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PMG Chapter 428: The Flood Dragon Warp Fist!

Translated by: Notsaneinthebrain

Edited by: LikyLiky

Note: LikyLiky leaving for about a month.

Chapter 428: The Flood Dragon Warp Fist!

“Your name is Yun Fei Yang?” She Qiong asked after the old man finished talking. She Qiong was fixedly staring at Yun Fei Yang.

He knew that the crowd below had been able to see them in the illusion for a moment, so they had seen how Yun Fei Yang had made him move back. They knew about it so She Qiong felt humiliated. He had to take his revenge.

She Qiong wasn’t in a hurry to kill Lin Feng, he was only in the second Xuan Qi layer, killing Lin Feng would be easy. The only thing that scared him a little bit was Lin Feng’s black lotus.

“Indeed.” Replied Yun Fei Yang indifferently. He looked sluggish again, which gave the impression that he was despised by She Qiong.

Such an indolent attitude made She Qiong pull a long face, and he said: “We will fight first!”

Yun Fei Yang smiled and glanced at Lin Feng, he then said: “It seems like I will be the first one to fight.”

Yun Fei Yang made a step to immediately land above the lake. His clothes were fluttering in the wind, his sluggish appearance disappeared and sharp lights started flashing in his eyes.


“Let’s fight!” Said She Qiong moving towards the air above the lake as well while releasing an insane amount of Qi. His entire body seemed like it was filled with infinite strength.

Lin Feng looked cold and detached, since She Qiong and Yun Fei Yang were fighting first, he had to wait for his turn.

“Let’s see your strength!” Said She Qiong in a cold and detached way. In the illusion, Yun Fei Yang had pushed She Qiong backwards, She Qiong couldn’t forgive him.

“As you wish.” Yun Fei Yang’s hair and clothes were fluttering in the wind.

Everybody was looking at Yun Fei Yang, who said he came from Duan Ren City. Apparently, his strength was enough to face the most outstanding disciples of the country. At that moment, he really had the air of an extremely strong cultivator, natural and unrestrained.

She Qiong released a terrifying strength with his pure Qi. A hideous and ferocious looking flood dragon then appeared and rushed towards Yun Fei Yang as if it wanted to eat him alive.

“Flood Dragon: Warp Fist!”

Yun Fei Yang’s eyes looked ice-cold, he looked a bit surprised as well. Warp fist was a Di level skill of medium quality! It was like a dragon filled with infinite physical strength, it had a monstrous explosive power.

She Qiong condensed his pure Qi. At that moment, the flood dragon had its own body and was accumulating its own type of energy.

“Kacha, kacha!” The sound of cracking bones emerged from Yun Fei Yang’s body. They suddenly saw his chang pao flutter in an even more violent fashion as the whistling sounds in the air became even more intense. His entire body looked like it contained unlimited strength which dated back to ancient times. It was shocking!

“What are those?” Wondered people in the crowd when they saw the powerful skills. Both of them were extremely strong and fast.

“Duan Ren City has given birth to such a strong cultivator?” She Qiong’s facial expression looked ice-cold, he then added: “Since you are an expert at using physical strength, let’s see how you plan to receive my fist.” While talking, She Qiong’s flood dragon started to rise up in the air. It looked extraordinary.

“As you wish!” Said Yun Fei Yang as if he only knew how to repeat those three words again and again. She Qiong could just fight as he wished, did it matter to him? At that moment, Yun Fei Yang’s Qi was also rising into the air.

“Roaarrr……..” The flood dragon roared. She Qiong took a huge step and released his brutal Qi and his flood dragon started moving towards Yun Fei Yang.


Yun Fei Yang took a few steps forward and a furious sea of energy surged into his hand and condensed. It was a spectacular sight to behold. Then, his deadly Qi was released.

Those two people stepped forwards, the earth and the sky seemed to shake under their pressure. It was scary and majestic.

“What a monstrous strength.” Thought the crowd while looking at those two people’s steps. That battle was breathtaking, the people’s heart started pounding. Those two people were at the same level, they had both broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer. The most terrifying was that their explosive power was much more brutal than that of a normal cultivator of the fourth Xuan Qi layer.

“If Lin Feng fought against She Qiong, he would definitely lose.” Some people suddenly thought. She Qiong’s strength was way too monstrous. If he had a cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer in front of him, he would kill them in a flash.

“Roaaarrr….” Another roar spread through the atmosphere. Those extremely loud rumbling sounds painfully pierced through some people’s eardrums, it seemed like the entire atmosphere was vibrating. The atmosphere above the lake had been invaded by a Qi storm and those terrifying energies had completely enveloped She Qiong and Yun Fei Yang’s bodies.

Who had won? Who had lost?

A few moments after, the explosive energy dispersed. The two fighters had moved backwards. She Qiong’s clothes were ripped apart and some Qi was undulating around him. Yun Fei Yang’s hair looked extremely messy and his face had turned deathly pale.

Both their mouths showed signs of blood. They were fixedly staring at each other.

“As expected, the Di level skill of medium quality, the flood dragon warp fist is extremely strong.” Thought Yun Fei Yang.

She Qiong was fixedly staring at Yun Fei Yang and thought: “There is some strange dark energy inside his deadly energy… such a terrifying dark energy… If I hadn’t paid attention, then that attack would have severely injured me.”

The two fighters were discovering how shocking their mutual strengths were.

“That’s enough. You two are incredible geniuses, go and have a rest.” Said the old man slowly. At that moment, Lin Feng took a step in the air and said in a cold and detached way: “Wait, wait!”

“Huh?” people were stupefied. After having witnessed She Qiong’s monstrous strength, did Lin Feng still want to fight against him? Would he dare?

“You want to fight?” Asked She Qiong in an ice-cold way while fixedly staring at Lin Feng. The latter wanted to die.

“Indeed.” Replied Lin Feng in an ice-cold way. He wouldn’t be able to set his mind at ease if he didn’t kill She Qiong.

“Hmph.” Groaned the old man before saying: “If you want to die, you don’t need to be so impatient. Besides, She Qiong just finished one battle and you want to take advantage of him because he is exhausted. Let him have a rest, if you want to fight, you can fight against somebody else first.”

Lin Feng coldly glanced at the old man, he was clearly protecting She Qiong.

“Since it’s that way, I will fight against somebody else.” Replied Lin Feng indifferently. The old man looked glum, he glanced at She Qiong and Yun Fei Yang and said: “You two can come back.”

She Qiong coldly glanced at Lin Feng, his silhouette flickered and he left the area, followed by Yun Fei Yang.

Above the lake, there was only Lin Feng left and the old man who was overseeing the competition.

Lin Feng wanted to fight but… Against whom?

“Against whom will you fight? Hurry up and speak!” Said the old man coldly. Everybody was looking forward to seeing whom Lin Feng would choose as an opponent.

She Qiong couldn’t fight against him, Yun Fei Yang seemed to be on Lin Feng’s side so he wasn’t going to choose him. The only people left were the eight high-officials and the two people of the Ling Clan.

Ling Tian was monstrously strong, he had killed the most people in the illusion. But would Lin Feng choose a woman as a first opponent?

Lin Feng then glanced around at everybody. He had already met five of the eight high-officials before, the second ranked Yue Tian Ming, the third ranked Wu Qing of the Wan Shou Sect, the fourth ranked Duan Wu Ya as well as the sixth and seventh ranked, respectively Chu Zhan Peng and Luo Xue. He had never seen the strongest of the group, Duan Wu Dao, and it was said that the fifth and eighth ranked were brothers from the Yu Clan.

At that moment, Chu Zhan Peng, on the side of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, was looking at Lin Feng in a despising way, while releasing his killing intent.

“After that battle, I still want to fight against She Qiong so I will fight against Chu Zhan Peng later.” Thought Lin Feng. Finally, he looked at Ling Tian.

Ling Tian was stupefied and suddenly looked ice-cold. Lin Feng seemingly wanted to choose him as a first opponent.

Ling Tian and Lin Feng’s battle was, in any case, unavoidable.

“Get your ass over here.” Said Lin Feng indifferently which stupefied Ling Tian. Lin Feng was extremely rude when talking to him.

The crowd was astonished as well. Even when facing authentically outstanding geniuses, Lin Feng was still as shocking as ever. Those people weren’t like those few people of the Wan Shou Sect, each and every single one of them was a dazzling and glorious genius. They were the most outstanding young people of Xue Yue.

Ling Tian pulled a long face and stepped forwards, immediately arriving in front of Lin Feng, while releasing some ice-cold energy.

The full moon was as brilliant as before, its dreary light was shining upon the two fighters which gave people a sad and lonely feeling. That night, some geniuses were rising, but many others were falling.

Those extremely strong geniuses were showing how powerful they were by taking other geniuses’ lives, and only with enough bloodshed would they be able to look down upon Xue Yue.

The rise and fall of the geniuses was happening in front of millions of cultivators from Xue Yue.

Lin Feng had surprised the entire country many times but on that night, would he be able to continue…? Or would he fall? Everybody was impatient to see his first battle!

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