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PMG Chapter 397: Wind

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In the depths of the mountain chain, there was a person stood midair.

The water from the waterfall was violently rushing down onto them but that person was still standing straight.

A fiery pure Qi was glistening under the waterfall and on a huge stone not far from the waterfall. There was a beast which was watching the person inside the waterfall.

“Rise!” Shouted the person in a deep voice. Then his silhouette rose higher into the air and arrived at the highest part of the waterfall. When he arrived at the top, his body rushed down to the bottom of the waterfall, then he moved against the current of the waterfall until he once again arrived at the top, and he continued to do this for a while.

After some time, he stopped. He then closed his eyes and started to sense the water of the waterfall flowing over his body.

That person was precisely Lin Feng and the beast on the huge stone was obviously the Winged Tiger.

“Roaarrr….” The Winged Tiger roared and rose to its feet. It then turned and its wings started moving as it flew into the distance.

Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to the Winged Tiger. He was still standing midair inside the waterfall. After the cat ran away, Lin Feng took the time to recover, he didn’t immediately leave. He had decided to stay and train in the mountain chain for a while.

He needed to find a method to improve his speed.

Lin Feng had been in many battles recently and he had found that his speed wasn’t sufficient. He was slower but stronger than many people… But if he wasn’t fast enough to attack them, being strong was useless. The opposite was true as well, being quick but not strong enough to injure your opponent was useless.

The water of the waterfall was violently crashing into Lin Feng’s body, this method was simple but its results were undeniable.

Lin Feng came out of the waterfall and started to walk through the air. No water was restricting Lin Feng’s body anymore, he felt extremely comfortable, he had the feeling that all his movements were weightless.

“The Winged Tiger is so unruly.” Lin Feng glanced around looking for the Winged Tiger and then smiled. His silhouette flickered and he flew into the distance.

After a while, Lin Feng arrived in a dense and thick forest. The myriad of tall trees prevented the sunlight from penetrating into the forest. Some extremely loud explosive sounds were filling the air, they came from a place nearby. Some extremely brutal bestial Qi was also filling the atmosphere of the forest.

“The Winged Tiger is fighting against another ferocious beast…” Lin Feng was stupefied. He then flew towards the place where the Qi was emerging from. Very quickly, he arrived in a location which was covered with destruction. Broken trees were sent flying through the air in a whirlpool of Qi.

These two ferocious beasts were facing each other in mid-air.

Lin Feng immediately moved onto a treetop and looked at the two silhouettes. One of them was the Winged Tiger and the beast which it was fighting against was a black bat with cyan wings.

The cyan winged bat was extremely quick, it was one of its main strengths, ferocious beasts of the same level could rarely compete with it in terms of speed.

Lin Feng was watching the bat, it looked extremely cruel and ruthless. It had two extremely sharp teeth protruding from its mouth. These long and sharp teeth looked horrifying. Apart from its speed, its sharp teeth were its main strength. They were extremely powerful. With its teeth, it could bite into beasts’ and suck them dry of blood.

“The Winged Tiger really likes to provoke others…” Whispered Lin Feng while sighing. Even though the cyan-wing bat wasn’t an ancient ferocious beast, with its speed, it didn’t fear any beast of the same level. After all, if other beasts weren’t as quick as it was, how could they fight it?

“Eeeeeaaaa….. Eeeeeeeaaaa…….” Sharp sounds spread through the air. The body of the bat flashed, its wings flickered and it disappeared.

How quick, it was much too quick! Lin Feng’s eyes couldn’t even follow the movements bat.

Generally speaking, the faster a beast or a human cultivator was, the better they could dodge incoming attacks. For example, when Lin Feng was walking through the air, he could always sense the wind blowing against his body, but at that moment, the cyan-wing bat was moving extremely quickly but Lin Feng couldn’t sense any strong wind at all. The bat was extremely agile and light and was creating no resistance in the wind. Lin Feng was surprised.

“Roaaarr….” The Winged Tiger moved as well, its fiery wings flickered, it was also extremely quick. It immediately moved towards the bat, its sharp claws glistened in the air.

The cyan winged bat didn’t try to confront the Winged Tiger, it twisted through the air and then at the moment when it was about to collide with the Winged Tiger, it abruptly moved higher in the air.

The Winged Tiger raised its head and opened its mouth, it started to breathe flames which rushed straight towards the cyan-wing bat. At the same time, its fiery wings moved again and it rose higher into the air while following the bat.

“Even though the Winged Tiger is very quick, speed is not his greatest strength, when it flies, there is resistance in the air… But thanks to its monstrous strength, it can ignore the wind resistance and reach such a terrifying speed.”

Lin Feng wasn’t really interested in the fight, he was just interested in watching the beasts’ movements, speed and agility.

The Winged Tiger could rely on the explosive power in its body to ignore the wind resistance, that was why it could move so quickly. On the other hand, the cyan winged bat was an expert in terms of speed, when it was flying, it seemed like there was absolutely no wind resistance at all.

“Speed also depends on the cultivation. As my cultivation rises, my speed will increase but it seems like I can’t reach my maximum speed. When my speed increases, it seems like it’s actually not my maximum speed. What prevents me from reaching my maximum speed is wind resistance, if there was nothing to create resistance, I would be able to reach my maximum speed.” Thought Lin Feng as if he had suddenly understood something. It was a simple principle, Lin Feng had broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer and that provided him with an increase in speed, however he needed to work if he wanted to achieve his maximum speed.

Lin Feng had understood something new, he had the feeling that certain things suddenly became clearer to him.

Lin Feng’s strength wasn’t speed, it was his power of comprehension. Because he had an extremely strong soul which was aided by his celestial spirit, he had a much better comprehension speed compared to other people.

There were many outstanding cultivators who were quicker or had a higher cultivation than Lin Feng, however, if they fought against Lin Feng, they wouldn’t necessarily win.

Power of comprehension was an extremely important aspect of cultivation. If two sword cultivators of the same cultivation fought, the one who could comprehend their sword path the most would easily defeat the other.

“I’m wrong…” Lin Feng was stupefied. His eyes were twinkling as if he had suddenly had a flash of enlightenment.

Everything that he had thought a moment before was correct, but it was a shallow understanding.

No matter who it was, a beast or a human cultivator, none of them had limits to what they could achieve.

“When cultivators and ferocious beasts move, wind resistance is a hindrance, it slows them down… But that’s like going against the current, if I could move with the wind, I would be able to move much faster, and then achieve even greater speed than my maximum.” Lin Feng suddenly remembered that when he was practicing under the waterfall, he was very slow when moving against the current, but when he moved with the current, he was much faster because he was aided by the current.

When cultivators and beasts moved, wind had the same effect as the water of the waterfall. It greatly affected their movements.

However, unless there was a strong wind from behind, movements were always against the current which created resistance… Unless one could control the wind and take advantage of it.

“Wind… It’s crucial to move with the wind…” The lights in Lin Feng’s eyes were becoming brighter and brighter. Swords had force, wind obviously also had force. When Lin Feng had learned how to carry out energy attacks, he had learnt how to temporarily borrow all of the force around him. He had almost forgotten about it.

Lin Feng needed to understand wind force and then his speed would definitely increase.

When Lin Feng thought about his realization, he slowly closed his eyes, he could still distinctly sense everything around him but it was almost as if Lin Feng wasn’t paying attention to it at all.

Lin Feng didn’t focus on the mountain chain, or on the battle between the Winged Tiger and the cyan winged bat. He was only focusing on the wind gently blowing on his body.

In Lin Feng’s world, there was only one thing: wind.

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