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PMG Chapter 411: Cosmic Annihilation

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The path of bloodshed, slaughtering a path into the heavens…

At that moment, Lin Feng was releasing a powerful and murderous aura. It was piercing through the air and rustling through the peach trees whose leaves fluttered, as if they were flinching away.

Yan Yu Ping Sheng was looking at Lin Feng and smiling. On the continent, many people had become killers but few of them had become murderous demons.

Someone who walked the path of bloodshed would have a monstrous cultivation. There was a legend that said in ancient times, there was an evil deity, he was a true murderous demon, he had slaughtered so many people that entire country became a bloodbath. In the end, nobody knew where he was now. It was said that he broke through to the Tian Qi layer… But those were only rumors and Yan Yu Ping Sheng didn’t know more than that, after all, he hadn’t broken through to the Tian Qi layer yet.

Besides, Lin Feng had already started walking on the path of bloodshed. If people wanted to kill him, he would kill them. Yan Yu Ping Sheng could also feel the murderous aura surrounding Lin Feng. Therefore, he decided to explain these things to Lin Feng. Since Lin Feng couldn’t undo his actions and he wouldn’t run away, he decided to tell him about the path of bloodshed.

“Lin Feng, I will play a tune for you.” Said Yan Yu Ping Sheng. Lin Feng then nodded and replied: “Ok.”

Yan Yu Ping Sheng stretched his hand and stroked the table, immediately after, both the table and the chessboard between them disappeared. Then, he grabbed his zither which was on his back and placed it between them.

Lin Feng was still sitting opposite Yan Yu Ping Sheng, he remained motionless. He only saw Yan Yu Ping Sheng’s fingers which started to float across the strings of the zither.

The first sound spread in the atmosphere and a sharp light appeared which made Lin Feng shiver.

The first note contained deadly energy.

Then Yan Yu Ping Sheng’s fingers started to dance above the strings of the zither. The deadly energy was becoming more and more powerful. Lin Feng was welcoming that energy, unceasingly absorbing it. At the same time, around his body, a sharp Qi emerged and seemed to move with the melody of the zither.

Yan Yu Ping Sheng didn’t raise his head, he was focused on playing the zither. The deadly energy had invaded the entire atmosphere and didn’t stop emerging from the zither.

It was so quick, Yan Yu Ping Sheng’s fingers were moving with extreme speed across the strings, besides he was still accelerating, and the deadly energy was becoming stronger and stronger, more and more aggressive.

Very quickly, Lin Feng’s heart was filled with the sensation of murder and destruction, there was nothing else left in his heart except for complete annihilation.

The heartless and emotionless deadly energy turned into a white Qi which enveloped Lin Feng’s body, just like a cocoon, it was dazzling.

If other people had been there, they would have noticed that the murderous aura surrounding Lin Feng had been replaced with deadly energy. Lin Feng had already been enveloped by that deadly energy. The threads of deadly energy were becoming more and more numerous and they were unceasingly penetrating into Lin Feng’s body.

Besides, the trees of the peach orchard also looked like they were affected, a multitude of holes were appearing on the leaves of each and every single one of them. Even the petals of the peach trees in blossom looked like they were dying, as if their life was being sucked from them.

Everything seemed to be fading, there was only a deadly energy which emanated the aura of death.

In the middle of that deadly energy, Lin Feng first tried to resist but then it became too powerful. Lin Feng had already stopped resisting, he closed his eyes and his entire body was drowned into the murderous power contained within that energy.

Yan Yu Ping Sheng raised his head and smiled even more while looking at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had entered into a trance like state. Lin Feng was learning much quicker than Yan Yu Ping Sheng had expected. No wonder that he had already reached his current cultivation despite being so young. He also had an incredible battle ability. Lin Feng had an extraordinary power of understanding which transcended the realm of understanding.

However, Yan Yu Ping Sheng didn’t stop at all. In his life, he had met many geniuses. He had only chosen three students to teach his knowledge of cultivation and music but he couldn’t help to favour Lin Feng the most.

He appreciated Lin Feng’s temperament the most.

Lin Feng was grateful to those who helped him and was naturally kind hearted, but he would also slaughter anyone who tried to cause him harm.

All of Yan Yu Ping Sheng’s students had high natural abilities but their way of thinking and the way they handled things were different.

Even though one of his other students had high natural abilities and was kind hearted, but also a ruthless killer, he still lacked determination, there was something missing.

Then, there was Duan Xin Ye, she was good, honest and kind hearted but she was a woman born into the Imperial Clan, she was too weak. She could play the zither very well but she wasn’t taught how to cultivate.

Then, there was his third student, Lin Feng. He had noticed him from the first day they met at the academy, he immediately had a positive impression. In his heart, he immediately knew that he would take him as a student, otherwise, he wouldn’t have made such great efforts to guide him. Besides, each time Lin Feng saw him, he shouted “teacher” which made him feel very gratified.

The murderous energy had enveloped the earth and the sky. Yan Yu Ping Sheng was still playing the zither, without stopping.

Lin Feng’s eyes were tightly closed, deadly energy was still penetrating into his body. He was using his heart to listen and his soul to understand.

“The tune is named ‘Cosmic Annihilation’, as long as I play, the deadly energy will continue to increase, I am interested to see how long you can study it.” Sighed Yan Yu Ping Sheng. He slowly closed his eyes and continued to play the zither.

That song, “Cosmic Annihilation”, had no end, it could go on forever. The zither continued to release deadly energy which was gaining in strength and intensity.

Both of them had their eyes closed, they had long ago lost all notion of time.

One of them was playing, the other was listening and in the surrounding atmosphere, there was only deadly energy.

Outside of the peach orchard, in the distance, some members of the Celestial Academy raised their heads and looked at the atmosphere above the peach orchard. They were extremely surprised.

“What a monstrous energy!” Thought many people while shivering. A powerful and deadly energy had surprising risen there in the sky, it was dashing to the skies. It looked like the deadly energy was filling the atmosphere as it emitted whistling sounds as it expanded across the sky. It was even destroying the air which blocked its path!

“What’s going on over there?” People who were sensing that energy were more and more numerous. They were astonished. That energy was terrifying, it was even attempting to destroy the atmosphere itself.

At that moment, a silhouette appeared, that person was moving through the sky. That person then threw a rock into the white light of the energy.

The crowd suddenly saw a rock fall into the energy, in a flash, it was disintegrated into powder and was destroyed. As before, only the deadly energy was left.

That windstorm of deadly energy had appeared above a manor of the Celestial Academy, it had transformed into a storm. It looked amazing. Everybody was astonished.

An incredible number of people started walking towards the peach orchard, they wanted to see what was going on.

However, at that moment, a silhouette appeared in the sky, and when they saw the storm of deadly energy, they frowned.

“It’s the Vice-Principal, the Vice-Principal is here!” Said the people when they saw that silhouette in the sky. They wanted to know what was going on.

Long Ding glanced at the crowd and said: “The principal is cultivating, he’s the one releasing that deadly energy. There is nothing strange, get back to what you were doing please.”

“The principal is cultivating… No wonder…” Many people nodded as if it was natural. After what had happened before, they all knew who the principal was: Yan Yu Ping Sheng. He had been able to make the strong cultivators of the Wan Shou Sect run away with only a single sentence. He was able to kill Xuan level beasts in an instant, while remaining sat on a cushion in the sky.

“The principal can release such a monstrous energy while cultivating, it’s astonishing. If I tried to go into it, I would probably be disintegrated into powder and die.” Thought many people, they were scared by that energy, they were even more scared of Yan Yu Ping Sheng.

In the middle of the peach orchard, the two figures still had their eyes closed, they had been there all day.

Yan Yu Ping Sheng looked deathly pale, he had consumed a great deal of his energy.

Playing the zither didn’t require him to use his pure Qi but it required a great deal of mental strength. He had lost a great deal of his vitality. An ordinary person couldn’t play the “Cosmic Annihilation” for more than a short moment, Yan Yu Ping Sheng was extremely strong but he had never played the Cosmic Annihilation for so long, he had no more strength remaining.

Nonetheless… He continued playing.

Since Lin Feng was still in his trance, how could Yan Yu Ping Sheng stop? Even though stopping wouldn’t wake Lin Fen  from his trance, it would cause Lin Feng’s insights to be of much lower quality, the best thing was for him to continue playing, so that Lin Feng’s understanding of deadly energy would grow even stronger!

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