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PMG Chapter 457: Crystal

PMG Chapter 457: Crystal

Wednesday chapter
Translated by: Notsaneinthebrain
Edited by: LikyLiky

Lin Feng, Meng Qing and Nuo Na were still floating amongst the clouds and looking across the boundless desert. More and more fire wolves emerged from the ground, they were looking for humans to satisfy their bloodlust.


Nuo Na looked exhausted and desperate. She had encountered another catastrophe. It was the worst catastrophe that could happen to all the tribes living outside Tianya Haige, it would be a one-sided slaughter.


Lin Feng looked expressionless but his heart felt heavy. He had tempered his heart through killing, but he wasn’t emotionless. Because he had lived through so many massacres already, he was accustomed to people dying. He didn’t have the powers of a god. Lin Feng wasn’t able to directly oppose fate and save everybody. If he tried, death would come quickly. On the path of cultivation, he had to remain determined and clear headed, he couldn’t let his heart be swayed by the cruelty of fate.


On the ground, there was a group of fire wolves that seemed to notice them flying in the sky, which caused the wolves to howl aggressively.


“I can see some of fire wolves transforming into humans!” At that moment, Nuo Na couldn’t believe her eyes. She had just noticed an extremely strong fire wolf transforming into a human. Seeing it in person caused her mind to race.


“It’s over.” Nuo Na’s face turned deathly pale. She had never encountered a fire wolf outbreak and she was just noticing how terrible it was going to be.


“What’s wrong Nuo Na!?” Asked Lin Feng.


“Quickly! First they are going to take control of the outer desert! When they’re done with that, they will try and infiltrate Tianya Haige before they begin their attack! Those wolves can transform into the shape of humans after all….!” Said Nuo Na in a low voice. Even though her voice was low, Meng Qing and Lin Feng clearly understood her meaning, leaving them slightly shocked.


“Nuo Na, you mean that Tianya Haige will block entry to everyone attempting to enter the city?”


At that moment, the fire wolves that were emerging in the desert could transform into humans, would the people of Tianya Haige foolishly accept people into the city before an attack? How would they know if the people they accepted were wolves or not?


“The people of Tianya Haige are extremely powerful. The people who do not belong to the city are thrown into the desert to be the first wave against the wolves. When the wolves attack, the first to be killed are always the tribes of the desert.” Whispered Nuo Na. “The people inside the city disdain the tribes that live in the desert. Now the wolves are emerging to attack, they will not let anyone into the city, even though we will all die.”


Lin Feng was surprised. Nuo Na was right, there was no way they would ever let them into the city…


“Maybe I’m thinking too much.” Suddenly said Nuo Na while smiling and trying to console herself.


The three of them were still flying through the sky as they discussed. Lin Feng’s quickly retrieved some purity stones, he started to absorb the Qi from the purity stone to increase their speed.


After some time, Lin Feng looked at Meng Qing to his left and said: “Meng Qing, we need to find a safe place to land.”


At that moment, Lin Feng was well aware that while flying, he was burning his Qi much faster than his body could replenish it. His head had started to grow dizzy and his vision had started to blur. Meng Qing would probably be feeling the same.


“Alright.” Meng Qing slightly nodded and they immediately found a safe place for their group to land.


Lin Feng’s senses were growing dull, he then added: “We have to hurry. If we waste time, it will become more dangerous for us. We have to travel by foot the rest of the journey to Tianya Haige.”


Meng Qing and Nuo Na obviously wouldn’t argue. Even though it was dangerous to be on the ground, they had to keep moving. Lin Feng was at the front of the group, clearing a path for the two people behind him.


Even though running at top speed also required him to use pure Qi, it used a great deal less than flying through the sky. When flying they had to use Qi to directly oppose gravity, in comparison, running didn’t require much pure Qi at all. It was much easier for the group to travel by land.


“Aaawwwoooooo! The howls of the wolves filled the air in every direction. Lin Feng was confronted with two fire wolves that were directly in their path. Even though the fire was burning around their bodies, that fire wasn’t comparable the wolf king. Their bodies were much smaller in comparison to the other wolves as well, they were probably only fire wolves at the Ling level.


“Get lost.” Shouted Lin Feng. While releasing a pure Qi which shot from Lin Feng’s mouth with his words and crashed into the two fire wolves. They cried out painfully, as their bodies burst apart and transformed into flames which penetrated back into the ground.


“Those fire wolves were not beasts of flesh and blood, they were born from fire… what could cause fire to take the form of a beast?” Thought Lin Feng. He was visibly shocked, when he attacked those two wolves, their bodies became fire which then shot back into the ground, their bodies had completely disappeared.


“Next time, I should pay closer attention.” Thought Lin Feng. As they continued to run forward, Lin Feng could sense the powerful fire Qi of the wolves around him, he didn’t try avoid the fire wolves and instead, he immediately ran to fight them.


“Xuan level fire wolves!”


Lin Feng sensed the Qi coming from the direction of the fire wolf, it was definitely a Xuan level fire wolf, when it came into vision, it had one tail.


Lin Feng, without the slightest degree of hesitation, released a terrifying deadly energy which made the fire wolf retreat. It could sense that the energy was extremely dangerous!


Lin Feng didn’t stop there, he continued to shoot forward using the power of the wind. He immediately arrived next to the fire wolf, and his sword slashed down on the wolf. In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng killed the wolf.


A terrifying Qi burst into the air. Lin Feng stared at the body and noticed as it started to disperse. The body transformed into fire and smoke, however, Lin Feng saw something strange. Inside the flames, there was a beautiful red crystal, when the crystal touched the ground, it disappeared just like the flames.


“What was that? Was it something valuable?” Lin Feng, was greatly shocked. That crystal seemed like it contained the power of the fire wolf, it contained an immense fire Qi.


“If it really contained the fire Qi of the wolf….” Lin Feng’s eyes lit up. He looked at Meng Qing and Nuo Na who were still closely following behind him and he dashed forwards. This time, he was directly searching for more fire wolves.


They soon encountered another Xuan level fire wolf with one tail, Lin Feng quickly killed the wolf.  This time, Lin Feng was testing a theory, after killing the beast, his silhouette flickered and he immediately grabbed the red crystal that appeared inside the flames. Lin Feng’s body was surrounded by raging flames which began to transform into a small black lotus.


Lin Feng slowly moved the red crystal closer to the black lotus. In a flash, the black lotus absorbed the crystal and the fire Qi inside.


Lin Feng had a huge smile on his face. The black lotus in his hand started to transform back into sun Qi which surrounded Lin Feng’s body in the form of raging flames.


“Pure sun Qi… It worked just as I expected.” Thought Lin Feng with a delighted expression. His gamble had paid off, those red crystals were fire crystals and they were the core of the fire wolves, which contained all of their fire Qi. Besides, Lin Feng’s grim fire black lotus was able to absorb and process every kind of fire. It was able to transform the fire Qi from the crystals into grim fire and then transform that grim fire back into sun Qi. This would allow Lin Feng’s Cosmos-Burning Sun skill to grow more powerful.


Lin Feng wanted his Cosmos-Burning Sun skill to continuously advance, he wanted it to advance into a true sun skill, his sun Qi would also grow stronger as he advanced. It was a symbiotic relationship, as his sun Qi grew stronger, the skills would advance to higher levels and as the skill advanced the sun Qi grew stronger. The sun Qi and the Cosmos-Burning Sun skill benefitted as the other grew stronger.


Lin Feng continued walking forwards. He had an idea, he wanted to stay in the desert and kill more fire wolves and collect their crystals, he could use this as an opportunity to enhance his sun Qi.


But Lin Feng wouldn’t do that with Meng Qing by his side, it was too dangerous, she didn’t need to brave such a dangerous situation.


He kept moving forwards, while still paying attention to the wolves surrounding them. They made sure to avoid the more powerful fire wolves… And Lin Feng would kill the weaker ones with a single sword strike. As long as the wolves’ hadn’t reached a level three Xuan beast, they wouldn’t have the ability to defend against Lin Feng’s sword. Sometimes, they would encounter groups of fire wolves, but Lin Feng would kill them all in the blink of an eye, he was like a meteor shooting through the sky.


Lin Feng continued to absorb the crystals he gathered without hesitation.


After some time, Lin Feng had already absorbed several dozen fire crystals. He could clearly sense that his sun Qi was growing more intense and the flames grew more powerful. His sword skills which used sun Qi and his black lotus’ power were advancing to higher levels. Lin Feng was impatient to increase his power.


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