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PMG Chapter 433: Piss Off!

Chapter 433: Piss Off!
Editor: Fluphy
Last one for Thursday

At that moment, the national competition seemed like a theatre play; nobody had anticipated such a thing.

Who would have imagined that Lin Feng would fight against the high-official Chu Zhan Peng and the youngest officer of the Imperial City Guards all by himself, one genius against two.

Chu Zhan Peng and She Qiong were both incredible talents. However, Lin Feng’s talent outshone them by far. That is why She Qiong and Chu Zhan Peng only needed to agree to work together for them to kill their mutual enemy.

Chu Zhan Peng remained silent for a short while but eventually nodded in a cold and detached way while saying: “Alright. Let’s kill him together.”

Two geniuses were agreeing to work together and kill Lin Feng.

At that moment, Lin Feng was cold and aloof; his pitch-black eyes looked emotionless and expressionless. He took a step forward and flew towards She Qiong while releasing an astonishing amount of deadly energy.

Chu Zhan Peng had a legendary roc spirit, his speed was incredible, his claws were extremely sharp, and he was in a much better condition than She Qiong. Killing him would be harder than a weakened She Qiong. That was why Lin Feng decided to kill She Qiong first and then he would take care of Chu Zhan Peng.

When She Qiong saw the deadly energy crashing through the atmosphere towards him, he pulled a long face. Lin Feng was determined to kill him first.

His flood dragon spirit roared, and its gigantic eyes never left Lin Feng for even a second. The flood dragon wrapped around She Qiong’s body and enveloped him completely. His arm looked like it was gathering an exceptionally dangerous energy.

“DIE!” Shouted She Qiong loudly. The force of his flood dragon: warp fist bombarded towards Lin Feng. The gigantic flood dragon was following behind She Qiong’s fist as it raised its head to roar.

Chu Zhan Peng obviously understood what She Qiong was planning, so he spread his wings and rushed to attack Lin Feng with unbelievable speed. His speed was incredibly shocking to witness.

Two people attacking at the same time, one from the front, the other from behind, they were using such a despicable tactic to deal with the injured Lin Feng.


A gentle breeze floated through the air. Lin Feng was calmly analysing the wind as it blew over him, his body slightly shook, and his entire silhouette seemed like it had moved several thousand times, in different directions, in the blink of an eye. Each of his moves seemed like it had a million variations and each would lead to a different destination. Lin Feng had fused with the very wind itself, and suddenly, multiple silhouettes appeared.

In the sky, there now stood a countless number of Lin Feng’s.

“Huh?” She Qiong was stupefied. He only saw Lin Feng and all those after images moving towards him; their speed was incredible as they flew towards him from multiple directions like a strong gale.

The deadly energy surrounding his body was growing more and more violent, more and more terrifying.

“I don’t think that you can fight against two people at the same time!” Said She Qiong. His flood dragon roared, and they rushed straight towards the group of Lin Feng’s, ready to destroy everything that crossed its path.

“Die! ” Shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. Without mercy, he thrust out with his black sword which was filled with an immense deadly energy.



The deadly energy and the flood dragon collided which caused the air itself to shake from the pressure. At the same time, Chu Zhan Peng had almost arrived at Lin Feng’s back; his sharp claws were about to impale Lin Feng and rip a massive hole through his chest. Those claws were clearly aiming to rip Lin Feng’s heart directly from his chest with one swoop.

“Get lost!”

Lin Feng spun his body around in the air, and his black lotus was pushed towards Chu Zhan Peng’s direction, his black lotus contained a thick concentration of deadly energy and grim fire.

Chu Zhan Peng was stupefied, his claws stopped in place, if he had continued with his attack then his claws would have landed directly on the black lotus.

Chu Zhan Peng spread his wings and abruptly came to a halt. After that, a purple light emerged from Lin Feng, immediately that purple spirit rushed out and caught the black lotus as if it was another hand.

“Huh?” The crowd was speechless, what was Lin Feng doing? Why was the purple spirit now holding the black lotus?

After some consideration, the crowd understood Lin Feng’s intention. His purple spirit seemingly had its awareness and could control the black lotus to attack Chu Zhan Peng if he came close. Even Chu Zhan Peng was dumbstruck when he saw this.

Was such a thing even possible?

Lin Feng could have his spirit use the black lotus to attack without even looking?

At that moment, Lin Feng had already stopped paying attention to the black lotus behind him. His deadly energy burst into the sky, and his sword descended towards She Qiong. Without even glancing behind him to see his black lotus and Chu Zhan Peng, he released his deadly energy and attacked.

Lin Feng’s deadly energy seemed like it was endless as if he had an endless amount of deadly energy within him. However, She Qiong wouldn’t be able to continue carrying out such powerful attacks to defend against Lin Feng forever. The deadly energy was destroying everything. At that moment, She Qiong unleashed another flood dragon warp fist and used the force to propel himself back, but Lin Feng’s sword still reached its target.

There was a large wound across She Qiong’s abdomen, but if he had been a little bit slower, that wound would have been through his heart.

The deadly energy was putting immense pressure on She Qiong’s wound which caused a hideous expression to appear on his face. It was excruciating; he was barely able to breathe. Were two people working together really unable to defeat Lin Feng?

Lin Feng didn’t intend to give him time to contemplate, the multiple Lin Feng’s appeared and rushed forward like the wind, they were getting closer and closer to She Qiong. The deadly energy was still adding a tremendous pressure onto She Qiong’s body, and his chest was feeling tight.

“Aahhhhh…” Shouted She Qiong, but his voice sounded weak as he was struggling for air. He felt completely dispirited; his courage was disappearing. There was nothing worse than dying. His shout was a shout of fear and despair. At the same time, it was incredibly weak and shrill due to the deadly energy crushing his body from all sides.

At the same time, Chu Zhan Peng didn’t stop moving, but the purple spirit did have its awareness. It was attacking with the black lotus every time that Chu Zhan Peng tried moving forwards. Chu Zhan Peng had no doubt that the purple spirit and black lotus would gravely injure him or even take his life if he was careless.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng with his expressionless black eyes. He raised both his hands into the air and slashed down with his sword, filled with killing intent.

A rumbling emerged in the atmosphere. A brutal, deadly energy was pressuring and preventing She Qiong from dodging, even though he managed to partly dodge the attack, blood burst out of his mouth, and his body was blown away.

Lin Feng wasn’t going to let him off so easily. His murderous intent was still filling the skies. He rushed forwards again and brandished his sword once more, another strike and he would be able to kill She Qiong!

“That’s enough! Stop!” Shouted the old man coldly which made the atmosphere shake and shocked the crowd.

Lin Feng was a bit surprised, at the moment when he was about to kill She Qiong, the old man ordered them to stop. However, a moment before, when Chu Zhan Peng had joined the battle to help She Qiong kill Lin Feng, the old man hadn’t said a word.

Who couldn’t see that the old man was abusing his power and authority to help She Qiong?

Lin Feng obviously understood what was going on. His facial expression looked ice-cold, his murderous intent and deadly energy were still filling the air, Lin Feng didn’t even attempt to stop.

“Stop!” Shouted the old man again, his voice was so sharp that it hurt Lin Feng’s ears. Immediately after, he saw the old man take a step through the air and appear in front of him. He then punched through the air; that punch looked terrifying, and huge Qi waves rolled through the atmosphere causing Lin Feng’s deadly energy to come to a halt, immediately after he moved back.

“Fifth Xuan Qi layer.” The crowd was stupefied, that old man had the strength of the fifth Xuan Qi layer. He was much stronger than Lin Feng, and Lin Feng was still able to resist thanks to the deadly energy. His grim fire black lotus could defeat cultivators much stronger than Lin Feng, but only by around one or two layers. However, the current black lotus was not powerful enough to kill someone at the fifth Xuan Qi layer.

“I told you to stop, did you understand?” Shouted the old man in an extremely aggressive tone while releasing a cold energy.

Lin Feng looked at the old man’s face; he looked incredibly ugly and devious.

“What a crappy competition, it’s a shame that it has you as it’s corrupt overseer. What a disgrace.” Said, Lin Feng, while looking at the old man, he then continued on an ice-cold tone: “If I had known it was this corrupt earlier, I would never have bothered with this laughable joke of competition, it’s run by evil, shameless bastards like you.”

Lin Feng didn’t even care about the competition anymore. The people in power were just using their authority in this competition to play with him. Nobody was following the rules and abiding by a fair competition, was this really how they planned to find geniuses?

When the crowd heard Lin Feng, they were touched and sighed. Indeed, that competition hadn’t been so great for Lin Feng; it was pointless.

“Say that again!” Said the old man while staring at Lin Feng with an evil look. His face was overflowing with killing intent.

“Say it again?” Lin Feng smiled coldly and said: “I said, today, no matter what happens, She Qiong will die, and nobody will stop me. Your shitty excuse for a competition means nothing to me, now piss off!!” Lin Feng’s eyes were pitch-black, and his murderous intent grew even more intense. His words had left everyone aghast. Lin Feng had told the old man to piss off, what was he thinking!

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