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PMG Chapter 399: Coming to Kill!

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At the site where people used to observe the nine sword mountains, there was nothing left anymore. There was only a vein of the earth filled with rich and thick pure Qi.

However, since the nine sword mountains had disappeared, more people were coming to that place, but not to practice sword cultivation though.

The Yue Clan had started to unceasingly extract the natural resources from the vein of the earth. They had even found out that the vein of the earth was gigantic and covered an area of dozens of kilometres. Besides, the ground was filled to the brim with purity stones.

The mountain from which people used to observe the nine sword mountains was also filled with pure Qi but before, the vein of the earth was too deep, so people couldn’t sense the Qi hidden beneath the earth. At that moment, the vein of the earth was opened and the entire area was filled with the Qi of heaven and earth, it was so thick that it was floating in the air.

For that reason, the Yue Clan had decided to fortify the area and surrounded the vein with protection. After all, that place was in the centre of the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain which was a place filled with ferocious beasts.

The pure Qi attracted ferocious beasts, therefore the Yue Clan had no choice but to defend that location against them.

However, even though the Yue Clan didn’t let ferocious beasts into the area, they allowed people from Xue Yue to come as long as they followed some rules. They were only allowed to practice cultivation there, they were not allowed to pick up any purity stones. If someone dared to pick up a single purity stone, even one of lower quality, the Yue Clan would kill them. Anyone who dared violate the rules would be killed.

People were also well aware that if the Yue Clan allowed other people to practice cultivation there, it was only because they were afraid of infuriating them. If they had forbidden people from coming, then people would have gathered and captured the vein of the earth. However, one of the conditions was not to take any purity stones.

Therefore, cultivators who came didn’t foolishly try to steal the purity stones. If they tried and were caught, they would die, it wasn’t worth it.

At that moment, outside of that protected area, in the middle of a thick and dense forest filled with ferocious beasts, there were some people fighting against ferocious beasts.

That group of people was composed of two girls, one old man and a young man.

Those four people were surrounding a ferocious beast. It was a ninth Ling level snake, it was almost forty meters long, it could spit poisonous Qi from its mouth. When that snake opened its mouth, it was so large that it could swallow someone whole.

Those four people were being extremely vigilant. A ninth Ling level beast wasn’t easy to handle, the strongest of the four people was the young man, he had broken through to the ninth Ling Qi layer, he had extremely high natural abilities.

“Feng Ting, Jing Yun, you girls move back. I will handle that snake.” Said the young man while taking a step forwards. He wanted to kill a ninth Ling level beast by himself.

“Duan Feng, let’s do it together. You just broke through to the ninth Ling Qi layer, your cultivation is not stable yet… And that snake is extremely powerful, it will not be easy to defeat.” Said Jing Yun while frowning. That young man was precisely Duan Feng but, two years had passed and he looked much more mature. Besides, his eyes looked more profound and mystical.

“Jing Yun, sister, no need, since our big brother is not here, I am in charge of protecting you, don’t forget about that. I have never been forced to use my spirit either.” Said Duan Feng while smiling. He was wondering how Lin Feng was getting on these days. If Lin Feng saw how strong he had become, he would certainly be very happy.

When Jing Yun heard Duan Feng talk about Lin Feng, she was surprised and immediately after, her beautiful eyes were filled with radiant splendour.

In the carriage, when they left the small village, she hadn’t realized how high Duan Feng’s natural abilities were.

Duan Feng had the blood spirit of the Imperial Clan, he could already use four sealed doors, he had a strong spirit and was extremely talented. In two years, he had broken through to the ninth Ling Qi layer, that was extremely quick.

Jing Yun had a realisation, she realized that if someone was both talented and young, their cultivation could increase extremely quickly. It was amazing.

Of course, Jing Yun also knew that not everything could be attributed to Duan Feng’s talent, he was also a hardworking cultivator. No matter how much he was suffering, he kept practicing cultivation everyday day and night. Lin Feng had become his idol so Duan Feng was determined to walk on the same path. He didn’t want Lin Feng to leave him behind. Actually, he had been able to improve his cultivation so quickly by relying on his natural abilities and by fighting slaves.

“Alright, Duan Feng, please be careful.” Warned Jing Yun. Then, she slightly moved back letting Duan Feng fight alone.

The blood spirit of the Duan Clan was inside Duan Feng, he had inherited it. It was an extremely powerful spirit but Duan Feng had never been forced to use it. If he released it, defeating the ninth Ling level beast would be easy.

“Feng Ting.” Said Duan Feng to the other girl in black clothes. Feng Ting and the old man then moved away letting Duan Feng fight alone.

“Ssss…. Sssss…..” The ling level snake seemed to know that Duan Feng wanted to fight it alone. It was confident that it could swallow him easily. Suddenly, it released its black venomous Qi which floated through the air.

“Animal.” Said Duan Feng while staring at the snake. He then moved and in a flash, four sealed doors appeared behind him. In the past, he only had three, at that moment he had four.

Feng Ting and the old man looked surprised. Those sealed doors belonged to the blood spirit of the Imperial Clan…

Surprisingly, Duan Feng had four sealed doors.

“Seal!” Shouted Duan Feng in a deep voice. In a flash, the door rose into the air, it shook while emitting some rhythmic and melodious sounds. Then, the doors immediately sealed the body of the gigantic snake which started shaking to shake. The sealed doors seemed like they had taken control of the snakes mind.

“Hissss….” The snake hissed furiously, it was unceasingly shaking. However, it didn’t struggle for a long time, it then gradually calmed down. After the sealed doors penetrated into its mind, the ninth Ling level snake wasn’t able to move its body anymore, it was very easy.

“Duan Feng, I’ll go and kill it.” Said Feng Ting. Duan Feng didn’t have the time to reply before Feng Ting’s silhouette was flickering away already. She immediately arrived next to the snake. After killing the snake, she immediately picked up the precious items it contained and took them for herself.

When Jing Yun saw that move, she frowned. Duan Feng was the one who stopped the snake thanks to his spirit. Feng Ting didn’t even ask him if he had any objection, she immediately killed it and took the items for herself.

But Duan Feng didn’t say anything, he just looked at Feng Ting with a warm smile on his face. After that, he recalled his spirit into his body.

“Duan Feng, let’s go and kill some other ferocious beasts.” Said Feng Ting in a detached way. Duan Feng nodded but Jing Yun frowned even more.

What did that girl think? Was Duan Feng her slave? Duan Feng had saved her life, if Duan Feng hadn’t appeared, Feng Ting would have been raped and killed by the guards of her own clan.

“Alright.” Said Duan Feng while nodding as if he didn’t mind which made Jing Yun grow speechless. Because Duan Feng had feelings for Feng Ting, he had transformed into an idiot. Jing Yun knew that Duan Feng liked Feng Ting, even Feng Ting herself knew about it, therefore, she was just using him to obtain some precious items.

“Let’s go.” Said Feng Ting while starting to walk, getting ready to move to another place.

“Go? Where do you think you are going?” At that moment, a cold and detached voice spread through the air, it came from inside the dense forest. The group of people were surprised and immediately after, they saw silhouettes coming from all directions.

Those people looked bestial and ice-cold.

“Who are you.” asked Duan Feng while staring at the people surrounding them.

“You don’t need to know.” Said one of the group in an ice-cold way while releasing some deadly energy.

“I don’t think that you and I are enemies.” Said Duan Feng.

“Just consider that you have a bad karma because you are related to Lin Feng.” Said one of the group in an ice-cold way which made Jing Yun and Duan Feng frown. Those people were Lin Feng’s enemies.

“Why do you hate him?”

“Hate him?” The interlocutor smiled in an ice-cold way and said: “I will tell you something, all of Lin Feng’s friends will die, not a single person will be left alive. Not only will you all die but also the people in the Celestial Academy will be killed. Our strongest cultivators must already be at the Celestial Academy killing the students of the academy by now.”

Those who were friends with Lin Feng were all going to die, what about Meng Qing? Would she be killed?

Duan Feng and Jing Yun suddenly released an ice-cold energy.

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    • Wa February 26, 2016 at 9:11 am - Reply

      That young man was precisely Duan Feng but, two years had passed and he looked much more mature. ***Besides***, his eyes looked more profound and mystical.

      …To the translator: Please, for the love of god, stop using the word “Besides” so much, and so incorrectly. It is soon to drive me absolutely crazy.
      “Besides” is like “But”, it means “Disregarding what I said earlier”.
      “He’s too strong you cannot offend him. Besides, his dad is politically powerful!”
      “Shun Shun is an attractive candidate: good looking and charismatic. Besides, he’s rich.”
      There’s nothing to disregard in relation to Duan Feng having profounder eyes after 2 years. It’s AN ADDITION: Furthermore, in addition, “and”, etc.
      Please stop using “BESIDES” so much.

      • LikyLiky February 26, 2016 at 9:15 am - Reply

        It’s the authors words mostly the translator just translate what the author wrote 😛

      • Aldebaran February 26, 2016 at 11:22 am - Reply

        Please have some respect for the translator. No one is forcing you to read this novel!! So do us a favor and go read the raws if you don’t like the translation instead of disturbing us with such nonsense.
        I still thank the translator for the work and pls keep it up!!☺️☺️

        • Wa February 26, 2016 at 11:55 am - Reply

          People like you make physically sick, Aldebaran. People like you cannot comprehend C&C, even if it’s ranty. I know you have the mind of a feeble child, so pay attention: Nobody attacks anyone, nobody mudslings the translator or its team. Please calm down, and don’t pretend to be a mighty warrior of justice when there’re aren’t any bandits to chase out.
          I just wanted you to know that.

      • notsaneinthebrain February 26, 2016 at 11:26 am - Reply

        After your plentiful emails and all of your comments on this subject. I have taken it into consideration and my answer is: “No”
        End of transmission.

        • Wa February 26, 2016 at 11:53 am - Reply

          It’d help if you sent an email back, but whatever. Can’t really argue if you guys choose to have bad grammar on purpose.

          • notsaneinthebrain February 26, 2016 at 11:54 am

            You can, it just wouldn’t get you very far.

          • Pyro5379 February 26, 2016 at 2:13 pm

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          • Wa February 26, 2016 at 11:58 am

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      • coolzedz February 26, 2016 at 12:13 pm - Reply

        Maybe “Besides that” or Furthermore” could be used instead of “Besides”…. juz a suggestion…….

      • Orange February 26, 2016 at 12:42 pm - Reply

        If you are going to quote a meaning of a word, at least look in a dictionary first, besides is closer to “also” than “disregarding what I said earlier.”
        Repetitive explanations and short sentences that start with prepositions are a hallmark of Chinese webnovels because of the fact that many authors are paid by the length of their story. Some authors are even commonly redundant. Its a fact of the genre and you really have to accept it unless you really expect translators to rewrite and filter the whole entire book which is an enormous amount of work.

      • JD565 February 26, 2016 at 1:44 pm - Reply

        You should really look up what “besides” actually means. If used as a preposition it could be used to replace “in addition to” or “apart from”. Or if used in adverb form, besides can mean “in addition” or “as well” or “moreover” etc. So before you start ranting about how to use a word, learn how to use it yourself. In no way or form does it mean “disregarding what i said earlier”

      • mojamonmon February 26, 2016 at 3:42 pm - Reply

        Excuse me but please search for the meaning of the word first before commenting. Thank you.
        I’ve just read this at google.
        adverb: besides
        in addition; as well.
        moreover; anyway.
        “I had no time to warn you. Besides, I wasn’t sure”

      • Red February 26, 2016 at 5:43 pm - Reply

        Doesn’t that basically imply that even disregarding what was said, it is still impressive?
        Still seems like a valid usage of “besides” to me.

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      They’re also blatantly taking the piss out of Second prince too. The escalation will be fun. I’m so looking forward to him confronting the sect renown for its ferocious beast taming with his ancient ferocious beast buddy.

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      No different from our world throughout our history. Survival of the fittest.
      The strong have always had power over the weak. The only difference is now our world is based on money, so the rich have power over the poor. Those with money control the fate of those without. In this story those with the power can decide the fate of those without.
      So one of the strongest sects of the country, which is filled with Xuan Qi layer disciples and one of the eight high officials is going to kill some people in an academy which its strongest students have only just broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer.
      Its much easier to get revenge and lash out than to think about ones own mistakes. Again, look at all of history.

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