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PMG Chapter 389: The Transformation!

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“No wonder, no wonder that he lives in a place filled with such powerful ferocious beasts and nothing happens to him.”

“No wonder that the Winged Tiger is so afraid of him.”

Lin Feng suddenly understood a lot of things when analyzing what his interlocutor was saying. If he had already been there for a few hundred years, even a thousand years, he would feel extremely lonely.

Indeed, ferocious beasts could live much longer than human cultivators. Their lives were much longer than that of humans, especially powerful beasts such as the middle aged man. After reaching a level where he could transform into a human, how could he not feel lonely by himself?

These stone chairs, tables and the chess board was probably a sign that he wanted to become more like a human. He wanted to have a normal human life and be part of the human world.

The palace didn’t stop shaking, very quickly, the middle aged man returned to normal. The palace also stopped shaking, as if nothing had happened. The middle aged man was staring at Lin Feng with a cold and detached smile, that smile made Lin Feng feel very uneasy.

It was said that only Tian level ferocious beasts could transform into a human form and speak the language.

The one in front of Lin Feng could do all these things which meant that he was at least a Tian level beast. If he entered the world of human beings, he would easily be able to create chaos in a weaker country like Xue Yue.

Only a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer would be able to fight against him.

Lin Feng didn’t understand why his interlocutor said that he was going to leave and wanted to go outside soon, why couldn’t he just go at that moment?

Lin Feng calmed down and looked calm again. He then asked: “Sir, since you already transformed into a human form, why do you have to wait before going into the human world? Why would you have to stay here?” Lin Feng didn’t have time to stay there, he needed to leave.

Lin Feng didn’t criticize the world of ferocious beasts either, they had their own culture and forms of wisdom. Besides, Lin Feng didn’t think that humans and ferocious beasts were that different, ferocious beasts were very cruel and brutal but weren’t cultivators bloodthirsty and cruel as well?

“Because I am still a ferocious beast. If people find out that I am a ferocious beast, they will try to kill me or make me into their pet whom they will use as a pet. I would become a pet and forced into slavery.” Said the man slowly which surprised Lin Feng. Indeed, if a Tian level ferocious beast appeared in the outside world, wouldn’t there be even stronger cultivators who would want to capture him? The world of cultivators was large and didn’t lack extremely strong cultivators.

“But you said that you would be able to leave soon, why?” Asked Lin Feng who didn’t understand.

When the beast heard Lin Feng, he smiled, he smiled in a particularly bestial way. He then glanced at the Winged Tiger on the ground, the beast just glanced at him while looking scared and remained motionless. It knew how monstrously powerful that middle aged man was.

“You really want to know?” Asked the beast while turning around and looking at Lin Feng again. His smile was becoming more and more bestial.

Lin Feng didn’t understand what his interlocutor meant but he slightly nodded.

“Hehe, I will tell you, there’s no harm in doing so. I’ve been sick and tired of being a ferocious beast for a very long time, Now, I am about to obtain a human form and become a normal human.” Said the beast with twinkling eyes. His voice was husky: “I will finally be able to get rid of my bestial body and obtain an authentic human body.”

“Huh?” Lin Feng frowned, he would become an authentic human being? Could ferocious beasts become real authentic humans?

“My honoured guest, you still don’t understand? Humans will always reign over the continent and everything in creation. Even though we, ferocious beasts have a body more suitable for fighting than a human, humans can rely on their understanding and then outstanding cultivators who are stronger than ferocious beasts appear. The potential of human cultivators is almost infinite whereas ferocious beasts are doomed from their birth, their talent and natural abilities never change, they can only rely on the destiny they were born with.”

Lin Feng calmly listened to his interlocutor. It was the first time that he heard about these things because he had never considered these things before. Actually, things were really like the man was describing them, humans were able to cultivate to a higher level, even though there were incomparably strong ferocious beasts with terrifying strength, the continent didn’t lack extremely strong cultivators, therefore, no matter how strong a ferocious beast was, there would always be an even stronger cultivator out there to defeat them, therefore, humans reigned over the continent and not ferocious beasts.

Ferocious beasts were already doomed from birth and could only rely on their bloodline. Human beings had unlimited potential, it all depended on how much effort they were willing to invest into cultivation.

“However, there are always opportunities, when ferocious beasts reach the Tian level, we have a decisive decision to make, partial or full transformation into a human.”

“The human transformation is divided into two possibilities, one can keep one’s beast body and temporarily turn into a human being, it’s a bit like putting on a human disguise but the Qi that one releases is still bestial, however, the second possibility is to completely transform into an authentic human and leave one’s animal body behind. At that moment, one doesn’t have the intelligence of a beast anymore, but that of a human. One would lose the fighting power of a beast to gain the understanding of a human cultivator.”

Lin Feng was astonished, two possibilities, one was to stay as a beast and the other one was to become a human.

That was the first time that he heard that ferocious beasts could become human.

“So the human transformation process has already started for you?” Asked Lin Feng, the Tian level beast nodded, he had already started transforming.

“Reaching the Tian level is like dipping your toe into the human world without being truly accepted by humans, right?” Asked Lin Feng trying to find an explanation.

The Tian level beast was astonished and staring at Lin Feng with an evil smile, he then immediately continued: “You are very smart but even if I tell you these things, what can you do? The first choice is very easy, any ferocious wild beast can do it, but becoming human is another story, during the transformation process, the natural power of a beast body is removed, in other words, it means that I won’t have the strength of the Tian level any longer. Besides, it is not guaranteed that the transformation will succeed, if it fails, my level will still be reduced. It’s a once in a lifetime risk.”

“As expected.” Whispered Lin Feng. The man had chosen the second option. While he was going through the transformation process, his strength was reduced, he wouldn’t be able to increase his level during that period of time. On top of that, if it failed, his strength of his body would never return. Only ferocious beasts could understand how large of a risk it was.

“Well then, how can you increase the chances of success?” Asked Lin Feng looking lost in thought.

“Having contact with humans.” Replied the Tian level beast which astonished Lin Feng.

“…which is the reason why you want me to stay here, right?”

“Indeed, during the transformation process, you will stay here with me, we will have fun and talk together, it will be great.” Said the Tian level beast whose voice didn’t sound husky anymore, he looked determined and evil.

Lin Feng remained silent, the Tian level beast had told him so many secrets so he wouldn’t be able to leave, if he left, Lin Feng could tell other humans who would come and kill him.

Lin Feng didn’t beg the Tian level beast either, the man looked calm but kept his evil instincts and was as bloodthirsty as any beast. If Lin Feng infuriated him by accident, the consequences could be disastrous.

At that moment, Lin Feng wanted to know something. After the ferocious beast finished its transformation process, what strength would it have? And what would its fighting ability be like?

“Ancient ferocious beasts are monstrously strong, He can make that Winged Tiger become as docile as a cat, besides, he has told me everything already, even if his level has been reduced, he still seems like he’s monstrously strong, otherwise he wouldn’t have shared the secrets with me, I can’t afford to act recklessly.” Thought Lin Feng warning himself.

“Is there anything else you want to ask me? I will happily tell you.” Said the Tian level beast with a husky voice while smiling in a more and more evil way, his eyes were turning red again.

“No, there isn’t.” Said Lin Feng while shaking his head. He had the feeling that he knew what the ferocious beast was going to say so he didn’t ask.

“Are you sure?” When the ferocious wild beast saw Lin Feng’s eyes, he said in an evil way: “Don’t you want to know if I will kill you when I’m done with the transformation?”

Lin Feng was stupefied, what an intelligent ferocious beast. Lin Feng really wanted to ask that question but didn’t need to as he already knew the answer.

“I will tell you now. I will kill you. When I am a human, every human and ferocious beast who knows that I am a ferocious beast will need to die. I want to become a real human being.” Said the Tian level beast while raising his head at the sky and slightly closing its eyes, his voice was still husky. Once he was a human being, beasts and humans who knew he was originally a ferocious beast would have to die.

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