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PMG Chapter 444: Lin Feng’s Power and Influence!

PMG Chapter 444: Lin Feng’s Power and Influence!

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Translated by: Notsaneinthebrain

Edited by: LikyLiky

“What a strange place!” Lin Feng shivered. This place belonged to the real world, it wasn’t an illusion.


After remaining silent for a while, Lin Feng sighed. This world was full of mysteries. Things Lin Feng could never imagine continued to happen, having come to the Continent of the Nine Clouds after his death was already astounding. 


Besides, in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Lin Feng didn’t know how many extremely strong cultivators there were. Lin Feng had no doubts that there were cultivators who could destroy mountains and empty oceans, but what he was wondering about was; would he be strong enough to meet them?


“Are there people here like us?” Suddenly asked Lin Feng.


Lin Hai nodded and said: “Yes and many of them also practice cultivation, just like us. This place is still in the Continent of the Nine Clouds but it is a long, long way from Xue Yue. The cave enabled us to come here.” 


“You mean like teleportation?” Asked Lin Feng stupefied. In his previous life Lin Feng had heard about teleportation in books and had seen teleportation in movies. 


“You know about teleportation!” A flash of shock passed through Lin Hai’s eyes. He was surprised. They were far from being at the level of teleporting themselves, there were some rumours about it though. Lin Hai had read about teleportation in an ancient book but surprisingly, Lin Feng knew about it too. 


“Teleportation really exists…” Thought Lin Feng surprised. Considering Lin Hai’s words, there were really some people who used teleportation in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.


“But in ancient books, people teleport themselves from one place to another feel dizzy and nauseous, however, I have passed through the illusion and into the cave many times, but I have never had such a feeling, it feels very smooth each time without any strange sensations. It seems like the kind of teleportation they mention in books is not entirely the same as ours, maybe our teleportation is not really a teleportation spell at all, I’m not sure either way.” Said Lin Hai, Lin Feng was speechless. If that wasn’t a teleportation spell and the cave illusion enabled them to move from one place to another, then what exactly was it?


Lin Feng suddenly turned his head around and gazed into the distance, the desert was vast and boundless. There was absolutely nothing. Lin Feng was surprised: “Father, how are we going to get back?” 


“Very easy. You just need to go stand where you arrived in the first place, close your eyes and think about going back. That is why I am saying that it doesn’t seem like a teleportation spell, in the ancient books, they talk about two types of teleportation: a return teleportation, a one-way teleportation. For the return teleportation, the two places have a gate so people can cross back and forth, in the case of one-way teleportation, there is no possibility of returning, but here, we used an illusion to travel here, then we just have to think of the location to return.” 


“How strange.” Lin Feng didn’t understand how it worked at all. He then asked again: “Father, have you ever walked around here? Have you ever asked people what the name of the place is? Are we still in the Xue Yu region?” 


“Even though those people practice cultivation too and speak the same language as us, their personality and mentality is very different. They are very stubborn so-to-say, there is a city: its name is Tianya Haige, its army is extremely strong and they control everything in this region. The region is like a fortress, its inhabitants are only allowed to live inside that city, for example, they cannot go out and wander the desert freely. As far as other places are concerned, they call the outside world “the ruins”. They cannot take even half a step outside of their city.” 


“The ruins? They think the outside world is just made of ruins?” Asked Lin Feng. 


“I don’t know. Maybe they haven’t been out of their city before.” Said Lin Hai while shaking his head. “People there have absolute faith in their government and city, at such a level, it cannot even be called nationalism anymore. They have absolute faith in their beliefs, they believe from the bottom of their heart that the outside world is composed of only ruins. Nobody dares to question that statement, nobody dares oppose the government of Tianya Haige, their religion is omnipresent in their thoughts. Besides, they have never heard of Xue Yue, they only know that they are in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.” 


“What kind of horrible place is that!” Lin Feng was speechless, nationalism, religion? 


Nobody dared call their beliefs into question? Nobody dared oppose the government? They didn’t allow anyone to go to other places and have a look… 


“Little Feng, don’t judge people and their beliefs, I discovered that place more than ten years ago but I still haven’t really understood its culture, I just know that we are in a distant corner of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. After finding that out, I stopped caring, I just came here to cultivate.”


Yue Meng He smiled and said to Lin Feng: “Little Feng, look!” 


Yue Meng He was pointing at something in the distance. There was a large group of people running towards them. 


“Little Feng, look over there too.” Said Yue Meng He while pointing to another place. Lin Feng turned his head and saw more silhouettes appear in the distance. 


“Eighteen years, I didn’t waste any of that time. All of the women I took in were poor and living miserable lives, I brought them to Lovesick Forest and taught them cultivation. Now, not only do they know cultivation, but they were all taught witchcraft too. They have all spent over ten years training and thanks to their efforts, they are all strong enough to help shoulder our responsibilities. Some of them even have strength surpassing the Xuan Qi layer, coupled with their witchcraft, they are all extremely strong.” 


At that moment, the woman who was referred to as the most beautiful woman of Xue Yue didn’t look soft and gentle at all. Sharp and cold lights filled her eyes. Eighteen years ago, because she didn’t have the enough strength and because her support abandoned her, she was torn away from her husband. She hadn’t even been able to see her husband and son for too long. 


Yue Meng He didn’t want such a tragic situation to ever occur again, therefore she sheltered those girls and transformed them into powerful women, she taught them cultivation, and the girls had become a source of power and influence for her. She had built that for herself… And for her son, Lin Feng.


Now, her son was with together with her, she would feel less anxious if Lin Feng was protected by her secret troop of women.


That way, Lin Feng would have a source of power and influence to support him at all times, he wouldn’t only have his mother’s power. Lin Feng would no longer get bullied and humiliated because he had no power or influence, like when the Wan Shou Sect continuously threatened and tried to kill him. 


If Lin Feng had this troop of women at his command, Lin Feng wouldn’t have needed to fight at all, those women would have slaughtered the Wan Shou Sect to the very last disciple. 


Lin Feng nodded, he had already witnessed how strong these women were. The first time was in the Lovesick Forest, when they crippled Yu Qiu’s cultivation. 


The other time was when six women, all of them only in the Xuan Qi layer, used the colourful ribbons to completely bind the old man’s body, they had severely injured him and restrained his every movement, allowing Lin Feng kill him with ease. Their strength was terrifying. Some were even much stronger than Lin Feng! 


“Little Feng, all of them are now yours. Let them be your source of power and influence, use them to make the entire country of Xue Yue tremble in fear.” Said Yue Meng He which astonished Lin Feng. 


“Mine? But…” 


“Do you think that with my strength, I still need power and influence to support myself?” Said Yue Meng He interrupting Lin Feng. “From the beginning, when I taught them cultivation, it was exclusively for you. If someday you don’t need them, just free them from your service and let them live their own lives.” 


When Lin Feng heard Yue Meng He, he remained silent. Indeed, Yue Meng He, with her strength, didn’t need them. 


She had raised them especially for Lin Feng! 


Lin Feng would be able to have more power and influence with them acting as his support. 


“Alright, I can start with my plan then…” Whispered Lin Feng. He then immediately nodded and said: “Mother, thank you for giving them to me!” 

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