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PMG Chapter 453: The Massacre!

PMG Chapter 453: The Massacre!

Translated by: Notsaneinthebrain

Sunday Chapter

 Liky = Lost

“You… You….” The second young master of the Wolves of the Desert looked around him and saw that all of his comrades were already dead. He was still on his horseback, but he was shaking with fear. He looked terrified.


“You… Want to kill me?” Said Lin Feng in an ice-cold tone while walking towards the second young master. 


The second young master wanted to kill Lin Feng? Could he? At that moment, all of his followers had been killed by Lin Feng, now his life was in Lin Feng’s hands. 


“You wanted to kidnap my wife and force her become your wife?” Said Lin Feng while releasing some deadly energy which caused fear to penetrate deep into the second young master’s heart.


“I am the second young master of the Wolves of the Desert. I am the son of the King of the Wolves. Outside the city, we are the most influential and powerful group, if you kill me, an endless number of people will hunt you down and slaughter you.” Said the second young master, his voice grew louder and louder, he was attempting to restore his courage. He was the son of the King of the Wolves, Lin Feng wouldn’t dare to kill him!


“There is no need for them to hunt me down! After killing you, I will just wait here for them.” Said Lin Feng indifferently, he didn’t even feel the slightest bit intimidated by his interlocutor’s threat. Lin Feng even looked like he was going to burst into a fit of laughter. 


“In three seconds, I am going to end your life.” Said Lin Feng which stupefied the second young master, three seconds?


“Two seconds.” Said Lin Feng while smiling coldly at the second young master who was now galloping away like a madman. A sword rose into the air, it was a scorching sword.


“Don’t….!!!” Shouted the second young master in despair but it was useless. After that, the light from the sword crashed into his body and turned his internal organs into ashes. His eyes were wide in disbelief. Immediately after, the remains of his body fell to the ground, he was clearly dead. The majestic second young master of the Wolves of the Desert had just died with his eyes wide open. 


Lin Feng looked as emotionless. He slowly turned around and looked at the members of the Black Wood Tribe, and more particularly at Hei Mu. Lin Feng still looked like he was going to burst into laughter.


Hei Mu’s lips were twitching, he wanted to say something but the words weren’t coming out. Because of a few words from the second young master, he wanted to kill Lin Feng. At that moment, he realized that Lin Feng had singlehandedly killed all the Wolves of the Desert. How ridiculous had he been to want to kill Lin Feng! 


A sharp sound filled the air and Nuo Na’s ties were cut. At that moment, she was staring at Lin Feng and she was speechless.


Lin Feng was so young and he had already broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, what a terrifying talent! 


“Lin Feng, leave quickly! The Wolves of the Desert will be coming for you! They wont just let something like this go. Take advantage of this opportunity and leave!” Nuo Na suddenly shouted. Outside of Tianya Haige, the Wolves of the Desert were the largest power, and they were the undisputed strongest. They had many extremely strong cultivators. They had a dozen tribe heads who were all at the Xuan Qi layer. They would definitely hunt down Lin Feng and avenge their people. 


When Lin Feng heard Nuo Na, he shook his head and smiled, leave? Why did he need to leave?


“Lin Feng, even though you are extremely strong, the Wolves of the Desert are neither weaklings nor cowards, they will definitely come for you.” Said Nuo Na, she was extremely anxious. 


“Nuo Na, that’s enough. Young master Lin Feng is certainly strong enough to cope with the Wolves of the Desert” said Hei Mu at that moment, he then continued: “Young master Lin Feng, I was blind before, I failed to appreciate your kindness. I hope that we can find a way for you to forgive me. You are always welcome to stay in my tribe and we will properly receive you, as venerable guests.” 


Lin Feng looked amused when he saw Hei Mu’s face. He had killed that group who belonged to the Wolves of the Desert, he had even killed the second young master, those bandits would inevitably seek revenge. If they sent people to the Black Wood Tribe and found out that Lin Feng wasn’t there, they would slaughter everyone. Therefore, Hei Mu was being very polite and friendly, hoping that Lin Feng would forget that they had just tried to kill him. 


“Get out of my sight, I don’t want to see you again.” Said Lin Feng coldly which stupefied Hei Mu. He then replied politely: “If you remain here, I will make sure to stay out of your sight!” 


While talking, Hei Mu moved back into the crowd, as if he really intended to stay out of sight, like Lin Feng said. 


Lin Feng and Meng Qing didn’t leave the Black Wood Tribe, they wanted to stay with Nuo Na. Concerning Hei Mu, he kept casting his eyes to the distance, if Lin Feng left, nobody could save the Black Wood Tribe. 


One day passed and then another, outside of the Black Wood Tribe, the sound of galloping horses could be heard on the horizon. The galloping horses were making the ground shake, giving people a feeling of majesty and pride. 


But the people of the Black Wood Tribe weren’t excited at all, they were all terrified.


The Wolves of the Desert had come for their revenge.


The ground continued to shake, a cloud of golden sand could be seen on the horizon. Everybody in the tribe remained silent as the cloud of sand grew closer, they were all trembling with fear. 


The group of horses then stopped outside of the tribe. Immediately after, the one who seemed to be their leader said: “Kill everybody! Slaughter every person from the Black Wood Tribe!” 


“Yes!” The sound of galloping horses filled the air again, but this time they were attacking the Black Wood Tribe. 


“Die!” A terrifying and cruel Qi dashed into the skies and crashed into the crowd of people. All the people who had been touched by that terrifying Qi died. 




“Ahhhhhh….. HELP!!!” 


Bloodcurdling shrieks filled the air. The Wolves of the Desert had only one thing in mind, slaughter! Without saying a word, they had already killed a huge number of people, it was a bloodbath. 


In a different corner of the tribe, Hei Mu could clearly sense that his people were being massacred. His silhouette flickered and he immediately moved towards Lin Feng’s room. 


After a short time, he appeared in front of Lin Feng and said: “Young master Lin Feng, the Wolves of the Desert have come to slaughter us!” 


“So what?” Said Lin Feng coldly while looking at Hei Mu. 


“They have come to kill you!” Said Hei Mu whose facial expression was twitching. 


“If they try to kill me, I will of course deal with them. I don’t need you to worry about such things. Now, get lost.” Said Lin Feng in an ice-cold tone. He looked absolutely emotionless. 


“But… The Wolves of the Desert are slaughtering the members of my tribe!” Said Hei Mu, he still wasn’t leaving, he was expecting Lin Feng to help. 


“What does that have to do with me?!” Said Lin Feng whose voice was getting colder.


“I was hoping that you would show yourself to the Wolves of the Desert, and stop them.” 


Lin Feng burst into laughter, an evil laughter. He took a step forwards and stood in front of Hei Mu. His face turned ice-cold and he said: “The Black Wood Tribe wanted to kill me on multiple occasions and now that you are in a critical situation, you want me to protect you? Is that a joke?”


“I, Lin Feng, am not a fool.” Said Lin Feng and at the same time he released a terrifying deadly energy. 


“If you don’t get out of my sight immediately, I will kill you!” 

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    even if the story stelling isnt really the best, it is at least one of the few stories where the mc behaves like the arrogant young master and that’s what i really like about it.
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