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PMG Chapter 430: You will die!

Translated by: NotSaneInTheBrain

Edited by: LikyLiky

Chapter 430: You will die!

“How is that possible?” Ling Tian looked terrified. That terrifying deadly Qi had destabilized his pace and train of thought, besides, it had also crushed his pride.

He had thought that with his light sword, Lin Feng was definitely going to meet his end. He thought that Lin Feng would never be able to stop such a powerful attack. However, Lin Feng had suddenly released that deadly energy which had shown Ling Tian how ignorant he truly was. That deadly energy had penetrated into the innermost part of his heart, it destroyed his determination, ardour and murderous intentions, it replaced them with fear and dread.

That sword was filled with such a powerful, deadly energy, but Lin Feng had only broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer, how could this be possible? But the reality was that Lin Feng had really released that terrifying deadly energy.


Ling Tian was terrified, he had only one thought, he wanted to run away.

Ling Tian started shaking with fear. Just like the laser from his sword, he shot away from Lin Feng at full speed. The deadly energy, which was bombarding its way through the atmosphere, was about to reach him.

Retreat? Did he still have a chance to retreat?

Ling Tian was extremely quick, one of the advantages of his light energy was speed, but Lin Feng was also extremely fast; just like the wind.

The deadly energy was following Lin Feng like a black cloud crashing through the air and he was closely following Ling Tian. He was moving getting nearer and nearer. Lin Feng only had to attack with his sword and Ling Tian would die.

However, Lin Feng didn’t do that.

“Do you regret it?” Asked Lin Feng in an ice-cold mocking tone, after which his deadly energy enveloped Ling Tian’s body, making his heart jump from his chest. Did he regret it?

“You think that everyone else is beneath you, you came to Yangzhou City, thinking of yourself as a majestic god of war and openly killed some of my brothers. You thought that you were untouchable, how arrogant. When you killed my people back then, did you think about the deadly consequences it would have?” Lin Feng’s eyes were jet-black. He could kill Ling Tian at any point, but instead he was toying with him.

Ling Tian was a genius, he was extremely strong but at that moment he looked like a buffoon, Lin Feng was just playing with him like a cat would a mouse.

It looked like a theatre performance was being enacted. A short time before, everybody had thought that Ling Tian would easily defeat Lin Feng but the situation had drastically changed. Ling Tian hadn’t used his full strength and mocked Lin Feng… But what about Lin Feng’s full strength?

In the distance, Ling Tian’s female fellow disciple was shaking. After hearing Lin Feng’s words, she started shaking even more violently.

Back then, she was the person who said the words to Ling Tian which was why he landed in Yangzhou City and gave his display of how strong and proud he was. Back then, that girl hadn’t thought about the consequences of those actions at all. She hadn’t ever thought that Lin Feng would be strong enough to retaliate.

At that moment, Ling Tian obviously regretted his actions. He was young and had extremely high natural abilities but because of one small mistake, because he decided to kill a few nobodies to show off, he was standing on the verge of death. There was even a good chance of him dying for said actions.

The troops he killed in Yangzhou City wouldn’t have attacked him or been any threat to him. Back then, he had just decided to show off and killed them for fun. He hadn’t thought that killing those insignificant people could have such dire consequences. Those people were insects in his eyes. He had just wanted to kill them for his own pride and fun, so what? He had even shouted to give the message to Lin Feng that if he wanted to take his revenge, he could come and find him in the Imperial City.

Ling Tian hadn’t thought about such consequences even in his worst nightmares. He hadn’t thought that what he had done in Yangzhou City would thoroughly change his destiny.

“It seems like you do regret.” Said Lin Feng who was moving closer and closer to Ling Tian, just like a gentle breeze. In Lin Feng’s pitch-black eyes appeared an ice-cold light and he said: “I’ve already told you, you committed the crime of killing my Chi Xie troops and today I will have justice for them. Die!”

When Lin Feng finished talking, his deadly energy became even more terrifying, his black sword was filled with incredible amounts of deadly energy, it was a deadly energy sword. It finally descended through the air, in the atmosphere, there was nothing but the murderous intent which poured from the sword.

Ling Tian looked desperate but at the same time, all of his muscles were twitching, he looked ferocious, hideous… One could see that he regretted every single action he took, but one could also see the hatred in his eyes. Ling Tian, whose talent and strength were unmatched by his peers, was going to die?

“Ahhhh…..” When Ling Tian saw that deadly energy approach him, he shouted in frustration and grief. He closed his eyes and immediately after, what seemed like an endless ocean of deadly Qi enveloped his body and swallowed him. In an instant, his entire being disappeared, Ling Tian had died and there wasn’t a single part of his body left to bury.

Many people’s hearts twitched when they saw Ling Tian’s silhouette vanish and Lin Feng standing in the air, looking proud. Lin Feng was a terrifying cultivator, everyone was dumbstruck.

One sword was enough to kill Ling Tian.

The deadly energy still filled the atmosphere around the lake. Lin Feng’s sword was still filled with an endless murderous intent. He turned around and looked down at the crowd looking majestic and domineering. Finally, he looked at one person, She Qiong.

“Your turn, get your ass over here.” Said Lin Feng indifferently. The crowd felt their eyes go wide, after killing Ling Tian, Lin Feng wasn’t finished, he was going to target She Qiong next.

“Between Lin Feng and She Qiong, who would be stronger?” At that moment, nobody dared to make a guess hastily. Lin Feng had left them shocked, he was extremely brutal and his power was unknown. Nobody dared to underestimate or look down on Lin Feng. Additionally, nobody dared to say a word against She Qiong either.

She Qiong, when he saw that deadly energy in the air, pulled a long face. A short time before, he had despised Lin Feng and chosen Yun Fei Yang for his first battle. In his eyes, Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough so he didn’t attach much importance to him. However, at this moment, he didn’t dare to have such foolish thoughts about Lin Feng anymore.

He understood a great deal when it came to cultivation, he had broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer. In comparison with the last time when he had fought against Lin Feng, he had become much stronger and increased the gap between them, which was also why he had stopped caring about Lin Feng.

She Qiong hadn’t thought that Lin Feng had also grown much stronger during that time. He hadn’t become strong; he had become terrifying. By relying only on that deadly energy, he was able to kill people of the third Xuan Qi layer easily in the blink of an eye.

Lin Feng had only broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer but most cultivators of the third Xuan Qi layer were no longer his opponents.

“Come here, hurry on up……!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously when he saw She Qiong remaining motionless. His voice resonated through the air. At the same time, an even more deadly energy emerged in the atmosphere and started to surround She Qiong’s body. It was a frightening spectacle.

At that moment, She Qiong had no choice but to give it his all and fight against Lin Feng.

She Qiong took a step and then jumped through the air. He arrived near Lin Feng with pure Qi revolving around his body. Around Lin Feng’s body, there was a very powerful deadly energy and it was blocking She Qiong’s pure Qi. That endless murderous intent seemed like it could penetrate into people’s hearts and make the cower in fear.

“She Qiong, how old are you?” Asked Lin Feng in a cold and detached way.

She Qiong frowned, why did Lin Feng ask such a strange question?

“Twenty-four.” Replied She Qiong in a cold and detached tone.

“Twenty-four!” Repeated Lin Feng before continuing: “You are a wealthy and powerful young man of the Imperial Palace. I was born in Yangzhou City, unfortunately, that’s not as glamourous as your birth. However, you are a wealthy and powerful young man, you are twenty-four years old, you have broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer. However, I am only eighteen years old and I wasn’t born into a wealthy or powerful family. I have always relied on my own power to cultivate and not my family’s power and wealth, yet at my age, I have broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer. Despite our different backgrounds, my fighting abilities are in no way any worse than yours. So in front of me, what gives you the presumptuous notion that you can declare that I am not a match for Meng Qing? Apart from a powerful and wealthy background, what do you have that I have not already earned for myself?” Lin Feng’s words stupefied everybody.

She Qiong had just said that Lin Feng wasn’t a good match for Meng Qing and that she should be his woman instead. However, at that moment, Lin Feng was proving otherwise. She Qiong relied on his wealthy and powerful background, he was twenty-four and had broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer… But Lin Feng didn’t have a powerful and influential background, he was only eighteen years old, his fighting power was extremely high and he had terrifying natural abilities to match. Apart from money and a family name, She Qiong had no basis to compete with Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s natural abilities and fighting power were monstrous in comparison with She Qiong’s.

“In my eyes, you are just like Ling Tian, just because you are a little bit talented, you have grown too proud and too arrogant. In fact, you are just a nobody with a powerful family to support your little talent, that’s all. You’re nothing but a waste of breath.” Said Lin Feng emotionlessly. He was fixedly staring at She Qiong and insulting him: “You injured Meng Qing, you tried to humiliate her. Today, no matter what, you will die.”

She Qiong’s energy was moving faster, his facial expression was becoming colder and colder. Lin Feng had insulted him in front of millions of people. He had said that he was only a little talented and threatened that he would die no matter what, how aggressive!

“Well, I am curious to see how you intend to kill me. If you die today, don’t worry, I will take good care of your woman.” Replied She Qiong with an evil smile on his face. When Lin Feng heard him, his deadly energy exploded in the air and he charged forwards. A deadly energy started to roll across the sky. Lin Feng’s deadly energy was tearing through the sky.

A black fissure had been torn in the atmosphere. Lin Feng’s deadly energy contained a monstrous power and it was also dangerously quick.

She Qiong hadn’t expected Lin Feng to charge at him so abruptly. He pulled a long face and suddenly moved backwards. However, Lin Feng was like the wind as he followed closely behind She Qiong, moving closer. Lin Feng’s deadly energy was moving towards She Qiong at full speed and his entire body was filled with murderous intent.

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