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PMG Chapter 426: Planned Actions!

Translated by: Notsaneinthebrain
Edited by: LikyLiky
Side note: I do need to go back in the chapters and make a change. Because it’s not the king controlling the illusion, it’s one of the royal court. Got a bit mixed up.

Chapter 426: Planned Actions!

Lin Feng didn’t waste any time, there were extremely strong cultivators inside the illusion and it was dangerous.

He met Ling Tian near Duan Wu Ya’s residence and he seemed extremely strong, Lin Feng could sense an overflowing power.

There was also She Qiong. She Qiong and Lin Feng had already fought. Back then, She Qiong had only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer and during the battle, he revealed his flood dragon spirit, it was extremely powerful. After that, he had confined himself and cultivated even harder which enabled him to rapidly break through and improve his strength.

Those two were both powerful and harboured ill will towards Lin Feng. If Meng Qing came across them, how terrifying would that be?

Besides, inside the illusion, there wasn’t a single weak person, even though Meng Qing was extremely strong, if Jiang Shan and the others had acted together to fight against Meng Qing instead of Lin Feng, it would have been a terrible result.

Therefore, Lin Feng couldn’t delay his search for Meng Qing.

His silhouette flickered and he arrived in front of one of the doors, that new room was extremely vast but there wasn’t a single person inside. There was only blood stains on the ground which meant that people had died here, but the bodies had disappeared.

Lin Feng didn’t stop there, his silhouette flickered again and he continued to another door to check another room.

“Nobody here either…” Lin Feng frowned, he suddenly felt even less at ease. There were very few people which meant that many of them were already dead. Lin Feng was extremely scared that something might have happened to Meng Qing.

His silhouette flickered through the many rooms inside the illusion, even when coming across other people, he just continued his search and those people didn’t provoke him either. After all, Lin Feng was very well known. Even though those people might have desired to fight with him, they didn’t gamble when their life was at stake, it wasn’t worth it.

“How come I can’t find her!” Lin Feng had already been to twenty rooms, but he still couldn’t find Meng Qing. He was becoming more and more anxious and worried.

“We were thirty-two people when we entered the illusion, but there are so many rooms. Maybe there is a very low chance of encountering her, but I don’t believe that after going to every single room, I still won’t find her.” Lin Feng was stupefied. His silhouette flickered again.

“Are you looking for that girl?” Asked a voice from behind him. There was a figure leaning against the wall inside the room, that person was looking at Lin Feng with a resplendent smile.

Lin Feng stopped walking and looked at that person, it was Yun Fei Yang.

Yun Fei Yang had said that he was from Duan Ren City so Lin Feng had conflicting thoughts on what he should think about him.

“Do you know where she is?” Asked Lin Feng to Yun Fei Yang.

Yun Fei Yang smiled and shook his head: “I don’t but I do know that you probably won’t be able to find her.”

Lin Feng frowned, a cold light ran through his eyes as he asked: “What do you mean?”

“Of course, I am only guessing, but you have been to every single room and you still haven’t found her, that’s obvious. You should probably hurry up.” Said Yun Fei Yang smiling as before. He looked so sluggish and bored that it made Lin Feng frown even more firmly, his eyes also grew colder as before.

Lin Feng didn’t look at Yun Fei Yang again and continued to move through all the rooms one more time. He came across many people, including Ling Tian’s fellow disciple but they did not fight each other. Lin Feng’s top priority was to find Meng Qing.

Lin Feng also saw Ling Tian but they didn’t provoke each other either.

A short while after, the look on Lin Feng’s face grew extremely worried.

He went to every room and ended up back in the same place. What Yun Fei Yang said was really happening. He was still leaning against the wall and he hadn’t moved in the slightest.

When he saw Lin Feng come back, he didn’t look surprised at all. He only smiled and said: “It seems like I was right. The Nine Dragon Palace deserves its reputation.”

“Nine Dragon Palace!” Lin Feng was stupefied, he looked at Yun Fei Yang and said: “You know what’s going on here, right?”

Yun Fei Yang nodded indifferently and said: “I know that they don’t want you to find her. So everything you try inside the illusion will be in vain.”

A dangerous light flashed in Lin Feng’s eyes. Someone didn’t want him to find Meng Qing?

Lin Feng opened his mouth, he wanted to say something but Yun Fei Yang interrupted him.

“No need to speak, I know what you want to say. I will go but you cannot come with me, otherwise I cannot guarantee that I will be able to find her.”

After saying that, Yun Fei Yang immediately left. Lin Feng was surprised and watched his back as he disappeared. He wanted to follow him but forced himself to remain. Lin Feng had the feeling that Yun Fei Yang was being honest and he didn’t feel like he was being lied to.

“Who doesn’t want me to find Meng Qing…?” Thought Lin Feng with an extremely cold expression in his eyes. This illusion was created by the man by the throne, he was controlling everything, so it must be him!

Maybe they were really trying to prevent him from finding Meng Qing.

“Apart from Meng Qing, I haven’t seen She Qiong either.” Thought Lin Feng suddenly. She Qiong was extremely strong, the probability of him dying was extremely low. Maybe She Qiong and Meng Qing had encountered each other. Lin Feng didn’t dare think about it, maybe that would really happen.

Besides, he was part of the Imperial City and She Qiong was an officer of the Imperial City Guards. She Qiong even dared rush to Duan Xin Ye’s living quarters and cause trouble which meant that he had a very important and influential background in the Imperial City. All those things could explain everything.

Lin Feng felt extremely nervous. Besides, outside of the illusion, people could see everything clearly which stupefied them.

It was actually exactly the way Yun Fei Yang described the situation, they didn’t want Lin Feng to find Meng Qing and the crowd could clearly see that the different rooms of the palace continued moving around and each time that Lin Feng was about to reach Meng Qing, the rooms abruptly changed position, therefore, Lin Feng never had the opportunity to enter the same room.

In the illusion, people had the impression that they were in a huge room but to the people outside of the illusion, they could see how small and narrow each room actually was. All those rooms constituted a pattern of magical squares, and everybody seemed like they were only one step away from the other.

“The girl with Lin Feng is terrifying and dangerous!”

When the crowd saw Meng Qing and She Qiong’s battle, they saw how incredibly strong Meng Qing was, but She Qiong was still stronger and he had a clear advantage over her.

“You’re so shameless!” Shouted someone on the lake which broke the silence. Everybody was stupefied and turned towards that person.

It was a young man but he was audacious, he was insulting the person who was controlling the illusion.

“Since you created this as a test, why are you not letting things happen without influencing them. Why are you preventing Lin Feng from seeing Meng Qing and She Qiong? You’re too shameless.” When Duan Feng saw that Meng Qing had been injured, his facial expression became ice-cold, he couldn’t help but loudly voice his opinion.

The man looked at the ground and glanced at Duan Feng indifferently while smiling coldly.

“I am the one controlling the illusion so I can do as I wish. Besides, I am helping Lin Feng by doing this, if he encountered She Qiong, he would die.” Said the man calmly before adding: “Besides, since when does a little boy like you have the right to open their mouth and tell me what I have to do! Get lost!” While talking, the man released a monstrous pure Qi which immediately rushed through the air. In a flash, it arrived in front of Duan Feng.

Duan Feng pulled a long face but instead of moving back, he threw himself at it, he joined his hands and released his pure Qi which bombarded the atmosphere.

“BOOM!” Duan Feng’s wasn’t strong enough to compete. The pure Qi passed through Duan Feng’s attack and crashed onto his body which caused Duan Feng to cough up blood. His body was also blown away and he crashed onto the ground. His face was deathly pale.

“Old fool!” Duan Feng raised his head and insulted again. From behind his back, his spirit was released, the energy of the sealed doors was growing stronger and stronger.

“Sealed Doors Spirit!” The man was surprised, he fixedly stared at Duan Feng for a while and then quickly looked behind him towards the golden throne, surprisingly it was a sealed doors spirit.

That was the blood spirit of the Imperial Clan!

“Your family name is Duan?” Asked the man.

“Why do you care? Old fool!” Cursed Duan Feng again.

“Hmph, since your family name is Duan, I will not kill you.” Grinned the man and he then ignored Duan Feng.

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