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PMG Chapter 391: Control!

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Would the Winged Tiger believe Lin Feng?

Obviously, the Winged Tiger couldn’t trust Lin Feng, how could it trust a human?

The Winged Tiger had no choice but to admit that Lin Feng was right. If they didn’t kill the Tian level beast, they would definitely die. As an ancient ferocious beast, it had never had the opportunity to go through the most glorious period of its life. It was captured, humiliated and would soon be killed.

The Winged Tiger wanted to fight but Lin Feng wanted to control him. The tiger couldn’t really understand the dangerously bestial Qi that Lin Feng was releasing.

The Winged Tiger looked like it was struggling.

If Lin Feng really had a way to control him, wouldn’t it make Lin Feng the same as the Tian level beast? Wouldn’t Lin Feng make it become his pet as well?

“If you are not resigned to do it, I will not bother. You should clearly think about the situation, even if I control you, we will be equals, I will not treat you as a pet like that guy… I am not the same as him, what I need is your strength, you are an ancient ferocious beast, I need your power to defeat him.” Said Lin Feng when he saw that the Winged Tiger was starting to look irresolute.

The Winged Tiger agreed deep in his heart. Lin Feng and the Tian level beast weren’t the same, if Lin Feng really controlled it, it wouldn’t stay as a glorified pet, and it could show his power as an ancient ferocious beast.

Some steam shot from the beast’s nostrils and it slightly shook its body.

“If I don’t fight against him, then we will both die. Even if I control you, it doesn’t mean anything if we are both fated to die, if I can really kill him, at least you will still be alive. Joining me is the safest option and you will no longer be forced to live in humiliation.” Lin Feng knew that the Winged Tiger was already affected by his words. He needed to continue to convince him by slowly riling him up, after all, forcefully controlling an ancient ferocious beast was extremely difficult.

“Grrr…..” The Winged Tiger looked at Lin Feng while growling, it still looked vigilant but it didn’t look as cruel as it did a moment before.

The shaman spirit slowly released a black and white energy which moved towards the Winged Tiger.

“Let’s work together, let’s make this gamble together, you don’t want to die and I don’t want to die either.

At the moment when the shaman spirit started staring at the Winged Tiger, the latter looked like it wanted to resist but after Lin Feng’s words, it just lowered its head and didn’t put up any resistance. The black and white light enveloped its body, and quickly moved towards its soul to take control of it.

When Lin Feng saw that the Winged Tiger wasn’t struggling anymore, he finally smiled. That plan was a success, Lin Feng didn’t need to invest more energy into convincing the beast, he had managed to gain control of the ancient ferocious beast with a few words.

The shaman spirit could control ferocious beasts by controlling their souls. The light enveloped the body of the beast. The black and white eyes looked dangerous. Lin Feng could distinctly sense that the soul of the Winged Tiger was slowly weakening. It then shook and entirely submitted itself to the shaman spirit. Lin Feng could sense that he was now in complete control of the beast, it was such an intriguing sensation.

“What a powerful spirit…” Whispered Lin Feng. It could weaken the soul of a beast and control its soul, if a beast wasn’t strong enough, it was easy to gain control over it.

The shaman spirit enabled a cultivator to control ferocious beasts with impressive speed, what a terrifying power!

Of course, Lin Feng didn’t realize that the reason that he managed to control the Winged Tiger so easily was because he had practiced the surplus souls technique and had a powerful soul. Lin Feng’s extremely strong soul and powerful technique were two essential factors in controlling a beast.

The Winged Tiger gave a low purr and then lowered its head, it looked sad.

“My friend, come with me. You will not feel sad for much longer.” Lin Feng stretched out his hand and started to pet the Winged Tiger’s head in a solemn way which made a feeling of determination rise in the heart of the beast. It suddenly felt extremely determined and its heart was filled with the desire to kill. Then, the Winged Tiger raised its head and stared at Lin Feng in a deep and meaningful way.

“The Tian level beast is called Lei Yan Mao, it’s a thunder flame cat, he is currently transforming into a human being, his level has been restrained but he still has the strength of the fifth Xuan level.”

Lin Feng was extracting information from the beast’s brain about the Tian level beast, Lei Yan Mao, surprisingly it was a cat beast.

However, that cat had made the Winged Tiger, an ancient ferocious beast into its pet. How humiliating was that for the Winged Tiger… It was so furious that it had accepted Lin Feng and submitted itself.

“Fifth Xuan level, it’s similar to a cultivator of the fifth or sixth Xuan Qi layer. He is monstrously strong.” Lin Feng slightly blinked. Perhaps what the Winged Tiger knew didn’t wasn’t the entire truth. Maybe Lei Yan Mao hid the truth to protect itself and it was actually much stronger than what the Winged Tiger imagined.

After all, maybe the Winged Tiger had never seen him use his full strength.

“Even if I assume that he only has the strength of fifth Xuan level, I fear that I have only one option.” Lin Feng had many doubts, he had been escaping from the members of the Wan Shou Sect and hadn’t anticipated that he would come across such a terrifying Tian level beast.

“You know how strong I am, so what do you intend to do now?” Said an indifferent voice which made the Winged Tiger shiver. It looked at the sky above the waterfall and suddenly seemed terrified.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the top of the waterfall and saw the silhouette of a beast.

“Just a stupid animal!” Said the Tian level beast in the tone of a joke which made the Winged Tiger feel terrified.

“Against all expectations, you are quite smart, you surprisingly managed to fool an ancient ferocious beast into submitting, I initially thought that you were both simply complaining about needing to remain here, but you ended up plotting against me.” The cat was smiling as if he found the situation amusing. He was looking at Lin Feng and the Winged Tiger in an evil way.

What Lin Feng and the Winged Tiger were doing was absolutely pointless. Did Lin Feng really plan on killing him? That was too ridiculous.

“I don’t even need to think it over, I, Lin Feng, might die at anytime, I would never become your pet. I don’t have time to play around with you.”

“What you mean is that you didn’t intend to stay here with me at all? In the end, you’ve just been delaying until this moment?” Asked the cat.

“You can put it that way, yes.” Nodded Lin Feng.

“How idiotic! Since you want to die, I will play with you a little.” Said the cat in a husky voice while releasing some evil Qi. It immediately took a step and swiftly jumped through the air. It moved so fast that it looked like an illusion.

Suddenly, a painful sensation invaded Lin Feng’s body, he hadn’t even had the time to think and his body was sent flying backwards. Immediately after, a rumbling noise spread through the air and a cloud of dust rose. The cat was now standing where Lin Feng was previously standing and there was now a small crater beneath the cat’s feet.

“How quick….” Lin Feng felt cold from head to toe, the cat’s speed was terrifying!

“Initially, you were my guest, I let you go where you liked within my territory and tried to be a good host, I wouldn’t have thought that you would end up disrespecting my kindness. You are courting death, but I will not kill you, I will make you suffer so much that you will wish that I would kill you.” The cat looked even more evil and cruel. His face looked more and more bestial with each second.

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