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PMG Chapter 424: The Price of Attacking!

Translated by: NotSaneInTheBrain

Edited by: LikyLiky<3

Note: Late chapter, next one should be out in 12 hours.

Chapter 424: The Price of Attacking!

Meng Qing didn’t feel like paying attention to She Qiong but when she saw that he was looking at her with evil intentions, she couldn’t help but release an ice-cold Qi which rushed straight for him.

“Haha, such a warm breeze.” Grinned She Qiong. Last time, Lin Feng had crushed his pride and taught him a lesson. After that, he locked himself away in cultivation and practiced until he broke through to the next layer.

At that moment, She Qiong had broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer. Amongst the group of people, he seemed to have the highest cultivation level. Nobody could compare to him, after all, the high-officials were not inside the fog.

“Lin Feng, you stole my woman, now I will have revenge. Wait until we meet, I will look forward to see your reaction.” Thought She Qiong coldly. After having broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer, he had gone to see Duan Xin Ye, but she ignored him. In her eyes, there was only Lin Feng. No matter how high She Qiong’s cultivation level became, Duan Xin Ye would not even look at him.

She Qiong hated Lin Feng.

At that moment, a small sound emerged in the atmosphere. She Qiong was surprised. He suddenly moved back to see what was happening and noticed a silhouette emerging near them.

He frowned as a cold light flashed in his eyes.

When Ling Tian saw Meng Qing and She Qiong, he was surprised, he then immediately gave a strange smile and said: “You guys continue with what you were doing. I didn’t see anything.”

When Meng Qing heard Ling Tian, she released an ice-cold energy towards him but Ling Tian simply ignored her, he smiled and said: “I will go and kill some other people. I won’t bother you.”

When he finished talking, he turned back and walked away.

At that moment, he also knew that the palace was divided into nine rooms and that there were people everywhere, above and under, as well as on each of his sides, therefore he wasn’t worried about a lack of people to kill.

At that moment, Meng Qing didn’t know that the one she was looking for was directly beneath her feet.

Beneath them, Lin Feng and the three others were in a confrontation as sword energy emitted whistling sounds through the air, it was terrifying and piercingly-cold, sword energy had invaded the entire atmosphere.

Jiang Shan, Luo Yun Tian and Du Gu Ye had separated and surrounded Lin Feng. None of them dared act carelessly, they didn’t dare to look down on Lin Feng, they considered him as an extremely strong opponent.

“Maybe the people are watching us from outside, the most important thing now is to control my power and not reveal my full strength.” Thought Lin Feng. He was only guessing these things but he was right, people really were watching them from outside the fog. They could see everyone clearly and did not have to focus on a single individual.

“The three of you will die.” Said Lin Feng coldly. A deadly energy followed his words and shot through the atmosphere towards the three opponents.

“Just because you say so? Ha, we will see!” Said Du Gu Ye coldly who was directly in front of Lin Feng. At the same time, he looked at Luo Yun Tian and Jiang Shan and said: “We have to give our all, if we want to kill him, we can’t afford to spare any effort!”

“Alright.” Said the two others while nodding. They couldn’t afford to hold back. Gigantic rocks started to cover Jiang Shan’s body as his body started to grow in size, covered by rocks, he looked like a giant in the form of a mountain.

Magnificent rosy lights then emerged from Luo Yun Tian’s body but those beautiful lights were filled with deadly energy.

“Die!” Shouted Du Gu Ye and in a flash, those three people threw themselves at Lin Feng while releasing their full power.


Jiang Shan stomped his foot into the ground, which made the floor shake violently. Even though his entire body looked like a giant mountain, he was still able to move at incredible speed. In a few steps, he had already arrived in front of Lin Feng and unleashed a heavy punch into the air. That punch was filled with endless strength and contained the will to crush Lin Feng.

Lin Feng hand shook and a sword immediately appeared. Then, rumbling and cracking sound filled the air. A crevasse started to appear on the rocky fist, then even more cracks started to appear. However, as Jiang Shan condensed his energy, the crevasse started to disappear, as if nothing had happened.

By then, Du Gu Ye and Luo Yun Tian had arrived in front of Lin Feng. Du Gu Ye raised his fist which was filled with evil energy, and unleashed his attack straight towards Lin Feng. Besides, Luo Yun Tian’s attack was terrifying, it was filled with endless strength and combined with his deadly energy.

Wind, free and unrestrained like the wind!

Lin Feng’s body started to gently float, as the attacks grew closer, he started to drift on the wind. In an instant, he had already appeared a great distance away. His speed was astonishing.

But Du Gu Ye and the other two knew that this battle was going to be extremely difficult, so they were not surprised. They reacted quickly and prepared to unleash new attacks against Lin Feng.

“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng with incredible ferocity. His sword rose into the air as his sword energy filled the entire palace.

A thunderous rumbling noise emerged in the atmosphere and the palace started to vibrate.

“Like the Mountain!” Jiang Shan’s facial expression slightly changed. He took a step forward and his body grew even larger. He seemed to fully transform into a large mountain.

“I will block him, you two will need to finish him off!” Shouted Jiang Shan. After transforming into a gigantic mountain, he threw himself towards Lin Feng’s sword, as if he planned to block the sword with his life.

The palace was shaking with an intense power. Jiang Shan’s stone body was starting to break, large pieces of rock were crashing around him. His gigantic stone body looked like it was going to burst into pieces.

“Solid Mountain!” Shouted Jiang Shan furiously. He then slammed his feet into the ground again. The stones which had broken away from his body started to gather again, Lin Feng’s sword didn’t seem to hold the power to completely destroy him.

“Die!” Shouted Du Gu Ye and Luo Yun Tian furiously. Their deadly energies were rushing through the atmosphere towards Lin Feng.

Jiang Shan had decided to block Lin Feng’s attacks, how could they let go of this perfect opportunity to attack?

“ROAR!” A purple light burst into reality and what seemed to be an endless stream of purple snakes came into being, the snakes immediately rushed towards his two attackers. In the blink of an eye, Du Gu Ye and Luo Yun Tian were surrounded by the army of purple snakes which wrapped themselves around their bodies.

An extremely sharp Qi emerged from Du Gu Ye’s body and started to cut through the purple snakes but Luo Yun Tian was too weak, he was struggling and it required a great deal of effort for him to break free.

“Die.” A dazzling light illuminated the atmosphere as a cross-shaped light appeared. Luo Yun Tian, who was struggling with the purple snakes, then felt a sudden pain coming from his chest. He lowered his head and saw a large cross-shaped wound was going through his chest. An incredible quantity of blood started to pour from his wound and his organs started to shift. His facial muscles started to twitch, he was currently suffering in untold agony.

“Break!” Shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. Luo Yun Tian’s body abruptly started to shake violently. He could feel the organs inside starting to rupture. His face was locked in an intense suffering. After that terrifying attack, he slowly closed his eyes and collapsed. After that, he disappeared from the illusion, as if he was never there to begin with.

He died!

Jiang Shan’s giant body was formed from stone but his heart wasn’t made of stone, it was currently violently pounding in his chest. Lin Feng’s attacks had a terrifying lethality, it was monstrous. If they gave him even a small opportunity, he would use it to kill them.

Lin Feng glanced at Jiang Shan for a second and then ignored him. Since Jiang Shan had incredible defence, Lin Feng decided to ignore him for the time being. He had already killed one of his attackers, now he had to kill the other one, and then he could focus on Jiang Shan.

“You think I would let you attack me by surprise?” Lin Feng was staring coldly at Du Gu Ye. The myriad of purple snakes kept moving through the atmosphere, there were so many of them that it was like a nightmare.

When Du Gu Ye saw Lin Feng’s pitch-black eyes filled with cold deadly energy, he started to regret that he encountered Jiang Shan and Lin Feng. That opportunity seemed too good, so he couldn’t let it slip, besides the Du Gu Clan also wanted to settle a grudge with Lin Feng, so it seemed like a simple choice to attack when he saw Lin Feng… But the three of them had acted together to fight Lin Feng, they had already unleashed multiple attacks on him, and the result was that one of them had died.

“It’s your turn.” Said Lin Feng’s whose eyes looked piercingly cold. The purple snakes roared and slowly merged together which emitted a magnificent purple radiance. They turned into a gigantic dragon which looked incomparably terrifying. Its two gigantic eyes looked extremely evil. It no longer looked like a spirit, it looked like a genuine flesh and blood, ferocious beast.

“Go!” Shouted Lin Feng. The gigantic dragon moved towards Du Gu Ye creating chaos in the air with each movement. Du Gu Ye was stupefied, immediately after, his body transformed into a rainbow as he tried to escape.

An incredible cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer, when facing Lin Feng, was cowardly trying to escape, he didn’t dare fight against him.

“Wind movement!”

Lin Feng smiled coldly and rushed forward with incredible speed. Each of his movements seemed smooth as if he felt no resistance. He brandished a sword and DuGuYe felt the incoming danger, he turned around unleashed a powerful punch towards the sword.

“ROAAR!” At that precise moment, the purple dragon appeared beside him and constricted his lower body. It opened its gigantic mouth, revealing its sharp teeth as they moved closer to Du Gu Ye’s head.

Du Gu Ye’s facial expression drastically changed, he then released a terrifying pure Qi which rushed towards the dragon. At the same time, he was struggling in an attempt to break free.

However, in his terror, he had forgotten about Lin Feng.

A moment before, there were three of them fighting against Lin Feng but at that moment, he was fighting alone against Lin Feng and a ferocious dragon.

“Die!” A sword filled with deadly energy descended. Blood splashed high into the air. Du Gu Ye’s face froze. The purple dragon bit down on his head and swallowed it, killing him in the most cruel way.

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