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PMG Chapter 431: Despicable Means

PMG Chapter 431: Despicable Means

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The crowd was fixedly staring at the two silhouettes in the air. They were all extremely excited to watch the battle. Lin Feng was frivolous and aggressive, if he wanted to kill somebody, nobody could stop him from doing so.

She Qiong had humiliated his woman, Lin Feng, for Meng Qing’s honour, had just sworn that She Qiong would die no matter what.

At that moment, She Qiong hadn’t anticipated that Lin Feng would attack so abruptly. Besides, his speed was absolutely terrifying. Lin Feng was only at the second Xuan Qi layer but he was already faster than She Qiong, who had broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer.

Lin Feng was moving closer and closer to She Qiong. Lin Feng’s deadly energy was also putting more and more pressure on She Qiong. It was terrifyingly fast and powerful.

“No, I can’t die like this. If I let all of his deadly energy reach me, it will completely smother me and grind me into nothing.” Thought She Qiong whose heart was invaded by coldness. That deadly energy was way too powerful, and it contained the determination of a sword. If that deadly energy could surround She Qiong, no matter how strong he was, he would be sliced into pieces, his entire body would be destroyed.

“Flood Dragon!” Shouted She Qiong in a deep voice. Pure Qi started revolving around him in the atmosphere and a flood dragon image appeared above She Qiong. It looked extremely life like as it roared bestially. It seemed like it was preparing to attack.

“Flood Dragon Warp Fist!” Shouted She Qiong furiously and then his warp fist smashed through the atmosphere. His dragon crawled across his body and fused into his arm. She Qiong’s arm now looked like a dragon’s head, which was rushing towards Lin Feng. The dragon’s eyes were fixedly staring at Lin Feng. At that moment, She Qiong wasn’t running away anymore, instead, he was charging forward to attack.

A rumbling sound emerged in the atmosphere. The flood dragon seemed like it was going to destroy the earth and the sky.

Lin Feng’s eyes were ice-cold. Lin Feng wasn’t moving any longer, he was still.  At this moment, for Lin Feng, there was only his sword.

It was as if the entire world had been replaced with deadly energy and killing intent.


She Qiong had dared humiliate Meng Qing, he had dared to assail her with obscenities, he had to die!

That deadly energy seemed like it was emerging from Lin Feng endlessly. It was extremely pure and contained shocking murderous intent, it seemed like there was nothing between the earth and the sky except for deadly energy.

The moonlight still looked dreary and desolate, just like an ice sculpture, but the people didn’t notice at all, they could only sense that deadly energy filled with murderous intent. That deadly energy was nightmarish.

Lin Feng had broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer but was able to release such a devilish deadly energy. How far along the path did one need to cultivate in order to understand the sword as well as that powerful deadly energy?

With his deadly energy, he was able to compete with a cultivator stronger than him by two cultivation layers, She Qiong.

In the air, the old man who had created the illusion was staring at Lin Feng and looked glum. He despised Lin Feng. His natural abilities were terrifying, there probably weren’t many people who could release a more powerful deadly energy than Lin Feng.

On the side of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, Duan Tian Lang and Chu Zhan Peng were sitting next to each other and pulling a long face, especially Chu Zhan Peng who hadn’t expected Lin Feng’s strength to be the stuff of nightmares.

He suddenly had the impression that nothing would go the way he imagined, he had the feeling that killing Lin Feng wouldn’t be as simple of a task as he previously thought.

Lin Feng, with his strength, could already fight against cultivators of the fourth Xuan Qi layer.

The people of the Luo Xia Sect, the Wan Shou Sect, the Du Gu Clan etc. all hated Lin Feng. At that moment, they were all pulling a long face. Many people had witnessed Lin Feng’s evolution over time… And at that moment, Lin Feng was already able to fight with a cultivator of the fourth Xuan Qi layer. With his natural abilities, what would happen if Lin Feng was still alive in three years’ time? And what about in five years? What would Lin Feng be like at those moments?

They didn’t dare to think about it. Those finalists were all true geniuses, but they needed years upon years to acquire their current strength. Without them noticing, Lin Feng had already accomplished so much. Two years ago, he was only at the Qi layer, then he had broken through to the Ling Qi layer and came to the Imperial City. At that time, how many people had thought that Lin Feng would be fighting in this monumental competition, only one and a half years later? Who would have thought that he would be able to kill Ling Tian with a single sword? Who would have thought that he would be able to release such a monstrous deadly energy?

“Lin Feng had to die as soon as possible, we cannot let him live!” Thought many people at that moment. Their desire to kill Lin Feng was becoming more and more urgent with each passing moment. Letting Lin Feng live longer would be too dangerous.

On the side of the Yue Clan, an old white-haired man looked like he was having mixed feelings.

Each time he saw Lin Feng’s terrifying natural abilities, he couldn’t help but think about her. Like mother, like son, actually Lin Feng really resembled his mother!

They had the same terrifying natural abilities, the same determination and they both had identical temperaments! If they wanted to do something, nobody on earth could prevent them from doing it.

Lin Feng’s sword was filled with deadly energy, which caused a black fissure to be torn in the sky, when it collided with the flood dragon warp fist. It almost destroyed the atmosphere which started shaking violently.

That sword filled with deadly energy had pierced through the flood dragon and continued moving towards She Qiong. It seemed like nothing could stop that deadly sword. Lin Feng, moving just like the wind, releasing even more monstrous deadly energy which increased the pressure towards She Qiong. Lin Feng’s entire body was just like his sword; he was filled with killing intent which was overflowing.

She Qiong looked incomparably glum. He roared aggressively and another flood dragon warp fist started to crash through the atmosphere once again. At the same time, he moved backwards, he had to avoid getting close to Lin Feng no matter what, if he approached him, Lin Feng’s deadly energy would devour him in an instant.

“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng in a ruthless tone. His deadly sword moved forwards as it swallowed the flood dragon again and continued to chase She Qiong.

In front of Lin Feng’s terrifying deadly sword, which was also filled with murderous intent, She Qiong was in a critical situation.

The crowd was dumbstruck, they couldn’t believe their eyes. She Qiong’s strength was terrifying enough already, but when facing Lin Feng, he found himself struggling to avoid death’s door.

“Roaaarr!” An insane roar suddenly caused the atmosphere vibrate. Behind She Qiong, a terrifying flood dragon appeared, it looked hideous and cruel, and it was fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

She Qiong had released his spirit, he had had no choice but to use everything.

“Die!” Lin Feng ignored the flood dragon and released even more black, deadly energy. His sword did not stop moving closer to She Qiong, Lin Feng was leaving no room for escape.

She Qiong’s face looked glum. His entire body was surrounded by a coarse and wild Qi. His flood dragon bared fangs and brandished claws towards the deadly energy.

“Fusion!” A terrifying bestial aura emerged around She Qiong’s body and then many silhouettes appeared, it seemed like a swarm of flood dragons filled the sky.

At that moment, She Qiong looked like he had turned into a wild beast, he looked like an authentic flood dragon.

“The power of my flood dragon warp fist is at its peak when I fuse with my spirit.” Thought She Qiong at that moment, he almost looked half dragon and half human. He raised his head and unleashed a violent roar. His entire body was surrounded the wild and coarse Qi.



She Qiong first shouted furiously and then his flood dragon roared in a monstrous way. She Qiong’s body looked like it was covered with dragon scales. He then punched through the air, his punch looked like a dragon streaking across the sky. It was moving straight towards Lin Feng.


The sword filled with deadly energy and the flood dragon collided. At the collision point appeared a vast black light. In a flash, She Qiong and Lin Feng were swallowed by that blackness. They had been swallowed by it. The collision of their two attacks had resulted in the apparition of a terrifying energy.

The crowd gasped with amazement. They were fixedly staring at the place where the two fighters were. The confrontation of two powerful geniuses was terrifying.

She Qiong had fused with his flood dragon spirit. Lin Feng had only used his deadly energy, but it seemed like there was an endless quantity of deadly Qi and energy. Lin Feng was fulfilling his word, he was going  to kill She Qiong.

“Chu Zhan Peng, go and kill Lin Feng!” Interrupted a voice at that moment, it came from the bank of the lake, from the group of people of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. Duan Tian Lang was the one who spoke, his voice sounded indifferent and cold. Chu Zhan Peng was stupefied though, he looked like he didn’t understand what Duan Tian Lang meant.

“She Qiong is almost defeated. You should go quickly and kill Lin Feng, otherwise, if you fight against him in a one-on-one battle, it will be a fierce battle, it’s not even guaranteed that you will win.” Said Duan Tian Lang slowly while staring at Chu Zhan Peng. Even though Chu Zhan Peng’s cultivation level had increased, he was the same as She Qiong, he had recently broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer as well.

She Qiong was the youngest officer of the Imperial City Guards, relying on his cultivation level, skills and techniques, he definitely had what it took to become one of the eight high-officials. Chu Zhan Peng wasn’t even sure that he was able to defeat She Qiong in a fight.

Lin Feng could put so much pressure on She Qiong that there was no escape, which meant that he was also able to do the same against Chu Zhan Peng.

“Right now is the best moment to kill Lin Feng, you cannot let this opportunity slip by. If you fight against him in a fair battle, you will have no chance of escape.” Said Duan Tian Lang still trying to convince Chu Zhan Peng. Chu Zhan Peng looked irresolute. Going to kill Lin Feng at that moment was dangerous, besides, in front of everybody, he would lose a great deal of face if he suddenly attacked Lin Feng by surprise.

However, Duan Tian Lang was telling him that if he waited, Chu Zhan Peng wouldn’t be able to kill Lin Feng because of his deadly energy and might not even be able to escape. If he lost against Lin Feng, he would lose more than just face.

“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng. His terrifying deadly energy rolled through the air, it was surrounded by a black light. She Qiong’s body was blown away, his face turned deathly pale and blood burst out of his mouth. He had lost. She Qiong had been defeated by Lin Feng, how terrifying.

“Lin Feng must die!” when Chu Zhan Peng saw that scene, he gnashed his teeth, a hurricane appeared around him as he spread his wings and he then streaked across the sky. His wings were emitting a whistling sound as he rushed into battle.

“Lin Feng, fight against me!” Shouted Chu Zhan Peng furiously. His silhouette then dashed through the sky and he nosedived towards Lin Feng which made the entire crowd frown.

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