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PMG Chapter 441: The Crown Prince!

PMG Chapter 441: The Crown Prince!
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The light of the full moon was still shining down on the lake, but light was starting to form on the horizon. The water of the lake was still calm. It seemed like the light from the horizon was growing more and more intense.

At that moment, there was nobody fighting above the lake any longer. Yue Meng He and Lin Feng had already left.

After they had left, the people around the lake remained silent. Nobody knew what to say. Some people were still digesting the shocking events they had encountered that night.

Lin Feng had caused everyone’s hearts to race. He had shocked everybody, from the beginning to the end. First, he released a terrifying, deadly energy which he formed into a sword, he then revealed the power of his Black Lotus. He killed Ling Tian; he killed She Qiong; he killed Chu Qing and Chu Zhan Peng.

So many extremely famous cultivators were dead because of Lin Feng. Lin Feng had achieved a miracle when facing a strong opponent, he would show more strength; it seemed like no matter how strong his opponent was, he always had another hidden trick to deal with them.

At the same time, Yue Meng He had finally revealed herself. She was the daughter of Yue Qing Shan, the head of the Yue Clan. Eighteen years ago, she was the most beautiful and most outstanding female cultivator of Xue Yue; she was one of the four strongest cultivators in the country. Everything about her amazed people, Yue Meng He was truly gifted.

After having stayed in the dark for eighteen years, she had finally revealed herself, for her son, Lin Feng.

Just like eighteen years before, she was still as amazing, as dazzling and as graceful as ever. She was also extremely talented when it came to cultivation; Lin Feng definitely shared her talent.

In Lin Feng’s veins was the blood of the Yue Clan. Thanks to that, he had the heavenly dragon spirit of the Yue Clan, the heavenly celestial fangs spirit.

This time, the real hero of the national competition was Lin Feng.

Many people were still silent on the bank of the lake; they were looking at the nine dragons floating above the water. The person on the throne had only said two sentences; then he had stopped talking as if he never existed, to begin with. When Yue Meng He attacked the old man, he didn’t even attempt to stop her.

Until that moment, nobody knew exactly who he was, many people believed it to be the king of Xue Yue.

A gentle breeze started to blow across the lake, the dreary and desolate moonlight was starting to fade, and it was growing cold.

“Everybody may leave now.” Finally, the one sitting on the throne spoke, he sounded calm and serene, but his words were firm.


Was everybody just supposed to leave? Was the national competition over? Had it really been stopped?

The crowd all let out disappointed sighs, many of them still wanted to see the other high-officials fight, but now it seemed impossible. Most of them had travelled a long way to watch; they could at least be happy that they had seen the rise of Lin Feng, he would be the newest entry to the eight high-officials.

From that day on, Lin Feng was one of the eight high-officials.

The dragon roared which caused the air to shake. The water of the lake started to grow turbulent as the nine flood dragons dashed into the sky and spread their gigantic wings.

When the crowd saw those eight mighty dragons, they started to shake. They were wondering who the dragons’ master was.

“Who was it on the throne? It should be the king, right?”

At that moment, a member of the Luo Xia Sect whispered, trying to guess who the person was.

“The King? In my opinion, he wasn’t anyone powerful. Lin Feng acted so aggressively, Yue Meng He then threatened and insulted everybody, and all those people were killed in front of him, should such a coward be called a king?” Joked his interlocutor.

“Brother, don’t talk so loud! What if he heard you!” Replied the other one surprised. How could they provoke the person sitting on that throne, his status must be immense.

“I’m serious, what are you scared of? Even if he hears you, our teacher would not fear him.” Said the other in a loud voice, he was sucking up to his teacher, Gu Chun Qiu.

“Alright, shut up!” Shouted Gu Chun Qiu.

“Teacher, what I am only speaking the truth, that person didn’t even dare to speak up, he just hid behind the dragons and sat on his throne. If he is not a coward and a weakling, what is?!” Said that person even more loudly. At that moment, everybody could hear his words and many people were watching him.

Gu Chun Qiu frowned and then the sound of a dragon roar filled the sky. A terrifyingly brutal Qi emerged and pressured everybody, which made their facial expressions change to one of fear. How terrifying! What pressure!

Gu Chun Qiu’s face also drastically changed… That pressure was painful for him to withstand. It was brutal, aggressive and violent. At that moment, the person sitting on the throne was still silent but was obviously furious.

“This doesn’t look good.” Said Gu Chun Qiu in a low voice. Besides, the other members of the Luo Xia Sect looked even glummer, especially the one who had just shouted out. His face turned deathly pale in the blink of an eye, absolutely void of colour. That pressure had fallen onto his body and terrified him.

A subtle sound spread in the air, it was as if the atmosphere was going to break under such pressure. The flood dragons’ roars were growing more violent; their roar could almost tear apart the atmosphere. Then the curtains covering the throne were turned into dust.

Immediately after, the crowd saw a silhouette streak across the sky above the lake. He was looking down to the ground, so his long hair hung loosely as it flowed on the wind. He looked extremely majestic and domineering as he stood in the sky, he also looked extremely brutal and aggressive, like a monarch, his Qi was as glistening as jewels but felt like death itself.

“Run!” Shouted Gu Chun Qiu but many people couldn’t escape; they were consumed by the monstrous energy, they couldn’t move under such pressure. Some people even fell to their knees, they all felt ice-cold sweat dripping down their backs, especially the one who had just insulted that person, his face was colourless and his face was twitching.

That brutal silhouette nosedived in a flash, cracking sounds spread through the air and blood burst into the sky. Hatred could be seen emerging in the eyes of the people close to the victim, and in a flash, those people became corpses too. That silhouette was slicing apart his enemies in the most brutal and cruel way.

Besides, those who had just witnessed that attack had started to scream. They couldn’t resist the power of the pressure anymore. Their blood vessels were starting to burst, and blood filled the air.

The majority of the members from the Luo Xia Sect were now dead. Gu Chun Qiu had been slightly faster than the others and managed to escape the catastrophe.

Everybody was stupefied by that brutal display. The man looked terrifying. Glancing at him once was almost enough to feel pain, his expression was extremely sharp.

He was wearing a yellow chang pao, and his energy was brutal, violent and monstrously strong. His brutal and violent Qi gave people the feeling that there was only room for him in the world, it was if everybody else didn’t have the right to exist.

That person frowned and looked towards Gu Chun Qiu.

“Those who have no respect must die!” After saying that, that man released a deadly Qi which moved straight towards Gu Chun Qiu whose facial expression drastically changed.

How could this be happening? How was it possible? He was so terrified when seeing the power of the attack that he didn’t even think about blocking.

He didn’t need to fight; he stood no chance at victory. The only thing he wanted was to make it out alive.

Pure Qi surrounded his body, and he quickly ran away. Rose coloured clouds started to form around his body. The brutal figure rushed forwards and threw himself at Gu Chun Qiu. All of his movements seemed random, but he was very organised. The brutal energy was filling the atmosphere around them.

“Die!” A terrifying voice resonated in Gu Chun Qiu’s brain. He abruptly started to tremble. He wanted to dodge but how? It seemed like it was impossible at that moment.

It was the first time that he had felt such fear. It seemed like that person was inside his mind.


Blood splashed everywhere. Gu Chun Qiu, the patriarch of the Luo Xia Sect, had been killed in an instant. His body was destroyed, he was dead.

Because of a few words, the Luo Xia Sect was annihilated. It sounded like a ridiculous lie, but this was the reality.

As the crowd watched on, flabbergasted. The powerful and brutal looking man flew through the air and landed on a dragon. He looked extremely aggressive; he was looking down on all the people around him.

“Eighteen years ago they brought us great pride, so when those seniors appeared, I would let them express themselves freely. But from today, Xue Yue is under my control and only mine!” When he finished talking, his dragons roared and soared to the sky, however, the people’s hearts were pounding when they recognised the man.

“The crown prince, Duan Wu Dao!”

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