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PMG Chapter 406: Dead

Regular chapter #3
Editted by Fluphy
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When the elder of the Wan Shou Sect saw Lin Feng’s swords. He looked glum, but at that moment he had already condensed all his energy into his attack. He couldn’t retreat anymore.

A terrifying sharp sound whistled in the air. The elder of the Wan Shou Sect was surrounded by what seemed to be an endless amount of Qi and force as if nobody could stop him anymore.

“Lacerate!” Lin Feng only said one word and the pure Qi sword in his right hand started attracting rays of sunlight as it slowly started to rise. It was filled with power. His sword looked extremely slow but no matter how one tried to escape from it, it remained in constant pursuit.

“BOOM!” Incredible force and Qi invaded the atmosphere, it seemed like the entire sky was going to be consumed, it then shot out in every direction and filled the atmosphere.

The sound of a bellowing ox spread through the air. The light from the sword of the rising sun slowly dispersed, the sword attack had been crushed, besides, before everyone’s eyes was a gigantic ox illusion soaring into the skies, it seemed to possess an infinite strength.

“The elder of the third Xuan Qi layer is incredibly strong.” Thought the crowd. That ox spirit had a terrifying strength. Even though they were far from the battle, they could still sense the ox’s incredible energy, the energy of that ox spirit had the power to tear through any attack, like a hot knife through butter.

After that, they couldn’t even see the sword of the rising sun anymore, but they could see another dazzling light, it contained the rose like color of a setting sun.

Lin Feng’s left hand was holding a scorching sword, which was slowly turning into the sword of the setting sun.

The sword Qi was lacerating the entire atmosphere. It was diffusing an endless stream of sunlight. The scorching sword then descended from the vault of heaven, anything that tried to prevent it from moving down was instantly lacerated.

The ox spirit was also lacerated, it blocked the sword of the rising sun a moment before so it had already lost the power required to block the next attack.

“Wild Ox Collision!” Roared the elder of the Wan Shou Sect when he saw that the ox  spirit had been lacerated. His face looked ferocious and hideous. He started to release a monstrous amount of pure Qi and his spirit formed into another ox which soared into the sky.

“Hmph.” Groaned Lin Feng coldly. His face looked expressionless and ice-cold. In his right hand, he condensed another pure Qi sword. When the crowd saw that sword, they felt like they were watching an incredible hero, as if everything he did was unexpected, as if he was destined to overcome any obstacle.

“That’s a different sword again!” Thought the crowd absolutely astonished. Lin Feng was too skilled. Lin Feng could unleash a different sword attack with each of his hands as if he was two people fighting in perfect harmony, even two strong sword cultivators couldn’t necessarily carry out such a perfect synchronization.

Everything was happening in such a short time.

At the moment when the gigantic ox illusion and the scorching sword collided, another sword descended as well, it was illuminating the elder’s face.

At that moment, the elder of the Wan Shou Sect felt a strange sensation coming from the sword. He had the feeling that he had grown very old and was no longer needed in the world anymore, he had the feeling that the world belonged to Lin Feng, a young man. The elder felt like his time was coming to an end.

The energy in that sword made the elder feel calm and reassured, as if everything must come to an end. It was affected his innermost emotions.

“Get back!” Shouted a voice extremely loudly which abruptly made the elder’s heart start to pound. He quickly sobered up and his facial expression suddenly drastically changed, Lin Feng’s sword was already in front of him.

“BOOM!” The elder’s facial expression had completely changed. He immediately released all his pure Qi to block the incoming sword, however, the sword continued descending and his pure Qi was lacerated.

“Back!” The elder started to frantically retreat, the situation was extremely dangerous, he felt a shiver run down his spine.

How dangerous, he had been extremely close to death. If nobody had called out to him, Lin Feng’s sword would have cut him down.

“You think you can escape?” Said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached. Just like the wind, Lin Feng arrived next to the elder and his sword of the setting sun continued to fall while absorbing all the light in the atmosphere, it almost seemed like night.

How quick. Lin Feng was much faster than the elder. The elder couldn’t escape even if he wanted to.

“Elder!” The two other cultivators rushed towards Lin Feng to attack him. In Lin Feng’s eyes, a bestially evil light could be seen. His purple snake spirit roared and moved towards those two cultivators and blocked their path.

“Break!” The one with the evil tiger spirit immediately moved towards the purple spirit and started attacking like a madman.

Lin Feng didn’t take notice of that, his jet-black eyes looked as expressionless and ice-cold as before, a cold light could be seen inside those eyes, then, Lin Feng suddenly disappeared from everyone’s sight and seemed to merge into the darkness created by his sword.

“Die!”A sudden shout drew people’s attention. Suddenly a cross mark appeared in front of the elder. That cross was dazzling and powerful. The elder started shaking violently from head to toe and an acute and intense pain spread across his skin.

“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng again. Just like the wind, he arrived in front of the elder, and his the cross crashed into the elder’s chest, Lin Feng’s movements seemed like he was floating on the wind. In the blink of an eye, an incredible rain of blood burst into the air. It looked incredible.

The elder of the Wan Shou Sect started shaking from head to toe, he then lowered his head and looked down at his chest. There was a huge cross-shaped wound. At that moment, his chest had been mutilated by Lin Feng. Dread and terror invaded his heart, was he going to die? He was suddenly feeling regret, he never thought his life was going to end because of his actions today.

“Elder!” Shouted one of the cultivators. When the one who had the evil tiger spirit saw that the elder’s chest had been cut open, he looked furious as well as shocked. He immediately threw himself towards Lin Feng, his eyes looked ice-cold and bloodthirsty.

Lin Feng didn’t look affected at all. He was calmly sensing the brutal energy approaching him. He waited until that brutal energy was a breath away and then swiftly moved.

His body streaked across the sky, his speed was incredible. Lin Feng was moving like the wind and the sword in his hand also seemed to follow the wind. He was in fusion with his sword so his sword was like part of his body as it moved without resistance.

“Psssh….” A light and subtle sound emerged in the air, and a thread of blood-shot into the air.

The one who had the evil tiger spirit was shocked. He wasn’t much weaker than the elder but at that moment, a thread of blood appeared on the cultivators throat and the blood didn’t stop flowing.

The crowd was astonished. They were both dead. In the blink of an eye, two cultivators of the third Xuan Qi layer had died. One had his chest mangled and the other had his throat slit. Blood was raining down from the sky.

Those two bodies heavily plummeted from the sky and lifelessly crashed into the ground. The crowd shivered, Lin Feng had killed two cultivators of the third Xuan Qi layer so easily. They hadn’t even managed to harm a hair on Lin Feng’s head.

When the one with the snake spirit saw that, he was astonished. He just watched the two bodies lifelessly fall down to the ground and when he saw that, his heart twitched. They had died, they were both dead.

Besides, the Winged Tiger was still fighting. It was fighting against the two cultivators of the second Xuan Qi layer and it had already killed one of them.

Lin Feng and the Winged Tiger were both terrifyingly powerful.


There were only two people left at that moment. They both had the same thought, they just wanted to escape. They couldn’t deal with Lin Feng. It was already too late for the others, they couldn’t fight anymore, otherwise they were doomed to die, they could only escape.

The one fighting against Lin Feng released some pure Qi which immediately shot towards Lin Feng. Besides, at the same time, he moved as well, however, he didn’t rush towards Lin Feng, instead, he turned around and tried to escape.

Escaping was the only chance he had to continue living.

But could he escape?

Mister Huo and Mister Chi hadn’t moved a single time. Immediately after, they prepared to move. When they saw the cultivator who wanted to escape, they smiled coldly.

At the moment when they wanted to move, just like the wind, Lin Feng rushed towards the escaping cultivator which surprised the two old men. Lin Feng was trying to prevent them from having to act, they didn’t need to help him stop one person from escaping, this made them smile.

“Nooooo!” A horrible scream filled with dread spread through the atmosphere. That person could feel a cold wind approaching from behind which terrified him.

However, since he had come to attack the academy, he was already doomed. A sword moving with the wind descended as a bloody line appeared between his eyebrows.

Immediately after, the crowd started shaking. They only saw the cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer, who was trying to escape, get split in half by Lin Feng’s sword. Blood once again poured from the sky, the scene was incredible.

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