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PMG Chapter 445: Break The Spell!

PMG Chapter 445: Break The Spell!
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Tuesday’s Chapter

It had been over two years since the Wan Shou Sect, the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, Ice and Snow Mountain Village and the Hao Yue Sect acted together to destroy the Yun Hai Sect.

The elders of the Yun Hai Sect and Patriarch Nan Gong Ling sacrificed their lives to save Lin Feng. They all fought with their lives on the line to protect him, it was a tragic yet moving event. The blood of the Yun Hai Sect formed a river which ran through the Stormy Gorge. Once Lin Feng and Meng Qing had gained enough strength, they would return to see that river of blood.

Since the Yun Hai Sect was destroyed, Lin Feng always carried the ring of the patriarch. He wanted to bring the Yun Hai Sect back to life. He wanted to avenge all past grievances.

All the members of the Yun Hai Sect were sacrificed to save Lin Feng. Even after gaining tremendous strength, Lin Feng could never forget the promise he made. Since the bloodbath on that day, Lin Feng had never forgotten the Yun Hai Sect, he remembered each moment clearly.

Lin Feng would have his revenge.It was only a matter of time, nothing more.

Lin Feng had already broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer but relying on his abilities, he could easily kill cultivators of the third Xuan Qi layer, and killing people of the fourth Xuan Qi layer was only slightly more difficult.

Besides, he had a strong, battle-hardened army behind him, and at that moment, he also received the powerful women raised by Yue Meng He. With all of these people under his control, it was a good opportunity to deal with matter regarding the Yun Hai Sect.

Concerning those who had destroyed the Yun Hai Sect, none of them would be able to escape judgement.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked to the sky. The sky reminded him of the deep look that always appeared in Protector Kong’s eyes which was always in contrast to Protector Bei’s soft and gentle smile. He could remember how Nan Gong Ling didn’t waste any words. Lin Feng was moved and touched by the lives that were sacrificed to protect him. He would never forget their faces as they opened a path for him. Back then, Lin Feng had only broken through to the Ling Qi layer. He was still an immature young man, but Protector Kong and Protector Bei still sacrificed their lives for him. Protector Kong, relying on his shadow spirit, could have easily escaped, but he hadn’t. He had stayed and fought with all his power, allowing Lin Feng to escape safely.

Besides, Protector Bei accompanied Lin Feng to the temple, but he turned back and chose to die while fighting with the others. Lin Feng felt like he was reliving all of the moments that lead him to this day.

“Duan Tian Lang!”

There was a name which would remain in Lin Feng’s mind. Lin Feng could see Duan Tian Lang’s mocking face as he closed his eyes, causing his expression to suddenly become colder.

Duan Tian Lang had lived far too long, Lin Feng needed to kill him.

Besides, the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue also needed to be erased from existence.

When Yue Meng He heard that Lin Feng accepted the women, she smiled. In Xue Yue, many people wanted Lin Feng dead. Lin Feng now had even more power to protect himself. Even if he only had a few of them to protect him, he would be in no danger.

“Little Feng, their troop has thirty-six in total. Each of the thirty-six are extremely strong and have practiced witchcraft. You can deploy them in a six by six formation, which will allow them to cast six spells, you can also deploy them in a four by nine formation and they can cast four strong spells or nine weaker spells. In these formations, they will combine their power to unleash a spell, if you use nine, their power will combine into a single spell which will allow them to unleash their strongest spells. It allows them to fight with maximum strength.” Yue Meng He explained to Lin Feng. Of course, Lin Feng was going to have them under his control, so he needed to know what abilities they had.

When Lin Feng heard Yue Meng He, he was a bit surprised. They could all use witchcraft and there were thirty-six women in total. They had the power to slaughter an endless number of strong enemies, especially as they grew stronger.

“I created this as a special unit designed to use witchcraft. They are all able to act and fight together in perfect synchronization. The second reason that I chose them was to free them from their tragic fates. After I took them in, they were reborn, they were given a second life in which they are all sisters, this bond that they formed together also increases their ability to use witchcraft.”

Yue Meng He smiled and said: “Lin Feng, do you want to give it a try?”

“Alright.” Nodded Lin Feng. Immediately after, he started walking towards a group of women. There were six beautiful women wearing white clothes, they were sitting on the ground in a circle, their eyes were closed but a strange light was emerging from their bodies.

The atmosphere of the desert was absolutely silent, and there was no wind to break the eerie atmosphere. Lin Feng was slowly walking towards the six women. He was about ten meters away from them, then as he took another step, an extremely strong wind started to blow, it was ice-cold and Lin Feng felt like the wind was piercing through his flesh.

In the middle of the calm desert, a piercingly-cold wind had suddenly unleashed itself on Lin Feng.

But Lin Feng didn’t stop walking forwards, he continued. The air continued to grow colder as it pierced deeper into his bones. The golden sand started to spiral across the ground and eventually started to rise into the air. It continued to spin in the air until it formed a small tornado. He was now surrounded by six small tornadoes.

A deadly energy emerged from the tornadoes and attacked Lin Feng in the blink of an eye.

Lin Feng was surprised. What a pure and unadulterated killing intent. Nothing was being held back!

“Boom!” A violent sandstorm was suddenly unleashed. The small tornadoes started to merge together and form terrifying storm that spun around Lin Feng. Lin Feng couldn’t see anything, he was surround by the terrifying storm.

Lin Feng was astonished, he also released some terrifying deadly energy. Without mercy for his opponents, his deadly Qi immediately burst into the sky and poured into the atmosphere.

Lin Feng was releasing more and more deadly energy, his murderous energy was indestructible.

That terrifying deadly Qi rolled across the sky. The cold sandstorm seemed like it was started to lose its power, as if it was starting to grow weaker. It seemed like Lin Feng’s deadly energy now had enough power to suppress the sandstorm.

At that moment, the deadly energy moved like waves, moving back and forth then crashing down. The wind was slowly fading, as if it was never there to begin with.

“Young Master’s deadly energy is extremely strong, it is also very pure and dense. It is much stronger than the deadly energy contained within our spell. If we fought, we would definitely lose.” Said one of the six women while opening her eyes. Her voice sounded clear and melodious.

“Chun Feng, now is not the time to give face, you stopped using your full power! He would definitely lose if you didn’t give him face.” Said Yue Meng He while laughing and looking at Lin Feng.

When she saw that Lin Feng looked embarrassed, she laughed even more and said: “Little Feng, don’t think that those six tornadoes are not strong, it was only the beginning of their spell. If the six tornadoes really merge as one, the strength you released a moment ago would only provide you with a few extra moments of life.”

Lin Feng looked pensive. With the deadly energy that he had just released, he wouldn’t have won against a genuine formation spell?

“Of course, if you spare no effort and use every ounce of your strength, you would have the power to overcome the spell an win against these six.” Said Yue Meng He explaining to Lin Feng in detail. If he used every ounce of his power, he would be able to defeat the six cultivators surrounding him, but there were still thirty other members. Yue Meng He’s troop wasn’t considered a weak force at all.

In eighteen years, Yue Meng He had spared no effort in order to create such a powerful group.

“Mother, tell them to use their full strength.” Said Lin Feng while slightly grinning. His smile was filled with confidence which stupefied Yue Meng He. She immediately said: “Chun Feng, the young master wants you to use your full strength, you know what you have to do.”

“I know.” Replied Chun Feng while smiling at Yue Meng He. Very quickly, their tornadoes rose into the air and the tornadoes began to encircle Lin Feng again.

“Little Feng is still too young. He has too much confidence, maybe he will need to be injured by the spell before he understands.” Thought Yue Meng He while smiling.

“Lin Feng will win.” Said Meng Qing at that moment in a low voice which stupefied Yue Meng He. She then said to Meng Qing: “How come you believe in Little Feng so much?”

“I believe in him more than I believe in myself. If he says that he is going to try something, it means that he has a plan to win.” Explained Meng Qing to which Yue Meng He shook her head and said, while smiling: “Meng Qing, you have too much confidence in him.”

Of course, Yue Meng He was actually extremely happy to see Meng Qing’s faith in Lin Feng.

Yue Meng He was still smiling and when she suddenly heard a large impact. The sandstorm had stopped blowing and the six women were blown away.

Yue Meng He was astonished. Immediately after, she saw Lin Feng appear in front of her again, he looked calm and serene as if nothing had happened.

“It seems like you know my son much better than me.” Said Yue Meng He to Meng Qing. Lin Feng had won, and he won very quickly. In the blink of an eye, he had broken the spell.

Yue Meng He turned to Lin Feng and asked: “You understand the intricacies of spells?”

“Yes, I do.” Replied Lin Feng while nodding. In Yangzhou City, he had spent a long time researching spells and formations. That sandstorm spell formed from six tornadoes wasn’t that complex, it was very simple for someone with the know how to break.

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