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PMG Chapter 387: The Silhouette in the Mountains

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P.s for those wondering why the beast howls (google Qiongqi)
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It was an ancient ferocious beast, more precisely a Winged Tiger.

Lin Feng was surprised, the daemonic fire lion was just a subspecies of this ancient beast. With its potential, the Winged Tiger could easily reach the Tian level, how strong was it!

The Winged Tiger had the blood of some ancient ferocious beasts, its strength had to be monstrous.

At that moment, when Lin Feng glanced at the Winged Tiger, the beast was also staring at him, its eyes were filled with brutality, it was dangerously looking at its prey.

A fire-red illusion suddenly surprised Lin Feng. He took a step backwards and his body was suddenly sent spinning through the air.


Blood splashed through the air. Lin Feng’s clothes were ripped apart and a huge wound appeared on his chest. That attack tore deep into his flesh, he was covered with blood.

A cold sweat started to form on his back. Lin Feng wasn’t even able to avoid the attack, he was fixated on the Winged Tiger.

How terrifying.

Lin Feng was just realizing what a huge mistake he had made, a terrifying mistake. Lin Feng was so excited to see the Winged Tiger that he had forgotten to remain vigilant. He couldn’t play around when dealing with an ancient ferocious beast, the beast immediately attacked him and Lin Feng was wounded.

“Awooooo….” Howled the beast, as if it had come from the depths of hell, it looked extremely cold, it looked like a tiger and a wolf at the same time, which made Lin Feng raise his vigilance and release a cold energy.

“Pssshh!” An illusionary fire suddenly appeared. This time, Lin Feng reacted quickly enough and immediately dodged. However, at the moment when the silhouette of the Winged Tiger flickered next to Lin Feng, it abruptly opened its wings and rushed towards Lin Feng with its gigantic body. Its attacks were perfectly synchronized, every attack was planned perfectly by the beast and left no escape. That beast was extremely cruel and aggressive, its senses were also more acute than those of human cultivators.

Lin Feng was stupefied. Lin Feng couldn’t dodge. The speed and acute senses of the Winged Tiger were terrifying. Even if Lin Feng knew how and where the beast was going to attack, he couldn’t dodge without encountering another attack.

Some pure sun Qi suddenly emerged from Lin Feng and rushed towards the Winged Tiger. However, it seemed like the Winged Tiger ignored it and immediately dove into the flames. Lin Feng quickly rushed back in retreat.


The sound of something breaking and cracking filled the air. Blood gushed from Lin Feng’s mouth and his body was smashed through multiple tree trunks until he finally came to a halt.

Lin Feng slammed his feet into the ground to stop himself from flying back. He was fixedly staring at the Winged Tiger while slowly walking towards him.

At that moment, Lin Feng was sure that the Winged Tiger was much stronger than him. It was a Xuan level beast but no matter if it was in speed or strength, it far outmatched Lin Feng. It had a monstrous speed which made Lin Feng feel hopeless, Lin Feng couldn’t fight against such speed.

It also made Lin Feng realize that he was seriously lacking in agility, but it made him want to tame that Winged Tiger even more.

A purple light illuminated the atmosphere and his purple spirit appeared, it turned into multiple purple snakes which started rushing towards the Winged Tiger. Lin Feng wanted to see how strong that Winged Tiger really was.

The Winged Tiger was walking very slowly and staring at Lin Feng as if he was eyeing up his next meal. The situation looked quite ominous, the purple snakes quickly reached its body.

“Crrrr…. Crrrrrr……” The fire in its wings started to flicker and unleashed its power, destroying the purple snakes on its body. The Winged Tiger hadn’t been hindered at all, it was still moving towards Lin Feng with a hungry look in its eyes.

“What a monstrously strong beast.”

After the purple snakes were destroyed, they lost all their power. Usually cultivators could restrict a beast’s movements but in the case of the Winged Tiger, it was useless.

“You’re mine.” Thought Lin Feng looking excited. The more powerful the Winged Tiger was, the more excited Lin Feng became.

His celestial fangs spirit appeared and each dragon head let out a terrifying roar. Behind Lin Feng, his dragon had a head which didn’t look like the six others, it looked dangerously cold and bestial, it was the shaman spirit.

The Winged Tiger looked at the dragon and looked extremely surprised. Its feet then immediately stopped moving and it abruptly moved back.

“Whoosh” The body of the Winged Tiger looked like an illusion as it opened its wings and went to dive back into the ground, it looked magnificent.

“Roaaaarrrr…” The dragon heads were roaring, then the six heads suddenly started to rush towards the Winged Tiger. In a flash, the six dragon heads had all sunk their teeth into part of the beast’s body.

“Roaaaaaarrrr…..” The Winged Tiger roared and it suddenly looked much more ferocious and wilder than before, it was incredible. Its needle like hair then rose and transformed into extremely sharp blades which pierced into the dragon, at the same time, scorching hot flames ignited on its body.

“Woooo……” The Winged Tiger uttered a long shout while looking at the sky. Its voice echoed into the distance, some fire then separated itself from its gigantic body and burst into the air, the dragon wouldn’t be able to stop that attack.

“Oh no… That’s bad.” Thought Lin Feng. The shout of the beast would probably attract a great deal of extremely strong ferocious beasts.

Ancient ferocious beasts were terrifying. Lin Feng had never encountered such a cunning ferocious beast.

It also seemed like Xuan level beasts were particularly scary.

The seventh head of the dragon whistled and moved towards the Winged Tiger, the shaman spirit started to glow which made the Winged Tiger start to panic, it was as if its soul was being consumed.

Its huge eyes were gradually becoming more docile, as if that evil bestial glow was forcing it to submit, could an ancient ferocious beast submit that easily though?

“Awoooooooo….” The Winged Tiger raised its head to the sky and howled. Its prey, a human being, was trying to control it, how could it not be enraged?

A terrifying light invaded the atmosphere and the Winged Tiger suddenly spread its wings as wide as possible, they were so sharp that they sliced their way through the mouths of the dragon. Then, it immediately threw itself towards Lin Feng.


The dragon tried to stop the attack but was unable to withstand the strength of the Winged Tiger. When Lin Feng saw that, he was dumbstruck and his pupils started to shrink. That Winged Tiger was monstrous.

Lin Feng recalled his spirit back into his body and jumped through the air. The Winged Tiger spread its wings, its silhouette flickered as it tore through the air like a meteor.

Lin Feng couldn’t beat it, his celestial fangs spirit coupled with the power of the shaman spirit was not enough, the Winged Tiger’s strength was too terrifying.

“Little one! Who made you so furious?”

At that moment, a voice spread through the air which surprised Lin Feng. A moment before, he had been so focused on the Winged Tiger that surprisingly a silhouette had appeared without him noticing.

Lin Feng looked to the horizon and saw a middle-aged man in white clothing who was slowly walking towards him. That person was smiling but that smile looked evil.

The Winged Tiger, when it saw the silhouette, lowered its head and immediately moved towards the middle-aged man.

The Winged Tiger, after arriving next to the middle-aged man, started to wrap around his legs, as if it submitted before that man.

“Little one, you ran away again.” Said the middle-aged man while smiling and shaking his head. The Winged Tiger lowered its head even lower.

Then, the middle-aged man crouched down to pet the Winged Tiger in a soft and gentle way, his speech was very warm and affectionate as if he was talking with a friend.

Lin Feng was standing in his original position and frowning. There were humans in the very depths of the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain. Surprisingly, there were even humans in this remote location, besides, that person even seemed to be the master of the Winged Tiger.

It was too amazing. Lin Feng looked extremely perplexed. He wasn’t able to fully understand the middle-aged man’s intentions from the warm expression in his eyes. He had absolutely no idea why the middle-aged man would appear in the depths of the Mountain Chain.

Besides, the middle-aged man almost seemed like he had always been there and Lin Feng was trespassing into his home.

“Little one, next time, don’t run away and cause trouble.” Said the middle-aged man. Immediately after, he raised his head and looked at Lin Feng with a friendly smile, he looked like a person who was easy to get along with.

“My friend, do you come from the outside?” Asked the middle-aged man indifferently. Lin Feng nodded.

“Do you like my little one?” Asked the middle-aged man and then added: “My friend from far away, if you want to see what the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain had to offer then you can come with me, but this little one is my best friend, he will not leave my side.”

“I acted without thinking, I didn’t know it was yours.” Said Lin Feng while slightly shaking his head.

“No problem, I will show you around the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain.” said the middle-aged man while shaking his head and smiling, surprisingly, he wasn’t offended at all. Lin Feng couldn’t read the man at all.

Lin Feng, of course, didn’t know what kind of spirit his interlocutor had or how strong he was. But if his pet was a Winged Tiger, he was definitely an amazing cultivator with an incredible strength.

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