glanced at him and thought of the Yue clan then immediately shook his head while saying: “No need, Wu Zhen is more than capable. Nothing will go wrong.”

Teng Wu Shan slightly nodded and moved back half a step. He didn’t add anything else, he just continued waiting calmly.

Time felt like it was passing extremely slowly.

“Teng Wu Yao, I think that you won’t need to wait anymore.” Said Yue Qing Shan indifferently.

Maybe Lin Feng had managed to escape and Wu Zhen hadn’t come back because he was still searching for him.

When Teng Wu Yao heard that Yue Qing Shan was making fun of them, he pulled a long face and immediately said: “Could Lin Feng escape from Wu Zhen even if he wanted too?”

Even though he was saying the word, he was no longer confident with what he was saying. He rolled up his sleeves and looked in the direction of the depths of the mountain chain. He then started walking and followed the Qi left by Wu Zhen.

“We’ll come too.” Said Yu Liu Shui indifferently. His silhouette flickered and the entire Yu Clan started following closely behind the members of the Wan Shou Sect. They then penetrated into the depths of the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain. They also wanted to know if Wu Zhen had killed Lin Feng or was still searching for him.

Yue Qing Shan’s eyes twinkled, he then moved forward and said indifferently: “Let’s go.”

The Yue Clan followed the group.

After that, the other people remaining also followed that large group of people. They could follow the great powers of influence of the country along the road,  that way they didn’t have to be afraid of ferocious beasts on the way, it would be a great opportunity to explore the depths of the mountain chain that they had never seen. Besides, they were also very curious to see the result of Lin Feng’s battle. The four cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer who were with Lin Feng were staring at each other, they could finally relax. They took a deep breath, they were finally safe from being killed.

Perhaps the members of the Wan Shou Sect wanted to kill them, but the person they wanted to kill the most was Lin Feng.

“If Lin Feng hadn’t been here, we would be dead by now.” Thought the four cultivators, they were very grateful to Lin Feng. If Lin Feng hadn’t been there, they would have been killed by Ji Feng. Fortunately, Lin Feng had been strong enough to protect them during the battle.


At that moment, Lin Feng was standing in the air and looked like he was lost in thought.

At that moment, under Lin Feng’s feet was a scene of destruction. The area around him looked desolate and apocalyptic. Everything living in the area had been destroyed and nothing but rubble was left, the area was empty of life and not a sound could be heard.

The collision between the grim fire and the dark evil strike had had such incredible destructive power. At that moment, Lin Feng’s heart was still pounding with fear and astonishment. His black lotus was too terrifying.

At the same time, Lin Feng was also dumbstruck because of his spirit. His celestial fangs spirit and his purple spirit had surprisingly merged and had become so monstrous. The combined spirit swallowed the shaman spirit and even swallowed Wu Zhen whole.

Wu Zhen and his shaman spirit were eaten, the only one left at the scene was Lin Feng.

The celestial fangs spirit had six heads and was surrounded by purple energy, it looked incredibly powerful.

“Can spirits merge?” Thought Lin Feng, his heart abruptly started pounding. He had suddenly realized that there was a problem. People who had dual spirits were geniuses on the path of cultivation, could it only be because of the dual spirit giving a stronger soul?

If someone had two spirits and one of them was useless in battle, what was the point of having two spirits?

Lin Feng knew that the spirit was a part of the soul, people with dual spirits had extremely strong souls, but was that the only reason that dual spirits were so revered?

Lin Feng suddenly realised that he knew almost nothing about spirits and souls.

On the path of cultivation, there was a vast amount of knowledge for a person to acquire, the many paths of cultivation were unfathomable. In the continent, everybody was trying to become a strong cultivator, but in the end, who was really attempting to reach a complete understanding of the many paths of cultivation, to stand at the very peak of power?

For example, in Xue Yue, a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer was already considered strong. Besides, those who were above the fifth Xuan Qi layer could be considered as the most incredible cultivators of the entire country. They were regarded as deities. Lin Feng had never heard of anyone who had broken through to the Tian Qi layer.

But in the continent, cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer were considered the same as cultivators of the Qi layer in Xue Yue. They were just like insects compared to the other cultivator on the continent?

How many people remained a big fish in a little pond their entire lives? How many people only had a superficial idea of cultivation?

There were many questions about spirits, why were cultivators born with a spirit? And why did some spirits awaken before others? Lin Feng didn’t understand any of this.

Lin Feng slightly shook his head as he emerged from his thoughts. He had only broken through to the Xuan Qi layer. He had no right to be proud of himself, he didn’t have the strength required to wander the continent.

“What I need now is to become stronger. I still need to break through to the Tian Qi layer and be able to look down on Xue Yue, then who will dare to bully me again?” Whispered Lin Feng. Everything was happening because he was too weak, Lin Feng had been bullied and looked down on, he discovered a vein of the earth which was immediately stolen from him by force.

What upset Lin Feng the most was that at the moment when the Yue Clan and the Wan Shou Sect were fighting over the vein of the earth, Lin Feng, who had discovered the vein of the earth in the first place, wasn’t even been qualified to say anything or intervene, he had no strength and no power supporting him, so he didn’t have the right to speak.

He needed to become stronger, stronger than anyone. That was Lin Feng’s innermost desire and he was absolutely determined to make it a reality. He wanted to look down at the world from the heavens, so he needed to become extremely strong, he could only rely on his personal power to reach the heavens.

“Divide!” Shouted Lin Feng in a low voice, he saw the celestial fangs spirit and the purple spirit separate. The six heads of the dragon were looking to the sky and the purple dragon formed, its eyes looked ice-cold, they both once again looked like separate entities.

“The Qi of my spirit has become weaker, but when the different spirits merged, it seemed like an incredible change was about to happen.” Thought Lin Feng. A moment before, his desire to kill Wu Zhen had reached an extreme, he subconsciously forced the two spirits to combine which abruptly increased their strength. The mixture of the purple spirit and the six headed dragon spirit was extremely powerful. It was able to swallow Wu Zhen and his shaman in an instant, how terrifying!

“Huh?” At that moment, Lin Feng’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated. Immediately after, the celestial fangs spirit started to writhe. An evil bestial Qi started to rise into the air as the six-headed dragon started to roar. On the body of the celestial fangs spirit, a long tentacle was slowly rising into the air, gradually, that long tentacle transformed into another head on the dragon.

The celestial fangs spirit only had six heads before, but at that moment a seventh head had formed.

“This is…….. The shaman!” Lin Feng abruptly frowned, the seventh head and the six other heads were different. The new head of dragon looked ice-cold and bestial. One of its eyes was black and the other was white, amazingly, it was the shaman spirit.

The shaman spirit had been swallowed by the dragon and was transformed into another head, it had become the dragon’s seventh head?

Lin Feng’s heart was violently pounding. How incredible!

Before, with his celestial fangs spirit, he had been able to absorb some ferocious beasts and Meng Qing’s ice Qi, they were all things that granted him an extra spirit, the evil illusion’s spirit, the ice spirit and the purple lake were all created after the dragon consumed Qi and replaced the previous spirit. This time, his celestial fangs spirit had swallowed the shaman spirit but it didn’t replace the other spirit, instead, it had become a head on the dragon.

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