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PMG Chapter 447: Tianya Haige

PMG Chapter 447: Tianya Haige

Thursday Chapter
No edit on this one, Liky will be here later to release edited chapters 🙂

Yue Meng He, Lin Hai and Meng Qing were looking at the storm of golden sand that started to form. The formation was slowly coming into being which shocked everyone.

They were all looking at each other with disbelief. Yue Meng He was stunned, but pleasantly surprised. She asked: “Has Little Feng learnt any witchcraft or formations before?”

“I don’t know. But considering his vast knowledge, he has probably learnt about witchcraft and formations before. Besides, his understanding of it doesn’t seem to be superficial.” Replied Lin Hai. Yue Meng He nodded in agreement. The Nine Palace Dragon Formation was very famous within the Imperial City. If one managed to unleash the formation, it could trap other people inside.

If someone who wasn’t strong enough was locked inside, he wouldn’t be able to break out and would remain a prisoner forever.

Lin Feng, only after studying it for a brief time, was able to make the rudimentary form of the formation appear. It was an extremely rare occurrence to see someone so talented using the formation.

“Master, look!” Said one of the girls in white. She was pointing into the distance. Those girls had been raised by Yue Meng He, they all respected her as their master.

Yue Meng He raised her head and saw a storm of golden sand, it was slowly transforming into nine palaces. Floating in the air were nine palaces formed completely from the sand.

“Not bad.” Yue Meng He smiled. The Nine palaces had already taken shape. After a short time, Lin Feng would be able to cast the Nine Palace Dragon Formation. How could she not be happy for her son?

However, at that moment, Lin Feng abruptly opened his eyes, his eyes were filled with a deep and mysterious expression.

“Go!” Lin Feng pointed out with his finger and the golden sand started to whistle through the air. At the same time, a dragon’s roar filled the sky. The golden sand filled the air and eventually surrounded Yue Meng He and the others. Suddenly, they were all standing in a completely different location. They were all inside a golden room. They were together a moment ago, but at that moment, they were each alone inside a golden room. They were all trapped inside an identical golden room.

“Illusion!” Yue Meng He was shaking and her face was frozen. A moment before, she thought that Lin Feng still needed some time before he was able to use the formation, but at that moment, she realized that she was wrong, Lin Feng had managed to cast the Nine Palace Dragon Formation.

“Mother, how is it?” Asked Lin Feng as he appeared in front of her.

“Not bad.” Said Yue Meng He while smiling. She was impressed by her son’s talent, he was extremely talented on the path of cultivation, but he also had the power to cast spells and formations.

At that moment, Yue Meng He wasn’t aware that Lin Feng could also concoct pills and fabricate weapons. She was unaware of how talented he was in a great deal of areas. His soul was extremely powerful compared to others, so no matter what he did, his talent would be extraordinary. Even his understanding of the Qi was much more advanced than others with the same amount of power. His soul was extremely powerful which allowed him to sense the many different domains, including witchcraft, alchemy and many others. No matter what Lin Feng attempted, he would be beyond the ordinary.

Lin Feng’s soul was very different from an ordinary person. Because he cultivated the surplus souls technique, his soul was several times stronger than others.

The fact that Lin Feng had immediately appeared beside her in the illusion, didn’t surprise Yue Meng He, Lin Feng was the one controlling the formation, using the power of his soul, he would be able to freely travel throughout his illusion. If he wanted to change anything inside the illusion, it would only take a thought, he had absolute control. So if he wanted to enter the illusion, it only took a single thought.

“This is my limit, I cannot hold it for much longer. It looks like I will still need some time to master it. I need to reach the point of making it appear in a flash and have it remain indefinitely, only then have I mastered this formation spell.”

When Yue Meng He heard Lin Feng, she nodded while looking gratified, in such a short time, Lin Feng was already able to achieve so much. Lin Feng didn’t look proud or arrogant at all, he was only focused on mastering the formation.

Even though Lin Feng could look or sound arrogant when dealing with his enemies, he wasn’t really an arrogant person, on the path of cultivation, there was no room for arrogance. He would only act arrogantly in front of other people, as a means to prevent them from seeing him as weak.

“Mother, I need your help with this. I want to see how easy it is to break my illusion. Can you use your power to break it?” Asked Lin Feng. He wanted to see how much power his illusion could withstand.

“Alright.” Yue Meng He nodded as she released a shockingly powerful Qi. Lin Feng quickly moved away from her. Yue Meng He’s silhouette flickered and she flew into the air with her fist raised above her head. Her fist immediately collided with the roof of the golden room.


The golden rooms seemed to shake and sounded like they were about to crack apart. Yue Meng He was stupefied, but immediately after, she smiled. After her punch, cracking sounds unceasingly spread through the air as the golden rooms started to shatter into oblivion. After, a rumbling sound spread through the air and the illusion disappeared completely from sight. Lin Feng and the others were back to the golden desert where they were previously.

The different parts of the Nine Palace Dragon Formation were dependent on each other. If a single spell was broken, the entire formation would collapse.

Lin Feng sighedwith disappointment. When facing an extremely strong cultivator, he could attempt a millions different methods, but a single punch was enough to defeat him and break his illusion.

When the others appeared in the desert again, they looked towards Lin Feng, everyone was still shocked. Lin Feng was extremely talented, surprisingly, he was able to learn the spells and create the formation in such a short time, that was talent.

“Mother, how powerful was it?” Asked Lin Feng to his mother.

Yue Meng He had a magnificent smile on her face, she nodded and said: “Little Feng, you are at the second Xuan Qi layer but by using a single spell, you will be able to imprison cultivators of the fourth Xuan Qi layer without problem.”

When Lin Feng heard Yue Meng He, he smiled. When a cultivator could use witchcraft, they had the complete advantage when fighting against those with a similar level of power.  Otherwise, what would be the point in studying spells and formations? If spells provided no benefit, then it would have been safer to focus solely on cultivation.

Cultivators who were extremely talented when using spells could even imprison and kill cultivators who had cultivation levels which were much higher than theirs. With an extremely high cultivation, there was nothing that was impossible. However, spells were able to close the gaps between cultivation levels, making the impossible, a reality. Therefore, many people dedicated their lives to witchcraft and the study of spells and formations.

Lin Feng wouldn’t be one of those people, for him, spells and alchemy were tools he could use to benefit his cultivation. With that spell, he wouldn’t be afraid of fighting against multiple cultivators at the fourth Xuan Qi layer.

“Little Feng, you have spent a great deal of time on your cultivation, let’s take this chance to go back and rest.” Said Yue Meng He when she saw that Lin Feng was working so hard. She also felt worried, after all, how could any mother bear to watch her son living such a harsh life?

But Lin Feng shook his head and said: “Mother, I want to go to Tianya Haige and visit the city.”

“Go to Tianya Haige?!” Yue Meng He was stupefied and remained silent. She knew nothing about the mysterious city. She really hoped that Lin Feng wouldn’t have any ideas about going there.

But Lin Feng wanted to go so she couldn’t stop him.

“Chun Feng and Xia Yu will go with you.” Said Yue Meng He while nodding.

“No need, Meng Qing and I will go alone, that’s more than enough.” Replied Lin Feng while shaking his head.

“But, ok.” Replied Yue Meng He when she saw how firm Lin Feng was being. She decided to accept his decision.

“Little Feng, Tianya Haige, even though it’s a city, it’s huge… even gigantic! It is much, much, much bigger than our Imperial City in Xue Yue. Tianya Haige has a central district, which is filled with terrifyingly strong cultivators. If you go there, be extremely careful. It would be better for you to stay away from the central district.” Warned Lin Hai. He didn’t feel at ease, they were in a foreign land, dangers could be everywhere.

“Don’t worry father, I will be careful.” Replied Lin Feng while smiling. There were some terrifyingly strong cultivators in the central district of Tianya Haige. Could there be cultivators of the Tian Qi layer or higher?

Concerning Lin Feng, he would leave Xue Yue sooner or later, it was only a matter of time. He would go and explore the Continent of the Nine Clouds to meet more powerful cultivators. At that moment, he was in front of Tianya Haige, it was a great opportunity to meet incredibly strong cultivators and see what attracted them here.

“Meng Qing.” Lin Feng looked to Meng Qing, of course, she would agree to go with him. She walked towards him without a word and they both shot into the distance, leaving only a cloud of golden sand behind.

Lin Hai looked at Lin Feng’s back and smiled.

“Meng He, Lin Feng has become a true man.”

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