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PMG Chapter 414: Xuan Qi Layer Pills

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(note for chapter: heavenly is said as “nine skies” and dragons have close ties to heaven in Chinese mythology. That is also why nine is the number of a king or emperor)
Lin Feng had no idea what was happening outside, all he knew was that he had to become stronger, that was the only way to earn true freedom in the world.
Only a few days had passed since those members of the Wan Shou Sect had left. Lin Feng had also heard that Teng Wu Shan and his group were attacked on the way back and that only Teng Wu Shan survived. Lin Feng didn’t know who it was who attacked them but he was very curious.
All those people who were following Teng Wu Shan were killed! Besides, after that, the Wan Shou Sect hadn’t made any other moves against Lin Feng, why was that?
All the events seemed to be related to each other but no matter how hard Lin Feng tried to think, it was impossible for him to guess the hidden connection, therefore it was useless for him to drive himself crazy trying to find out the truth.
Lin Feng was no longer living in the student palaces of the academy, instead, he was living in his own gigantic manor at the academy, given by the principal Yan Yu Ping Sheng. Nobody in the academy had any objections.
With Lin Feng’s incredible natural abilities, nobody could rival him in the academy. In terms of strength, only a few teachers were able to compete with him.
With all the merits which Lin Feng had accomplished, having his own personal manor was justified.
In the gigantic manor, there was also a courtyard, a field to practice cultivation and a pavilion surrounded by beautiful rockery scenery, it was magnificent. There were also plenty of rooms to live in; a cultivation room, and some rooms for him to concoct pills and fabricate weapons. Everything was pristine and ready to use.
At that moment, Lin Feng was in the alchemy room.
Apart from Lin Feng, there was also Mister Chi and Mister Huo. The three of them stood around a cauldron. That cauldron was gigantic and majestic, but it looked very simple. It seemed like it hadn’t been used for centuries and it was releasing a very ancient Qi.
That cauldron was the one that Lin Feng had obtained in Celestial River, it was the heavenly dragon cauldron.
Of course, Lin Feng knew that that cauldron was still missing parts, however he could still use it to concoct pills.
A fire was burning under the heavenly dragon cauldron and the heat had enveloped the entire cauldron.
Mister Chi and Mister Huo were not participating at all, they were only observing Lin Feng’s actions.
Back in Yangzhou City, they had taught Lin Feng about alchemy and Lin Feng was an extremely quick learner. At that moment, except for a few minor adjustments, Lin Feng no longer needed their help with concocting pills.
Lin Feng had a method for concocting pills by relying on his extremely strong soul, he had reached a particularly high level in alchemy.
The heavenly dragon cauldron started diffusing a pleasant scent, the medicinal fragrance was rich and thick in the air. It seemed like the pills were nearing completion.
Mister Huo and Mister Chi glanced at each other, they were surprised. Lin Feng was able to concoct pills by himself in such a short period of time!
At that moment, Lin Feng was concocting Xuan level pills of lower quality. The pills he was concocting were extremely complicated and had the special attribute of allowing cultivators to break through a bottleneck with greater ease. Ren Qing Kuang and the two other high-ranking soldiers had also used that pill to break through to the Xuan Qi layer. Many cultivators who were at the peak of the ninth Ling Qi layer would crave for this pill even in their wildest dreams. Its price was so high that it even exceeded that of some higher-level pills.
Lin Feng was concocting those pills for Duan Feng and Lan Jiao. They were both close to breaking through to the Xuan Qi layer, if they consumed that pill, Lin Feng was hoping that they would break through.
Then, Lin Feng would then have two more cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer on his side and at the very least they would be able to protect themselves.
His terrifying soul enveloped the heavenly dragon cauldron, small parts of his soul were penetrating into the interior of the cauldron. Lin Feng was able to clearly sense every single inch of the cauldron which enabled him to perfectly control the degree of heating.
“Nine Flames!” Shouted Lin Feng suddenly. The fire beneath the cauldron dispersed. Nine small fire lotuses appeared and shot towards very specific parts of the cauldron.
Those nine lotus flowers engulfed the cauldron, there was a sudden increase in pressure inside the cauldron and at the same time, the mixture in the cauldron also started to move in nine different directions before consolidating into a pill.
These pills were Xuan level pills, their energy had reached a climax, besides, the number nine was symbolic because it was the imperial number, the number of the king.
Therefore, in the continent, many treasures and skills put significance in the number “nine”, for example the heavenly dragon cauldron, the latter could thus be called the cauldron of the dragon king.
While concocting pills, one of the most important factors was to control the degree and duration of the heat of each specific ingredient to allow them to correctly merge.
“How amazing!” Sighed Mister Huo and Mister Chi with amazement. Lin Feng could control the fire with his soul, even if they wanted to do the same, it wasn’t that easy. Controlling the fire with one’s soul required an extremely powerful soul and required a great deal of effort.
However, Lin Feng looked calm, he did not look like he was doing something difficult and his expression was normal. Lin Feng was controlling the nine flames and had formed each flame into a delicate lotus flower. This was extremely difficult to do this with even a single flame.
“I have no idea how he’s doing that…” The two old men were shaking their heads. Lin Feng was a monster. Not only did he have amazing and breathtaking natural abilities, but he could also concoct pills using such a magnificent method… And he was only eighteen years old!
Mister Huo and Mister Chi didn’t dare imagine how strong Lin Feng would be when he reached their age.
Of course, they were convinced that Lin Feng would be leaving Xue Yue sooner or later. Lin Feng couldn’t be limited to Xue Yue. Xue Yue was only the start of his journey and not the final destination.
Mister Huo and Mister Chi started to calm down. They knew that concocting high-level pills wouldn’t be a problem for Lin Feng in the future. Concocting Xuan level pills of lower quality already wasn’t a problem for him, besides, the success rates were very high.
Lin Feng had an extremely strong soul and a powerful flame which were essential factors for an alchemist. Lin Feng also had great teachers who were considered as top level alchemists in Xue Yue.
Lin Feng also possessed the heavenly dragon cauldron.
This helped him to easily concoct the Xuan level pills. A strong and pleasant fragrance invaded the atmosphere and three pills floated from the heavenly dragon cauldron. On the surface there was a shiny coat and one could see at first glance that the quality of those pills was extremely high.
Lin Feng raised his head as he released his pure Qi and in a flash, those three pills shot towards him and landed on the palm of his hand.
When Mister Huo and Mister Chi saw those pills, they started to walk towards Lin Feng and study the blue and green pills. They then started to shake their heads in disbelief.
“That little monster can really concoct pills.” Mister Chi said. Concocting pills were extremely hard, they usually didn’t do more than one pill at a time whereas Lin Feng had immediately concocted three pills at once. There was a great risk as if there was even a small problem with one pill, then all the ingredients were lost.
These old men were usually very careful when concocting pills, they would concoct one pill with extreme care as to not make a mistake, but Lin Feng was able to concoct three at once…
“Old fellow, Lin Feng is already much better than us.” Said Mister Huo in a very low voice. Mister Chi nodded. Lin Feng’s pills were clearly better quality than theirs.
“It’s only because I used the heavenly dragon cauldron.” Said Lin Feng who felt embarrassed.
“Even if you used the heavenly dragon cauldron, you concocted those pills by relying on your own ability, there is no doubt about that. Mister Huo and I can see that clearly.” Replied Mister Chi. Lin Feng didn’t try to explain anything and said: “Mister Huo, Mister Chi, let’s leave.”
When Lin Feng finished talking, he put the cauldron in his Na stone. Immediately after, the three of them left the alchemy room. The Winged Tiger suddenly rushed up to Lin Feng and roared in a pleading manner. Its gigantic eyes were fixed on Lin Feng. It looked like it was begging for something.
“You want to eat these pills?” Asked Lin Feng while looking at the Winged Tiger strangely.
“Roaar…..” Replied the Winged Tiger while nodding its head which left Lin Feng speechless.
“Raise your head.” Said Lin Feng. The Winged Tiger raised its head and looked at Lin Feng, the beast looked perplexed.
Lin Feng smiled and took out a pill, he then stretched his arm and threw the pill above the Winged Tiger’s head. The Winged Tiger was surprised, it immediately opened its mouth and caught the pill.
The two old men by his side were speechless. What a waste of a pill! Lin Feng had just wasted such a great treasure!!!

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