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PMG Chapter 454: Savage Thoughts

PMG Chapter 454: Savage Thoughts
Translated by: Notsaneinthebrain
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Some deadly energy pressed against Hei Mu’s body, he was so scared that his legs became weak.

He regretted everything and felt hopeless. He turned around and his silhouette flickered as he ran away. It was over, the Black Wood Tribe would soon be destroyed.

They had tried to kill Lin Feng and now they wanted his protection, was such a thing possible?

Lin Feng wasn’t a saint, he wouldn’t fight to save the Black Wood Tribe that wanted him dead. Even if he was going to fight in the future, he wouldn’t lift a finger to help them.

Hei Mu walked through the territory of the tribe and all he could see were the scattered corpses of his tribe members. A sudden pain invaded his heart, everything was his fault.

Not far in front of Hei Mu, there was a person riding atop a fiery red wolf. That person looked majestic and cruel. Hei Mu’s silhouette flickered and in a flash, he appeared in front of the person.

Then, Hei Mu said in a very respectful way: “Venerable and respectable King of the Wolves, Your Highness, I am the head of the Black Wood Tribe, I am terribly grieved by the second young master’s death but it is neither my fault nor that of my people, I had already pledged my loyalty to the second young master, I had promised to devote my entire life to him. The one who killed the second young master isn’t one of us, his name is Lin Feng, he is a young man. Look, he is in there. I beg of you, Your Highness, please forgive us.”

The king looked at Hei Mu indifferently and then looked in the direction in which Hei Mu was pointing. The king of wolves expressionless said: “Fire wolf, let’s go.”

The fire wolf heard the king and its eyes diffused a dazzling light. Apart from its dangerous eyes, the fire wolf’s fur was entirely red.

“I beg you, please forgive my tribe.” Said Hei Mu while bowing in front of the king.

The king moved next to Hei Mu and smiled: “I forgive you, so you can all die happily.”

When Hei Mu heard the king, he was stupefied. Immediately after, the wolf howled and an incredible scorching hot Qi emerged. The fire wolf started to breathe fire around its surroundings, in a flash, Hei Mu was a burnt corpse.

Hei Mu had died, devoured by the flames. The king of the wolves had shown no mercy at all.

“Let’s go.” Said the king of the wolves while walking in the direction which Hei Mu pointed. At the same time, a group of people were following closely behind him. Their deadly Qi was thick and dense. Those people were also all releasing their murderous intent in that direction.

“I don’t need so many people to follow me, a few is enough. The others can continue massacring the tribe members. None of them are to be left alive.” Said the king of the wolves in a deep voice. Many people turned back and continued looking for members of the Black Wood Tribe who may have run or gone into hiding. They were going to keep killing until no one was left.

At that moment, Lin Feng was sitting on the roof of the house where he had been staying. He was calmly looking at the silhouettes on the horizon, they were moving in his direction. Lin Feng looked absolutely carefree and unaffected by it though.

Very quickly, the king of the wolves and the others arrived to where Lin Feng was sitting at. They raised their heads and looked at the calm-looking young man. They were all surprised, that young man was very brave, didn’t he know why they were here? Didn’t he know that they were going to kill him?

“Wolf King, I will kill him for you.” Said someone who was standing next to the king of the wolves. He wanted to show his loyalty.

“Alright, Luo Sen, go and take his life. Use your sabers to behead him, then bring his head back to me.” Said the king while nodding.

“Don’t worry Wolf King, my sabers have grown thirsty after not tasting blood in such a long time.” Said Luo Sen while moving forwards. He was slowly approaching Lin Feng. He then raised his head and looked at Lin Feng whole was still sitting on the roof with a carefree appearance.

“Don’t worry, I will not kill you slowly, my sabers will first slowly slice away at your flesh, slash by slash, until, eventually, your head falls down.” Said Luo Sen in an cold and bloodthirsty manner.

Lin Feng was gazing into the distance, calmly and serenely, as if Luo Sen hadn’t opened his mouth at all.

Luo Sen initially wanted to scare Lin Feng but it didn’t work. A bloodthirsty look appeared in his eyes, he looked ferocious and wild. He didn’t even look like a human being anymore, he looked like a bloodthirsty wolf.

Lin Feng glanced at Luo Sen and when he saw that bestial-looking face, he was stupefied, he looked like a hideous wolf!

“Remember, the one who will take your life is one of the heads of the Wolves of the Desert, my name is Yao Lang Luo Sen.” When he finished talking, Luo Sen threw himself at Lin Feng. In his bestial-looking eyes appeared a fiery red light. He really looked like a wolf at that moment.

His right hand suddenly became longer and what looked like five sharp blades appeared. They looked piercingly cold and extremely sharp, besides an ice-cold evil Qi was emerging from them. Those were the sabers he had been talking about.

Each and every single member of the Wolves of the Desert was smiling evilly, as if they could already see Lin Feng’s body in front of them.

At the same time, Lin Feng released a terrifying deadly Qi which rolled through the air and enveloped Luo Sen’s body. That monstrous deadly Qi made Luo Sen suddenly feel extremely cold and he started to shiver from head to toe. He suddenly looked surprised and was scared.

“Die.” Said Lin Feng while releasing a pure deadly energy that was as sharp as a sword, which pierced straight towards Luo Sen.

Luo Sen was astonished. His sharp claws immediately landed on the deadly energy emitting a sharp metallic sound. However, at that moment, Lin Feng was already standing and had started moving. He released more deadly energy and it slowly formed a black sword in his hand.

His sword was unleashed and a monstrous amount of deadly energy emerged from it and crashed into Luo Sen, his saber-claws were shattered instantly.


Luo Sen howled like a wolf. The black sword then immediately penetrated into his body and sliced him apart. Luo Sen was dead.

Lin Feng took another step through the air and moved towards the other members of the Wolves of the Desert. He was still releasing a monstrous amount of deadly energy.

Initially, Luo Sen’s corpse was behind Lin Feng, however, without anyone noticing, the corpse disappeared, it had disappeared  completely, as if it had never been there. It was very strange.

The other members of the Wolves of the Desert were stupefied. Lin Feng’s strength was unbelievable. That scary deadly energy was surrounding them and they were all terrified.

“Let’s kill him together!” Said the king of the wolves. The people who were facing Lin Feng with him at that moment were all heads of the subdivisions of their tribe, anyone who tried to take on their combined force would die. They were such a large and powerful group that they had to be divided into subgroups, they were living in packs, like wolves. Everybody was scared of them, if anyone dared to threaten them, they would join hands and kill that person together.

Their eyes were all ferocious and bestial, just like a wolf pack.

“Boom!” Lin Feng took another step and released more deadly energy which soared into the skies, some deadly energy surrounded the group and started to suppress them.

The Wolves of the Desert were now realizing how terrifyingly strong this young man was.

Lin Feng took another step and it seemed like the ground was going to collapse, his deadly energy grew even more powerful and applied a greater pressure.

“Destroy him!” Shouted the king furiously. They couldn’t wait any longer, they had to attack and kill Lin Feng immediately.

After hearing the king, all those heads threw themselves at Lin Feng. Bestial lights were twinkling in their eyes. Lin Feng didn’t have the impression that he was fighting other people, he had the impression that they were all ferocious beasts.

“Die.” Lin Feng’s voice filled the air as a sword descended from the sky and immediately sliced through multiple people. Those people howled with pain as they fell down onto the ground and died. This time, when their silhouettes disappeared, the king’s body started to shake, he grabbed their bodies with his hands and in a flash, their corpses turned into fiery red smoke which penetrated into his body.

“Huh?” Lin Feng was surprised, he didn’t understand what was happening. What technique was that?

But immediately after, his deadly energy became even more powerful and he continued attacking with his sword. He continued to kill his way through the group, one person fell after another.

The king was shaking, he took a deep breath and continued absorb the fiery red smoke from those people. It looked particularly frightening.

But the faces of those who hadn’t died didn’t change at all. They looked like this was absolutely normal, in their eyes, there was only savage thoughts, they wanted to tear apart Lin Feng.

However, they were much weaker than Lin Feng and it was obvious, trying to kill Lin Feng was the same thing as willingly courting death. Each time Lin Feng moved his sword, someone died.

With every movement he would take another life.

Lin Feng realized at that moment that each time he killed someone, they were being absorbed by the king of the wolves, and each time he absorbed that smoke, his Qi was becoming more rampant, and he was thus becoming stronger and stronger.

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