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PMG Chapter 449: The Tribe

PMG Chapter 449: The Tribe
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Nuo Na turned around and looked at Lin Feng: “Lin Feng, is that beautiful girl your wife?”

“Wife?” Lin Feng was stupefied, but he immediately smiled warmly and replied: “Yes, she is.”

When Meng Qing, who was sitting next to him heard him, she felt very embarrassed but at the same time, a sweet and warm feeling invaded her heart.

“You should both run away, quickly! Go back to the city!” Said Nuo Na.

Lin Feng looked surprised and replied: “But you heard that guy, he said that tomorrow at midday, we all have to be there, not a single one of us should be missing, otherwise he will destroy your tribe.”

“I heard him but I cannot get you involved, the second young master of the Wolves of the Desert is probably interested in your wife as well, you should run away as soon as possible!” Said Nuo Na. She was advising Lin Feng to leave.

“What about you? What if a catastrophe occurs?” Lin Feng was surprised, he wouldn’t have thought that Nuo Na would advise them to leave when she was in such a critical situation.

“I will sacrifice myself and marry the second young master of the Wolves of the Desert, then nothing bad will happen to the Black Wood Tribe.” Said Nuo Na.

“No, you can’t do that, how can you marry him?!” Said one of the young men who was shaking his head frenetically.

When Nuo Na saw his facial expression, she smiled wryly and said: “Hei Shan, I’m sorry. I will not be able to marry you in the future when you are the strongest warrior in the tribe.”

“Nuo Na, I will never let you marry one of the Wolves of the Desert.” Replied Hei Shan with a barbaric expression on his face. He kept shaking his head over and over again. Nuo Na was smiling wryly… What bad luck it was for them to encounter the second young master of the Wolves of the Desert.

“Nuo Na.” Said Lin Feng at that moment which made Nuo Na turn her head towards him.

“How strong are the Wolves of the Desert?” Asked Lin Feng.

Nuo Na looked at Lin Feng and immediately started speaking slowly: “Very strong. Actually, the Wolves of the Desert are a tribe, they are the strongest tribe outside of the city. They are much stronger than most of the other tribes which is why they roam freely. Apart from them, there are many other tribes that roam the desert and many of those tribes could destroy my tribe easily.”

“What about their battle strength?” Asked Lin Feng again.

“The Wolves of the Desert is a tribe divided into many smaller tribes, in order to become the head of one of those branches, a cultivator must have at least broken through to the Xuan Qi layer. They are also the persists of the tribe and are extremely strong. The Wolves of the Desert has many strong cultivators. The weakest of them are of the Ling Qi layer. Besides, the head of the entire tribe, the King of the Wolves, is extremely strong, but I don’t know how powerful he is. What I can guarantee is that he has at least broken through the first Xuan Qi layer into the second, or maybe more. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to assume his position as King of the Wolves.”

After Nuo Na explained those things to Lin Feng, he remained silent for a while, his eyes were twinkling, second Xuan Qi layer!

“Let’s go to the Black Wood Tribe together.” Said Lin Feng at that moment, which stupefied Nuo Na, she didn’t understand why Lin Feng wanted to come.

“Lin Feng, are you sure?” Asked Nuo Na solemnly.

“I am sure.” Said Lin Feng while nodding. He smiled and added: “You still have to show me the way out of the desert.”

When Nuo Na heard Lin Feng, she smiled. Since Lin Feng insisted, she wouldn’t try to convince him any longer. She only nodded and said: “Alright, let’s all go back to the Black Wood Tribe then.”

It was exactly how Nuo Na said, they continued heading directly to the west. After a while, they were out of the desert, but the landscape didn’t look anything like Lin Feng had imagined. The land was still a vast and boundless desert, but there were exotic trees growing from the sand to form a jungle. As far as Lin Feng could see there was sand and exotic trees.

Of course, many tribes were probably living in the jungle or roaming the open desert, just like the Wolves of the Desert.

The Black Wood Tribe was situated on a hill. There was five-six hundred households built around the hill. It looked more like a fortified hill village.

“As expected, it’s just a small tribe.” Thought Lin Feng when he saw the small fences and simple defences that were erected. Their defences didn’t look good at all; they were very basic defences. They were able to stop normal people and wild beasts, but were far from being able to stop most cultivators.

When Nuo Na came back, all the people started to greet her. Nobody asked her what she had obtained during her trip though, everybody was just staring towards Lin Feng and Meng Qing. They were very curious as to who these people were.

“Nuo Na, who are those two strangers?” Asked one of the tribe.

“They are my new friends, we met in the desert.” Explained Nuo Na. She didn’t mention what had happened in the desert with the Wolves of the Desert. She didn’t want anyone to panic.

“Nuo Na!” Said a loud and vigorous voice which interrupted the conversation. The crowd slowly opened a path and shouted “The Head, the head has come!” one after the other.

“Father.” The crowd opened the way and a tall and strong man appeared in front of Nuo Na.

“Nuo Na, didn’t you bring any items back?” asked the head of the Black Wood Tribe. She just shook her head, she didn’t know what to say.

“Nuo Na, has something happened? Something that prevented you from returning with a good harvest?” Asked Hei Mu at that moment. Nuo Na shook her head again and said: “Nothing, father.”

“What are you talking about?” Suddenly said Hei Shan while moving forwards, he looked at Hei Mu and said: “Foster father, we encountered the Wolves of the Desert.”

“The Wolves of the Desert!” When the crowd heard his words, many people started to shake. They all looked terrified.

“Hei Shan, shut your mouth!” Shouted Nuo Na, but her father glared at her until she lowered her head in silence. He then said to Hei Shan: “Son, tell me what happened.”

“Foster father, we ran into these two when crossing the desert, then the Wolves of the Desert appeared. One of the men with them was the second young master. He clearly said that at midday tomorrow, he will come and propose a marriage alliance. They also said that all of us had to be here, if any of us were missing, they would destroy the tribe.” Hei Shan hadn’t even finished talking that the crowd around them burst into an uproar. All sorts of shocked comments were spreading throughout the crowd.

Hei Mu looked stupefied as well. The second young master of the Wolves of the Desert……

It was said that this perverted young man loved women more than anything else in life. If he saw a beautiful woman, she would be forced into becoming his wife. He already had seven wives but it was still not enough for him, he was never satisfied.

“Nuo Na, what do you intend to do?”

Nuo Na groaned coldly, she remained silent for a few seconds and replied: “I want Lin Feng and his wife to leave. Then I will sacrifice myself and marry the second young master from the Wolves of the Desert, that way, I will be the only one to suffer, nobody else needs to get involved and nothing will happen to the tribe.”

“You’re too naive!” Said Hei Mu interrupting his daughter. “It’s impossible to bargain with such people! Besides, how do you know that you’re the one he wants?” While talking, Hei Mu glanced at Meng Qing. He could see how incredibly beautiful he features were, the second young master was probably extremely interested in her.

“Nuo Na, you still haven’t introduced your two friends to me.” Asked Hei Mu in a loud voice while looking at Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng glanced at him. Hei Mu really deserved to be the head of the Black Wood Tribe, the way he handled things was more well-practiced than Nuo Na!

“I met Lin Feng in the desert and we became friends. That beautiful woman is his wife.” Said Nuo Na introducing her friends.

“Oh. They look like a perfect match.” Replied Hei Mu while nodding. He then immediately added: “It’s getting late, go find a place for our guests.”

“Hei Shan, bring Lin Feng and his wife to one of the guest houses, Also don’t bother them and let them rest.”

When Hei Shan heard Hei Mu’s order, he nodded and said: “Alright, I will let them rest.”

Lin Feng glanced at Nuo Na and saw that her mouth was slightly open, she was astonished but she didn’t say anything, it would have been useless anyway so she kept her mouth shut.

“Lin Feng, come with me.” Said Hei Shan politely. Immediately after, he brought Meng Qing and Lin Feng to a large house and prepared everything for them to stay the night. Lin Feng didn’t say anything and happily accepted.

After Hei Shan left, Lin Feng frowned.

He walked to the window and opened it. He could clearly sense that some people were observing them. Hei Shan didn’t trust Lin Feng, he was afraid that Lin Feng would leave and cause the destruction of the Black Wood Tribe. Therefore, he had people watching them, ready to intercept them if they left.

But if Lin Feng wanted to leave, would any of this be useful?

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