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PMG Chapter 432: Lotus in the Left, Sword in The Right!

PMG Chapter 432: Lotus in the Left, Sword in The Right!
Edited by: Liky
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One of the eight high-officials was attacking!

He was the first high-official to join the battles. What surprised the crowd the most was that when Chu Zhan Peng was attacking he gave absolutely no warning that he was going to do so. Was he…… Attacking Lin Feng by surprise?!

Lin Feng was still battling against She Qiong when suddenly Chu Zhan Peng went to attack Lin Feng before the battle was over! He was definitely taking advantage of Lin Feng’s current situation.

When the crowd saw that silhouette streak across the sky and then nosedive towards Lin Feng, they were all worried about Lin Feng. Chu Zhan Peng was extremely fast thanks to his legendary roc spirit. He was so fast that it was incredible.

“Shameless!” Shouted Duan Feng at that moment while stamping onto the ground. When he saw Chu Zhan Peng attack, he couldn’t help but shout out. His heart also twitched for Lin Feng.

Even though Chu Zhan Peng had shouted something before entering the battle, he was too far away and it was only an attempt to justify a surprise attack. He was extremely fast which made Duan Feng worry more about the safety of Lin Feng.

Meng Qing’s heart also abruptly started pounding. She released an ice-cold ice Qi which shot through the air towards Chu Zhan Peng, but even if she wanted to stop him, it was already too late. In the blink of an eye, Chu Zhan Peng had already arrived next to Lin Feng.

“Be careful!” Shouted Meng Qing with all her power to warn Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s eyes were ice-cold. With his incredible senses, Lin Feng had of course sensed that Chu Zhan Peng was attacking him from behind. However, his deadly energy was still crashing through the atmosphere towards She Qiong, and Lin Feng couldn’t change that, he could only rely on his incredible senses to avoid the incoming attack.

The power of the wind enabled Lin Feng to move in an extremely agile way, as if he could float through the air without resistance, at that moment, he was floating backwards.


A sharp sound emerged in the air. Chu Zhan Peng’s silhouette flickered and he abruptly adjusted his trajectory. He was aiming directly at Lin Feng and his speed was increasing.

Lin Feng was stupefied, how unbelievably fast! Chu Zhan Peng was so fast that Lin Feng didn’t even have the qualifications to dodge the attack.

“”Whoosh…. Whoosh….” The sharp wings converged on Lin Feng’s abdomen, his clothes were torn to shreds as blood splashed out from two wounds.

“EEeeee!” A terrifying power moved towards Lin Feng again. Chu Zhan Peng had already moved back and dived towards Lin Feng again, which blew him away for a second time. Lin Feng’s face deathly pale.

Lin Feng was clearly injured after such a brutal onslaught. Chu Zhan Peng had attacked Lin Feng with the element of surprise and because of the speed in which he attacked, Lin Feng didn’t have the time to defend and was actually injured. At the same time, the legendary roc continued beating its wings in the sky.

Even though Chu Zhan Peng was taking advantage of a difficult situation, his strength was still incredible, he was extremely strong. He had attacked and injured Lin Feng in the blink of an eye.

Meng Qing’s silhouette flickered and she immediately appeared in front of Lin Feng obstructing the path towards the injured Lin Feng. She released her ice Qi which soared to the skies, her face at this moment looked scary.

“Meng Qing, get back!” Lin Feng raised his head and when he saw Meng Qing, he looked like he was scared and shouted out, which shocked Meng Qing.

“I have already told you, all those who try to humiliate or harm you will die. Today, no matter what price needs to be paid, I will keep my promise.” Said Lin Feng sounding determined which stupefied Meng Qing. Immediately after, her beautiful face turned red.

Lin Feng had sworn that he would kill She Qiong, no matter what, he would keep his promise, because he had said that for her.

“Let me help!” Said Meng Qing who couldn’t help but worry about Lin Feng losing his life. Her ice energy made Lin Feng feel chills as he grew closer.

“Let me do this alone!” Insisted Lin Feng while shaking his head. He caressed Meng Qing’s hair, smiled and said: “I told you, from now on, I will be the one to protect you.” When Lin Feng finished talking, he moved back and pulled Meng Qing away from the battle.

Meng Qing looked at Lin Feng’s back and felt proud. A magnificent and resplendent smile appeared on her face. That heartfelt smile made everything else in the world lose its splendour.

When the crowd saw that pure and holy smile, they were dazzled. Her beauty was simply breathtaking. For such a beauty, they were ready to kill the gods and worship devils.

Everybody who saw that scene started to feel that Meng Qing and Lin Feng were made for each other, they were soulmates. As far as She Qiong was concerned, he was extremely far from being worthy of Meng Qing.

No matter what, if he won or lost this fight, the real protagonist on that day was Lin Feng. Lin Feng was doing everything in his power to keep Meng Qing smiling, with a smile which dazzled everyone.

Lin Feng turned his head back to his opponents, his face was no longer soft and gentle as when he was speaking to Meng Qing, there was only the endless coldness of his pitch-black eyes. His pitch-black eyes were filled with killing intent. He was fixedly staring at She Qiong and Chu Zhan Peng.

“Chu Zhan Peng!” Lin Feng laughed out as if the name itself was a joke.

“The other day, you stormed into to the Celestial Academy to challenge me, how prestigious! You wanted to fight against me and so we agreed to have our fight today. Even though you were despicable and attacked me from behind, I do not mind, I will still fight you today. The members of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue are only a despicable bunch, nothing but a bunch of cowards and traitors. I have already grown used to their shamelessness, therefore, attacking me from behind is absolutely despicable, but I would expect nothing less from the scum of the Holy Courtyard.” Shouted Lin Feng whose words echoed across the sky. He was humiliating Chu Zhan Peng and the entire Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue.

Each and every person from the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue was staring at Lin Feng with cold expressions, but none of them could find the words to reply.

“In front of someone stronger than you, words are useless. I, Chu Zhan Peng, will kill you and then nobody will dare to say that the way I attacked you was despicable. The people will continue to sing my praises and say that our battle was a magnificent display of my power.” Said Chu Zhan Peng while staring at Lin Feng in an ice-cold way. A moment before, Lin Feng had been injured by his attack, that’s all.

“You’re right, in front of someone stronger, words are useless. Such shamelessness and such despicable methods are really lamentable. Chu Zhan Peng, I will kill you, you and She Qiong will be buried here today.” When Lin Feng finished talking, the crowd shivered. Lin Feng was still as audacious as before, even when standing before one of the eight high-officials and She Qiong, two extremely strong cultivators.

Lin Feng sounded like he was already certain of his victory against the two.

His deadly energy dashed into the skies. In Lin Feng’s right hand, there was a black sword filled with a terrifying killing intent.

At the same time, in his left hand, Lin Feng was condensing a terrifying pure Qi. It was pouring into a vortex in his left hand.

Lin Feng stretched out his left hand and the pure Qi transformed into a black flame, which perfectly matched the black sword in his right hand, he looked truly formidable.

But that wasn’t the end, the black flame continued to absorb Lin Feng’s pure Qi as a black lotus slowly started to form in his hand, it was strangely beautiful.

The black lotus, the grim fire black lotus.

“Boom boom boom boom!”

Everyone could hear the sound of their heart beating in their chest. They were astonished. They had thought that Lin Feng’s deadly energy was his hidden card but he still had even more up his sleeve.

Lin Feng was still as shocking as ever. Every time people thought that he had shown his strength and power, they found out that they had only touched the surface of his true strength.

Was that terrifying black lotus the reason for Lin Feng’s confidence?

In his left hand, he held a calm and tranquil black lotus, in his right hand, he held a terrifying black sword which oozed killing intent, but they were shockingly both filled with the same monstrous deadly energy!

Lin Feng was surrounded by deadly energy which fused into each of his hands, it was astonishing.

Chu Zhan Peng was surprised and looked directly at Lin Feng’s hands that held both the black lotus and the black sword. A trace of fear could be seen in his eyes.

Everybody already knew how powerful the deadly energy was, but the black lotus in Lin Feng’s hand also seemed incredibly powerful, maybe more so than the sword.

She Qiong had already seen Lin Feng’s black lotus and its terrifying power. Back then, Lin Feng had only broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer but it was already enough to threaten his life when using it. At that moment, Lin Feng’s black lotus looked much more powerful than in the past.

“Chu Zhan Peng, today I will show you that apart from being detestable and attacking by surprise, there is nothing else you can do before me.” Said Lin Feng whose confidence made people shiver. He once again released a storm of deadly energy while talking, which filled the air around him.

Chu Zhan Peng pulled a long face. His wings were beating slowly when suddenly, his silhouette flickered and he disappeared from his initial position. He had thrown himself towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled coldly and stretched out his left hand. He then waved his hand and the black lotus suddenly started to open which made Chu Zhan Peng quickly turn in retreat.

“With his legendary roc spirit, he can really run away.” Thought Lin Feng ignoring the fact that Chu Zhan Peng had once again flew into the air ready to swoop down. Lin Feng took a step and jumped towards She Qiong. His deadly energy was crashing through the air with him. At that moment, Lin Feng had completely forgotten about his injuries.

She Qiong pulled a long face. Lin Feng was definitely going to kill him, no matter what, because Lin Feng was doing this for Meng Qing.

At that moment, She Qiong’s heart violently pounded. He felt like he was facing a madman and that madman could not be reasoned with, he would only kill.

“Chu Zhan Peng, let’s work together and kill him!” Shouted She Qiong while moving back at full speed.

The crowd sighed, this battle was too unfair. There were two people grouping against one and one of the group was even a high-official. The old man overseeing the competition didn’t even try to stop such a battle from happening.

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