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PMG Chapter 423: Accomplices

Edited by Fluphy

At that moment, the original person’s face was completely still, there was not a trace of life in their body. Lin Feng moved towards the body, slowly, step by step. In the room under his feet, there was absolutely no sound but Lin Feng knew that there was someone… And that person’s actions were extremely cruel.

Lin Feng jumped down in a flash and a rumbling sound filled the air. A hole the size of a door immediately appeared beneath him. Lin Feng allowed himself to fall into it.

A terrifying deadly energy enveloped Lin Feng’s body which surprised him. In front of him, there was a huge stone which had transformed into a spike, it was shooting towards his chest at full speed. It was extremely fast!

“Jiang Shan!” Lin Feng’s facial expression suddenly looked ice-cold. That true cultivator was a core disciple of the Hao Yue Sect: Jiang Shan.

“What a coincidence!” Said Lin Feng coldly. His hand through the air while releasing monstrous amounts sword energy as a whistling sound emerged in the air. The extremely sharp spike broke into pieces and disappeared. Lin Feng’s sword energy was much sharper than a sharpened spike!

Jiang Shan moved his hands and in a flash, all the rocks in the area started to shoot towards Lin Feng. Rumbling sounds emerged in the atmosphere as the rocks were broken by the sword energy, Jiang Shan was also pushed backwards from the collision. He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

He hadn’t thought that he would come across Lin Feng so early. The person that he wished to encounter the least was Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had been able to kill twelve cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer. Lin Feng didn’t rely on influence or other people to protect him, he was an authentic hot-blooded cultivator.

Even though Jiang Shan had recently broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer, just like Lin Feng, Lin Feng was able to kill cultivators of the third Xuan Qi layer which Jiang Shan wouldn’t even dare to attempt.

“The Hao Yue Sect is filled with pathetic cowards, as expected.” Lin Feng looked calm and detached. He then moved towards Jiang Shan, step by step, which sent a shiver down Jiang Shan’s spine.

“Lin Feng, the problems between the Hao Yue Sect and you, should be solved by Chu Zhan Peng and you. We are not enemies. There is no need for you to kill me.” Said Jiang Shan in a weak and timid voice. He didn’t dare fight against Lin Feng.

“We are not enemies?” Lin Feng smiled in an ice-cold way,Jiang Shan’s words were ridiculous.

Lin Feng pointed at the corpse and said in a cold and detached way: “Were you and him enemies? I don’t think so, but you still attacked him by surprise and killed him. Can you explain that?”

Jiang Shan was surprised. He was inside the black fog, he was obviously prepared to kill people. He had seen the opportunity and instantly killed the other person. He had an opportunity, of course, he couldn’t let it slip… But Lin Feng was asking him for a reason and Jiang Shan didn’t know how to reply.

“Killing people weaker than you doesn’t require a reason. If I have to give a reason, let’s just say that it is because you are a member of the Hao Yue Sect, that’s a sufficient reason for you to die.” Said Lin Feng whose deadly energy was becoming denser and denser. He then continued slowly walking towards Jiang Shan which made the latter narrow his eyes. Ice-cold lights were flashing through his eyes. A thick and heavy energy emerged from his body, it was his spirit. A mountain spirit appeared behind him.

“Killing me will not be so easy!” Shouted Jiang Shan while raising his hand and swiping it through the air. In a flash, a huge rock shot towards Lin Feng emitting rumbling sound. The rock was large enough to mash Lin Feng’s body into paste.

Lin Feng was calmly looking at the rock that was hurtling towards him with the aim of turning him into a puree. He waved his hand and a terrifying sword energy emerged from his fingers.


The rock was sliced open the sword and then burst into powder. After destroying the rock, Lin Feng looked at Jiang Shan, he was trying to escape in another direction at his fastest speed.

“What a deceitful guy.” Lin Feng smiled coldly as he moved with the wind. His movements were made at an incredible speed.

Jiang Shan whose escape was chaotic suddenly started shaking, he turned around and saw a terrifying sword energy moving towards him. His facial expression drastically changed.

Lin Feng was so fast that he had already arrived behind his opponent. His terrifying sword energy was moving closer and it felt like it was going to lacerate his entire body.

“Don’t kill me!” Shouted Jiang Shan furiously. His entire body which was as large as a mountain launched towards Lin Feng again. He was so desperate that his fight or flight reflex had instinctively caused him to turn and fight.

“Not kill you?” Lin Feng was releasing deadly energy, his hand moved down and a deafening sound filled the atmosphere. A sword light appeared and the gigantic mountain spirit was split apart. Jiang Shan was astonished. Lin Feng’s sword attacks were extremely powerful!   

“Get lost!” Shouted Jiang Shan furiously when he saw that his rock spirit was being suppressed. His entire body transformed into a small mountain as he rushed through the air. His entire body was surrounded by rocks which were orbiting him.

Jiang Shan’s entire body seemed just like a sturdy mountain as he threw himself at Lin Feng. He was extremely quick. He started to release a powerful energy as he rushed forward. If Lin Feng took the attack head on, if he didn’t die, he would be severely disfigured.

“The Wind!” Shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. He immediately retreated with the speed of the wind. He then slowly raised a pure Qi sword which was filled with deadly energy.

“Come and face me, if you want to kill me!” Shouted Jiang Shan furiously when he noticed that he couldn’t even touch Lin Feng’s clothes. Lin Feng was so fast that he could dodge while maintaining the distance between them.

Lin Feng ignored Jiang Shan as the power contained in his pure Qi sword was growing stronger and stronger. It was terrifying.

“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously. A deadly Qi filled the air, the entire atmosphere was filled with the whistling sound of his sword. Immediately after, his sword descended and moved towards Jiang Shan.

The ground under Lin Feng’s feet cracked and a silhouette rose from beneath him.

Lin Feng’s sword which he was using to attack Jiang Shan slightly shook. The person who had emerged was filled with killing intent.

“Jiang Shan, kill him!” Shouted another voice suddenly. Another silhouette descended from the ceiling and moved towards Lin Feng. That person was releasing a deadly energy. That person’s target was Lin Feng.

There was one person in front of Lin Feng, one person under and another above, there were three people and they were all attacking Lin Feng at the same time.

“Die!” When Jiang Shan noticed what was happening, he seemed to regain all his confidence. He immediately stopped all thoughts of retreat and moved towards Lin Feng again.

Lin Feng looked extremely cold, the deadly energy around him was extremely powerful. Besides, Jiang Shan was also ready to risk his life to kill Lin Feng. Even though Lin Feng was certain that he could kill Jiang Shan, he wasn’t so sure about the two others who were attacking him. If he decided to fight, the situation would be extremely dangerous. Therefore, Lin Feng thought that it was better to leave than to kill Jiang Shan.

His body turned and in a flash he rushed back. Explosive sounds spread in the air, it came from the place where Lin Feng was just standing. The atmosphere seemed like it was going to turn into powder under such a dense concentration of attacks.

“It is a good thing that I am quick!” Thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng could sense the restrictions in that palace. A moment before, when the others attacked him by surprise, if he wasn’t fast enough, he would have died a cruel death. Even though his attacks were powerful, what was the point if he took the enemies attacks? Even if the opponents were not as strong as him, if their attacks reached his body, they would still cause lethal injury.

Lin Feng’s facial expression looked ice-cold, he then flew into the air and look at the three silhouettes in front of him.

Those three people were Jiang Shan of the Hao Yue Sect, Luo Yun Tian of the Luo Xia Sect and Du Gu Ye.

Luo Yun Tian was the best disciple of the Luo Xia Sect, the fact that he wanted to kill Lin Feng wasn’t surprising. The other person was probably from the Du Gu Clan. Lin Feng had humiliated Du Gu Shang in the past and Du Gu Xiao. Du Gu Ye was probably from the same clan as them.

The fact that those three people weren’t able to kill Lin Feng even when using a surprise attack cause them all to pull a long face.

Jiang Shan and Luo Yun Tian had broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer while Du Gu Ye had broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer. A moment before, they couldn’t kill Lin Feng, it seemed like with Lin Feng’s reflexes, fighting against him wouldn’t be so easy.

Besides, at the same time, many people around the Xiangjiang lake were watching the scene with Lin Feng and the three attackers. Lin Feng was fighting alone against three people, what would be the outcome of that battle?

Besides, the crowd could also see what the others were doing. More than a dozen people had already died inside that bubble. They had been heartlessly slaughtered. Inside that bubble, nobody was a saint.

Somewhere above, Lin Feng, there was the pure and holy Meng Qing. She looked incredibly beautiful as she was looking extremely hard for Lin Feng. She was going to every single room as she searched for him but all she could see was the remnants of battle. At the moment when she was about to go downstairs, a loud sound emerged. Suddenly a person appeared before her.

It was the officer of the Imperial City Guards, She Qiong!

“His woman!” She Qing was surprised and then a cold light flashed through his eyes. Meng Qing was Lin Feng’s lover and because of Lin Feng, She Qiong had lost the woman he loved, Duan Xin Ye!

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