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PMG Chapter 450: The Most Important Person!

PMG Chapter 450: The Most Important Person!
Friday Chapter

Hei Mu was the head of the Black Wood Tribe, he couldn’t afford to be as naive as Nuo Na and tell them to leave.

Besides, Hei Mu understood the situation much better than Nuo Na, the second young master of the Wolves of the Desert probably wasn’t interested in Nuo Na, but rather Lin Feng’s wife. If that was really the case, then since Lin Feng left, the Black Wood Tribe would definitely be destroyed. That was the last thing Hei Mu wanted to happen. He couldn’t afford to gamble with thousands of lives and let them leave.

Even though Lin Feng could understand Hei Mu’s point of view, he still felt angry. Of course, he was Lin Feng and not Hei Mu. Hei Mu and Lin Feng were neither friends or enemies, so why would he care about Hei Mu’s point of view? Lin Feng didn’t want to allow others to spy on him, nobody would accept such a thing. If he really wanted them to stay, he could have told them clearly, he didn’t need to use such despicable means.

Besides, Lin Feng had come here by his own free will.

“I am going out.” Said Lin Feng to Meng Qing while smiling. Meng Qing slightly nodded. She had of course sensed the people surrounding them, she also didn’t feel comfortable with it. Who would allow unknown people to watch them while sleeping or cultivating?

Lin Feng left the room and started to walk away. He looked like he was leaving the territory of Hei Mu’s Tribe.

As expected, Lin Feng hadn’t even made it very far when two silhouettes appeared in front to block him, while they remained silent.

“What do you want?” Asked Lin Feng sounding indifferent, yet cold.

“Dear guest, please go back.” Said one of them, he was wearing black clothes and his voice contained a coldness. He was expressionless.

“I want to go out for a walk.” Replied Lin Feng while shaking his head.

“Dear guest, it would be best for you to go back, there are some ferocious beasts out there, it’s not safe.” Said his interlocutor while still blocking his path.

“I don’t need you to worry about my safety.” Said Lin Feng while smiling and continued walking. The two people were stupefied and immediately moved in front of him again while shouting: “Since it’s that way, don’t blame us!”

“Why would I blame you?” said Lin Feng sounding indifferent. He then released a terrifying energy which froze the two people in place. They were shocked.

“GET LOST!” Shouted Lin Feng. His shout caused fear to overcome the hearts of the two people blocking his path. At the same time, a fist landed on each of their chests and their bodies were sent hurtling backwards.

“They want to rely on you to keep me here, but you only amount to this.” said Lin Feng coldly. The two people were crawling across the ground and viciously staring at Lin Feng. They immediately picked themselves up and ran away.

“Hmph.” Lin Feng groaned coldly, turned around and went back to his room. He looked at Meng Qing and said: “Meng Qing, should we stay here tonight or go out?”

“Let’s leave. It will be calmer outside.” Said Meng Qing while smiling. Lin Feng grabbed Meng Qing’s hand and started to move. These days, Meng Qing stopped rejecting his advances. She held onto Lin Feng’s hand and they left the tribe together. They rose into the air and streaked across the sky. In the blink of an eye, they were gone.

After Lin Feng and Meng Qing left, a group of people with torches and lanterns rushed towards the guest house. When they saw that it was empty, they were astonished.

“Bastard! Where did they leave from?!” Hei Mu was furious.

“Father, Lin Feng is not a member of our tribe, if he left, just let it be, we shouldn’t interfere with others.” Said Nuo Na who was by his side.

“Shut the hell up!” Said Hei Mu. “What do you know? They left which means our Black Wood Tribe will meet its end. If you want to marry the second young master of the Wolves of the Desert, that’s your problem, but now everybody is involved, your brothers and sisters will all die!”

Nuo Na’s face turned deathly pale, her lips twitched and she said: “Father, it was your fault for sending people to spy on Lin Feng, otherwise he wouldn’t have left. If he had wanted to avoid the situation, he wouldn’t have come to our tribe in the first place.”


Hei Mu was furious and immediately slapped his daughter’s face. He looked ice-cold.

“You slut! Look at what…You’re staying in the guest house now, I’ll lock the door, and tomorrow when the second master arrives, I will give him the key. You’ll be his and I’ll even congratulate him at the wedding.”

Hei Mu’s voice was ice-cold. He then ordered a few guards to stay and prevent her from leaving. Nuo Na’s face was deathly pale and the tears started to flow down her cheeks. In tribes like these, men held absolute superiority over women, the Black Wood Tribes was no different. For the sake of the tribe, her father would rid himself of all emotion and abandon her, he would sacrifice her for the sake of the whole tribe.

Lin Feng had no idea of what was happening after he left. They had already arrived at the top of a small mountain. It was a very dark and cold night in the desert.

Meng Qing slightly moved and put her head on Lin Feng’s shoulders. She then said: “Lin Feng, don’t you have the feeling that there is something strange about this place? As if there is something different.”

“Huh?” Lin Feng was stupefied. He then looked at Meng Qing and said: “You also feel it!”

Meng Qing smiled and said: “Lin Feng, don’t forget that I practice a lower moon skill, the sun is its polar opposite. I can sense both water and fire distinctly.

Lin Feng nodded. Water and fire were opposite elements so Meng Qing being able to sense the overwhelming fire Qi wasn’t surprising at all.

“I can also sense it. It’s like there is a fire burning under our feet that could explode at any moment.”

Lin Feng had practiced the Cosmos-Burning Sun skill, he was still unable to advance it to an authentic sun skill, but it was still at the level of a lower sun skill. It was enough to sense that under their feet, a terrifying fire Qi was burning, it was a very scary feeling.

“I wonder if my mother and father sensed it too when they arrived.” Whispered Lin Feng while looking into the distance.

“Don’t think about it too much. Have some rest. Tomorrow, we are going back to the Black Wood Tribe.” Said Meng Qing while leaning against Lin Feng’s body and smiling.

“Meng Qing, how do you know that we’re going back?”

“Because I understand your heart. If we leave it like that, it could be a catastrophic disaster for Nuo Na. She can stay with us if you like.” Replied Meng Qing in a soft way. Lin Feng was astonished: “You don’t mind me having other women by my side?”

“I don’t mind, really. Lin Feng, if you meet a girl that you like, she can stay with us, I really don’t mind. As long as there is room for me in your heart, I don’t mind.” Lin Feng was astonished. While talking, Meng Qing looked sad, did she really think it was ok?

“You’re lying.” Said Lin Feng while gazing into the distance. Meng Qing shivered at those words.

“Well, even if I don’t like it, I would have to accept it. The most important thing to me is that I always have a place in your heart.” Replied Meng Qing in a soft way. Her voice was sweet and gentle. She loved Lin Feng wholeheartedly, she couldn’t change that. She was extremely scared to lose him.  It didn’t matter that their love was a wonderful and beautiful story, or that she was extremely beautiful, she couldn’t help but be scared of losing him.

Lin Feng hugged Meng Qing tightly and ran his fingers through her hair. His face was filled with warmth and sweetness. Meng Qing was his first love. She was always by his side, she had always protected him and had never asked for anything in exchange. No matter if she was acting coldly or laughing wholeheartedly, he loved her. For Meng Qing’s smile, he was ready to do anything, he would destroy the world for her. How could he ever stop loving her?

“If there ever was another woman, Meng Qing, nobody would be able to replace you, nobody. You will always be the most important person in my life.”

Lin Feng was still gazing into the distance, but he had a magnificent smile on his face. However, he couldn’t agree to having only one woman by his side, because in the Imperial City, there was another woman who wanted nothing more than to be by his side, she was waiting for him. She spent her days drawing portraits of his face, she had dedicated her entire life to him.

Sometimes, Lin Feng asked himself why he was going so far for a woman, why he would do anything for a smile? For love, one could accomplish great thing, for love, nothing was impossible!

When Meng Qing heard Lin Feng, tears started to roll down her cheeks. He was saying that she was the most important person in his heart and that she would always be. That was enough, for her, that was enough!

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