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PMG Chapter 392: The Battle Against the Tian Level Beast

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“A beast will always be a beast, it can never change its bestial nature, even if it transforms into a human.” Joked Lin Feng, when he saw that the cat was looking more bestial, which caused the cat to look even more ferocious. It then said in a husky voice: “So what? Wait until I transform into a human and possess an authentic human body, relying on my strength, I will be able to kill whoever I want in the human world. I will make it my territory and kill anyone inside.”

“Basically, you don’t want to become a human, you are just bored of having been a beast for a thousand years. You want to experience something new, but your desire to slaughter those weaker than you will never change, strong cultivators will never allow you to enter the human world and needlessly slaughter.” Lin Feng was shaking his head while talking. That cat initially didn’t really want to be human, it was only because he had lived for such a long time and was extremely bored, he grew tired and lonely, thus he wanted to enter the human world and cause mayhem for its own enjoyment. He was not arrogant and proud like a human cultivator, he was cruel and bloodthirsty like a beast.

“Maybe what you’re saying is true but I advise you to think carefully.” Said the cat looking ferocious and with a grin that unveiled his sharp teeth. He looked like a hideous monster.

In a flash the cat was standing mid air above them.

“Roaaarrr……” The Winged Tiger let out a roar. It then threw itself at the cat. Its body started to grow larger, the tiger’s heart was filled with hatred and wrath.

“Animal! Get lost!” Shouted the cat in a sharp voice. The cat immediately turned around and streaked through the air. Its hand transformed into a claw and slashed through the air leaving only a trail of blood behind. The Winged Tiger’s body was sent spinning through the air. The claw had torn into the tiger’s flesh.

The Winged Tiger’s mouth was open, it was furiously roaring towards the cat. Its face looked extremely ferocious and its heart was filled with hatred. It didn’t want to be humiliated by the Tian level beast anymore, it had been suffering for too long. It had even lost its bloodthirsty temperament from being docile for so many years.

“It seems like you feel too lonely, too pitiful, to the extent that you just want to die.” Said the cat in a husky voice. At that moment, he was standing tall and his hands had completely transformed into extremely terrifying claws.

“Don’t attack him alone, come here!” shouted Lin Feng to the Winged Tiger. The sun was shining upon his body diffusing a dazzling light. Pure sun Qi was transforming into flames which surrounded Lin Feng’s body.

“As expected, you broke through to the second Xuan Qi layer.” Said the cat in a husky voice when he sensed how powerful Lin Feng’s pure Qi had become.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He had, indeed, broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer.

His fighting potential was becoming more powerful over time. In a short time, Lin Feng had fought against Qiong Bi Luo, Yu Qiu, Ji Feng, Du Yan and Wu Zhen… He had used his black lotus frequently which forced him use the majority of his pure Qi. After, he managed to use his spirit to absorb some Xuan level beasts, the shaman spirit and Wu Zhen’s body to restore his pure Qi.

When Lin Feng ventured into the depths of the mountain chain, he was looking for a place where he could safely break through to the next Xuan Qi layer. That is when he encountered the Winged Tiger. Therefore, he was forced to constantly use his pure Qi reserves and in monstrous amounts. However, his body had become much more resilient because of it. He needed to condense massive amounts of pure Qi into his body to break through… and only when those conditions were met, could Lin Feng succeed in breaking through to the next Xuan Qi layer.

In fact, the day before, he had already broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer which was why the Winged Tiger had thought that the Tian level beast was stupid. Lin Feng had stopped practicing his cultivation, he was only attracting the pure Qi towards him but was not using it to cultivate.

The Winged Tiger didn’t know what Lin Feng was doing.

“But even achieving that cultivation layer is useless.” Said the cat in a husky voice while slowly walking towards Lin Feng. The Winged Tiger roared and moved next to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had said that he had lots of ideas to deal with the Tian level beast, even though the tiger didn’t really believe Lin Feng, it still had some hope.

“Let’s see if it’s useless.” Lin Feng’s eyes became pitch-black and emotionless. In these black eyes, once in a while, a dangerous light would flash, it looked incredibly dangerous.

“Huh?” The cat frowned. A moment before, a dangerous light flashed in Lin Feng’s eyes and he had the feeling that it was attempting to control him.

Lin Feng started condensing some pure sun Qi and black flames started to flicker, When the pure sun Qi was condensed, it slowly turned into more black flames.

The sun Qi was being transformed into grim fire, finally, the black flames formed into a black lotus, a black lotus made completely from grim fire. It looked incredibly captivating.

“What’s this?” The cat was staring at the black lotus. Those black flames seemed like they contained an extremely strong deadly energy. The cat hadn’t ever thought that such a thing could exist.

The Winged Tiger was also staring at the black lotus in Lin Feng’s hand, its confused face indicated that it didn’t understand either. Was that the solution that Lin Feng was talking about to deal with the Tian level beast?

“Interesting!” The cat was staring at the black lotus and smiled in an evil way. It was walking slowly, surprisingly, it wasn’t using its speed and was being cautious.

Cat beasts were extremely dangerous and… Lei Yan Mao was of the most powerful of the category of cat beasts. Besides, he was at the Tian level which meant he had plenty of battle experience. Even if he was extremely arrogant, he was also extremely cautious, otherwise he wouldn’t have stayed inside the mountain chain for all these years. Because he was extremely careful, before transforming into a human, he couldn’t afford to make a single mistake.

If the incredible Tian level beast encountered an accident before becoming a human, how tragic would that be.

“But I won’t try and prevent you from playing with fire.”

The cat stopped walking while saying these words in a husky voice. His body was suddenly surrounded with flames which fluttered in the air, the flames looked like they contained the power of lightning and caused thunder claps to sound. It looked magnificent.

Lei Yan Mao could use thunder flames.

That kind of fire was extremely destructive, it could cause devastation.

“Go.” The cat raised its claws and in a flash, a crackling sound filled the atmosphere. Thunder flames were rushing through the air towards Lin Feng.

How quick! The thunder flames moved as fast as lightning.

Fortunately, Lin Feng had already entered into his world of darkness and his perception was extremely acute. At the moment when the thunder flames appeared, he had already started moving and immediately moved his black lotus in front of him.

The magnificent red thunder flames collided with the black lotus and a thunder clap filled the atmosphere. After a while, the flames dispersed but the black lotus still remained, it looked incredible.

The cat was surprised. Such a strong thunder flame had surprisingly been destroyed by the black lotus. It was obvious that the black lotus was terrifyingly dangerous, the cat had underestimated Lin Feng’s ability.

That black lotus contained all the pure sun Qi in Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng’s pure sun Qi had absorbed the fire essence from the seven-tailed fox, this made it grow even more powerful. Then, the pure sun Qi was combined with deadly energy to create grim fire, which was then condensed it into a black lotus, how terrifying!

The Winged Tiger looked at Lin Feng and its eyes were filled with hope. Maybe Lin Feng’s lotus could really defeat the cat.

The cat glanced at the Winged Tiger indifferently. It was looking more and more evil. It then smiled coldly and said: “Do you think that you can defeat me with fire?”

The Winged Tiger was surprised, it was looking at the cat with its sanguinary eyes. Indeed, could Lin Feng defeat such a terrifying creature using fire?

The Winged Tiger was losing faith.

“Don’t forget that I am a monstrously powerful Tian level beast.” Said the cat in a cold and husky voice while raising his hand. Thunder flames were fluttering through the atmosphere and a fire dragon formed in the air above him.

“Now, prepare to become the victims of my fury.” When the cat finished talking, just like an illusion, it disappeared from its original position.

Lin Feng was stupefied. He immediately moved back and a white light streaked through the air in front of him. It had been so quick that he didn’t even see it clearly.


The thunder flame dragon bombarded the atmosphere towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng slammed his foot into the ground and jumped through the air.

However, at that moment, even more thunder flame dragons were rushing towards him. They were incredibly quick and there were more than Lin Feng was able to dodge. He raised his hand and the black lotus blocked the incoming thunder flames. A resplendent light started to illuminate the atmosphere.

Lin Feng hadn’t even got the chance to attack yet, he narrowed his eyes and only saw the claws of the cat falling from the sky and aiming at his head.

These claws were absorbing and incredible quantity of terrifying beast Qi, if these claws reached Lin Feng’s head, he would certainly die!



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