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PMG Chapter 451: Kill Me?

PMG Chapter 451: Kill Me?
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At midday, the scorching sun was soaring high in the sky and the golden sand of the desert seemed like it had turned into lava beneath people’s feet.

At that moment, the scorching sun was shining down on the Black Wood Tribe, even though it seemed calm and peaceful, the atmosphere was rather depressing.

At the entrance of the Black Wood Tribe, a great majority of the tribe members were standing in wait. The head of the tribe was standing at the very front, his daughter Nuo Na was also by his side, however, Nuo Na’s hair was an absolute mess and she was bound by rope. Her face was one of sadness. However, she wasn’t scared at all, she only felt desperate and hopeless.

She had been tied up by her own father and he was going to sacrifice her to a monster, the second young master. How could Nuo Na not feel desperate and hopeless?

Everybody was calmly standing there and waiting.

Finally, the sounds of hooves filled the air and drew the attention of the Black Wood Tribe, they all looked extremely nervous.

Very quickly, a cloud of golden sand rose in front of them and a group of armoured-horses arrived at the entrance of the village.

“I am the Second Young Master of the Wolves of the Desert, I’ve come today to propose a marriage alliance!” A loud and clear voice filled the air. Immediately after, many people were applauding and cheering him. With one sentence, he had stated his purpose as marriage, it didn’t differ much from a kidnapping though, the second young master only allowed the Black Wood Tribe to keep face, nothing more.

The different horses opened a path for the young man as he appeared before the eyes of the Black Wood Tribe. That young man looked extremely arrogant.

When he saw that Nuo Na had been tied up, he was stupefied and said in an ice-cold tone: “Who is the head of the Black Wood Tribe?!”

Hei Mu took a step forward and looked at the young man while bowing, he then said in an overly polite tone: “Venerable and respectable second young master, I am the humble head of the Black Wood Tribe, I heard that you were interested in my daughter Nuo Na, I, Hei Mu, am willing to give her to you. She is now yours to do with as you please.”

But the second young master frowned and said coldly: “Who tied her up? I am here to propose a marriage alliance, this is not a kidnapping! Besides, I want your daughter and the other girl who was with her yesterday. I want you to hand them both over to me, they will be my new wives.”

“As expected.” Hei Mu wasn’t surprised, that second young master had come for Lin Feng’s wife, Nuo Na was just a bonus, nothing more.

“Venerable and respectable second young master, please accept my most sincere apologies, I tied Nuo Na up because she voluntarily released the other girl.” Said Hei Mu sounding angry at his daughter, but in reality he was terrified of the second young master. The Wolves of the Desert were the cruellest people in the region. If the second young master didn’t forgive them, it would be the end of the Black Wood Tribe.

When the second young master heard Hei Mu, he was stupefied. Then, an ice-cold light started flashing in his eyes.

“Do you know why I came here? Do you know what my purpose was?” Asked the second young master in a very aggressive tone which caused Hei Mu to shake.

“Yesterday, I didn’t immediately attack and kidnap them because I attached too much importance to her feelings, I felt a great deal of esteem and respect for her, that is why I said, and I couldn’t have been clearer, that I wanted EVERYBODY to be here today, otherwise, why do you think that I came here in person for your daughter? That’s ridiculous.” the second young master’s voice was becoming colder and louder as he spoke. He then added: “Now, you allowed her to leave…?”

Hei Mu was shaking, he was terrified.

“Venerable second young master, my daughter received a bad education, she let her go. You can take Nuo Na and deal with her as you wish, you can humiliate her as you see fit.” When Nuo Na heard her father’s words, her face turned red. Her father was telling a monster to take her and humiliate her… Could he still be considered her father?

“I will.” Said the second young master in an ice-cold tone before adding: “But first, I will destroy the Black Wood Tribe.”

“Young master!” Shouted Hei Mu. He raised his head and said: “Second young master, I am offering you my daughter! And after that, the Black Wood Tribe will listen to anything you say, we will work for you!”

“Huh?” The second young master was stupefied. When he heard that the Black Wood Tribe would be willing to work for him, he thought that it might be a better result than annihilating them.

“What a shameless excuse of a father!”

At that moment, an ice-cold voice filled the air, everybody was stupefied.

“Who’s that?!” Hei Mu turned around and immediately saw two people in the distance slowly walking towards them. It was precisely Lin Feng and Meng Qing.

When Hei Mu saw them, he was stupefied, the second young master also narrowed his eyes. Immediately after, he smiled, he hadn’t thought that Lin Feng and Meng Qing would return.

“Why did you come back?!” shouted Nuo Na. Lin Feng had already left, why did he return? He was delivering himself and his wife to the enemy!

“I never intended to leave.” said Lin Feng while smiling. Lin Feng and Meng Qing quickly arrived in front of everybody else. Then they both glared at the second young master.

“Interesting.” Said the second young master while smiling. He immediately added: “Hei Mu, you said that you were going to work for us, now go and kill that brat and hand me the girl.”

“Yes, master.” Replied Hei Mu and then added: “Hei Shan, go and kill him.”

“Yes, foster father.” Hei Shan took a step forwards and looked at Lin Feng with an ice-cold glare while releasing a deadly energy. Initially, he was supposed to marry Nuo Na once he became the strongest warrior in the tribe. He felt that stopping to talk with Lin Feng was the cause of everything that was happening, if they had never met Lin Feng in the desert, none of this would have happened, because the Wolves of the Desert wouldn’t be interested in them if not for Meng Qing.

Lin Feng looked at Hei Shan’s deadly energy and laughed. He then said: “I am warning you, don’t attack. I never show mercy to those who want to kill me.”

“Die, bastard!” Shouted Hei Shan ferociously while throwing himself towards Lin Feng. He released a brutal energy which created a hurricane as he attacked.

“Wow! How strong!” Thought the members of the Black Wood Tribe while looking at Hei Shan. They were all cheering for him, he really deserved to be called a warrior of the Black Wood Tribe, Hei Shan was really strong.

Very quickly, Hei Shan arrived in front of Lin Feng, his fist was moving closer and closer to Lin Feng’s chest but Lin Feng remained absolutely motionless, he wasn’t reacting at all.

“Kill him!” Shouted someone from the tribe. Lin Feng had to die for them to survive.

Nuo Na opened her mouth, her face was deathly pale. Lin Feng had returned, but he was going to die… Hei Shan was one of the strongest warriors of the Black Wood Tribe, how could Lin Feng compete with him!

While Nuo Na was thinking this, Hei Shan’s fist bombarded Lin Feng’s chest making all the members of the Black Wood Tribe laugh out in joy, Hei Shan was monstrously strong, Lin Feng didn’t even put up a fight.


Hei Shan’s fist crashed onto Lin Feng’s chest causing his clothes flutter in the wind, however, the smiles suddenly froze in place.

They could all clearly see that Lin Feng was still standing, motionless, and his expression was unchanged. He hadn’t moved at all and he was clearly still conscious.

Lin Feng wasn’t dead, he wasn’t even injured.

“Huh?” Hei Shan was shocked. He punched Lin Feng again but Lin Feng remained completely motionless, like a huge mountain. Hei Shan was dumbstruck. He raised his head and looked at Lin Feng who was now laughing because he found the situation terribly amusing.

“How’s that possible? What’s going on!?”

Hei Shan’s fist was shaking, everybody watching was astonished as well. Lin Feng had just been punched in the chest by Hei Shan multiple times, but he hadn’t even moved an inch.

“So that’s how you were planning to kill me.” Laughed Lin Feng coldly. He looked perfectly calm and unaffected by what just happened. Everybody was stunned.

They hadn’t thought of the possibility that Lin Feng would be a strong cultivator.

“I warned you before about attacking me.” Said Lin Feng in a cold tone. He then slowly raised his hand, and then pointed his finger, Lin Feng’s finger was pointing directly at Hei Shan. Suddenly, Lin Feng’s finger started to move which frightened Hei Shan who started to quickly retreat.

However, as weak as he was, would he have a chance to retreat?

Lin Feng’s finger immediately landed on Hei Shan’s throat and slit from ear to ear, after grabbing his throat and convulsing, he slowly collapsed onto the ground, dead.

“Hei Shan is dead?!” Hei Mu was shocked and his heart was now palpitating even more violently. Hei Mu was blankly staring at Lin Feng’s figure. He would never have thought that the delicate and handsome looking Lin Feng was actually a powerful cultivator.

“Because of a few words from them, you wanted to kill me. How ridiculous.” Joked Lin Feng. Hei Mu wanted to kill him because of what the second young master said. Hei Mu was convinced that Lin Feng was a weak young noble and not a powerful cultivator.

However, if he had known that the second young master from the Wolves of the Desert was only an insect in comparison with Lin Feng, he would have acted very differently. He was shocked by the turn of events.

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    One of the things I don’t like about Hei Mu is the way he went about it. His daughter was bravely sacrificing herself but he didn’t treat her kindly. Instead he used her as you would a piece of meat. he tied her up and actively provoked the second young master to treat his daughter as badly as he could on the off chance that this might garner a shred of good will.
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