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PMG Chapter 455: The Four-Tailed Wolf!

PMG Chapter 455: The Four-Tailed Wolf!

Translated by: Notsaneinthebrain
Edited by: LikyLiky
Liky: This is Monday’s chapter. Sorry for delay, I had class so I couldn’t do it until today 😐


At that moment, Lin Feng stood with his deadly sword in his hand, its deadly energy had enveloped the wolf king’s body. The king was glaring at Lin Feng and releasing a coarse and wild Qi. 


The king hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would be so powerful, but he didn’t look scared at all, his eyes were only filled with endless ferocity, his eyes actually looked like those of a wolf. 


“Human yet not a human, beast yet not a beast.” Said Lin Feng. His opponent gave him the feeling that he was neither a beast nor a human, he just looked extremely cruel and ferocious. Surprisingly, he was able to absorb power from his dead comrades and turn it into his own power. 


“Aaaawwwwoooooooooo……” The wolf king howled loudly while repeatedly shaking his head, his actions seemed just like a wolf. He looked particularly bestial. He didn’t even pay attention to what Lin Feng was saying and his eyes continued to grow more ferocious and bestial.


“So that’s how it is, the wolf king from the wolves of the desert, must be an actual wolf!” Lin Feng raised his deadly sword and firmly pointed it towards the wolf king. Lin Feng’s sword suddenly slashed towards the wolf king at full speed.


The wolf king was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. He crouched to the floor and his hands started to transform into a pair of horrifying red claws which glistened in the sunlight. 


“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng. His deadly energy filled the air as his sword descended. 


“Gggrrrrrr….” The wolf king let out a violent growl and launched himself from the back of his fire wolf. His speed was incredible, his red claws revealed their sharp edges as they slashed towards Lin Feng. Suddenly, a terrifying fire Qi emerged from the claws which collided with Lin Feng’s sword, causing a fiery explosion in the air.


The sword Qi started to disperse, leaving Lin Feng astonished. After having absorbed the power of his tribe members, the king had become unimaginably strong, at that moment, he had strength similar to the fourth Xuan Qi layer. 


“Aaaawwwwwwwooooo!” The wolf king howled once again in a high-pitched tone and threw himself towards Lin Feng with all his might, Lin Feng was shocked, the wolf king moved so fast that he seemed to vanish from sight. 


Lin Feng took a step forwards and a rumbling sound filled the air. Lin Feng released waves and waves of deadly energy into the air, but it hardly slowed the wolf king’s speed. 


“Die.” Shouted Lin Feng again. He continued to release more deadly energy with increased power. It then collided with the wolf king’s fire energy, which created a stalemate between the two energies. The atmosphere was filled with the sound of collisions as the energies continued to fight against each other to decide a victor.


“Die.” Lin Feng’s was surrounded by his deadly energy which was growing denser as he continued to release it into the atmosphere. The sword in his hand had started to turn a deeper shade of black, it looked ominous. 


Lin Feng didn’t retreat, he continued to charge forwards. His pure Qi had started to transform into deadly energy which bombarded the atmosphere, causing the wolf king’s heart to tremble. 


The bloodthirsty eyes of the wolf king gradually revealed a look of surprise. Lin Feng’s deadly energy was becoming denser and more powerful over time. 


“Aaawwwoooooo!” The wolf king howled again while looking to the sky, a sea of flames burst from his body and he threw himself towards Lin Feng, who was slashing down with his sword. Neither side was backing down, they were both pressing forwards gain. Two behemoths were clashing! 


“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The atmosphere was shaking and shockwaves spread through the air each time the deadly energy and flames collided, it started to form a hurricane-like wind across the surroundings. All around them, the scenery was desolate, everything in their surroundings had been completely destroyed. The people in the distance were surprised when they noticed their fight. How powerful! They were obviously surprised by the wolf king’s strength, but Lin Feng’s strength surprised them even more, he was incredibly young and already had such a terrifying strength! 


Nuo Na was especially astonished. She was standing on the eaves of a house while watching the wolf king and Lin Feng’s battle. Her mouth had grown completely dry and she was unable to speak any words. It was too shocking. Lin Feng was even stronger than what she had imagined, it was inconceivable! 


At that moment, Nuo Na looked perplexed. Even though Lin Feng had saved her from the second young master, her father had died and all the other members of the tribe were being exterminated. Even if her tribe initially wanted to deliver her to the enemy, she was still very close to many members of the tribe, and they were still her family. 


This calamity could have been avoided. Lin Feng’s strength was sufficient to deal with the king of the wolves. If her father hadn’t ordered people to act against Lin Feng, their relationship with Lin Feng wouldn’t have deteriorated, after that, the tribe moved to kill Lin Feng because of the second young master… If they had welcomed Lin Feng and not acted against him, everything would have been different. 


“Boom!” Another collision caused the surroundings to shake which interrupted Nuo Na’s train of thought. She then turned her attention back to the fight. 


She only saw Lin Feng’s sword slashing down, the wolf king couldn’t bear the pressure, he started to move back. Lin Feng’s deadly energy was too frightening, on top of that, it continued to grow more powerful as more deadly energy was released by Lin Feng. It was incredibly scary, it never stopped growing in power. 


The wolf king’s ferocious eyes looked even more bestial than before. He howled in a deep voice and moved back. However, at that moment, he sensed a terrifying deadly energy envelop his body. 


He raised his head and saw Lin Feng’s silhouette in the sky above him, he was holding his deadly sword which was now a deep black, surrounded by bright flames, they looked like the flames of a scorching sun. Besides, the powerful sun was shining onto the sword which seemed to increase the ferocity of the flames. 


When Lin Feng’s sword descended, the sky was torn asunder, leaving a fiery black trail in its path, it looked like a black and red rainbow had formed above their battle. The black deadly energy and red flames slashed across the sky. The sword moved at an inconceivable speed, it appeared out of nowhere, just like the wind. 


The wolf king was stupefied but immediately released its terrifying bestial Qi which exploded in every direction.


“Aaawwwoooooo!” The wolf king howled in anger. Nuo Nan who was watching the battle was deeply shocked. At that moment, the wolf king’s skin started to tear off as he actually started to transform into a wolf, the wolf looked to the sky and gave a long howl. He was an actual wolf!


Flames started to fill the air and surround the wolf. 


There was no rumbling or sound of a collision, there was only a subtle sound that pierced into people’s ears, it was a terrifying screeching sound. 


A large area around the wolf king was burned to ashes. The wolf king and Lin Feng’s silhouettes disappeared from sight. There was only raging flames surrounding them.


“Aaaawwwoooo eeeeeee….” The flaming wolf king swiftly moved through the flames. The fire wolf mount which hadn’t moved, suddenly turned into a red smoke which rushed towards the wolf king. It swallowed the fire wolf’s power and then the flames around its body suddenly grew more intense, it was magnificent. 


“A beast.” The people watching were astonished and their hearts were unsettled. He was a beast, the king of the Wolves of the Deserts was a…. Ferocious beast? 


Lin Feng’s silhouette could once again be seen in the air, he was fixedly staring at the wolf, those eyes really looked like those of a wolf. Lin Feng’s heart was shaking as well. 


How was that possible? Lin Feng had already seen a ferocious beast during its transformation process, only a Tian level beast could transform into a human, but the king of the wolves didn’t seem to be at the Tian level. 


At that moment, an intense fire started burning around its body and it released a monstrous and terrifying beast Qi. In front of everybody, the tail of the wolf grew longer and started to split apart, three more tails were formed. The wolf had suddenly become much bigger and now had four tails.


“Four tails…” Lin Feng didn’t understand, after the fourth tail grew, the wolf seemed to stop its transformation. 


At that moment, the wolf king, which was an actual beast was still glaring at Lin Feng, it looked hideous, ferocious and cruel.


“How ferocious.” Lin Feng didn’t understand. The king of the Wolves of the Desert was an actual wolf?


“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…….” A sharp scream filled the atmosphere. Nuo Na was the person who screamed out. When she saw the terrifying beast, she was overcome with terror. Her eyes were wide and filled with dread. 


Nuo Na wasn’t the only one to react. The members of the Wolves of the Desert, they were ordinary people and were so shocked that they stopped moving. They were just blankly staring at the wolf surrounded by flames. 


A four-tailed wolf… 


Everyone, at that moment, thought about the same terrifying story which involved fire wolves. That story went back to ancient times. All the people watching had conflicting feelings, because they never believed that the story was anything but fiction. They didn’t think such a thing was possible. 


The Wolves of the Desert… Desert… Wolves! 


When people thought about it, they couldn’t help but tremble in fear. The name “Wolves of the Desert” had another meaning! 

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