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PMG Chapter 429: Deadly Energy

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“Do you regret it?” Asked Lin Feng to Ling Tian in a cold tone which surprised Ling Tian.

“Ridiculous, what regrets could I, Ling Tian, have?” Ling Tian was staring at Lin Feng with dangerous lights twinkling in his eyes.

“You and I don’t have any previous grudge, but you came to Yangzhou City and killed some of my troops. I, Lin Feng, must avenge them, which is why I came here to find you.”

When Lin Feng saw Ling Tian’s expression, he correctly understood that the latter didn’t care at all, and even less regretted his actions. Lin Feng’s face was filled with murder; he had to make Ling Tian feel an endless regret before dying.

“You came indeed, and now you are courting death.” Replied Ling Tian while looking at Lin Feng, he then continued: “I initially didn’t intend to kill you but since you have a death wish, I, Ling Tian, will help you achieve your aim.”

When he finished taking, Ling Tian unsheathed his sword from his back which whistled as it cut through the air. It was then shot from his sheath and into the sky spinning around.

Ling Tian stretched out his hand and caught the spinning sword as it was falling.

That sword was extremely shiny, and it looked as sharp as the autumn rain.

“Help me achieve my aim?” Lin Feng smiled coldly and started releasing a deadly energy as his sword Qi started revolving violently. He started to condense a pure Qi sword in his hand; energies were revolving and whistling through the air as they were released.

“In front of me, you dare to use a sword.” Said Ling Tian while taking a step forwards. It was as if his entire body had transformed into a sword and he was shooting through the air towards Lin Feng.

“Whether I dare or not, you will see.” Said Lin Feng while rushing through the air as well. At that moment, in his heart, there was only sword energy, there was only the path of the sword. His sword was alive.

“What terrifying sword energies.” Sighed the crowd in amazement. Those two fighters weren’t like She Qiong and Yun Fei Yang who used terrifying amounts of Qi making the atmosphere tremble, but Lin Feng and Ling Tian were using extremely refined sword Qi. That kind of sword Qi was the most lethal. These energies didn’t look terrifying but if they reached their opponent, only a corpse would remain.

Both of the swords lacerated the atmosphere as they emitted tearing sounds around them. They weren’t terrifying, but the whistling and tearing sounds like the sword cut through the air was spine chilling. In the air, those two swords looked almost desolate as they approached each other under the full moon.

It was as if those swords had been made of water; they looked almost like a dream under the moonlight. Those swords were alive, and each one was displaying its full power.

Ling Tian’s body suddenly spun through the air and moved back, at the same time, Lin Feng, dodged the sword point which was thrust towards him.

They had both avoided that attack, both of their attacks were aimed to kill.

Ling Tian looked prouder and prouder of himself; he was still looking down upon Lin Feng. He looked over and said: “You’re not bad at using a sword, to my surprise, you could exchange an attack with me. It was at least an energy attack… Or maybe that you have already discovered the secrets of sword fusion, but unfortunately, you are far weaker than me. On the path of sword cultivation, I will always be stronger than you. During our battle, you can only die.” Said Ling Tian proudly. He was giving the impression that Lin Feng couldn’t compete with him and that he was just wasting his time.

“You think that you have already won?” Joked Lin Feng in a cold tone. Where did Ling Tian’s sudden pride come from?

“I haven’t yet but it’ the same as winning, there is no difference. The sword attack I just carried out was a test of your ability, I just wanted to see what you were capable of.” Said Ling Tian while coldly looking at Lin Feng. He then said slowly: “With my next sword attack, you will die!”

Ling Tian said that he was only testing Lin Feng, how terrifying was his real attack!

A moment before, in the illusion, Ling Tian had shown how dominant he was, he was a truly powerful cultivator. Killing other people had been extremely easy for Ling Tian. He hadn’t need to use his full strength at all.

“Well, hurry up and show me your strongest sword attack then, I’m waiting to see how you plan to kill me.” Said Lin Feng indifferently which astonished Ling Tian. Lin Feng was asking him to use his strongest sword attack; he was simply asking to die.

Lin Feng was as audacious as ever; he now considered Ling Tian beneath his notice. He was looking down on Ling Tian’s arrogance.

Ling Tian was stupefied, he narrowed his eyes, and killing intent shone in his pupils.

“Since you’re so impatient to die, I won’t drag this out.” Said Ling Tian proudly. In his hand appeared a bright and thin sword. He raised it and the thousand lights that shone from it astonished the crowd.

“This sword is a light energy sword, light can pierce through everything, you cannot stop it. Being able to die under this sword is an honour for you. You can die happily.”

When Ling Tian stopped talking, his sword started absorbing the light energy which was around it, making it seem more dazzling, the crowd watching were blinded by all the rays of light.

That sword was incredibly dazzling, and those rays of light kept moving towards Lin Feng.

That sword was extremely sharp, dazzling and agile like a light.

“Look at the magnificence of my sword before dying. You will die content.” Said Ling Tian sounding indifferent. He suddenly spun in the air and pointed his sword in the direction of the lake. In a flash, a green-blue light emerged from his sword and then immediately disappeared, as if it had never even existed.

A subtle sound reached everyone’s ears stupefying them. What was going on? They had just seen a beam of light shot from the sword, and then it disappeared, that was a light energy sword?

The crowd looked on blankly, they didn’t understand, what exactly was so great about this sword?

“Crrr… Crrrr….” A sound emerged from the water of the lake. In a flash, the crowd reacted. Immediately after, a beam of light emerged from the lake where the sword was pointing, shooting into the sky, it reached a few hundred meters of altitude, after that, a column of water burst into the air. Rumbling sounds spread through the air, and the entire lake looked like it was boiling. It was an astonishing sight.

“What a terrifying sword.” Thought the crowd dumbstruck. They hadn’t even seen the attack apparently, so many were still wondering what was happening. If they blinked, they might not have even notice Ling Tian attacking, but that sword clearly had a destructive potential, people’s hearts were pounding.

That astonishing sword, the light energy sword was terrifying.

When Ling Tian saw the people’s facial expressions, he felt extremely satisfied with himself; then he looked at Lin Feng again.

“You must be happy to die under such magnificence.” Said Ling Tian indifferently. His eyes were filled with arrogance. He wanted to see the fear in Lin Feng’s eyes.

Ling Tian’s female fellow disciple was smiling with pride. That light sword had almost reached its ultimate power. It was nearly impossible to block it, even for Lin Feng. Many people couldn’t even see the sword attack, so they usually died before they even unleashed their attacks. Besides, people usually couldn’t feel any threat coming from the sword, the deadly power of the sword was explosive yet hidden. When the opponent saw the attack being released, it was already too late.

Ling Tian wanted to see Lin Feng regret and fear him; he wanted Lin Feng to do kneel down and prostrate himself. However, considering Lin Feng’s current expression, he didn’t show any fear and had no interest in Ling Tian. Lin Feng just looked calm, terrifyingly calm and serene. It looked like he wasn’t even watching the display of power.

“Alright, are you done playing around?” Said Lin Feng in a cold and detached way which made Ling Tian’s smile freeze. Many people felt their mouths widen in shock.


Lin Feng was thought that Ling Tian was playing?

“Alright, if you’re done playing around, die.” Said Lin Feng. At the same time, he released a monstrous deadly energy.

His deadly energy was shockingly intense. It was the pure and unaltered deadly energy of a murderer. Lin Feng’s body was just filled with pure murderous intention.

He raised his hand and deadly energy started revolving around him. Some pure Qi rolled through the air and began to condense. In Lin Feng’s hand, a deadly black sword had appeared.

A black air of death rolled through the air and condensed into a black sword, a deadly black sword!

“A black sword!” People’s pupils shrank. What a terrifying black sword! It was astonishing. The scariest part was that Lin Feng looked like a death god at that moment, he was standing in the sky surrounded by deadly energy.

That deadly energy seemed like it could even steal the souls from its victims. The hearts of the people around the lake started pounding in fear.

“In the continent, there are many geniuses; you’re not the only one. Besides, other people have hidden their power as well. You think you are the only person who can be strong?… Poor you. You’re just a sad and pathetic fool; that’s all.”

The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng’s eyes were gradually turning pitch-black, and the atmosphere was being invaded by deadly energy. Lin Feng then threw himself at Ling Tian.

Ling Tian’s heart started palpitating violently. He couldn’t control himself anymore, Lin Feng’s deadly energy was terrifying.

He gnashed his teeth and took a step forwards; his body started shining like his light sword; he looked like a light beam inside the darkness.

But at that moment, the light from the sword couldn’t pierce through the darkness; it was submerged inside the deadly black energy which had filled the air.

“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. HIs sword filled with deadly energy fell from the sky; it seemed as if nothing, apart from that sword, existed in the world. The deadly energy felt like it could annihilate and subjugate everything in its path.

“Boom!” The light sword, when it collided with the deadly energy, burst into pieces. However, even though the light sword was extremely sharp and had a high explosive power, it was still nothing to this overwhelming deadly energy.

The endless stream of deadly energy was unstoppable. Now, on Ling Tian’s face, there appeared an expression of absolute despair and hopelessness.

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