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PMG Chapter 456: The Ancient Legend

PMG Chapter 456: The Ancient Legend
Tuesday’s chapter.
Edited by: LikyLiky

In Tianya Haige, there was a legend which came from the ancient past. In ancient times, Tianya Haige didn’t exist, there was only an extremely vast open land. The land was constantly exposed to extremely high temperatures which caused the ground to crumble into sand, forming the desert.

Under the ground, deep under the land, there was an ancient fire which radiated endless heat. That fire burned for eons until it finally started to gain consciousness, several parts of the fire transformed into wolves. That was the legend surrounding how fire wolves emerged in the desert.

Besides, fire wolves were known for having special powers, some of them were proficient in using powerful illusions. Even if the wolves hadn’t reached the Tian level, they were able to use the illusions to appear human. After that the wolves would appear no different from anyone else, nobody was ever able to identify a fire wolf’s illusion.

Time passed by and the legend turned into a story, a story about the humans who entered a bloody war against the fire wolves, with the humans emerging victorious. However, every few hundred years, fire wolves would emerge from under the desert and the bloody cycle would repeat. After countless bloody wars, the humans built the city of Tianya Haige and sealed the ground surrounding the city. However, outside of Tianya Haige, there was still a vast desert for them to emerge. The wolves didn’t try to break the seal in Tianya Haige, instead they would emerge in the outer desert and begin their rampage.

A sea of fire wolves would appear outside of Tianya Haige every few hundred years. Most people didn’t believe the ancient legend, but they knew the story regarding the bloody wars.

Since the last time the wolves emerged, the story had faded from peoples’ memories. Even though the king was riding a fire wolf, no one would ever connect it to the story regarding fire wolves. However, at that moment, the wolf king had transformed into a four-tailed fire wolf, which filled everyone with dread.

Those tails were a sign of an upcoming catastrophe. The number of tails indicated the level of the wolf. The wolf king had four tails which proved it was a fourth level Xuan beast, if it had five tails, it would mean that it was a level five Xuan beast.

“The external part of Tianya Haige is doomed, everything is going to be destroyed.” Thought the tribe members while shaking. Those fire wolves were extremely ferocious and vicious; they were known for their bloody massacres. The emergence of fire wolves would be a terrifying event, it would cause the desert to be dyed red with blood.

In fact, all the leaders from the Wolves of the Desert must have been fire wolves which had transformed themselves to appear as humans, that was how the wolf king was able to absorb their power.

The tails of the wolf king were swinging through the air, its eyes looked cruel and it was fixedly glaring at Lin Feng, it then said: “Initially, we wanted to start at a later date, but you have forced us to speed up our plans.”

The wolf was still speaking in human tongue, its voice was ice-cold. After it finished speaking, a terrifying fire Qi filled the air and the wolf disappeared into the sand.

Lin Feng wasn’t born in the desert, he didn’t know about the story regarding fire wolves. He frowned and released a terrifying deadly energy and rushed forwards, he wasn’t going to let the wolf king escape.

“Lin Feng!”

However, at that moment, Nuo Na shouted out which surprised Lin Feng. He turned his head and looked towards Nuo Na as if he didn’t understand.

He only saw that Nuo Na looked absolutely terrified. Lin Feng was confused by the turn of events. It seemed like everybody there was terrified by the Wolves of the Desert.

“Lin Feng, let’s leave quickly! We have to flee the desert and move to the city!” Shouted Nuo Na who was panic-stricken. At the same time, the members of the Wolves of the Desert also started to escape at full speed. Everyone was crazily trying to escape, they rushed through the desert like lunatics.

“What’s going on Nuo Na?!” Asked Lin Feng, he had no idea what had caused the people to run scared. The wolf king had turned into a wolf, Lin Feng was surprised, but not that much. Could it be that Nuo Na was surprisingly terrified because of that?

But at that moment, Lin Feng suddenly felt a tremble run through his body, he looked astonished. Meng Qing and Lin Feng glanced at each other, they both looked extremely surprised.

The fire Qi which they had sensed under the ground was the ancient fire from legends. At that moment, the fire Qi was growing stronger, as if a volcanic eruption was close, it was a disaster.

“Let’s go, we have to run otherwise we won’t make it! I will tell you the details on the way” Nuo Na ignored the fact that Lin Feng and Meng Qing were confused, she immediately rushed over to grab Meng Qing’s hand and started running towards Lin Feng and said: “Hurry up! We have to go and reach the city if we want to keep our lives!”

Lin Feng was stupefied. It seemed like everyone was terrified because the Fire Qi beneath the desert.

“Meng Qing!” Shouted Lin Feng. Meng Qing immediately understood and rose into the air while holding onto Nuo Na.

Nuo Na let out a squeal of surprise. She had always wondered what it would be like to fly through the sky, but at that moment, she only felt nauseous.

Meng Qing had only grabbed hold of one of her arms, suddenly another hand grabbed Nuo Na’s other arm, she turned her head and noticed Lin Feng had flown over. Meng Qing and Lin Feng were each holding one of her arms as they flew through the sky.

“How strong… Lin Feng and his wife are both so powerful.” Thought Nuo Na in surprise. Flying through the air was something that she had always dreamt of, and at that moment her dream had come true. However, this was not how she had imagined it, she wasn’t as excited and happy as when she dreamt about it.

Her father was dead and her tribe had been destroyed, on top of that, the fire wolves were about to emerge for another blood bath.

“Nuo Na, what’s going on?”

The pure Qi was whistling through the air as they flew through the clouds, which made Lin Feng’s voice hard to hear over the whistling sounds.

“Lin Feng, approximately every hundred years, the fire wolves emerged from the depths of the earth.  These wolves were born in a sea of fire and when they are unleashed into the desert, they started a massacre and moved to attack Tianya Haige.”

With the powerful wind hitting her face, it was difficult for Nuo Na to form a sentence. She then added: “Those fire wolves were able to use illusions, the leaders of the Wolves of the Desert are actually all fire wolves that disguised themselves as humans. Since the wolves have already started to emerge, and didn’t immediately attack, it means that they have developed a larger strategy over the past hundred years.”

“So you are telling me that since the wolf king was a fire wolf, it means that there is an army of fire wolves that have been plotting underground? They were not attacking the humans previously because they were preparing something on a larger scale?”

When Lin Feng heard Nuo Na’s explanation, he remained silent for a moment and then continued to question her. He was surprised. The fire wolves came from the depths of the earth… It seemed like the fire Qi that Meng Qing and Lin Feng had sensed wasn’t an illusion.

“Indeed, they were preparing a large-scale strategy, but because they identified them and because the wolves they were using for the plan were killed by you, they will attack while they still have the element of surprise.” Said Nuo Na while nodding. Her hair was messily fluttering through the wind, her forehead was wrinkled and her eyes filled with dread.

An army of fire wolves would soon emerge.

“Fire wolves…” Whispered Lin Feng. He gazed into the distance and saw countless fire wolves emerging from the sand. The wolves varied in size, some were large and other were small, some only had a single tail while others had numerous tails.

“It’s really happening…”

Nuo Na was stupefied and continued: “Lin Feng, we need to hurry, we have to take shelter in Tianya Haige as soon as possible! Each time the wolves emerge, some monstrously strong fire wolves will be leading them. It’s terrifying! The wolves will continue to emerge until the desert is filled with a sea of wolves, and then they will begin their attacks on Tianya Haige.”

“How far is Tianya Haige from here?” Asked Lin Feng.

“About five hundred kilometres.” Replied Nuo Na which shocked Lin Feng. Another five hundred kilometres?!

“It seems like we are going to have to fight with the army of fire wolves.” Said Lin Feng while smiling wryly. Five hundred kilometres… Meng Qing and Lin Feng couldn’t possibly carry Nuo Na over such a long distance. First, they would consume too much pure Qi attempting it, and second they weren’t able to cover that distance, especially while carrying another person.

“Nuo Na, we have broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, but we cannot continuously fly, we need to use pure Qi in order for us to fly. Only cultivators of the Tian Qi layer are able to fly freely through the sky.” Said Lin Feng, then continued: “I have a large number of purity stones but it’s possible that it won’t be enough to reach Tianya Haige…”

Nuo Na was speechless, so would they have to fight against the wolves?

“Don’t worry, Nuo Na. With Meng Qing and me here, a few fire wolves won’t be much of a problem.” Said Lin Feng while smiling. His voice sounded comforting and he was attempting to lighten Nuo Na’s mood. But Lin Feng’s mind was still reeling, he was shocked that there was a beast swarm which could emerge from underground.

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