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PMG Chapter 408: Come To Kill!

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At the Wan Shou Sect, in a large hall filled with people. Everybody there was completely silent which made the atmosphere feel extremely tense.

Nobody was talking and nobody dared to breath loudly. At that moment, Teng Wu Yao was sitting on a throne. His facial expression looked ice-cold. The throne on which he was sitting was giving a domineering aura as well, it was scary.

He had learnt that the disciples and elders he sent to kill Lin Feng’s friends had all been killed. The mission had been a complete failure.

The twelve cultivators and five ferocious beasts he had sent to the Celestial Academy were some of his most valued members. They were the main force in the battle against Lin Feng’s friends but they were all massacred, and it was said that Lin Feng had killed all of them alone with the help of his ferocious beast.

They had all died. Not a single one was left with their life.

That absolute defeat hadn’t only led to the loss of some of the best members in the sect, but it was also an extreme humiliation, the Wan Shou Sect had lost a great deal of face.

Lin Feng had killed the entire group in front of a crowd of witnesses, that was a incredible humiliation. The Wan Shou Sect’s reputation was ruined.

That was a direct attack against Teng Wu Yao’s reputation.

Wu Zhen, his son, was a genius but in the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain, he was chasing Lin Feng and then his Qi suddenly disappeared. He hadn’t returned for a long time but Lin Feng was still alive and had returned to the city, that was the bitter reality. Maybe Lin Feng really killed Wu Zhen.

At the same time, the patriarch of the Wan Shou Sect had sent a group of its members to kill Lin Feng’s friends which was already an exaggerated response, that was a threat to all those who opposed the sect, but in the end the people he had sent were killed. They had all died during their attack. It was a terrible defeat for the patriarch but the worst part was that he would be the subject of all the jokes in the Imperial City.

“Patriarch, I will go and kill him.” Said someone breaking the silence. The one who just spoke was Wu Qing. He was the third ranked of the eight high-officials.

Everybody was nodding. Wu Qing was the only disciple who could come back with Lin Feng’s life and regain some of the prestige for the sect. Wu Qing would have no problem killing Lin Feng.

But Teng Wu Yao remained silent. He then slightly shook his head and said: “Wu Qing, your job isn’t to kill him, your job is to increase your ranking within the high-official’s and win the Xue Yu Great Competition. Now, you should go and cultivate in peace and make as many improvements as possible, so you can rise in the ranking. The Wan Shou Sect will need you in the future.”

Wu Qing listened to Teng Wu Yao in a calm and solemn way. Immediately after, he nodded and moved back. Indeed, he had to focus on his goal to rise in the ranking. He had to becoming the strongest of the eight high-officials, that was his mission. If somebody else could kill Lin Feng, it would provide a better solution.

“Teng Wu Shan!” Shouted Teng Wu Yao. Teng Wu Shan took a step forwards and said: “Patriarch.”

“Take some people with you and go to the Celestial Academy. Then bring his head back so we can feed it to the beasts.” Said Teng Wu Yao in a cold and detached tone. Immediately after, he stood up and started to walk away.

“Roger, Patriarch!” Said Teng Wu Shan while nodding seriously. Lin Feng had to die. This time, they would definitely come back with Lin Feng’s head and show the entire Xue Yue Country that the Wan Shou Sect couldn’t be provoked so easily.

In the main hall, there was a young man who had a complex expression in his eyes.

It was Kuang Shi, everything was happening because he provoked Lin Feng when he went to steal the vein of the earth. He thought that he would be able to rob Lin Feng of everything and force him to leave. The most ridiculous part was that in the end he had failed to steal the vein of the earth and on top of that the Wan Shou Sect had lost many of its core members.

Besides, the young man that Kuang Shi had chosen to offend was extremely famous in Xue Yue. Kuang Shi couldn’t even compete with him anymore, he was in a dilemma. Lin Feng and he were from two different worlds. In the past, he acted extremely arrogantly in front of Lin Feng and attempted to rob him, only now was he was realizing how ridiculous he had been.

A large group of people belonging to the Wan Shou Sect was going to the Celestial Academy to kill Lin Feng. Some other people were following them too.

It seemed like they had to kill Lin Feng that time.

It seemed like this time, the group of members of the Wan Shou Sect were much stronger and filled with the most powerful elements of the sect. They were definitely going to kill Lin Feng, how was he supposed to stop them?

Those cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer were either flying through the sky or riding ferocious beasts. They were extremely quick. They did not need much time to arrive at the Celestial Academy.

When the members of the Celestial Academy saw that large group of people in the sky, they were astonished. They had come again. The members of the Wan Shou Sect hadn’t waited before sending another group, they immediately sent a stronger group after they received the news.

At that moment, Lin Feng was in his living quarters. He was calmly speaking with Mister Huo and Mister Chi. Yi Xue then rushed over in a state of panic to inform them that the Wan Shou Sect had come with a larger and more powerful group, it seemed they were furious.

But Lin Feng only frowned slightly. In the blink of an eye, his facial expression returned to normal again. He then smiled coldly.

The Wan Shou Sect really refused to give up until they had finished digging their own grave!

“Mister Huo, Mister Chi, are you interested in getting some exercise?” Smiled Lin Feng which surprised the old men. That guy was still unperturbed….

“Young master, the vice patriarch of the Wan Shou Sect, Teng Wu Shan, is part of the group. You shouldn’t go!” Said Yi Xue when she heard that Lin Feng didn’t take the threat seriously. She was surprised by Lin Feng’s actions. Lin Feng was surprisingly talking as if it was a joke. Could it be that Lin Feng didn’t know that those people had come to kill him?

“I know, Yi Xue. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me.” Said Lin Feng while smiling and standing up.

Mister Huo and Mister Chi smiled at each other and then followed Lin Feng. They both passed through the stone door. The two old men were wondering what kind of exercise Lin Feng was talking about.

In the air next to a cultivation tower were Teng Wu Shan with a large group of people.

All of them looked ice-cold and deadly energy surrounded their bodies. It was said that Lin Feng had killed twelve of their comrades and five of their beasts in the academy, thus, this was also the place where they were going to behead him.

“Lin Feng, come out and die!” Said a voice which echoed through the sky. It was filled with thick deadly energy and it echoed into the distance enveloping the entire academy.

“Those people are extremely aggressive.” Thought some of the students of the academy while frowning. They were shouting so furiously that the sound waves were painful to the ears. Besides, they were standing next to the cultivation tower and many people were practicing inside, even though the sound insulation in the cultivation rooms was good, that person had shouted so loud that that it definitely disturbed the practicing cultivators.

The Wan Shou Sect was looking down on all the members of the Celestial Academy.

Besides when facing so many strong cultivators, would Lin Feng come out?

The answer was… Certainly!

“Bunch of arrogant morons.” Said a faintly discernible voice which also echoed into the distance, when the group heard it, their ears twitched. They could still distinctly hear the insult echoing in the atmosphere.

They turned around and saw a person slowly approaching.

It was a young man. Nobody dared to look down on him, there was only respect.

When two people were of similar cultivations, the weaker might envy the stronger person, but when two cultivators were in completely different leagues, the weaker wouldn’t even waste time envying the other because they knew that they would never be able to catch up, so all they could do was admire that persons strength.

For many people at the Celestial Academy, that was the case with Lin Feng, it was clear to them to that Lin Feng belonged to a different world than them, Lin Feng’s natural abilities were too terrifying.

Teng Wu Shan frowned, his eyes were filled with killing intent. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would dare to show his face, and on top of that he was even insulting them.

That guy was really insufferably arrogant.

“Lin Feng, you killed members of my sect, I will bring your head back to the Wan Shou Sect and feed it to the beasts as compensation.” Said Teng Wu Shan while staring at Lin Feng in an evil way.

Teng Wu Shan was the first person of the Wan Shou Sect who encountered Lin Feng, it dated back to when they destroyed the Yun Hai Sect. Back then, Teng Wu Shan already had a strange feeling but he hadn’t dared think that Lin Feng would, someday, reach such heights… And besides, if Lin Feng hadn’t offended the Wan Shou Sect when he did, he would have been able to grow even stronger.

“Behead me and take my head back to the Wan Shou Sect to feed it to the beasts?” Said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached while looking at the people in the sky, Lin Feng looked like he was about to burst into laughter because he found it amusing.

“Since that is the case, everybody come down. I am waiting for you to behead me.” Said Lin Feng sounding indifferent which made Teng Wu Shan and the others frown but immediately after, killing intent flashed through their eyes.

“Kill him!” Shouted Teng Wu Shan in a deep voice. In a flash, he released his deadly energy. This time, the members of the Wan Shou Sect were not going to show any sign of courtesy, they immediately attacked Lin Feng.

However, at that moment, a strange sound filled the air. It was the melody of a zither.

When Lin Feng heard that zither melody, he smiled coldly, were the Wan Shou Sect really foolish enough to think that nobody would help him in the Celestial Academy?

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