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PMG Chapter 388: Astonishing!

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When Lin Feng heard the man’s invitation, he was a bit surprised.

Did he live there? Did the bestial looking middle aged man live in the depths of this mountain chain? What about his own safety?

Besides, he was proposing to show Lin Feng around the mountain chain as if it was a normal thing, he sounded like he knew the mountain chain.

Could a human walk around in the depths of the mountain chain as they pleased?

“Where do you live, Sir?” Asked Lin Feng in a very polite tone while remaining vigilant. The situation could turn very dangerous, Lin Feng didn’t feel reassured at all.

“Near here, come with me, we can talk and play some chess.” Said the middle aged man with a beast like smile yet it also looked like a very warm smile, he was nodding while looking at Lin Feng. Immediately after, he turned around and started walking.

Lin Feng remained speechless and irresolute for a moment and then followed the man. A moment before, the Winged Tiger roared so loudly that it wasn’t safe to stay there anymore, maybe there were many dangerous ferocious beasts who would rush there.

The beast and the man lived together in a forest of stone, there were gigantic monoliths resting against each other, everywhere and under a few of them, the man had established his residence. Everything was made of stone there, there were stone tables and chairs as well as wine cups made completely of stone.

What gave Lin Feng a strange impression was that these tables and chairs made of stone didn’t feel real.

“Do you want to drink some wine and play some chess? It’s not easy for me to get these things all the way out here.” Said the middle aged man while walking towards Lin Feng and smiling indifferently. He also sounded quite proud of himself, the beast also followed him, but it wasn’t enraged anymore and was just like a docile pet.

Lin Feng was more and more surprised with each second. Everything was so weird! That middle aged man was so unconventional, he was wild and unreserved.

Another astonishing thing was the Winged Tiger, it was shockingly obedient to him. The ancient ferocious beast had become docile and affectionate around him, it didn’t look like it had the tiniest bit of wrath.

“My honoured guest, please come in.” Said the middle aged man sound sounding extremely attentive and polite. He was inviting Lin Feng into his home.

Lin Feng approached the residence created by several monoliths, the inside looked very spacious, it even looked like a palace.

The middle aged man started walking and his body suddenly disappeared. In a flash, he appeared on an elevated throne on the other side of the palace. His hands were on the armrests, he looked domineering, looking down on everything from such a high spot. He looked majestic.

“Honoured guest, don’t you think that my home is majestic and awe-inspiring?” Asked the middle aged man while spreading his arms out wide. He looked extremely majestic which made Lin Feng’s eyes twinkle. At that moment, the bestial-looking man looked extremely powerful, like a king.

“Indeed, very majestic and imposing.” Nodded Lin Feng. The palace really looked like it was fit for a king. There were many flights of stairs all around the main hall. Everything was extremely vast and imposing.

When the middle aged man saw Lin Feng nod, he smiled as if he was really happy to hear Lin Feng’s opinion.

He then stood up and immediately arrived next to Lin Feng, which made Lin Feng’s pupils shrink.

How quick.

A moment before, Lin Feng wasn’t sure but at that moment, he was sure that even when looking directly at the middle aged man, he still couldn’t see him move, he moved so fast that Lin Feng could not sense it.

The Winged Tiger was already monstrously quick but that middle aged man seemed to be several times quicker than the Winged Tiger.

“As expected, he’s incredibly powerful.” Thought Lin Feng who was also wondering who this person was.

“Have you always lived in this mountain chain?” Asked Lin Feng, he couldn’t help but ask.

“Indeed, I’ve always been here, well, it’s been so many years that I don’t know how long exactly.” Said the middle aged man calmly while nodding.

“Why not go outside?” Asked Lin Feng curiously.

“Go outside?” Asked the middle aged man with a mysterious smile on his face: “I want to go outside. I want to go soon.”

When the Winged Tiger saw the middle aged man’s smile, it slightly frowned, it acted extremely brutal before but at that moment, it seemed like it was docile and was curled into a ball at their feet.

Xuan level ferocious beasts could understand human conversation, so it was very clear to the Winged Tiger what Lin Feng and the middle aged man were saying.

“You want to go outside?” Lin Feng frowned when he heard the middle aged man. It seemed like he wanted to go outside but couldn’t for some reason, as if something was preventing him from leaving, Lin Feng had a strange feeling building.

“Of course I want to leave here. Do you know how boring it is to stay here? Even if I have the little one with me…” Said the middle aged man while hugging the Winged Tiger which made the eyes of the beast look a little bit warmer again.

The ancient ferocious beast could also be warm and affectionate, it wrapped itself around its master’s body and slightly closed its eyes.

That move made Lin Feng grow speechless. Was it still the monstrously violent and brutal beast from a moment before? At that moment, it had become so obedient and docile that it seemed like a house pet.

“But it’s alright, I have a guest now, you can stay with me, until I am able to leave.” said the middle-aged man while raising his head and smiling at Lin Feng which stupefied Lin Feng.

“Stay with him?” Lin Feng didn’t have time to stay in the middle of the mountain chain, he had many things to do.

“If you want to leave, let’s go together and we can go now.” Said Lin Feng. The middle aged man looked at him with a smile yet not a smile on his face and shook his head.

“Well, I may have to leave before you.” Said Lin Feng. How was he supposed to spend all his time there until the man decided to leave? If it was for a few days, that would be alright but what if the middle aged man wanted to leave in a year or longer, how could Lin Feng stay with him?

“No, you will stay here.” Said the middle aged man while shaking his head which made Lin Feng frown.

“Are you threatening me?” Lin Feng sounded dissatisfied, there was something fishy about this.

“My dear, honoured guest, I am not threatening you but you must stay here, do you know how long I have waited to finally have somebody else to talk to?” Said the middle aged man while contradicting himself. He was saying that he wasn’t threatening Lin Feng but at the same time he was also forcing Lin Feng to stay and keep him company.

“I have matter that I need to attend to, so I must leave. If I have the opportunity in the future, I will come back and visit you.” Said Lin Feng forcing himself to remain calm and not grow angry. His interlocutor’s strength was unbelievable, if he made him angry, it wouldn’t be beneficial.

The middle aged man ignored Lin Feng and walked past Lin Feng while groaning.

“Leave? Impossible. Absolutely impossible.” Said the middle aged man while shaking his head. “Do you know how long it has been since I entered the depths of the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain? One hundred years? One thousand? I don’t even remember clearly, but it was a long time ago, a very, very long time ago.”

“One hundred years? One thousand years?” Lin Feng frowned. A hundred years, that was credible but a thousand years, how could that be possible? A cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer could live two hundred years and even a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer could only live five hundred years.

One thousand years… Lin Feng didn’t know what kind of cultivators could live for a thousand years, it had to be at least a Zun Qi layer cultivator.

“In the mountain chain, apart from the “kill or get killed” atmosphere, there is nothing interesting.” Said the middle aged man who ignored Lin Feng’s suggestion. He sounded like he was talking to himself.

“It’s nothing like your world outside where you can drink, play chess and court beautiful women. Here, there is only myself, I am sick and tired of living in the mountain chain where there are only wild beasts. I want to go outside……..”

“Go outside………” These words were resonating in Lin Feng’s ears. At that moment, the middle aged man spread his arms wide and the Winged Tiger moved down to the ground. Then, he raised his arms towards the stone ceiling and shouted as if he was venting his frustration.

The entire mountain started to rumble and shake, but it quickly became calm again. The middle aged man had calmed down as well.

“I want to go outside. It won’t be that long now. It’s not easy to find someone with whom I can chat and play chess, how could I let you leave? How great would it be for us to enjoy each other’s company.” said the middle aged man with a husky voice. He sounded like an animal.

He turned around and looked at Lin Feng, Lin Feng was also looking at him, and had the feeling that his head was going to explode.

He only saw that at that moment the middle aged man’s pupils had turned red like blood. They were filled with bestial flames. Millions of veins had started to explode in his eyes and looked like a myriad of red threads. He looked ferocious and wild, his eyes and his face didn’t even look like that of a human anymore.

It was a………… beast.

Lin Feng was speechless. That middle aged man wasn’t a man… But a ferocious beast!

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