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PMG Chapter 437: What Kind of Life?

PMG Chapter 437: What Kind of Life?

Translated by: Notsaneinthebrain

Edited by: LikyLiky

2nd of Saturday’s

“Roar!” The dragon roared, besides there was more than a single head and they were all roaring. That dragon had seven heads which looked down at the crowd causing their souls to tremble in fright.

“Dual spirit…” The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng had hidden something else, he had his purple spirit and a dragon spirit and when considering that dragon’s Qi, it seemed much more terrifying than Lin Feng’s purple spirit.

Of course, some people had already recognized the spirit and all of those who could were particularly dumbstruck!

That was…. The heavenly dragon spirit! It was the spirit of the Yue Clan!

Lin Feng surprisingly had the spirit of the Yue Clan, in other words, the blood of the Yue Clan was flowing through his veins!

When people discovered that, they were gobsmacked, many thoughts were circulating at full speed through their brains…was Lin Feng a member of the Yue Clan?!

“No, it can’t be!” Suddenly, a few people looked as if they had understood something incredible. It couldn’t be, Lin Feng was born in Yangzhou City, he couldn’t be a member of the Yue Clan. Besides, if he was a member of the Yue Clan, with such incredible natural talent, would Yue Qing Shan have allowed Lin Feng to be bullied in such a way? He would have already got involved.

“Wait wait…” A great deal of people were stuck trying to understand the situation. Their hearts started pounding as they all thought of an answer.

If the blood of the Yue Clan flowed in somebody’s veins, it didn’t necessarily mean that the person was a member of the Yue Clan or that they were named Yue. There was another possibility, the possibility that a member of the Yue Clan had a child outside of the clan which inherited the blood spirit.

When the crowd thought about that possibility, they also looked to the mysterious woman in the sky.

Eighteen years ago, there was a woman from the Yue Clan who was so gifted that she shocked the entire country. However, because she fell for someone against the clan’s wishes, she had cut off ties with the Yue Clan and was never heard from again.

That mysterious woman must be the same woman who disappeared eighteen years ago, Yue Meng He! She had disappeared after she went against her family because of the man she loved.

Lin Feng was stood in the sky with that very woman, he was eighteen years old with the blood of the Yue Clan running through his veins.

The last time, at the Mount Sword, Yue Qing Shan also provided a small assistance to Lin Feng.

Thoughts were racing at full speed, many people were dumbstruck and other felt their hearts pounding.

The truth was already crystal clear to those influential powers.

The one who was the most outstanding female cultivator in the country, who disappeared 18 years ago, was standing in the air in front of them. She was the mysterious woman. Others began to gradually understand the situation.

“Yue Meng He!” Thought many different factions while looking towards the Yue Clan. They all glanced at Yue Qing Shan, the head of the Yue Clan, for a second to confirm their suspicions. From his reaction, it was definitely Yue Meng He.

Lin Feng must be her son! Who was the person who said that Lin Feng had no influence and no one supporting him?

Who would dare to anger someone who was one of the most amazing cultivators of the country from eighteen years previous? Who knew how strong she had become within the past eighteen years?

The crowd was both terribly excited and puzzled at the same time. They looked at Lin Feng, confused as to what type of life he had lived so far.

After all, Lin Feng was only eighteen years old and he probably didn’t know about the events of the past. He didn’t know the full story regarding him and his parents, how could he make the connection?

Lin Feng had no idea of what other people were thinking. Concerning Chu Zhan Peng, he had already seen the blood spirit of the Yue Clan, the heavenly dragon spirit. He had never thought that Lin Feng would have this spirit since he was born in Yangzhou City.

Besides, many of the members of the Yue Clan were also shocked when they saw Lin Feng’s spirit. The blood spirit of their clan? And on top of that it had seven heads!!

“Sigh……” Yue Qing Shan sighed deeply. He slightly closed his eyes and didn’t open them for a long time. A painful smile could be seen on his face.

Why were the heavens so cruel towards him? His daughter, Yue Meng He, was the most gifted cultivator that the Yue Clan had been blessed with in generations, but she cut off all ties with the clan. Now, his grandson grew up without knowing that he had the blood of the Yue Clan was flowing within his veins. His dragon spirit even had a total of seven heads, only Yue Tian Ming could match his incredible power!

“What’s that?”

At that moment, someone looked at the different heads of the dragon, there was a bestial white light shining from one of the heads, it looked deathly pale and was releasing a bestial Qi, it looked gloomy.

That is….. A shaman spirit! The spirit that belonged to the Wan Shou Sect, it was Teng Wu Yao’s spirit!

How could Lin Feng also have a shaman spirit?

Rumour said that the heavenly dragon spirit could consume ferocious beasts and spirits as their own strength.

When had Lin Feng’s spirit come into contact with a cultivator who possessed a shaman spirit?

The crowd looked at the Wan Shou Sect and more precisely at Teng Wu Yao. They only saw that Teng Wu Yao looked particularly glum at that moment. He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng with enormous killing intent being released.

Lin Feng had a heavenly dragon spirit, no wonder Wu Zhen had disappeared without a word. Lin Feng killed him and consumed his spirit.

When Teng Wu Yao thought about how his son had been killed by Lin Feng, his face grew even more ferocious, his eyes wanted to kill Lin Feng using only his stare.

However, at that moment, Lin Feng wasn’t paying attention to people’s expressions of surprise or to Teng Wu Yao’s murderous intentions, he was focusing all of his attention on Chu Zhan Peng.

“The other day, you challenged me to a one-on-one fight and then today you attacked me by surprise with another person, but I will still honour your request for a fight. I know that you harbour killing intent, I will give you the opportunity you need. I want to see what Chu Zhan Peng, the high-official, can do apart from attacking people by surprise or being shameless and arrogant. I want to see if your arrogance and pride is justified.” Lin Feng was fixedly staring at Chu Zhan Peng and releasing a deadly energy which moved through the atmosphere towards Chu Zhan Peng’s.

Lin Feng’s purple dragon spirit and his heavenly dragon spirit circled the sky. Their gigantic evil-looking eyes were staring directly at Chu Zhan Peng like he was food. Being observed by two large monsters whose eyes looked particularly ruthless made Chu Zhan Peng feel even less comfortable.

“Spirit Fusion!” Shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. In a flash, his two spirits slowly started to fuse together. The gigantic purple dragon was combining into the heavenly dragon spirit.

“Roaaarrr!” A loud roar reverberated through the atmosphere. After fusing together, Lin Feng’s spirits were releasing a terrifyingly powerful Qi.

His two spirits had fused!

“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously. In his left hand, he had the black lotus, in his right hand, he still had his black sword, coupled with his spirit fusion, Lin Feng looked like an unstoppable monster, he couldn’t lose!

“Chu Zhan Peng is doomed!” Thought most of the people watching. They didn’t even dare to believe otherwise. Chu Zhan Peng was ranked sixth amongst the high-officials and was going to lose to Lin Feng!

But Lin Feng was so incredible and awe-inspiring that they couldn’t help but admire him.

“Let’s fight!” Shouted Lin Feng. His deadly energy crashed through the air emitting a rumbling sound. His body then flew through the air in Chu Zhan Peng’s direction.

In the sky, there was only deadly energy as far as the eye could see.

Chu Zhan Peng’s wings were flapping in the air but he looked dumbstruck. Lin Feng had a black lotus in his left hand and a terrifying black sword in his right, what a monster!

“Eeeeee……….” A sharp sound emerged from the legendary roc’s mouth. A few threads of pure Qi turned into blue and green lights which were as sharp as claws, that shot towards Lin Feng.

“Pierce.” Said Lin Feng while raising his deadly sword. It seemed like it could annihilate anything in its path, in the blink of an eye, Chu Zhan Peng’s attack was shredded into nothing.

Besides, the deadly energy in the atmosphere didn’t stop moving, it still crashed through the atmosphere in Chu Zhan Peng’s direction.

Chu Zhan Peng spread his wings and his silhouette flickered, he flapped his wings with such power that it created a small hurricane in the air. At the same time, his wings continued flapping as he turned away in an attempt to escape. Surprisingly, he didn’t have the courage to fight against Lin Feng any longer after his attack was so easily destroyed.

“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng while attacking with his sword while rushing forward like the wind.
At the same time, Lin Feng’s fused spirits roared and charged forwards. Many purple lights were twinkling on the body of the heavenly dragon. All of its movements were monstrously fast, it was tyrannical.

Those purple lights shot out like snakes, but they moved much faster and were much more brutal than any ordinary snake.

“Roaaarr!” The dragon roared, its seven heads started to shake. It seemed like something was propelling Lin Feng through the air, he was moving extremely fast and looked like his power was being increased by several folds.


The purple snakes had caught up with Chu Zhan Peng and wrapped around his body, binding him.

“Lacerate!” Shouted Chu Zhan Peng furiously, his wings were sharper than most swords, so the majority of the purples snakes were lacerated, but the purple light was growing more and more making it more painful as he cut the snakes. The dragon started to breathe a purple light from its mouth which strengthened the purple spirit further, The snaked then charged at Chu Zhan Peng’s body without restraint and bound every inch of his body in place.

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