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PMG Chapter 440: Satisfied!

Chapter 440: Satisfied!
Translated by: Notsaneinthebrain
Edited by: LikyLiky
Monday’s chapter

When Lin Feng looked at that beautiful woman, he had the impression that he must be dreaming. That beautiful woman was his mother!

She was once the most beautiful woman of Xue Yue and she definitely deserved that title.

Eighteen years later and she still looked so beautiful, graceful and elegant, what must she have looked like eighteen years ago? She was probably even more beautiful than one could imagine.

Yue Qing Shan sighed, he was looking at Yue Meng He while remaining silent. He then looked at Lin Feng, he wanted to say something, but didn’t know what to say. In the end, his silhouette flickered and he moved back down and returned to the Yue Clan.

Yue Meng He stopped looking towards Yue Qing Shan, she then looked at Lin Feng and nibbled on her lips. She said in a low voice: “Little Feng, you’ve been suffering for eighteen years.”

Lin Feng opened his mouth and then closed it as nothing was coming out. Even though he had arrived in this world a few years ago, his soul had already fused with that of the real Lin Feng. He was part of the old Lin Feng and the old Lin Feng was part of him.

He was unable to forget the memories of his previous self, therefore, seeing that woman, who gave the impression of a strong yet elegant woman, who seemed to care so much about him, was very strange to him. It seemed like that slim and graceful woman was… his mother.

Lin Feng smiled wryly for a while and took a deep breath. The Lin Feng who was originally from this world had already died, it was useless to continue thinking about it.

He was himself and he had to live for the present. There may have been two in the past, but now there was only one Lin Feng. He had to live his life the way he wanted to, he wanted to make those close to him happy… Above the water of the lake, which had tints of red from the blood, there was a proud genius, Lin Feng.

“Mother.” A magnificent and radiant smile appeared on Lin Feng’s face. After all the chaos in his heart, he felt like he had been reborn, this could be a new start. He suddenly felt like he had become more mature, he understood many things about himself and his past self. Lin Feng was also more detailed inhis way of thinking.

Being called ‘Mother’ caused Yue Meng He to be speechless. She was standing in the moonlight which illuminated her beauty, as well as her radiant eyes.

Tears had begun to form on the corners of her eyes. She had been waiting to hear these words for eighteen years.

During those eighteen years, she wanted to hear Lin Feng call her ‘Mother’ with all her being and finally, she had the chance to hear the words she had always dreamed of.

When she heard Lin Feng call her ‘Mother’, all her sadness washed away and she was overcome with happiness. She had done everything during these past years for the sake of Lin Feng and now she felt like all the suffering was worth it.

Yue Meng He moved over to Lin Feng and put her two hands on his face. She couldn’t help but gently caress her son’s face. Her son wasn’t any weaker than her when she was at his age.

Lin Feng was a genius when it came to swords, she was proud of him! She was deeply gratified in her heart.

“I just wanted to scream at all those fools, how in the world could my son be a piece of trash?” Yue Meng He laughed and gently caressed her son’s head with a magnificent smile on her face. It seemed like she had been keeping tabs on Lin Feng for the last eighteen years and knew that people would call her son a piece of trash, but by relying on his own efforts, Lin Feng had risen to the top.

If Lin Feng hadn’t been extremely strong and didn’t have extremely high natural abilities, she might not have been able to contact her son.

If he hadn’t been strong, he wouldn’t be a free man, if Lin Feng had been a worthless cultivator, she would’ve rather let him live an ordinary life and not get involved with the world of cultivation. Even if he wasn’t outstanding, he could at least have a happy and tranquil life.

That had always been Lin Hai’s thought, it was agreed between Lin Hai and Yue Meng He.

Therefore, Lin Hai never tried to force Lin Feng to cultivate, he wanted him to have the chance at life as an ordinary person, but after that Lin Feng displayed his talent, Lin Hai knew his son wasn’t ordinary. He decided to let Lin Feng leave home and create his own path. The result of his actions was a complete success, Lin Feng was proof.

Lin Feng had come to the Imperial City and relied on his own talents to accomplish a great deal of meritorious acts, which made him the stuff of legends.

At that moment, Yue Meng He and Lin Hai had discovered that Lin Feng had started to walk a very straightforward path.

But no matter what path Lin Feng chose, his parents would silently and secretly guide him until they could meet again. Until that moment, his mother was always secretly Monitoring him.

Many people had thought that her son had no influence and no powerful backers, they thought that they could bully him, harass him and try to kill him, without worrying about an outside force.

How could Yue Meng He let those people get away with that? She had shown herself and she was announcing to everybody that Lin Feng was her son, she wouldn’t tolerate anyone trying to bully or kill her son, who would dare say that Lin Feng was trash with her around?

When thinking about those things, Yue Meng He glanced at the crowd with a cold glare and spoke.

“A moment ago, so many people were saying that my son needed to die and that they wanted to kill him, come out and show yourselves, I dare you to say it again.”

Yue Meng He’s words stupefied the crowd.

A moment before, the Yu Clan, the Du Gu Clan, the Wan Shou Sect, the Hao Yue Sect, the Luo Xia Sect, the Ice and Snow Mountain Village etc. had all said that they wanted Lin Feng dead, but at that moment, when Yue Meng He was glaring at them in such an ice-cold way, they could only shake and shiver without saying a word.

Nobody dared to say anything because nobody knew how terrifyingly strong she had become after eighteen years of seclusion.

Perhaps Yue Meng He had already become stronger than the head of the Yue Clan, Yue Qing Shan.

On the path of cultivation, seniors passed their innate talents on to the next generation and the next generation was expected to surpass them with time.

Everybody was silent. Yue Meng He smiled coldly and said: “You’re a bunch of worthless cowards, you don’t even speak when I am here, if anyone attempts to harm my son, I, Yue Meng He, will annihilate them!”

When she finished talking, Yue Meng He suddenly released a monstrous deadly energy which rolled across the sky and suppressed the entire crowd. Many people couldn’t breathe under such a heavy pressure.

“What a terrifying pressure!” Many people looked glum, especially those who had a grudge against Lin Feng. Yue Meng He was too strong, that pressure alone was choking them and it was only a warning, it was a guarantee that she, Yue Meng He, had the power to enforce her words.

Besides, the crowd knew that if they offended Yue Meng He, they would also offend someone else, Zhuge Wu Qing.

If anything happened to Yue Meng He, the Yue Clan would definitely intervene.

“Hmph.” Yue Meng He groaned coldly and said: “This so-called genius competition is pointless, a great majority of you are nothing but corrupt and despicable people, who have no principles. I will be watching you in the future. In a short while, the people from the empire will arrive, at that time, I am convinced that they will pick out the most outstanding geniuses themselves, they have eyes. They will know with a glance what kind of trash you people are.

When she finished talking, she looked at Lin Feng and said: “Little Feng, this competition is over, let’s go.”

“Alright.” Nodded Lin Feng. Yue Meng He and Lin Feng’s silhouettes flickered and they instantly arrived next to Meng Qing.

Yue Meng He glanced at Meng Qing and smiled. The crowd was dazzled by the two beauties.

Yue Meng He was named the most beautiful woman in Xue Yue eighteen years ago, and she was still extremely beautiful. Then there was Lin Feng’s lover, Meng Qing, she looked holy and pure, like a celestial being, Yue Meng He and Meng Qing standing next to each other was too beautiful, the rest of the world lost its beauty in their presence.

But those two women weren’t in the same generation, so there was no use comparing between the mature one and the young beauty. Meng Qing was Lin Feng’s woman and was therefore Yue Meng He’s daughter-in-law, how could there be competition between them?

When Lin Feng saw Yue Meng He and Meng Qing look at each other, he still felt extremely nervous. In his previous world, this would mean that the mother-in-law was sizing up the daughter-in-law.

Lin Feng wasn’t the only one who was nervous, something very rare happened at that moment, Meng Qing had a nervous expression on her face. When she saw that Yue Meng He was sizing her up, she lowered her head shyly.

“Yue Meng He, Meng Qing, it’s interesting that you both have the character “Meng” in your name!”

Yue Meng He continued to stare at Meng Qing and then said while laughing: “My son is a smart young man.”

“Eehh….” Lin Feng was surprised. Yue Meng He glanced at Meng Qing for a few seconds and then said a few words to break the awkward silence. Lin Feng was speechless as he smiled wryly.

Meng Qing who was still lowering her head had a magnificent smile on her face. Yue Meng He was Lin Feng’s mother so Meng Qing needed her approval for Lin Feng and Meng Qing’s relationship, it was extremely important to her!

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