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PMG Chapter 448: The Wolves of the Desert

PMG Chapter 448: The Wolves of the Desert
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Thursday Chapter

Lin Feng and Meng Qing were running across the desert and were surrounded by a cloud of sand. The desert was extremely vast. Lin Feng and Meng Qing had already been running for a few hours but they still hadn’t made it through the desert.

What annoyed Lin Feng the most was that because of the constant sandstorms, they could only run aimlessly across the sand and they didn’t know if they were heading the right way.

“Meng Qing, sorry for not asking for more details before I decided to leave.” Said Lin Feng when he saw that Meng Qing was covered in sand and tired from having to run. He felt guilty. He had thought that the desert would be much smaller and they could immediately cross it, but after a few hours, apart from a few silhouettes in the distance, they hadn’t encountered anything at all.

“Don’t blame yourself!” Said Meng Qing while shaking her head. She gazed into the distance and pointed while saying: “Look, there are some people over there. Let’s go over and ask them.”

Lin Feng looked in the direction that Meng Qing was pointing and saw a few silhouettes moving through the desert. He then said: “Let’s go and see.”

The two of them started running and very quickly, they arrived in front of those people. The group consisted of four boys and a girl. They seemed to be wearing peculiar clothes, their hair was also messy and unkempt. Their tanned skin paired with their messy hair made them seem wild. However, the girl was very different. She seemed to be quite pretty.

When the five people saw Lin Feng arrive, they all glanced at him.

Lin Feng only looked back at them. They were in foreign territory so it was better to see how the lo0cals would behave.

“Hello, may I help you?” Asked the girl, taking the initiative to speak first which relieved Lin Feng. Even though she had said only a few words, Lin Feng could see that those people weren’t much different from them.

“We have gotten lost in the desert. Could you help us find our way?” Asked Lin Feng politely.

When those people heard Lin Feng, they were stupefied. They got lost in the desert? They were probably young nobles who never left home, otherwise how would they get lost? Besides, the two of them looked very clean and elegant compared to the group. Lin Feng was handsome and looked very wise for his age. Meng Qing, even though she was wearing a fine veil which covered her face, they could still see that her features were very beautiful.

“There is only one direction to go, continue moving west and you will eventually leave the desert, but we’re heading that way so we can go together.” Said the girl while smiling. Her eyes were sparkling, she looked extremely enthusiastic.

“Alright.” Said Lin Feng. How could he refuse? Mixing with the local people would be a great way to learn about their culture and traditions.

“My name is Nuo Na.” Said the girl while smiling at Lin Feng. She was happy to hear Lin Feng’s quick response.

“Lin Feng.” Replied Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng!” Whispered Nuo Na. She then asked: “Lin Feng, if you are lost in the desert, how did you get out here?”

“I had nothing to do at home so I wanted to explore.” Replied Lin Feng in a soft voice while smiling.

“You are from the city?” Asked Nuo Na which surprised Lin Feng. From the city? Could it be that these people were not from Tianya Haige?

“You could say that, yes.” Replied Lin Feng while nodding, his response was extremely quick. Nuo Na didn’t doubt his words, Lin Feng and Meng Qing looked so clean and elegant, if they had lost their way in the desert, it probably meant that they were from the city.

“You’re so brave, surprisingly you have come all the way into the territory of the Wolves of the Desert.” sighed Nuo Na which stupefied Lin Feng: “The Wolves of the Desert?!”

“Don’t tell me that you don’t know about the Wolves of the Desert!?” Nuo Na was speechless. What kind of young master was Lin Feng? Surprisingly, he had never heard that the outer areas of the city were the territory of the Wolves of the Desert.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. It was his first time in this land, the fact that he didn’t know about them wasn’t strange at all.

“Lin Feng, in the city, there might be people who can protect you, but outside of the city, in the territory of the Wolves of the Desert, you have to be very careful. They are extremely wild, aggressive, brutal and violent. If you see them, you have to avoid them. They are the strongest group outside of the city. There is no way for us to fight against them.” Explained Nuo Na to Lin Feng. Lin Feng understood the whole story a bit better. The Wolves of the Desert were just a powerful group of bandits.

“Thrum! Thrum! Thrum!”

The ground was starting to shake beneath their feet as a huge cloud of sand could be seen. In the distance, a group riding horses appeared, Nuo Na and the others were frozen in fear.

They raised their heads and looked towards the group in the distance, when they saw the huge cloud of sand, their facial expressions gradually became grave.

“Shit! Speak of the devil…… Lin Feng, those people are from the Wolves of the Desert, we have to go, we can’t afford to cross their path. They might decide to attack us!”

While talking, Nuo Na started running. Immediately, the four others from her group followed closely behind her.

Lin Feng was dumbstruck, he glanced at the horses in the distance and then followed behind Nuo Na. They had to hurry if they wanted to avoid the group of bandits.

But what surprised Nuo Na was that the sound of the galloping horses was growing louder and louder as if they were coming closer.

Nuo Na glanced back and her face turned deathly pale. They were actually moving in their direction.

“Oh no..” Nuo Na was surprised. She started to run even faster, but how could she run faster than horses? Very quickly, the horses arrived and then surrounded them, they then started to run circles around them, forming a ring of sand. In the middle of the cloud of sand, the bandits looked like they found the situation amusing, especially the one leading them, who was a young man. He looked like he was about to burst into laughter. He was fixedly staring at Meng Qing and Nuo Na, while looking particularly perverted.

Nuo Na and her friends pulled a long face. What they feared the most was actually happening. Surprisingly, they had come across the Wolves of the Desert.

“Venerable and respected young man, hello, we are disciples of the Black Wood Tribe. I am the daughter of the head of the Black Wood Tribe. We have accidentally crossed your path, I hope that you will not be offended and let us go.” Said Nuo Na in a polite tone. At the same time, she declared her social status in an attempt to make the Wolves of the Desert less aggressive.

The horses finally stopped galloping. That evil-looking young man smiled coldly and said: “The daughter of the head of the Black Wood Tribe? Wow, amazing, terrific! You… Almost scared me!”

“Hahaha!” All those Wolves of the Desert burst into laughter. It seemed like Nuo Na was trying to use her social status as a deterrent.

But those people didn’t care at all, it seemed like Nuo Na and the others were terribly unlucky this time.

“How should I deal with that girl of the Black Wood Tribe?” Said the young man while laughing like a madman. He was asking the group of bandits.

“Let’s take her back.”

“Of course, we should give her to the second young master, she can be your eighth wife.” Joked the group while laughing in a hysterical way which made Nuo Na’s face turn deathly pale. Those people had just called him… Second young master?

“Second young master, I didn’t know that such a venerable and respectable person as you would appear in this place. Please forgive my offence, the Black Wood Tribe will be extremely grateful for your kindness.” Said Nuo Na whose face was still deathly pale. She sounded very sincere though.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at the group coldly. Those Wolves of the Desert were exactly the way he would imagine a group of outlaws to be. They were just horse-mounted bandits, nothing more. But they were powerful which was why Nuo Na and the others were scared.

“Perhaps it’s time for eight wives.” Said the second young master while laughing again. Immediately after, he started galloping away at full speed.

“I hope that Nuo Na has heard and understood. During midday, I will come to the Black Wood Tribe and will propose a marriage alliance between us. All of you must be there, not a single person is allowed to be absent, if one of you is missing, we will exterminate the Black Wood Tribe!” Said the second master whose silhouette was disappearing into the horizon. The other members of the Wolves of the Desert then followed him, leaving a huge cloud of yellow sand behind them.

Nuo Na’s face was turned deathly pale. A marriage alliance?!

She had would be forced into becoming the wife of the second master of the Wolves of the Desert! Besides, she would become the eighth wife, or maybe even the ninth or the tenth….

“Nuo Na, let’s hurry and go back. We will talk to our head.” Said one of the boys to Nuo Na. He looked anxious.

“Leave?” Nuo Na looked like she was about to cry. She then said in a feeble voice: “It seems that I’m the one to blame, outside of the city, the Wolves of the Desert are everywhere.”

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