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PMG Chapter 434: The Mysterious Apparition

PMG Chapter 434: The Mysterious Apparition
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The light of the full moon was shining down upon the still lake.

At that moment, everybody was silently staring at that proud young man.

He had killed Ling Tian, then he began a battle to protect the honour of his woman and proudly declared that She Qiong would die. Chu Zhan Peng even joined the battle and arrogantly flew into the air to launch a surprise attack. On top of that, at that moment, in front of everybody, Lin Feng was telling a senior of the fifth Xuan Qi layer to piss off.

On the ground, in the group from the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, Lin Qian raised her head and looked at that prideful young man. She couldn’t help but sigh…

If Lin Feng had stayed in the Lin Clan, if Lin Qian had treated Lin Feng as part of the family instead of isolating, despising and humiliating him, at that moment, their clan would be the pride of Yangzhou City and the Lin Clan would have untold glory.

Lin Feng’s glory would be shared with her Lin Clan, as well as the ownership of Yangzhou City. He would have become the pride of the clan but at that moment, it was the absolute opposite.

It was the first time that she had such a feeling, she was regretting her past actions against Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was truly powerful and did not let anything stand in his way. He made Lin Qian start to realise how short-sighted she had been.

At that moment, Chu Zhan Peng already couldn’t fight against Lin Feng anymore. Lin Qian could see how terrifyingly strong Lin Feng had become. Two years before, he was only trash of the Qi layer.

In the Yue Clan, there was someone who also had the same feeling as Lin Qian and was sighing.

The patriarch of the Yue Clan, Yue Qing Shan also sighed while looking at that young man, his grandson. If he had been a member of the Yue Clan, he could have grown up alongside Yue Tian Ming and they would have been as close as brothers. Who would have dared to provoke them if they were united by such a strong bond?

In five years, Yue Tian Ming and Lin Feng will become the most talented cultivators of Xue Yue.

At that moment, the old man who was overseeing the competition looked ferocious. Lin Feng had told him to piss off in front of millions of people.

She Qiong and Chu Zhan Peng stopped in place and were shocked. The black lotus had returned to Lin Feng and it was emitting a crackling sound in the air, apart from those sounds, the atmosphere was deathly silent.

“Alright, alright, alright……” Said the old man three times with deadly energy leaking from his body.

Lin Feng released some more deadly energy which covered the skies. Lin Feng wasn’t scared at all. He only looked cold and determined, nobody could stop him.

If things were pushed to that point, Lin Feng would give his all to kill all three of them.

Lin Feng didn’t want to use the evil swords, they were too terrifying and might attempt to devour his soul and take over his body. The evil swords were able to take control over his body like an evil parasite. However, if he ignored the danger and used the evil swords, everybody would know of their existence and strong cultivators would try to steal the evil swords from his body.

Lin Feng would use them only if he had no other choice because the result would be a bloodbath. Then he would be forced to leave Xue Yue and hide somewhere that no one would ever find him.

“How should I deal with you?” Said the old man evilly. In his eyes, Lin Feng had already signed away his life.

Even if Lin Feng’s natural abilities were extremely high, they were enemies, and the stronger an enemy was, the more urgently he needed to die.

The old man had lived for so many years, he could obviously understand that the sooner one killed their enemies while they were weak, the better it was, and the longer one waited, the less chances one would have to kill them.

Geniuses rose very quickly but they could also fall just as quick because people were scared to let such geniuses live for too long when there were grudges between them.

“Deal with me?” Lin Feng’s eyes looked cold and detached and some deadly energy was released from his body. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

“Kill him.” Said the old man to She Qiong who was still behind him. They definitely had to take Lin Feng’s life! She Qiong had lost his dignity, it was clear to everyone that Lin Feng had dominated and humiliated him. If the old man hadn’t come out, She Qiong would be long dead. He wanted to kill Lin Feng and wash away his shame.

“This brat doesn’t respect his elders and superiors. He must be punished.” Said Duan Tian Lang at that moment. He wanted to kill Lin Feng more than anyone.

“Kill him! He’s a disgrace to our national competition, he must die!”

“The boy must die!”

At that moment, many voices were filling the air. It was the members of the Yu Clan, of the Wan Shou Sect, and of many other influential groups, that all wanted Lin Feng dead.

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd but remained expressionless. All those people wanted to put an end to their grudge with his death.

When the crowd heard the shouts from all the people who wanted to kill Lin Feng, they sighed.

He had natural abilities but wasn’t that useless to him right now? He didn’t have an influential background and he had offended so many people, who were working together to kill him.

The world was cold and cruel. Strength was what mattered the most, there are no laws if there is no power to uphold them. Everything always came down to strength, if a person was strong enough, who could stop them from doing what they wanted?

That national competition was a competition to select an outstanding genius, it was the competition of Xue Yue, there were rules, but Lin Feng had offended so many powerful groups… And because they wanted him to die, something as whimsical as a rule wouldn’t stop them.

Lin Feng only had himself as backing, he was desolate and lonely like the moon floating in the sky above, even though his natural abilities were more impressive than the majority of the eight high-officials, everything came down to strength.

“What a pity.” Thought many people while looking at the proud young man. They sighed again. What a pity. He had no other power to rely on, so he would fall to their schemes, another genius would die.

There were so many people shouting out for the death of Lin Feng, yet there was nobody who was rushing out to his defence.

Only Meng Qing was releasing her Qi, ready to fight. If they wanted to kill Lin Feng, she would abandon everything and destroy them all.

“Did you hear? Everybody wants your life.” Said the old man while looking at Lin Feng. He was smiling and found the entire situation amusing. Lin Feng had no way out.

Lin Feng smiled as he thought, “You all want me dead?”

A powerful, deadly energy burst across the skies and flooded the atmosphere. Everyone could feel the killing intent, and fury unleashed.

“You all want to kill me? go ahead and try!!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously while smiling coldly. At the same time, Meng Qing rushed into the sky and released a bone chilling ice Qi.

When the old man sensed their energies, he just smiled with mockery. The deadly energy was extremely powerful and Meng Qing’s ice Qi was extremely dense, but so what? They had no influence, no power supporting them, what could two people do alone?

“Alright, I will give it a try.” Said the old man coldly as he moved forward.

When Lin Feng saw the old man move, he closed his eyes. He could sense the evil swords with his soul, and they were trying to move.

“Foolish old thing!”

At the moment when Lin Feng was about to unleash the evil swords, a voice filled the air. That voice wasn’t loud, but everybody had heard each word distinctly.

After the words were said, multiple ribbons of different colours flew across the lake, they were fluttering in the wind. It seemed like the sky was filled with colourful ribbons. They had invaded the entire sky.

“What’s going on?” When the crowd saw the colourful ribbons, they were all surprised. The old man was surprised as well. On top of that, those colourful ribbons all shot towards him with incredible speed.

As if Lin Feng had realised something, he suddenly opened his eyes. But what he saw had left him stupefied.

Those colourful ribbons?

The scene seemed familiar. Back in the Lovesick Forest, those colourful ribbons had appeared at the most crucial moment and saved him.

At that moment, Lin Feng was once again in a dangerous situation, and once again those colourful ribbons appeared… And they were moving straight towards the old man!

It seemed like someone was coming to the rescue of Lin Feng.

It was very strange. Lin Feng didn’t understand what was going on. Those colourful ribbons arrived at the old man in the blink of an eye. The old man groaned coldly and raised his hand which was as sharp as a blade. He started to cut through the colourful ribbons, but at the same time, many other colourful ribbons rushed towards the old man from every direction. The ribbons were all directly connected to the same place on the ground as they wrapped around the old man in the sky, they seemed like colourful bridges to heaven. It was incredibly beautiful.

“Who’s that?” Everyone was left speechless. They all looked around and tried to figure out who had initiated the attack. Finally, they saw multiple feminine silhouettes in the distance. Those colourful ribbons were held in their hands.

In the middle of the women, there was a lithe and graceful woman wearing white clothes who looked as pure and holy as snow. Her magnificent style and elegance were unmatched under the heavens.

However, the woman was wearing a bamboo hat, and a fine white veil was covering her face. She looked like a goddess.

“Who is she?” When the crowd saw the woman, they couldn’t help but ask. She looked aloof, but her beauty made everything else seem lacking. That holy and pure silhouette reminded people of when they first saw Meng Qing!



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