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PMG Chapter 405: Dual sword wielding!

Regular chapter #2.
Editor: Fluphy
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After launching his onslaught with the two swords. Three of the beasts were killed and one was injured. The one which was injured cried pitifully, but Lin Feng immediately attacked it without mercy.

The four beasts were all killed.

“Qiong Qi!” Shouted Lin Feng in his mind. The Winged Tiger already knew what Lin Feng meant. It then disappeared from sight and shot towards Lin Feng with incredible speed.

The sharp claws of the Winged Tiger tore into the skulls of the ferocious beasts and snatched their brains which it started to chew while purring with pleasure.

The members of the Wan Shou Sect were all looking on in shock. They were fixedly staring at the beasts falling from the sky as well the condition of the members that attacked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had already killed four people and four ferocious beasts, the Winged Tiger also killed one cultivator of the first Xuan Qi layer.

The entire battle could be summed up in one word: massacre!

The Wan Shou Sect had prepared a perfect plan to deal with them and launched their attack with a group of extremely strong cultivators. But in front of Lin Feng, they couldn’t even fight back, he was just slaughtering them like chickens.

The crowd had thought of the million possible outcomes of the battle but they always thought that Lin Feng was too weak to fight with them… What was happening at that moment was inconceivable.

“Five people!” Said Lin Feng in an ice-cold tone. The Wan Shou Sect had come with twelve powerful cultivators and had brought five Xuan level beasts along. At that moment, only five people were remaining from that powerful force.

Of course, the five remaining cultivators were also the strongest of the group. Three of them were at the third Xuan Qi layer and two were at the second Xuan Qi layer. Those five people would be much more difficult to deal with than the ones who died.

Nobody could anticipate the outcome of the battle, after all, Lin Feng hadn’t killed a cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer during the battle.

No matter what the outcome, Lin Feng and his Winged Tiger had already shocked the crowd, what he had done was beyond their expectations. Lin Feng had been aggressive and arrogant because he had the strength to behave that way, he wasn’t shamelessly boasting, he really had the strength to look down on their entire group.

“Maybe a miracle is going to happen at our academy.” Thought many people in the crowd. They had never seen such an incredible cultivator and they had never even heard about such a thing occurring. Lin Feng was the top student of their academy, he had gained the title when he defeated Qiong Bi Luo but they had never thought that he would reach such a terrifying level.

“You two, kill that beast!” Said the elder of the Wan Shou Sect while looking at the two cultivators of the second Xuan Qi layer. The two cultivators nodded in acknowledgement. Even though the ancient ferocious beast was bloodthirsty and cruel, they still felt that Lin Feng was the more dangerous of the two. A moment before, he had killed four people and four beasts by himself, amongst those people there were cultivators at the second Xuan Qi layer, thus if those two cultivators fought against Lin Feng, the consequences would be disastrous.

“We three, let’s join hands and kill him.” Said the elder. Three cultivators of the third Xuan Qi layer were going to fight against Lin Feng, they were set on killing him.

The two other members looked at the elder in a solemn and respectful way while nodding. Lin Feng definitely had to die at any cost.

If Lin Feng didn’t die, it would have disastrous consequences in the future, he was too dangerous.

Lin Feng was just eighteen, how powerful would he be in three years? How about five years? Wouldn’t Lin Feng have the power to remove the Wan Shou Sect by the roots?

“Use all your strength! Don’t hold anything back!” Said the elder who didn’t sound confident. Immediately after, he released his spirit and a pitch-black spirit that looked like a real beast appeared. However, on that illusion, there were two small eyes, they looked bestially evil.

Those two eyes were sharp, bestially evil eyes.

“What kind of beast spirit is that?” Thought the crowd while looking at the spirit. That illusion had a gigantic body but those two eyes were small and narrow, they looked like the eyes of an ox.

Immediately after releasing his spirit, the elder released a wildly powerful Qi, it seemed monstrously aggressive.

At the same time, the two other cultivators also released their spirits, one of them had an evil tiger spirit which was releasing an aggressive and brutal energy, while the other released a snake-like spirit which was releasing a murderous energy.

Those three powerful cultivators had all released their spirits, they wouldn’t spare any effort, they had to kill Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was staring at the three people with his ice-cold and pitch-black eyes, he looked absolutely emotionless.

Behind Lin Feng appeared a purple liquid which insanely fluctuated and turned into a gigantic purple dragon. Its gigantic eyes were fixedly staring at those three cultivators.

Those five couldn’t leave, they only had the option to fight.

Both sides remained silent, nobody broke the silence. In the atmosphere, there was only oppressive deadly energy. That group and Lin Feng both wanted to kill the other, neither side was willing to show mercy.

After a short while, the members of the Wan Shou Sect couldn’t stand it anymore and the elder of the sect, while staring at Lin Feng, shouted furiously: “Let’s all attack him now and kill him!”

When he finished talking, his threw himself towards Lin Feng. A rumbling sound filled the atmosphere as he bombarded towards Lin Feng. His bestial eyes were still fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked calm and cold. He looked at the three people who were attacking him as a group, they were rushing towards him and aiming for his life. He slightly moved as if he was a leaf blowing in the wind. In a flash, he disappeared and arrived higher in the air.


They were all still rushing towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng was surprised, he only saw two bestial eyes which were still staring at him, the elder of the Wan Shou Sect had thrown himself towards him.

They were demon ox’s eyes.

That beast was an ox-type beast and those eyes could lock someone’s movements preventing enemies from dodging an attack, it felt impossible to escape from the power of those eyes.

On top of that, the elder’s speed was also impressive, he was extremely quick. He seemed like he could ignore some air resistance as well. A rumbling sound spread through the air as if a million wild oxen had formed a stampede.

“What a monstrous ox Qi!” Thought the crowd from the ground. At that moment, they could clearly sense the monstrously brutal Qi emerging out of the elder’s body, he seemed like he wanted to use his body to destroy everything in his path.

But Lin Feng, in his heart, was only smiling coldly. The elder’s spirit and that of Du Yan, whom Lin Feng had killed, were similar but after transforming into a beast, Du Yan was much stronger than that elder. Du Yan’s attacks had been even more brutal and his movements made the earth tremble.

Lin Feng was forced to use his black lotus to kill Du Yan. This time, he had become much stronger and faced against a weaker opponent, he didn’t need to use it.

The black lotus was his trump card, he would only use it when facing someone he wasn’t able to defeat.

Lin Feng raised his head and sword light illuminated the atmosphere.

An extremely brutal Qi that was bursting with power filled the air. Sun Qi started pouring into Lin Feng’s hands and he then condensed a sword made from pure sun Qi, it was dazzling to the eyes. It was just like a burning sun.

The crowd raised their heads and looked at that sunlight coming from Lin Feng’s sword and they were dazzled, it seemed like a rising sun.

At the same time, in Lin Feng’s other hand was another condensed sword. It was his scorching sword. That sword was even more dazzling than the one he was holding in his right hand.

“He’s using two swords again!” The crowd’s hearts were pounding. He had reached such an incredible sword cultivation level that he could wield two swords, everybody couldn’t believe their eyes.

Sword attacks were monstrously powerful, whether a sword cultivator was strong or not, they could usually use the sword with either of their hands, however using two swords separately was a different matter.

Sword cultivators who weren’t strong enough could practice with the sword their entire life but never be able to wield two swords separately, condensing pure Qi into a single sword was the only way for them to focus on unleashing their strongest attacks, they could not do the same with two swords.

However, Lin Feng could control two swords and each sword could carry out a different attack like it had a life of its own, one sword looked like a scorching sun and the other looked like a rising sun. That kind of Qi control made many people feel like they were lacking in comparison.

“Lin Feng can control two swords and carry out two separate skills, he will definitely reach untold heights, who will be able to stop him!” Sighed Mister Huo. He was an alchemist, he obviously understood what was required to wield two swords at once. It was extremely difficult. By himself, Lin Feng was wielding two swords as if he was two different people. His power of comprehension, his control and his soul were all at a terrifying level.

He had challenged these cultivators as if he knew that it was going to be a piece of cake, and on top of that. Lin Feng always seemed to have new hidden tricks, it seemed like whoever was in front of him, Lin Feng would always come out on top!

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