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PMG Chapter 395: Scared!

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Two terrifyingly powerful Qi collided in the air, one belonged to the evil sword, the other to the Tian level beast.

The sword Qi was filled with a murderous and hateful evil energy. It was cold and filled with wrath. The Qi of the beast was brutal and evil, it contained an endless blood lust.

Both energies were piercing through the atmosphere. The sword had cut through the cat’s ten claws which were still falling to the ground, but in a flash, ten new claws replaced the damaged claws. At the same time, the cat started to retreat at the speed of lightning.

“Meoooow…..” The cat meowed loudly and released a monstrous energy. The evil sword fell from the sky followed by the evil cloud which crashed into the cat’s body. A wound appeared on the cat’s body, but the bestial blood was absorbed back into the wound. However, the cat’s Qi wasn’t as strong as a moment before, it had been weakened a lot. That evil sword energy was filled with incredible wrath and it penetrated through the flesh and into the bones.

“Tian level beasts are really tough…”

Lin Feng had attacked with the evil sword but it hadn’t been enough to kill the cat. Lin Feng looked at the beast before his eyes, he looked disappointed. Lin Feng was much too weak. Even if the evil sword was monstrously powerful, it needed someone extremely strong to control it, Lin Feng couldn’t control it properly. Besides, the cat was also much stronger than him, therefore, that sword which definitely should have killed him had, in the end, failed.

The Winged Tiger was astonished as well. Disappointment was visible in its eyes. The beast hadn’t died, in the end, Lin Feng wasn’t able to kill the cat.

The restriction had been broken and Lei Yan Mao had regained its power. The Winged Tiger was also thinking about how great it would be if it managed to become a Tian level beast in the future. In the mountain chain, nobody would dare to bully it anymore, it would become the king of the area. It would never be treated as a pet ever again.

“Eeeeeeee…….” The cat let out a shriek, which didn’t sound like that of a cat, while looking at the sky.

How ridiculous. The cat was normally so prudent and cautious, but it had been so impatient to become a human being that it fought with Lin Feng and Lin Feng’s sword broke the restriction and crushed the cat’s dream. Its only desire was now unachievable.

The cat had become a Tian level beast again but it wasn’t happy at all. The restriction had been broken which meant it was forced to remain in beast form for its entire life, how miserable.

It was doomed to remain as a beast, a simple cat. It wouldn’t be able to act like a human anymore, it would remain a simple cat, maybe it would even be captured and domesticated. Of course, it would do anything to prolong its life.

When the cat thought about his cruel fate, his eyes looked monstrously evil. It was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had destroyed its bright future, it would not even be allowed to take the form of a human.

“It seems like the restriction is extremely complex.” Thought Lin Feng when he saw how miserable the cat looked. Breaking the restriction would have terrifying consequences, otherwise the cat wouldn’t have been overly cautious and stayed within the mountain chain the whole time. It very rarely left the area of fifty kilometres which it confined Lin Feng to.

Its sharp claws attacked again and it released a terrifying Qi. The cat wanted to kill Lin Feng. Lin Feng had ruined its life.

“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously before the cat could unleash its attack. Lin Feng raised his sword, it was filled with wrath and a shocking evil Qi. The evil cloud was following closely behind the evil sword.

“Meow!” The cat meowed loudly and a bestial Qi filled the atmosphere and crashed against the evil cloud. At the same time, thunder flame surrounded its body and bombarded the atmosphere towards Lin Feng.

“BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!” The sky seemed like it was exploding. Between Lin Feng and the cat, a hurricane was forming in the air.

“A Tian level beast is way too terrifying, I can’t even fight against it with the evil sword.” Lin Feng, hadn’t anticipated that such a thing would happen. The beast had regained its Tian level strength and it was already able to fight back against the evil sword. A point of no return had been reached, Lin Feng had to act now or he was doomed.

If Lin Feng didn’t manage to kill the Tian level beast, he would lose his life. There was absolutely no doubt about that.

Lin Feng saw the Tian level beast rushing towards him and once again the air was filled with explosions. An incredible deadly energy invaded the atmosphere and clashed against the terrifying bestial Qi.

Lin Feng started to retreat. The Tian level beast would have already killed Lin Feng if he didn’t have the evil sword. Lin Feng didn’t even have the opportunity to attack him.

At that moment, he was using the full power of the evil sword that he was able to control, but it was still very difficult for him to defend himself against the Tian level cat.

A Tian level beast’s strength was similar to a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer… Lin Feng didn’t even know if there were any cultivators of the Tian Qi layer in Xue Yue. Lin Feng had already managed to injure the cat, he could be proud of himself for accomplishing that. Thanks to his determination and willpower, he had managed to gain control over one of the nine evil swords. The evil sword had a monumental destructive power that could be unleashed. Thanks to the power of the sword, Lin Feng had already accomplished incredible feats.

If the restriction hadn’t been broken by the cats desire to live, and if the cat hadn’t regained its strength of the Tian level right away, Lin Feng would have killed it using the evil sword already.

Lin Feng’s eyes were ice-cold. At that moment, he only knew that the cat was shockingly strong. Lin Feng didn’t understand why the cat was attacking so aggressively, the evil sword was still able to put the cat in a terribly dangerous situation.

“You need to delay him. After breaking the restriction, it has temporarily regained the power which was restricted within its body, but its power can no longer be contained as the body was weakened by the transformation. Its power will continue to decrease over time and then you will be able to kill it as you wish.” Said a voice transmitted into Lin Feng’s mind which stupefied him. Lin Feng was controlling the Winged Tiger, so they could use their souls to communicate. The Winged Tiger didn’t need to speak out loud, it could just transmit its thoughts to Lin Feng.

“Its power will continue to decrease over time….. So that’s how it is.” Lin Feng’s eyes flashed as if he had suddenly understood something. He then continued to retreat.

“Die.” Shouted the cat furiously. Lin Feng had to die.

“Meow….” The cat started to coil its body and immediately after it disappeared from sight, in a flash, it appeared in front of Lin Feng. It was truly a ferocious beast, it pounced at him like a fire-red cat. However, that cat was much bigger than an ordinary tiger, it looked particularly monstrous.

What seemed like an endless stream of bestial Qi was leaking from the cats body. Its sharp claws slashed through the atmosphere. This time, the cat didn’t care about dodging Lin Feng’s sword, its claws immediately clashed against the evil sword that was rushing towards it. Surrounding these terrifying claws, there was a dazzling white light. These claws were much harder and sharper than a steel blade, they could no longer be compared with a normal sword.

Even though the claws clashed against the evil sword and blocked it, the evil cloud continued moving and an incredible quantity of evil sword Qi penetrated into the cat’s body which made its eyes turn even more sanguinary.


A shocking sound suddenly emerged in the air. Behind Lin Feng there was another evil sword, it was slowly emerging from Lin Feng’s back. It was astonishing, the energy of that sword was even more terrifying.

“There are other swords inside Lin Feng’s body….” The cat looked astonished and ruthless at the same time. That evil sword was already so terrifyingly powerful and Lin Feng still had more evil swords. He was a monster, Lin Feng was a terrifying monster!

The Winged Tiger was also shocked and was fixedly staring at the sword emerging from Lin Feng’s body. How amazing! Lin Feng wasn’t lying, he really had a way to deal with the cat. Lin Feng’s hidden power was astonishing, he had broken the transformation restriction and was even able to fight with a Tian level beast.

“Rise!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously and the evil sword rose into the air. Monstrous evil clouds started to cover the sky. It was incredible.

“Two swords….” The cat looked uncertain, could it fight against two evil swords?

But while the cat was thinking, a terrifying Qi filled with fury started to emerge. From Lin Feng’s back, another sword slowly started emerging!

That was a third evil sword! Lin Feng had already unsheathed three of the evil swords!

At that moment, the cat and the Winged Tiger were speechless. One evil sword was already monstrously powerful but three evil swords… How powerful would three evil swords be when attacking?

At the moment when the third sword started emerging, the entire atmosphere was being overwhelmed by the evil Qi.

The cat suddenly looked desperate. Actually, when it thought things couldn’t get worse, a fourth sword started to slowly emerge from Lin Feng’s body.

“Meowww……” The cat meowed while looking to the sky. Its claws that were still blocking the evil sword started to shake. Immediately after, the cat shot towards the horizon at full speed. In an instant, it had disappeared from sight without a trace.

It was so scared that it immediately ran away, it didn’t dare to stay any longer. Even though it was going to lose its cultivation level, at least, it still had its life. If it had stayed to fight against Lin Feng, the four swords would have definitely killed him.

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