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PMG Chapter 427: Cold Heart

Translated by: Notsaneinthebrain
Edited by: LikyLiky
Note: Likyliky has been helping Notsane post the chapters since she is busy trying to translate more.

Chapter 427: Cold Heart


Inside the illusion, two cultivators were locked in an intense battle. Meng Qing’s face was covered with blood but the coldness she released from her body was becoming increasingly powerful.

The room was slowly being covered by a layer of ice, sending a piercing chill to the bone. The cold air was becoming more brutal with each passing moment.

“You are very stubborn, I have broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer, in terms of strength and power, Lin Feng is not my equal. What is the downside to being intimate with me? Do you want me to use force?” said She Qiong slowly while looking at Meng Qing. Meng Qing had a touching and moving expression in her eyes. She was very stubborn and tenacious. Besides, she still looked high-spirited and determined. She Qiong initially didn’t like Meng Qing, he liked Duan Xin Ye, he just wanted to play with Meng Qing. He wanted to have fun with Lin Feng’s lover and make Lin Feng lose face. However, he was starting to like her more and more.

If Meng Qing could become his woman, that would be great, they were a good match in his eyes.

Of course, that feeling was not mutually shared. When Meng Qing heard She Qiong, she released an even stronger ice Qi, the power was also growing more brutal, as if the atmosphere was going to freeze.

“Stop being so obstinate, you cannot compete with me, and don’t count on anyone coming to save you because nobody can.” Said She Qiong in a cold and detached tone when he sensed that Meng Qing’s ice Qi was growing more intense.

“So that’s how it is, an officer of the Imperial City Guards likes to take advantage of other people’s women.” A sluggish voice sounded which stupefied She Qiong. Immediately after, he saw someone open the door of the room and slowly enter.

“Huh?” She Qiong frowned when he saw the person who entered. Immediately after, his eyes were filled with murderous intent.

“Who do you think you are to intervene in my affairs?” Said She Qiong coldly. Immediately after, he took a step forwards and released a monstrous Qi which rushed through the atmosphere towards Yun Fei Yang.

“Die!” Shouted She Qiong furiously. A terrifying deadly energy had enveloped She Qiong’s body. She Qiong planned to kill him for involving himself in something which had nothing to do with him.

Yun Fei Yang looked at She Qiong who was moving closer and closer to him, suddenly, the smile on his face disappeared and he released a shockingly sharp Qi which created a storm around him. His clothes were fluttering under the power of the storm.

“Die!” She Qiong shouted while punching forwards. A dangerous light could be seen in Yun Fei Yang’s eyes. Not only did he not retreat, but he charged forwards instead. He raised his fist and also unleashed a terrifying punch towards She Qiong.

“BOOOM!!” A terrifying wind was blasted in every direction. Their fists collided with the force of a mountain, and they remained absolutely still. Their clothes were still fluttering in the wind and they were both looking at the other person’s eyes.

“Get lost!” Yun Fei Yang slightly moved. He took an extremely small step forward but the Qi and force which he had condensed emerged from his fist. She Qiong’s body was instantly projected backwards by a few steps.

How strong! Yun Fei Yang’s strength was terrifying. She Qiong was unable to harm Yun Fei Yang and on the contrary, he was the one who was sent flying backwards.

She Qiong was full of confidence when it came to his cultivation but at that moment, in front of everyone, he had just been projected backwards by an absolute stranger, someone whom nobody even knew about.

She Qiong wasn’t the only one who was left astonished, the people outside of the illusion were also astonished. Yun Fei Yang seemed like he was the most mysterious person of all, he didn’t fight but when he did, it was terrifying.

She Qiong had been forced backwards by such a small movement. Even though it didn’t mean that he was definitely stronger than She Qiong, it at least proved that his explosive power was much more tyrannical than that of She Qiong.

The fog of the illusion started to move through the atmosphere, the full moon still looked lonely and desolate but it still hung beautifully in the sky.

A few silhouettes started to appear in the crowd’s field of vision, they didn’t look like distant figures any longer.

The light of the full moon was shining down upon those silhouettes and the calm lake beneath them.

The fog had dispersed and the illusion had disappeared.

The people who were inside before were now standing in front of the crowd.

There were six people. From the thirty-two people who had entered the illusion, only six were left.

She Qiong, Yun Fei Yang, Lin Feng, Meng Qing as well as Ling Tian and his fellow disciple.

The others were all killed, whether it be the people of the Wan Shou Sect or the Yu Clan, all the geniuses who belonged to those groups were dead. That was an unprecedented loss for them.

Besides, the six people left were also the strongest people from the group, everybody had seen their strength with their own eyes.

However, Ling Tian was the one who had killed the most people.

Nobody had dared to provoke She Qiong, but Meng Qing fought against him, she hadn’t spared any effort and managed to suppress him until Yun Fei Yang appeared and forced her back.

Lin Feng’s strength was obvious from the ambush on him.

These six people remained firm and tenacious and managed to come out of the illusion alive. That was already enough evidence that they were extremely gifted cultivators. Unfortunately, the other geniuses were all dead and were used as stepping stones for the surviving cultivators.

A short time before, they had all been high-spirited and full of life, they all wished that everybody would remember their name throughout Xue Yue, but reality was cruel. No matter how strong they had been, their opponents were even stronger.

The moonlight was shining down upon Lin Feng’s body. He turned around and looked towards Meng Qing. He could see that Meng Qing’s face was deathly pale and there was traces of blood around her mouth, which sent a shiver of fear down his spine.

“Meng Qing!” Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered and he immediately landed next to Meng Qing. He took out a pill and put it in Meng Qing’s mouth. Meng Qing opened her mouth and swallowed the pill. When she saw Lin Feng, the ice around her body disappeared in a flash, and a brilliant and magnificent smile appeared on her face.

Next to that smile, it seemed like the beauty of the moon didn’t exist any longer. She looked so beautiful in Lin Feng’s eyes. The crowd also found that smile to be so beautiful that it made their hearts accelerate.

What a beautiful woman! Her clothes were whiter than snow, and the moonlight was shining upon the fine gauze on her face, she really looked like a celestial being.

When Lin Feng saw that Meng Qing’s cheeks were regaining a trace of colour, he slowly turned around and looked towards Yun Fei Yang and She Qiong.

He only glanced at Yun Fei Yang for a second and then looked at She Qiong with a merciless glare. Lin Feng’s face was filled with pure killing intent.

As if She Qiong had sensed Lin Feng’s glare, he turned around and looked at Lin Feng: “You don’t deserve to be her lover, she should be my woman.”

“Sword!” Lin Feng ignored what She Qiong said and immediately moved forwards while slowly raising his hand.

A whistling sound emerged in the air around Lin Feng. Lin Feng suddenly condensed a terrifying sword energy and pure Qi into a sword which materialized in his hand.

She Qiong frowned and groaned. At the same time, he also released a powerful Qi which moved straight towards Lin Feng. Both their energies collided in the air.

“What a terrifying power. She Qiong’s strength is monstrous.” Thought the people in the crowd while looking impatient. Lin Feng and She Qiong were both geniuses, they had both passed the first test. Finally, the crowd had the opportunity to see them fight so they were impatient to see the outcome of the battle.

But She Qiong had broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer and Lin Feng had only broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer. Even though he was able to kill cultivators of the third Xuan Qi layer, fighting against She Qiong who was of the fourth Xuan Qi layer was a much more difficult task.

The crowd thought that the situation could be worse for Lin Feng. However, Yun Fei Yang, the mysterious man, was able to send She Qiong flying back, even though he was at the fourth Xuan Qi layer. Yun Fei Yang must be extremely strong.

“That’s enough.” Said the old man at that moment while glancing at She Qiong and Lin Feng. He then said slowly: “You six, thanks to your determination and tenacity, have passed the first test. You are all quite good. With the eight high-officials, you are now fourteen people. Now, all of you can exchange a few pointers. Let’s see who the strongest ones in this group are.”

“You can now freely fight against whomever you wish.” Said the old man indifferently which astonished everybody. They could fight against whomever they wished, the battles of the six remaining people and the eight high-officials were definitely going to be incredible! The crowd was bursting with excitement.

People rarely had the opportunity to see the eight high-officials in battle, not many people knew exactly what their cultivation levels were these days.

Lin Feng glanced at the old man in a cold and detached way. Yun Fei Yang was right. If he hadn’t wasn’t able to find Meng Qing, it was because of the old man who was controlling the illusion. The old man had done it on purpose.

As if the old man had seen Lin Feng looking at him, he said coldly: “The people who are at weaker cultivation levels should fight against the other weak ones first, it would be a pity for them to die at the beginning fighting a strong opponent.”

The old man was obviously mocking Lin Feng because She Qiong’s cultivation level was higher than Lin Feng by two whole layers.

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