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PMG Chapter 403: Insanity

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The members of the Wan Shou Sect were astonished. Yan Bai was killed, Meng Qing had surprisingly killed him. All the members of the sect had seen it occur with their own eyes but they were all unable to prevent it.

“Who are you?” Asked many of the group to the person who just prevented the other member of the Wan Shou Sect from intervening. It was an old man. He looked ordinary but fire Qi was flickering around his body.

“When you say that the Wan Shou Sect doesn’t bully women, you must have meant that you will attack her by surprise, one after the other, while she is already fighting your members? These are the moral principles of the Wan Shou Sect!” Joked the old man as if he found them ridiculous. When the members of the Wan Shou Sect heard him, they all pulled a long face.

He had just humiliated them, they had just announced that they don’t bully women, but then they tried to save their fellow disciple by attacking her by surprise.

“Who are you?” Asked the person leading the group from the Wan Shou Sect while looking down at the old man from the sky. That old man was probably very strong, a moment before, the Qi he had released contained the power of the third Xuan Qi layer, which meant the old man had a similar strength to him.

But the group from the Wan Shou Sect had brought three cultivators of the third Xuan Qi layer, therefore they didn’t really care about him, he humiliated the Wan Shou Sect and he would die because of it.

“You don’t need to know who I am. All you need to know is that we are enemies and not friends.” Said the old man in a straightforward manner, which upset the members of the Wan Shou Sect even more. People were usually eager to make friends with them, even if only to appease them, but at that moment, the old man had just said that they were enemies.

“Enemies?” Said the elder of the Wan Shou Sect while smiling coldly. “Even though you are slightly talented you’re your cultivation, you cannot rely on your current strength to deal with all of us and….”

“What if I join in too?” The elder hadn’t finished talking when a voice spread through the atmosphere and a person came out from the crowd. It was another old man but he looked a little bit younger and had red hair which was as red as a blazing sun.

“Huh?” The members of the Wan Shou Sect were frowning. They were extremely upset, what was going on? Why were so many people interfering? Surprisingly, people kept appearing and wanted to confront them. They were all rushing to their own deaths!

When Meng Qing saw the two old men, she was surprised, those two old men were Mister Huo and Mister Chi.

“Why aren’t Mister Huo and Mister Chi in Yangzhou City? How come they have come here?” Thought Meng Qing. “Could it be that Lin Feng had sent them from Yangzhou City?”

But at that moment, Mister Chi turned his head around and looked to Meng Qing while smiling: “Miss, when he isn’t here to protect you, these bastards think they can do as they please.”

Meng Qing obviously knew whom Mister Chi was talking about. At that moment, something very rare happened, a smile appeared on Meng Qing’s face but of course it lasted for less than a second. At the same time, she nodded at Mister Chi.

The others didn’t know what the old man was talking about. Who was he talking about?

“Mister Chi, don’t be mad at me, because they decided to attack my friends, I had no choice but to request for you to make the journey.”

At that moment, an ice-cold voice which came from the horizon spread across the academy.

The crowd gazed into the distance and saw a beam of light shooting through the sky, it looked like a shooting star moving across the sky, it looked incredible.

“Lin Feng! Lin Feng has returned!” When the crowd saw the handsome young man in the sky, they narrowed their eyes and recognised it was Lin Feng. He was riding a majestic ferocious beast.

That beast was fire red and looked incredibly imposing with its gigantic wings, its bloodthirsty eyes looked extremely cruel and ferocious. One could see that it was an extraordinary beast with only a glance.

The majority of people at the Celestial Academy had already seen Lin Feng in the past. They had the feeling that the Lin Feng, who was riding a beast at that moment, looked even more mysterious and mature than when they last saw him. He also looked more determined and ruthless.

Meng Qing was also looking at Lin Feng on his ferocious beast.

A warm and tender smile appeared on her usual emotionless face. It was as if time had frozen in that moment and nothing else existed but her smile.

She could see that the young man she was protecting in the past had already become strong enough to protect himself, he was ready to start protecting her. Meng Qing was impatiently looking forward to the day when Lin Feng would really be able to protect her. She was also convinced that she would not have to wait much longer. She could see that Lin Feng, step by step, was growing stronger. Sooner or later, he would be able to look down on the world from the heavens.

“Lin Feng and the two old men seem to be close friends.”

The crowd looked surprised. It seemed like Lin Feng was much more mysterious than what they had initially thought. Besides, wasn’t he supposed to be a lone wolf with no background, why were there people here supporting him?

“Indeed, since they have come to us, we should not waste this opportunity.” Said Mister Chi in an ice-cold tone. He then looked at Lin Feng. His eyes started twinkling when he saw that ancient ferocious beast, it looked like a Winged Tiger.

They hadn’t seen Lin Feng for a while and he had drastically improved once again. He was progressing extremely fast, his natural abilities were monstrous. It seemed like Mister Huo had made the right choice when he decided to follow him.

“Lin Feng and his friends are behaving extremely arrogantly!” Thought the crowd when they heard Lin Feng and Mister Chi. They were a bit surprised, they were wondering why Lin Feng was so confident.

After all, even if Lin Feng had Mister Huo and Mister Chi on his side, they were only four cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer in total, there was also Lin Feng’s ferocious beast.

However, on the side of the Wan Shou Sect, Meng Qing had killed Yan Bai but there were still eleven members of the Xuan Qi layer. Five of them were riding ferocious beasts which had strength comparable to the Xuan Qi layer.

When comparing both sides’ strengths, it seemed like the Wan Shou Sect had an absolute advantage in numbers.

“I really don’t know why you think you can behave so arrogantly.” Said the elder of the Wan Shou Sect in an ice-cold tone while staring at Lin Feng.

“We were worried that we wouldn’t be able to find you, but you actually delivered yourself to our doorstep, you really are courting death!” Said Lin Feng while ignoring the elder and glancing at the members of the Wan Shou Sect.

Lin Feng then continued: “Eleven people…and five ferocious beasts…”

“Huh?” The elder frowned. Lin Feng had ignored him and was counting them.

“Luckily, we get to kill eleven of them today.” Continued Lin Feng which made the elder of the Wan Shou Sect pull a long face. What an arrogant young man! Lin Feng had counted them in order to tell them that all eleven of them would die.

“Lin Feng, how did Wu Zhen die?” Asked the elder of the Wan Shou Sect while looking at Lin Feng. They all knew that Wu Zhen was dead but they were still wondering how.

They didn’t believe that Lin Feng was the person who killed Wu Zhen because they had too much faith in Wu Zhen’s power and underestimated Lin Feng.

“Morons!” Said Lin Feng indifferently. He slightly moved and in a flash, he transformed into a beam and disappeared from his original position, leaving the elder of the Wan Shou Sect looking at the empty space while pulling a long face. A ferocious expression appeared in the elder’s eyes.

Lin Feng had jumped off his Winged Tiger and moved next to Meng Qing who then smiled at him with a radiant smile. Lin Feng also looked towards her with a tender look, he then said: “They have come to kill you, thus they will all die, none of them will be spared.”

“I believe you.” Replied Meng Qing with a magnificent smile on her face. Lin Feng could really protect her from now on.

Lin Feng tightened his fist so firmly that his bones gave off cracking sounds. He then raised his head, his eyes suddenly looked emotionless and ice-cold, his eyes became black and the Qi around his body was releasing killing intent.

He then glanced at the members of the Wan Shou Sect, when they saw those two terrifying black eyes, they all felt a deep fear which made them tremble.

“Mister Huo, Mister Chi, help me secure the area, don’t let a single person run away.” Said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way which stupefied Mister Huo and Mister Chi. They looked at Lin Feng and then immediately smiled.

He was already prepared to kill all of those cultivators by himself.

Lin Feng was incredibly aggressive and domineering.

“I really can’t wait to see how strong he’s become.”

Mister Huo and Mister Chi looked excited. They understood that if Lin Feng was confident, it was because he had a reason to be confident. Since he was speaking this way, Lin Feng would give them a good show. Besides, it also meant that he was confident that he could defeat eleven cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer and five Xuan level beasts by himself. Therefore, they were excited and believed in him.

“Alright, Lin Feng, we will secure the area.” Replied Mister Chi. Immediately after, he took a step and jumped up through the air.

Mister Huo immediately did the same on the other side. Those two old men seemed to have gone into a position which would prevent the members of the Wan Shou Sect from escaping.

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