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PMG Chapter 442: Meeting Again

Chapter 442: Meeting Again
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The prince who was silently sitting on the throne was in the sky and looked extremely aggressive, proud and arrogant. Other than the prince, who could act in such a manner?

This was precisely Duan Wu Dao; he was just like the rumours said, unruly, wild and aggressive. If somebody offended him, they would die, if they respected him, he would let them live happily. Respecting him was their only choice.

His dragons roared, and a strong wind rolled through the atmosphere, and Duan Wu Dao disappeared into the horizon, but the crowd couldn’t calm down.

First, Lin Feng had astonished them, then Duan Wu Dao, those two young men had made people’s hearts tremble. The Luo Xia Sect had suffered tremendous losses. Even though the powerful sects in the country had a great deal of influence and power, if they insulted or disrespected him, they would die. If someone was strong enough, they have absolute freedom to do as they wished. The power and influence of those sects were nothing in front of Duan Wu Dao and his monstrous strength; he could destroy it all in the blink of an eye.

“He deserves to be the first ranked high-official. Rumours say that all the other seven high officials working together would still be weaker than him, I wonder if it’s true…?” Thought some people at that moment. Du Wu Dao was monstrously strong. In people’s eyes, Chu Zhan Peng was strong and had terrifying natural abilities, but in comparison with Duan Wu Dao, he seemed insignificant.

“He’s become even stronger.” Thought Yue Tian Ming while looking at Duan Wu Dao vanishing into the horizon. Yue Tian Ming was ranked second amongst the eight high officials, his goal had always been to surpass Duan Wu Dao but at that moment, he had just found out that Duan Wu Dao had become even stronger. The difference between them had grown even larger, Duan Wu Dao was becoming much stronger over time, he was monstrously strong.


In the Lovesick Forest, there was a restricted area filled with beautiful green bamboo trees, the air was pure and fresh, nature was in a beautiful harmony.

In the middle of the bamboo trees, there were many small houses; they were equally spread across the bamboo forest. Those who lived there could hear the rustling from within the forest.

Yue Meng He, Lin Feng and Meng Qing were walking slowly through the bamboo forest. The others had gone back alone.

“Mother, have you stayed here for eighteen years without leaving?” Asked Lin Feng while looking at Yue Meng He. According to Duan Xin Ye, after having disappeared eighteen years ago, the four outstanding disciples had stopped showing themselves. Lin Feng’s mother had always stayed in the forest, in that restricted area, she didn’t allow people to see her, and she didn’t see others. She lived in isolation during the past eighteen years.

“Indeed, I rarely go out.” Replied Yue Meng He while slightly nodding which made Lin Feng sigh with sadness. That place was very beautiful but staying there all the time was probably very lonely, at least Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to do it.

Lin Feng enjoyed cultivation; he wanted to become an extremely strong cultivator; he wanted to break through to the different cultivation layers in the hopes that he could soar into the heavens and never have to worry again.

“Little Feng, do you think that it was terribly boring for me to stay here for eighteen years? maybe even useless?” Asked Yue Meng He while looking at Lin Feng in a soft and gentle way.

“Indeed.” Replied Lin Feng while slightly nodding. He did think that way.

“Wait until you understand the Lovesick Forest better and we will see if you still think that way.” Said Yue Meng He with a mysterious smile on her face which surprised Lin Feng. Could it be that that forest hid something special?

“I first want to show you a certain place.” Said Yue Meng He without explaining anything.

The three of them continued walking; the path was covered with a fresh and green grass. They were walking neither slowly nor fast through the forest.

In front of Lin Feng appeared many trees, they looked extremely old, and the trunks were huge. Two or three people holding hands wouldn’t have been able to encircle them.

Those trees were at least a few hundred years old and an ancient Qi was emerging from them.

They then took a few more steps, and a gigantic tree appeared in front of Lin Feng, it seemed like it was holding up the sky. It was a terrifying diameter of a ten meters, each of its branches was extremely solid; they wore the sturdiest branches and roots he had ever encountered.

That tree was a thousand years old and gave off an ancient feeling.

Lin Feng was astonished. At the top of the tree, there were some log cabins. They looked comfortable yet simple.

Lin Feng looked at the log cabins, then his eyes followed the tree to its trunk and landed on a bench made from stone. There was a silhouette calmly sitting on that bench. That person had a chisel in his hand; he was calmly carving something onto the tree. Besides, next to that man, there was an image, and that man was carving it into the tree.

When Lin Feng saw that person, he frowned but immediately after, he looked relaxed and smiled, he recognized him.

Lin Feng started walking softly, without making any sound. He was walking towards that person.

Meng Qing followed Lin Feng but in a flash Yue Meng He caught her arm pulled her back. She then put her finger in her mouth to tell Meng Qing not to make a sound, and then she smiled. Meng Qing nodded and stopped moving. She only calmly watched as Lin Feng arrived behind that person.

Lin Feng was still not making any noise. He slightly bent over and looked at the chisel in the person’s hand. That person was calmly carving each and every single detail onto the tree. That carving looked extremely clear and detailed. It really seemed like the sculpture was the original item.

Lin Feng kept looking at that hand, and he was surprised, that person used the same strength for each movement, his movements were extremely accurate, what a skilful man.

Lin Feng watched the person putting the same pressure on the chisel for each and every single movement. The depth of the carving was the same in every location. Wood shavings were floating gently on the wind.

“The ten thousand things of creation can be used anytime and anywhere to practice cultivation.” Sighed Lin Feng. That person looked like he was in a state of meditation, just like Yan Yu Ping Sheng when he was playing the zither. That was a path to improving one’s heart and changing one’s state of mind. One could break through to the next cultivation layer thanks to such practices; one could turn their power from a stream into a mighty river.

When that man finished his carving, the wood shavings flew away, and he then lowered his hand. He smiled and said: “Little Feng, you’re making fun of your old man because his hearing has faded with age?” Said the man at that moment. The man slowly turned around and smiled softly.

“Father, you have become much stronger than before, how would you go deaf?” Replied Lin Feng with a magnificent smile on his face. That man was the former head of the Lin Clan, Lin Hai.

“It seems like father and mother stayed here and waited patiently for me to become stronger while helping where they could.” Thought Lin Feng. After he had arrived in the Imperial City with Duan Feng, it seemed like certain things were miraculously falling into place, as if someone was attempting to guide him in secret. Lin Feng was sure that much of the help he received in the past was because of his parents.

Lin Hai stood up and hugged Lin Feng’s shoulders. Lin Feng had grown as tall as him. Lin Hai smiled, he looked happy.

“I wouldn’t have thought that my son would become so famous and stand out so much, it seems like I was wrong to think you were ordinary.” Said Lin Hai sounding somewhat proud. His son had become his pride. Back then, he wanted Lin Feng to live as an ordinary person, he wanted him to have an absolutely normal daily routine, but after knew that Lin Feng could never be an ordinary person. Besides, even if Lin Feng had wanted to have a common and ordinary life, it would have been impossible for him to live a safe and peaceful life, if he were ordinary, people would bully him for being weak.

Lin Feng had started his life as an ordinary young man and then, step by step; he became extremely strong. Lin Hai had never thought that such a thing would happen. After all, when Lin Feng was fifteen, it was impossible for him to be more ordinary.

Lin Feng shook his head and said: “Father, the Lin Clan… Yangzhou City….”

“I know everything already. You handled everything correctly. Don’t think of showing warm feelings to people who treat us badly. You only reacted to their provocation. You have become merciless, little Feng. Too bad that your old father’s cultivation was sealed, that’s the reason I went back to Yangzhou City and became the head of the Lin Clan.” Sighed Lin Hai. Lin Hai had an unyielding personality; he had been extremely aggressive to Lin Ba Dao, Lin Hao Ran, and some other elders because they had bullied Lin Feng. Lin Hai was merciless too. He attacked Lin Hao Ran and killed an elder. Lin Hai was never a coward or a weakling. He had become the head of the Lin Clan but had remained silent because his cultivation had been sealed and because of the secret regarding Yue Meng He.

In the Imperial City, everybody knew about the four outstanding cultivators who had amazed the entire country eighteen years ago, and they even knew that one of them was carefree, unyielding and proudly soared into the heavens. However, Lin Hai controlled himself and remained hidden inside the Imperial City all this time.

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