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PMG Chapter 420: On The Bamboo Raft

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“Ahhhhh……” The next person who entered into the black barrier finally gave a horrible shriek. Waves rolled over that black barrier and then the person who entered rushed back out, but immediately fell into the water.
The flood dragons roared, one of them then rose up and rushed towards the person’s body. It opened its huge jaws and swallowed him with a single bite. That person’s entire body was sent into the stomach of a dragon.
“What’s going on!?” The people’s hearts started pounding violently. Was he dead? That person wasn’t strong enough to enter the dark Qi. His body seemed to have been burnt by that black barrier and he was immediately swallowed by the dragon when he left the barrier. How terrifying!
“Those who haven’t received an invitation letter shouldn’t try. I have invited every single outstanding young cultivator in Xue Yue. If you still try without an invitation, you are just committing suicide.” said a faintly discernible voice again which astonished people. The one who had just been swallowed by the dragon wasn’t one of the people who received an invitation letter, people without the invitation letters shouldn’t try, otherwise they would suffer the same fate.
“Besides, those who have received an invitation letter should announce their name before entering the black barrier through the poisonous black fog, and the time allocated for everyone here, is the time it take for an oil lamp requires to go out.
“It’s poison, that black barrier is made of toxic fog… poison is surrounding those black barrier.” The crowd was slightly startled. The king was saying that he hadn’t forgotten to invite a single person in the country, how confident!
At that moment, two silhouettes appeared in the sky. They were extremely young. It was a pair who seemed to be a young girl and a young boy. The boy looked handsome and the girl was beautiful, when the people below saw them, they couldn’t help but sigh with admiration. The only bad thing about them was that the two people looked unbearably arrogant.
That young man glanced at the crowd and said in an indifferent tone: “You all better hurry up, don’t waste my time!”
Waste his time?
That guy was exactly as he looked, arrogant. How insufferably arrogant! He sounded like he was the protagonist of the entire event, the other people were only there as a side show which wasted his time.
“We are from Yan Dang Mountain, we belong to the Ling Clan!” Said the young man again.
Yan Dang Mountain? The Ling Clan?
Many people had never heard those names before which surprised them… But those two people had received an invitation letter so they were probably outstanding. However, the majority of people didn’t know about the Ling Clan.
However, a few old men looked a bit surprised, if he was from Yan Dang Mountain, he was probably their son…
“From today, remember my name and remember it well, my name is Ling Tian!” Said that young man when he saw that many people looked shocked. He sounded even more arrogant than before.
Immediately after, the crowd only saw Ling Tian step into that black poisonous fog. Under the light of the full moon, a light emerged from the black barrier. How quick! Ling Tian was so fast that it looked incredible. The crowd couldn’t even follow his figure with their eyes.
A light sound emerged as waves appeared on the black barrier, it looked like a slice had been created in the barrier, creating a pathway. Ling Tian and the girl then walked towards it and moved through the pathway they created.
“What quick sword-play! That was extremely powerful. No wonder that he is that arrogant!” Thought the people in the crowd. That person’s name was Ling Tian and he was the first person to enter into the black barrier.
After Ling Tian entered the barrier. Another silhouette shot into the sky, the figure then stopped, and immediately dashed towards the depths of the black barrier. As the person was about to make contact, he shouted.
“Officer of the Imperial City Guards, She Qiong!”
While She Qiong was moving, a flood dragon appeared and as he attacked, it roared aggressively. He then penetrated into the depths of the black barrier and through the poisonous fog. She Qiong and his flood dragon both penetrated into the poisonous fog.
“Flood dragon, he has a flood dragon spirit!” The crowd was surprised. The officer of the Imperial City Guards was extremely strong. They were wondering if he might even be as strong as Ling Tian.
After She Qiong entered the black fog, three other silhouettes flew into the sky towards the black fog.
Those three people glanced at each other and continued diving.
“Du Gu Clan, Du Gu Ye!” Said a cold and detached voice. That was another genius. He then immediately released a terrifying Qi of the third Xuan Qi layer, and then pierced into the black poisonous fog.
“Hao Yue Sect, Jiang Shan!” Said another person while releasing a mountain spirit, his entire body looked like a towering mountain at that point. He then entered the black fog which surrounded his entire body, but couldn’t seem to cause the mountain to move back at all.
“Luo Xia sect, Luo Yun Tian!” A mysterious Qi filled the atmosphere and surrounded the black poisonous fog before piercing inside. Luo Yun Tian then followed the Qi he had released and entered the black poisonous fog.
Those three people all had a method to deal with the black barrier and they all looked extremely relaxed while entering it. All of them were very young, it was clear that they were the most outstanding young people of the generation.
The crowd was amazed, the geniuses of Xue Yue were numerous, they were wondering just how many geniuses there were.
After that, more and more people entered the black poisonous fog relying on their own methods. In the black fog, there was members of the Imperial Clan, the Wan Shou Sect, there were also some high-ranking officials of the court… But there were also some unknown young people.
After a short time, there were already twenty nine gathered in the poisonous fog. Those twenty nine figures were all abnormally strong young cultivators. It seemed like each of them was just as strong as the eight high-officials of Xue Yue, if not stronger.
The event could have changed its name to “the national genius gathering”. People in the crowd could see that they were unable to rival the young cultivators in terms of natural abilities and strength. Most people still had cultivate for a long time and improve their cultivation with extreme difficulty.
“Only twenty nine people?!” Wondered the crowd at that moment, the oil lamp was about to go out.
“No… Some people haven’t arrived yet… Lin Feng hasn’t arrived yet!” Thought many people from the crowd. They had all thought of the same name: Lin Feng.
Lin Feng had killed twelve Xuan Qi layer cultivators of the Wan Shou Sect and five of their Xuan level beasts, therefore, him not having received an invitation seemed impossible.
The crowd weren’t the only people to notice Lin Feng’s absence, all those who wanted to kill Lin Feng also noticed that he hadn’t arrived yet.
On the side of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, Chu Zhan Peng was looking at the members of the Celestial Academy. He then said in a cold and detached way: “Didn’t the Celestial Academy say that they were going to join the national competition? Where are these people then?”
The one representing the Celestial Academy, Vice-Principal Long Ding just glanced at Chu Zhan Peng in an indifferent way and then ignored him. In fact, he didn’t know where Lin Feng was. He wasn’t going to put pressure on Lin Feng anyway, it was Lin Feng’s own business. Of course, Long Ding was still convinced that Lin Feng would come.
“There isn’t a single genius at the Celestial Academy, that’s why they would never dare to join the competition.” Joked Chu Zhan Peng with the aim of tarnishing the image of the Celestial Academy.
“The Celestial Academy is composed of a bunch of weaklings, cowards and trash, that’s all. They don’t have a single genius, how can they even call themselves an academic institution, the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue is a real academic institution, they can’t compete with us.” Various comments were spreading within the group of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. They were all meticulously adding humiliating statements about the Celestial Academy while increasing the reputation of the Holy Courtyard.
“The majestic and incredible Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue stole the most outstanding disciples from the largest sects of Xue Yue, its aim was to become one of the most influential and powerful academies in the country but now, it’s been two years since the academy began and it has nothing good to show for it. Apart from two high-officials of whom they are so proud of taking from other sects, not a single genius has actually risen from their ranks. All that the students of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue are able to do is brag and create a disturbance once in a while. How pitiful they are.” A voice echoed from the distance and thundered through the atmosphere. That voice seemed to be as calm as a tranquil lake and as cold as freezing waters.
“Duan Tian Lang, you only know how to raise cowardly cultivators. All those people that you took from other sects that were strong and had high-natural abilities have now become a bunch of scared chickens and pitiful dogs. Are you not ashamed of yourself!?”
When the people heard that voice, they were astonished and various comments started spreading. Those two statements were extremely aggressive and clear, it was a verbal attack which targeted the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. That person was even calling its students a bunch of chickens and dogs. The same person was even insulting Duan Tian Lang and saying that he could only teach them how to be cowardly. At the same time, that person was asserting that the only pride of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue was the two high-officials who had that status when they joined the institution: Chu Zhan Peng and Luo Xue.
That voice wasn’t loud as it entered everyone’s ears but it sounded extremely aggressive.
In the distance, two bamboo rafts appeared on the water, they were calmly floating against the current at a shocking speed. There were three people inside those rafts.
There was an extremely young man on one of those bamboo drafts, he was only about sixteen years old, he looked handsome and had an honest bearing.
While on the other bamboo draft, there were two other people, a boy and a girl. The young man looked handsome, smart and clean. His facial expression looked as limpid and deep as the waters of the lake.
The young woman had a fine veil covering her face. The full moon seemed to illuminate her entire body, she looked like a celestial being. She was extremely beautiful and almost looked like she had come out of a painting. When looking at her, one had the feeling that she wasn’t from the mortal world.
“What a beautiful scene!” Thought the crowd. That scene looked so beautiful. They were not giving off a majestic air and there was no powerful energy floating around them. Those three people looked like they were deities as they crossed the lake.
“Lin Feng!” When the people in the crowd saw a Winged Tiger was also on the bamboo raft, they narrowed their eyes, it was Lin Feng!

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