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PMG Chapter 425: The Humiliation of the Hao Yue Sect

Translated by: Notsaneinthebrain
Edited by: LikyLiky

Chapter 425: The Humiliation of the Hao Yue Sect

Jiang Shan was stupefied, new rocks continued to form his body but at that moment, he no longer had any confidence.

He didn’t understand how Lin Feng, who had only broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer, could defeat people of the same level and even people at the third Xuan Qi layer in such a relaxed manner. Besides, he had the impression that Lin Feng hadn’t even used all of his strength yet.

Lin Feng was still hiding his real power.

But even with that amount of power, those three attackers, three so-called geniuses, couldn’t fight against Lin Feng in terms of both speed and strength. Even though Jiang Shan was extremely strong and had an amazing defense, he also understood that in a one-on-one battle against Lin Feng, he had no chance of survival.

Lin Feng suddenly turned around and looked towards him which made Jiang Shan’s facial expression freeze. Was he going to be end up like the other two? Was he going to get slaughtered in a similar cruel way?

When thinking about that, his terror started to grow.

He had put great efforts into his cultivation, it hadn’t been easy for him to reach such a level. It hadn’t been easy to become the top core disciple of the Hao Yue Sect. Everybody worshiped him and his future was supposed to be magnificent and filled with glory. Could he afford to die like that?

Jiang Shan didn’t want to die, he was afraid of dying, especially after having seen Du Gu Ye’s head get swallowed by the dragon. Especially after watching the two other bodies disappear. Jiang Shan was starting to get the feeling that life was an extremely fragile thing.

“Let me go. If you let me live, I will always obey your orders.” Said Jiang Shan while looking at Lin Feng, he then added: “If you need help with anything, I will help, even if you want to destroy the Hao Yue Sect.”

Lin Feng looked like he wanted to burst into laughter as the situation was extremely funny. That was a genius of the Hao Yue Sect, ready to betray when things got dangerous, how ridiculous!

“I will deal with the Hao Yue Sect myself, I don’t need your help.” Said Lin Feng in a cold and detached tone. The head of the terrifying purple dragon was rising into the air, its gigantic eyes were looking down at Jiang Shan which made him start to shake with fear.

Du Gu Ye wasn’t able to fight against that dragon, Jiang Shan knew that he would be even less likely to survive, so what could he do?

“What can I do for you to let me go?” Asked Jiang Shan.

“No matter what, I will not let you go.” Replied Lin Feng calmly. He then took a step forwards which made Jiang Shan tremble.

As Lin Feng was getting nearer and nearer, Jiang Shan was growing more and more scared. Was he going to die?

Jiang Shan hadn’t thought that fighting against Lin Feng would lead to his death.

A thumping sound then filled the air which surprised Lin Feng. He only saw Jiang Shan kneeling down and prostrating himself.

“There is no intense and deep-seated hatred between us, why do you want to kill me? Please! I will do whatever you ask.” Shouted Jiang Shan, whose face turned scarlet red. Lin Feng looked like he was going to double over with laughter.

Outside of the illusion, the crowd by the lake was watching everything, they were astonished, especially the members of the Hao Yue Sect.

A genius of the Hao Yue Sect, their best core disciple, was kneeling down in front of Lin Feng and begging him. How ridiculous!

But Lin Feng was really extremely strong. His strength was so profound that everybody was secretly shocked.

After all, the people who had seen Lin Feng kill twelve cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer weren’t numerous, they were all people from the Celestial Academy, but at that moment, the whole crowd saw Lin Feng easily defeat three genius cultivators who belonged to three of the greatest spheres of influence in the country.

Actually, calling them geniuses wasn’t the right.

The term “genius” was relative, it depended on whom a cultivator was facing. There was a great deal of people who were young and had already broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, that itself was a rare achievement, but in front of Lin Feng, it meant nothing. The worst part was that those three people were supposed to be stronger than him.

But at that moment, two of them were already dead and one of them was kneeling in front of Lin Feng begging for his life, could they still be called geniuses?

The people of the Hao Yue Sect were all pulling long faces. If their most talented disciple had to die, it wasn’t such a big deal, but he made such a shameful display in front of everybody.

Millions of people watched the most talented disciple of the Hao Yue Sect kneel down in front of Lin Feng and beg for his life, which gave Chu Qing the feeling that he was being slapped by each of the millions of people, his face felt extremely as hot and painful as if he was actually being slapped. Jiang Shan was making him lose face.

At that moment, Chu Zhan Peng and Lin Qian who were with the group from the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue also felt embarrassed.

“Piece of trash, if Lin Feng doesn’t kill you, I will personally kill you.” Thought Chu Zhan Peng, he looked glum and released a deadly energy. When he watched the three people attacking Lin Feng, he felt relieved and confident, Lin Feng’s strength wasn’t as monstrous as the rumours. If Lin Feng came out, Chu Zhan Peng would definitely be able to kill him.

However, Chu Zhan Peng wouldn’t need to kill Jiang Shan himself, even though he was kneeling down in front of Lin Feng, he wasn’t showing any signs of forgiving him, Lin Feng was unmoving when it came to his enemies.

Jiang Shan’s body was then sent out from inside the illusion. Chu Zhan Peng let out a long sigh. His silhouette turned into a gigantic roc and in a flash, he appeared above the lake.

“BOOM!” A deadly energy emerged crashed into the body and turned Jiang Shan’s body into ashes. He had disappeared from the world without a trace. The wings of the legendary roc flickered and Chu Zhan Peng returned to his original position.

All of the people who attacked Lin Feng had died!

On the bank of the lake, an old man wearing a magnificent chang pao was hugging a dead body which no longer had a head. The old man raised his head and looked inside the illusion while releasing an ice-cold energy.

The most outstanding young cultivators of the Du Gu Clan had been repeatedly humiliated by Lin Feng! One of them had even lost his arms… and then, even the incredible Du Gu Ye lost his life!

Lin Feng was bullying the Du Gu Clan too much!

Du Gu Ye had wanted to kill Lin Feng and even attacked by surprise, however if he didn’t attack, would Lin Feng go out of his way to attack members of the Du Gu Clan?

At that moment, inside the illusion, the massacre was continuing. The crowd was starting to get a rough understanding of who the strongest and most gifted ones were.

Inside the illusion, there had initially been thirty-two people but at that moment, only twelve were left alive. Those left could be considered as the future heroes.

Twenty geniuses had already been killed. In the frame of that death game, people were heartlessly slaughtering their competition.

Maybe they hadn’t even thought about such an event when they received their invitation letter. They hadn’t thought that they would end up slaughtering each other in front of millions of people in order to move on to the Great Competition of Xue Yu, and those who died, probably hadn’t thought that their lives would end in such tragic conditions.

The twelve people left were attracting everybody’s attention.

Ling Tian was one of them, he looked extremely conceited, and very arrogant, especially when he had told the crowd to remember his name. He was the one who had killed the most people so far. Each time, a single sword attack was enough to kill his opponent. His sword was extremely ruthless.

Besides, Ling Tian’s fellow disciple also had terrifying strength. She had already killed a few people with her own power. The things made people wonder who the two people of the Ling Clan really were and who their teacher was?

Lin Feng’s accomplishments in that death game were obvious. Then, there was She Qiong. She Qiong’s strength was also terrifying, he had killed two people already and it had been very easy for him. His opponents didn’t even have a chance to fight back. At that moment, She Qiong was still facing Lin Feng’s lover, Meng Qing.

There was another person who received people’s attention, Yun Fei Yang from Duan Ren City.

At that moment, it was very strange. He hadn’t killed anyone, each time he saw an opponent, he looked very scared and tried to avoid them. However, each time there was someone that tried to prevent him from leaving in order to kill him, but they never managed to stop him.

Yun Fei Yang had even come across Ling Tian. He was the only person who managed to escape after fighting against Ling Tian.

Therefore, Yun Fei Yang was extremely mysterious. People didn’t know anything about him, they didn’t even know how strong he would be if he fought.

In the people’s opinion, those left inside the illusion were the strongest and most talented. If they came across such people on the outside, they would be extremely scared.

People were scared of She Qiong and Lin Feng the most. She Qiong was fighting against Meng Qing. If Lin Feng moved up, he would definitely encounter the situation.

But Lin Feng, who was inside the illusion, couldn’t see the events like the crowd outside who could see everything. At that moment, he was wandering around like a blind man, everybody was paying close attention to him.

Lin Feng didn’t feel at ease. This game reminded him of the memories from his previous world. He had that same old feeling of being a toy in someone else’s hands.

But Lin Feng also understood that his strength wasn’t enough to break the illusion so all he could do was abide by its rules and find the people he wanted to kill!

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